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Longevity Sword
(Chang Sheng Jian:  长生剑)

Author: Gu Long
Translator: Huang YaoShi (Chapter 1), Siven (Intro Poem and Chapter 2 Part 1-2), Fastclock (The rest of the book)

Longevity Sword is the title of the 1st weapon book by Gu Long.

Here are the titles of the 7 Weapon Series:

  1. Longevity Sword
  2. Peacock Feather
  3. Jade Sabre
  4. Sentimental Rings
  5. Tyrant Spear
  6. Separation Hook
  7. Fists (direct sequel to Tyrant Spear)


Longevity Sword tells the story of Bai YuJing, an accomplished swordsman, who found himself being blamed by the others and the Green Dragon Clan for the disappearance of the ultimate hidden weapon, the peacock feather. He had to use his utmost to fend the others, while finding out the real culprit. Many, many people wanted the peacock feather for their own purposes. On top of it, he had to work with Yuan ZiXia, an enigmatic woman who might just have her own agenda.

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