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Chapter 34: Dual status

Ye Kai was astounded, Shangguan XiaoXian was surprised.
How could Han Zhen die?

Ye Kai could not understand it, Shangguan XiaoXian felt there must be an accident.
But since Han Zhen had died in here, where was Ding LingLin?

Shangguan XiaoXian gently put the bed down again and slowly turned around. She walked to the front of the window and shoved open the window.

There was a shadow of darkness outside the window, the dim light of the heartless night was approaching quickly. She faced this heartless, dimness of the night and was silent for a very long time. At last, she finally said, "She must have killed Han Zhen first, then she left here."

"You think it was she who had killed Han Zhen?"

"You don’t think so?"


"Why not?"

"There are many kinds of wugong skills, but only one kind is the most fearful."

"Which kind?"

"The kind that can kill effectively."

Shangguan XiaoXian agreed. She also knew that there were many people who had excellent wugong skills, but actually they could not kill other people, nor did they dare to kill other people.

Ye Kai said, "In terms of the killing moves, Ding LingLin absolutely does not compare to Han Zhen."

"Therefore you concluded that Han Zhen could not have died in her hand?"


"But presently, Ding LingLin is not here, instead Han Zhen is lying here dead."

This was the fact, the fact that no one could refute.

Shangguan XiaoXian said, "Who could have killed him besides Ding LingLin? Who?"

There were not many people who could kill Han Zhen, moreover there were only him and Ding LingLin at the time, no one else.

Shangguan XiaoXian said, "If he had not died, he would never have let Ding LingLin leave, could there be some other people here who had killed him first, and then kidnapped Ding LingLin?"

Who could answer these question? Ye Kai also walked to the window and opened another pane of window. Although the window was different, the dimness of the night was the same, same cold, heartless night. He stood there motionless, staring deeply into the darkness of the night.

Shangguan XiaoXian hung her head, before she finally gently said, "I should not have said those words a moment ago."

Ye Kai remained silent.

Shangguan XiaoXian continued, "Now is really an important time, we must hurry and think of a way to find Ding LingLin, she... "

Ye Kai had suddenly interrupted her, "We do not need to look."

Shangguan XiaoXian was very surprised, she never thought that Ye Kai could utter such words. She turned her head to look at him and said, "You said we did not need to look for her?"



"Since someone already knows her whereabouts, so why do we need to start looking?"

"Who knows her whereabouts?"


Shangguan XiaoXian was startled, "You said I know her whereabouts?"

Ye Kai lightly said, "I said that very clearly, you also heard that very clearly."

Shangguan XiaoXian looked at him motionlessly, she closed her mouth like she was really stunned.

Ye Kai said, "The four Sons of Heaven of the Devil Sect, three has indeed died, but Gufeng is still alive."

"Yang Tian had not died?"

"Yang Tian was not Gufeng, Lu Di was not either."

"Yang Tian was not injured?"

"He was injured, wounded very heavily, but an injured person did not necessarily means that he was Gufeng."
- A ball was round, but a round thing was not necessarily a ball.

Shangguan XiaoXian said, "If he was not Gufeng, why did he hide his wound or that he was injured? Why did he have to hide the truth from you?"

Ye Kai said, "Because he thought I was your lackey, he thought that I had joined the Golden Coin Clan."

Shangguan XiaoXian suddenly sighed, "Your words... I do not understand them."

"You should understand them, actually only you could understand them."


"Because the person who injured him was you."

Shangguan XiaoXian gave a forced smile, "If I had not known you very well, I would have thought that you were drunk."

Ye Kai said, "I have never been as sober as like the present."

"Yang Tian was my good helper, why did I want to injure him?"

"Because he wanted to kill you first."

Shangguan XiaoXian smiled. When she smiled, Ye Kai had no alternative but to smile back at her. But, Ye Kai had not smiled back. In fact, his facial expression had never been more serious and firm like now.

He said calmly, "He had wanted to kill you since long ago, but he actually never had the opportunity, he could only risk your assassination recently."


Ye Kai nodded, "Perhaps he underestimated your wugong, perhaps he found out about your injury unintentionally, therefore he decide to use this opportunity to try."

Shangguan XiaoXian was listening carefully, she no longer disputed him, she seemed to think that this theory was too wild, too unworthy to dispute.

"He decided to kill you on the New Year’s evening."

Shangguan XiaoXian had unexpectedly smiled, "If you must assassinate a person in secret, the lunar New Year's Day evening is indeed a good time."

