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The Chronicles of Lu XiaoFeng 

Translator: Moinllieon



Taken directly from from Wuxiapedia.com


Gu Long wrote the Lu Xiao Feng series of novels between 1976 and 1981. There are seven works altogether, as follows:

  • The Legend of Lu Xiaofeng or Lu Xiaofeng Chuanqi 陆小凤传奇(1976). This 13-chapter work -- inclusive of a prologue and an epilogue -- is also known as The Golden Roc Empire.
  • The Embroidery Bandit or Xiuhua Dadao 绣花大盗(1976), which consists of 10 chapters and an epilogue.
  • Before and After the Duel or Juezhan Qianhou 决战前后(1976). It has 13 chapters.
  • Silver Hook Casino Alley or Yingou Dufang 银钩赌坊 (1977). It has 11 chapters, the shortest work in the series.
  • Spirit Villa or Youling Shanzhuang 幽灵山庄 (1977). It has 17 chapters.
  • The Phoenix Dances to the Heavens or Fengwu Jiutian 凤舞九天(1978), a relatively long work with 21 chapters.
  • The Laugh of a Master Swordsman or Jianshen Yixiao 剑神一笑 (1981). This work consists of two parts with 10 chapters each.


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