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Legend of the Bat

Chu LiuXiang's series

Author: Gu Long
Translator: Fastclock



From Wuxiapedia.com:


Gu Long wrote the Chu Liu Xiang series of novels between 1968 and 1979. There are six works altogether, as follows:

  • The Marvellous Tales of Chu Liu Xiang or Chu Liuxiang Chuanqi 楚留香传奇 (1968), comprising "The Scent of Blood" (Xuehai Piaoxiang 血海飘香), "The Great Desert" (Da Shamo 大沙漠) and "The Thrush" (Huamei Niao 画眉鸟). This is a huge work of 99 chapters, divided amongst its three parts with 27, 36 and 36 chapters respectively.
  • The Legend of the Ghostly Romance or Guilian Chuanqi 鬼恋传奇 (1970). This work is also known as "The Romance of the Ghost and the Warrior" (Guilian Xiaqing 鬼恋侠情), and "The Revival of Evil" (Jieshi Huanhun 借尸还魂). It has only 12 chapters.
  • The Legend of the Bat or Bianfu Chuanqi 蝙蝠传奇 (1971). Also known as "The Bat Warrior" (Bianfu Xia 蝙蝠侠), this work consists of 23 chapters.
  • The Legend of the Peach Blossom or Taohua Chuanqi 桃花传奇 (1972). It has 14 chapters.
  • The Legend of the New Moon or Xinyue Chuanqi 新月传奇 (1978). It has 12 chapters.
  • The Midnight Orchid or Wuye Lanhua 午夜兰花 (1979). It has 14 chapters, divided into 5 parts of two to four chapters each.

The Legend of the Ghostly Romance is included in the half-baked section. The Legend of the Bat is the next sequel.

Disclaimer: Translation is not edited professionally, and may contain mistakes.


Cast of characters:

Chu LiuXiang: the hero of the story, he's handsome, witty, charming and charismatic. Almost every women in the story will find him attractive.

Hu TieHua: one of Chu's best friends, he loves wine and women. He is rather grand and heroic and has good martial arts. He is willing to sacrifice his life for his closest friends.

Zhang San: a pearl lover, a boat expert and an accomplished grilled fish maker, another loyal friend of CLX and HTH

Master Ku Mei: the current extraordinary leader of Huashan sect.

Gao YaNan: an ex-girl friend of HTH, the main disciple of Master Ku Mei

Jin LingZhi: a treasured granddaughter of Lady Jin from a very wealthy family that owns the "Countless blessings, eternal gardens"

Ding Feng: a suspicious handsome youth

Gou ZiChang: an unknown newcomer to Jianghu, who seems to worship CLX

Wu WeiYang: leader of Phoenix tail clan, famous for his shooting arrow prowess

Hai KuoTian: leader of the rich Purple whale clan

Xiang TianFei: a solitary robber, who befriends Hai KuoTian

and the previous enemies:

WuHua: aka the exquisite monk. He's a disciple of the Southern ShaoLin Monastery's abbot reverend TianFeng. Not only does he have superb martial arts and profound Buddhist insight, he is also a master in poetry, music, chess, art, and he plays the zither. He too is a close friend of Chu LiuXiang.

The Stone Avalokitesvara: a mysterious martial arts expert. She supposed to be the most beautiful woman in the world and dwells in these parts. Some people say she IS THE BEST martial arts expert of her time.

Yin Ji: aka the Matriarch of Water. She is the keeper/guardian of the Divine Water Palace. She has excellent martial arts but no one really knows how powerful she is. It is said that she detests all men in the world.

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