"When he tried the assassination, he certainly put on a mask."

When one became an assassin, he could not show his true face.

Ye Kai said, "He thought he had ninety percent chance to succeed, who knew that your wugong was unexpectedly much better than what he had imagined, therefore things did not go well,  instead he was injured by you."

Shangguan XiaoXian had smiled, "To kill me is not something easy."

"But you had also underestimated him."


"His levitation skill was extremely high. Therefore although things did not go well, he could still run away."

"If you want to seize a flying fox, it is not something easy either."

Ye Kai said, "Since he had been hit by your poisonous needle, even if he could run away, he still could not run that far. But, he found some special antidote against the hundred poisons that had unexpectedly temporarily preserved his life."

"But as long as I found out who was injured, I would know who the assassin was."

"Therefore he could only try to hide the truth from me, as he did not dare to let me see his wound."

"He thought you were sent by me to search for the assassin."

Ye Kai sighed, "He certainly did not realize that you had already known that the assassin was him."

"How could I know?"

"He thought that Widow Wang was always on his side and could keep his secret, he never thought that Widow Wang ... "

"He did not know that Widow Wang actually told me this secret."

Ye Kai sighed, "However astute a man is, he can be easily betrayed by a woman."

Shangguan XiaoXian also sighed, "Perhaps that is only because men always think that women are always the weaker ones, always the fools."

Ye Kai agreed with her.

"Since I knew that he was the assassin, why hadn't I killed him?"

"Because when you kill someone, you always like to borrow someone else’s knife."

"If I can borrow someone else’s knife to kill a person I want to kill, that is indeed a very happy thing."

Ye Kai said, "You are happy, but I am not happy."


"Because you want to borrow my knife."


"Gufeng was injured, I was looking for Gufeng, Yang Tian was injured by chance, moreover he did not dare to divulge his injury. You figured that you could add one plus one and it would become three...”
Shangguan XiaoXian said, "Therefore if you could just see Yang Tian, you would certainly think that he was Gufeng."

Ye Kai said bitterly with a smile, "I nearly thought that he was."

"Your explanation seems to be very reasonable, but it is a pity that you have forgotten a point."


"A murderer needed to have a motive, if he wanted to kill me, he must have a very good reason, because everybody knew that it would not be easy."

Ye Kai acknowledged.

Shangguan XiaoXian said, "Yang Tian understood me very well, I certainly did not treat him badly, why did he want to take the risk to kill me?"

"I also understood him very well. He was a very ambitious person, that was the only reason why he entered the Golden Coin Clan."

Shangguan XiaoXian agreed also.

"The more thoroughly he understood about the Golden Coin Clan and its huge influence, the bigger his ambition became."

"So, he wanted to become the clan leader of the Golden Coin Clan?"

Ye Kai said, "He certainly wanted that very badly, it was only a pity... "

"It was a pity that as long as I was alive, he would never have his chance."

"Therefore regardless of the big danger, he must kill you."

Someone’s ambition could be visualized like a flood, once it manifested, nobody could control it, certainly not Yang Tian. Therefore an ambition not only could destroy other people, it could also similarly destroy himself. Moreover, often while trying to destroy the others, he ended up destroying himself first. But if a person never had an ambition, wouldn’t living be somewhat bland? Wouldn’t that be classified as a pathetic life as well?

Shangguan XiaoXian sighed, "Now your analysis seems to gradually lose its integrity."

"It never has full integrity in the first place."

Shangguan XiaoXian said with a smile, "You also know?"

"What I know is perhaps more that you imagine."


"Yang Tian did not dare to do anything to you, why did he suddenly have the courage?"

"That’s the first loophole."

Ye Kai said, "I was waiting for Gufeng, why did he show up entering the city at that time?"

"This is the second."

"If Yang Tian was not Gufeng, who was Gufeng?"

"This is the third."

"If Gufeng did not have an appointment with Duo-er-jia in the Yu Yan Ping Gate, why that blood-written letter was found on Duo-er-jia’s body?"

"This is the fourth."

Ye Kai said, "Mo JiuXing was a recluse, why could he discover Duo-er-jia’s whereabouts as soon as he arrived in Chang An?"

"This is the fifth."

"Mo JiuXing had often eaten the five harmful things all year long, how could he be that easy to kill by poison?"

"This is the sixth,"

"Ku Zhu was just an outsider, why did he also suffer a tragic death?"

