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Chapter 21: Great wild goose guest inn

Ye Kai really left.
Shangguan XiaoXian unexpectedly had not tried to keep him. She accompanied him and held his hands until the end of the street corner, and then let him leave.

Anyone who saw them would certainly think that they were matching couples.
But were they really sweethearts?
Or friends?
Or an opponent and a foe?
This was not something anyone could fathom clearly.

Shangguan XiaoXian was silent for a long time, she appeared worried.
Ye Kai was leaving, was it possible for him to return to her side?
Could they be together in the future?
Who knew about such future matter?
Who dared to make a prediction?

Ye Kai suddenly said, "I had thought for a  long time, but I still could not guess who Die-er-bu and Bu-da-la, the great princes, are."

Shangguan XiaoXian softly smiled, "Since you cannot guess, why do you have to continually think about them?"

"I have no other alternative."

Shangguan XiaoXian gently sighed, "Why do people always want to think about something he really should not think about?"

Ye Kai did not dare to reply, so he did not reply.
He just kept silent. After a very long silence, he actually could not bear saying, "I thought that, 'Die-er-bu ' the prince was certainly a person who planned a very good strategy, 'Bu-da-la' the prince must certainly be very arrogant."

Shangguan XiaoXian nodded, "The name they have taken in the Devil Sect certainly must have some truth in it."

Ye Kai said, "To you, who is the wisest man in Chang An city right now?"

Shangguan XiaoXian continued, "Not only wise, but also you wield a sharp dagger."
- Only your sharp dagger could cut the tie of your emotion with me.
She had not said these words, but she didn’t really need to. Ye Kai certainly could understand.

He gave a forced smile, "The wise often appears slow-witted, a true smart person may look like a fool."

Shangguan XiaoXian had also smiled, "In Chang An city, there are many people who look like fools, and the actual fools may also be plentiful."

Ye Kai said, "You thought about who is the most arrogant person?"

Shangguan XiaoXian lightly said, "Only the most arrogant person can reject someone else' true feelings and good intention."

When she said "someone else", that certainly was herself.
- Did she really have true feelings towards Ye Kai?

Ye Kai had turned away, gazing at the remote white clouds. How many people in the world could have a life like the white clouds, carefree and unrestrained?
For each person, wouldn’t there be a close link with someone else?

Shangguan XiaoXian suddenly also asked, "Besides you, perhaps there are also 1 or 2 individuals."

Ye Kai said, "Who?"

"Lu Di, Guo Ding."

"They certainly are not the Devil Sect’s leaders."

“Just because their family backgrounds are fine, that does not mean they cannot enter the Sect, right?"

"I only feel that they do not seem to have the perverse trend of the Devil Sect."

Shangguan XiaoXian said, "No matter what, Die-er-bu and Bu-da-la are both already in Chang An city. Although you cannot guess the two of them, usually because their whereabouts are always kept secret, now at last truly this place could become the evil place because of the Devil Sect."

Ye Kai sighed, he was also unable to restrain his utmost worry.

The Devil Sect never revealed themselves unless it was absolutely necessary. Sometimes you had to actually die under their hands, before they would reveal their true colors. This time, they came to Chang An city, what was their purpose?

Was it for Shangguan XiaoXian?
Or Ye Kai?

Ye Kai reluctantly said with a smile, "As long as they indeed arrive at Chang An city, sooner or later, I will find them."

Shangguan XiaoXian said, "But first, you must arrive at the Great wild goose guest inn today to have a drink." Her beautiful eyes were full of sharp happiness, "Because if you do not go, there are many people who will be sad!"

But Ye Kai actually did not to straight to the Great wild goose guest inn. He did not appear at the Great wild goose guest inn until dusk.


Lunar New Year's Day, afternoon.

At noontime, the weather was unexpectedly very sunny, small white clouds across the blue sky, the sunlight shone, the earth had the scenery of spring.

Guo Ding’s look on his face seemed to convey that he was much better. "A person before his marriage celebration, would have a crisp spirit", the old saying of several hundred years ago always had some truths.

Ding LingLin was holding a bowl of herbal soup, feeding him.
They spoke very little, nobody knew what to say, whether the heart felt very sweet or not?
Was it sour?
Or bitter?
How could life be giving this kind of hardship?
Arranged by the destiny, nobody could revolt against it, then why?

Ding LingLin also got swept by the raised spirit, the smiling face was just like the sun during the winter. Guo Ding wanted to look at her several times, but he did not dare, he could only look down at her pair of hands. He suddenly said, "This ginseng is not very expensive?"

Ding LingLin nodded.

"We can afford it?"


Guo Ding said, "Then you are... "

Ding LingLin suddenly smiled, "This is something I buy on credit, because I thought that today there will be many people who will give us presents. In this Chang An city, there are certainly many people who will come and had a couple of cups of our celebration drinks. These people certainly could not all be mean-spirited persons."

Guo Ding hesitated, "Do many people know about us?"