Shangguan XiaoXian said with a smile, "Now your analysis seems to have six loopholes."

"Only six points."

"Any analysis that has six loopholes simply cannot be conceived to be the truth."

"But I can still prove my analysis," Ye Kai said.


"Because I have an explanation for these six loopholes."

"You say it."

Ye Kai said, "Although there are six loopholes, the explanation can be told in only two sentences."

"I am listening."

"Gufeng is you, Mo JiuXing is also you!"

Shangguan XiaoXian smiled.
- If you liked someone very much, and you often met this person, his habit could infect you as well. Shangguan XiaoXian had obviously picked up Ye Kai’s habit very well. In this difficult and dangerous matter, she still could smile, even sweeter than Ye Kai’s.

Ye Kai said, "Because you are Gufeng, therefore Yang Tian dared to take the chance, because he found out that you yourself were injured."

"This is the first explanation, it seems very reasonable."

"Because you are Gufeng, therefore you want Yang Tian to be your scapegoat."

"This also holds true."

Ye Kai said, "Only because you knew that Lu Di is Duo-er-jia, could you persuade him to go to the Ten-sided Bamboo Groves Temple."

"Therefore Mo JiuXing was also me?"

"You intentionally inlaid nine cold stars on the face, but throughout the exchange, you were not willing to take off that straw hat. That was because although your disguise skill was very exquisite, you still feared that I would recognize you."

Shangguan XiaoXian said, "But why must I play the role of Mo JiuXing?"

"Because you wanted to kill Duo-er-jia."

"I wanted to kill him? Why did I want you to be there, then?"

Ye Kai said, "Because you must let me see Duo-er-jia’s death with my own eyes, that he died by Mo JiuXing." He continued, "Duo-er-jia very possibly also knew that Mo JiuXing was you, therefore he really could not have imagined that you actually took the opportunity to kill him."

Shangguan XiaoXian was listening.

Ye Kai said, "That was an intentionally developed play for me to watch, Duo-er-jia also had a part in the play. All the words you said was also part of the play."

"Why did he take part in this play?"

Ye Kai said, "Because you developed this play pretending you wanted to kill me, therefore he made an agreement with me that I could not attack with my flying dagger until Mo JiuXing was killed. That would give you the opportunity to kill me."

"But, I did not kill you."

"You did not, because you were not really planning to kill me, but Duo-er-jia. Until his death, he still could not understand why the play’s final result was unexpectedly different from what he expected." Remembering Duo-er-jia’s surprise and confusion at the point of his death, Ye Kai could not restrain sighing as well, "His death was very unjust."

"You sympathize with him?"

Ye Kai said, "I only sympathize with his death."

Shangguan XiaoXian lightly said, "Everyone will die, he died unjustly, only because he was originally a stupid person."

"He was stupid?"

"Stupidity has many manifestations, arrogance is certainly one kind of stupidity."

Ye Kai could not dispute this point. Arrogance was indeed a kind of stupidity, moreover it was possibly the most serious kind.

Shangguan XiaoXian said, "But I am certainly not stupid, now I have finally understood your analysis."

"You should be able to."

"You were saying that I played the role of Mo JiuXing, then went to Lu Di to set up the plan to kill you, but instead I had actually killed him in the end."

"It sounded absurd, but this plan was actually absolutely effective."

"Perhaps because it was inconceivable, therefore it became very effective."

Ye Kai said, "That blood-written letter was certainly part of the plan."


"Yang Tian certainly knew that his secret would be, sooner or later, discovered by you, so he had decided to run away."

"The Golden Coin Clan’s influence proliferates the world, where could he run away to?"

"He had considered carefully this move. He certainly elected his destination so carefully, that you would not be able to guess it."

"What place?"

"Chang An city."

"Chang An city, here?"

"He calculated that you would think that he would run away as far as possible, instead he had chosen a very close place."

Shangguan XiaoXian also acknowledged that this choice was good.

Ye Kai said, "It was a pity that he had also told this plan to Widow Wang."

"He had no alternative but to tell her. A severely wounded person need some help to be able to escape."

"When he told Widow Wang, it was as if he was telling you directly."

"I knew about his plan to escape, therefore I fabricated that blood-written letter?"

"You calculated that if I saw that blood-written letter, I would certainly wait at the Yu Yan Ping gate."

"How could this blood-written letter be found on Lu Di?"

"The blood-written letter was not found on Lu Di, but prepared by Ku Zhu."

"Ku Zhu was also in this plan?"

Ye Kai said, "Therefore he should be eliminated as a potential witness, anyone who held important information would be killed by you to eliminate possible witnesses."

"Boss Song and that giant?"

"They are Yang Tian’s friends. When they saw me at the Yu Yan Ping gate, they also intentionally planned to set up the play, to shield Yang Tian’s entrance to the city. They certainly knew about Yang Tian’s injury."

"This secret certainly cannot be known to you, therefore I have also killed them to eliminate potential witnesses?"

Ye Kai said, "I thought you would do that, therefore when they were found dead, I was sure that it was not accidental."

Shangguan XiaoXian sighed, "Listening to you, I have killed many people indeed."

Ye Kai wearily said, "Indeed too many."

"I even killed myself." She also sighed, "If I were Mo JiuXing, how could I have killed myself?"

"The Mo JiuXing that died was certainly not you."

"Not me?"

Ye Kai said, "You certainly knew that I would not have the appetite to accompany you to eat that kind of food, therefore you had already prepared someone as a sacrificial lamb. As soon as I walked away, you had him killed by poison."

"Because as soon as Mo JiuXing died, this matter could not be verified. This seems to be an extremely thorough plan, and also a very pleasant to hear story."

"I also hoped that this is only a story."

Shangguan XiaoXian seems to be very startled and said, “This is not just a story?"

"There are too many coincidences in this story, that only if it is the truth, can it have that many coincidences."

"Is the truth as strange as a story?"


Shangguan XiaoXian charmingly said, "Listening to you, even I would believe all of this, really." Her smile was purely delightful, "But since my plan was extremely thorough, how could you see through it?"

"Although it was a thorough plan, it unavoidably had some loopholes."

"This plan had some?"

"When I analyzed those six loopholes, those were also the loopholes of your plan."


"Because if you were not Gufeng, there could not be so many coincidences."

"Now you are completely sure about this?"

"As soon as I saw their wounds, I felt completely sure."

"Whose wounds?"

"Yang Tian, Boss Song, the giant and Ku Zhu were completely unrelated persons, they could not possibly die from the same kind of wounds, yet their wounds were completely similar."

Shangguan XiaoXian sighed, "This is really insightful."

"The coincidence also became the loophole."

"Therefore not only am I the clan leader of the Golden Coin Clan, but also one of the four great Sons of Heaven of the Devil Sect."

"Right, Gufeng"

"Do not forget that the Golden Coin Clan and the Devil Sect are foresworn enemies who cannot coexist with each other."

"I have not forgotten that." Ye Kai continued, "The Golden Coin Clan’s leader is a smart person, he knew that eliminating the enemy brutally is certainly not the best method."

"What is the best method?"

"Subdue it, use it, turn the enemy's strength into your own weapon."

"This method is indeed good."

Ye Kai said, "But the Devil Sect organization is too secretive, the strength is too huge, if one were to subdue him, there could only be one method."

"What method?"

"Becoming the leader of the Devil Sect."

"To become the leader of the Devil Sect, one needed to join the Sect."

"Therefore you joined the Sect."

Shangguan XiaoXian said, "But since the previous leader of the Devil Sect died, the total authority had been split between the four great Sons of Heaven, nobody was willing to elect a single new leader, that meant that nobody had the total authority."

Ye Kai said, "What if among these four great princes, three have died?"

Shangguan XiaoXian charmingly said, "Then whoever is left, albeit not considered as a single leader, is going to be very powerful."

"It was a pity that the likes of Duo-er-jia would not die very quickly."

"Certainly not."

"You certainly could not kill them personally."

"I would never take such a risk."

"Perhaps until their deaths, they never realized that the Golden Coin Clan’s leader was you."

"Not even in their dreams."

Ye Kai said, "Therefore, you can only use one method to kill them."

"What is the best method?"

"Borrow someone’s knife."

Shangguan XiaoXian clapped her hands and said, "Right, to kill them, one certainly must borrow someone' knife, moreover it must be a special dagger."

"But you also knew that although my dagger was quick, it seldom killed people."

"Therefore I have laid so much care into the plan, layering it little by little."

Ye Kai said, "You certainly never thought that someone could actually see through your secret."

Shangguan XiaoXian was staring at him, after a very long time she sighed, "Since you have understood everything, why can’t you see through my heart?"

"I... "

"I am very sincere towards you, can't you see that?" Her beautiful eyes revealed unspeakable hidden bitterness and sadness. Actually, was that really a sincere affection?