Ding LingLin nodded, "Therefore I have told the innkeeper to prepare 12 tables of celebration drinks for us."

Guo Ding looked closely at her. He really did not know whether to be sad or glad. "Actually, you do not need to do such things, I... "

Ding LingLin did not let him continue, instead she had gripped his hands and said, "You should just focus on strengthening your spirit and quickly recuperate your wound. Surely you do not want to let me become a widow."

Guo Ding had also smiled, although it was bitter, actually there was some part of happiness as well. No matter what, he had made the resolution that he would look after this lovable woman, look after her for a lifetime. Based on this determination, he simply could not die.

When a person’s heart wield the fresh fighting spirit, that was very often more effective than any medicine.

The old innkeeper suddenly summoned from outside the door, "Miss Ding, you should come out and dress up. I have also asked someone to help Mr. Guo wash and take a bath."

Ding LingLin patted Guo Ding’s hand and pushed the door to go out. Looking at this good old person, she could not bear to gently sigh, "You are really a good person." In this world, there were still good persons everywhere.

The old innkeeper smiled, "Today is the lunar New Year's Day, I only hope that everyone’s plans will go smoothly, then everyone will be happy."

He was a good person, that was why he could have this kind of desire, but could his desire be realized?

Ding LingLin’s heart suddenly welled up with strong feelings, and the teardrops almost started to flow. Therefore, she cheered up herself and smiled reluctantly, "Now, are there some people who have already given some presents?"

The old innkeeper said with a smile, "There are already many people who give presents. I have already recorded the account, does Miss Ding want to have a look?"

Ding LingLin really wanted to have a look.
She felt that there must be many strange people who would give some strange gifts.

Ding LingLin might have expected many things, but she had certainly not expected that the first person who gave a present was "the flying fox" Yang Tian!
His name was the first in the book!

"Yang Tian: Present four items. A pair of pearl hair ornaments, a pair of blue jade bracelets, a complete set of pure gold headdress, 40 pure Golden Coins, total altogether 400."

The meaning of the pure Golden Coins were obvious. He performed this delivery on behalf of the Golden Coin Clan, also on behalf of Shangguan XiaoXian.

Ding LingLin clenched her hands, her heart was unable to restrain from sneering. She hoped Shangguan XiaoXian would not come in the evening for the celebration drink.

Lu Di unexpectedly also gave a present. Besides the present of four packages from “Eight Sides Escort Bureau”, there was also "a medicine bottle of best quality ".

Ding LingLin was unable to restrain from sneering.
She had determined that she would not use this bottle of medicine. Even if Lu Di really had good intention, she could not take this kind of risk.

There were also some other people's names who Ding LingLin seemed to have met before. But they seemed to be old friends of Ding’s reputable family. Ding’s family was a well-known family in the martial arts world. They had old friends all over under the sky, so certainly there were plenty of them also arriving in Chang An city.

But what about the people from Ding’s family themselves? This celebrity of the martial arts world, would they also turn up and come?

Ding LingLin did not dare to expect them at all.
She continued to peruse the list and then she also saw a familiar name.

Cui YuZhen.
Unexpectedly, she had not died.
She came, but she did not appear, why? Had she also heard the news of Ye Kai’s death?

The old innkeeper smiled beside her, "I really did not know that Miss Ding have so many friends in Chang An city. Tonight, it would certainly be very lively."
Their celebration of marriage seemed to have truly caused a stir in Chang An city.

Ding LingLin suddenly realized that she had become a celebrity maybe because of Ye Kai?
She forbid herself from feeling depressed again. In any event, she could not think of Ye Kai  today, at least today... Today she would not think of him.

She saw the last name on the list and her heart suddenly sunk.
"Nangong Lang, a calligraphy and painting set."
She knew this name, and also this person.

Each powerful family would have 1 or 2 specially fearsome members of the family. Nangong Lang was the most fearful person of "Nangong’s family". He was a discredited big robber, the family’s prodigal member of the later generation.

At the same time, he was also Nangong Yuan’s uncle. Nangong Yuan was wounded by Guo Ding. That Nangong Lang suddenly appeared here, for what purpose?

Ding LingLin could not bear asking, "Do you have the calligraphy and painting which this person deliver?"

The old innkeeper shook his head and said, "If Miss Ding wants to have a look, I shall go and get it."

Ding LingLin certainly wanted very much to have a look.
The picture scroll was opened, that was only a drawing of two people.

A man powerfully grasped a long sword, standing in front of a pair of red candles, the sword was dripping some blood. The decoration of his attire was vividly drawn, but the face was left as a blank. This person had unexpectedly no face.

Another person was lying under his sword, the person resembled Guo Ding.

Ding LingLin complexion had changed.
Nangong Lang’s meaning was very obvious, he was coming to take revenge for Nangong Yuan. Tonight he wanted to have Guo Ding under his sword, dying in the banquet hall, right in front of the altar.

Guo Ding was still seriously injured, he would have no strength to fight.

The old innkeeper saw her fear, and he was anxious to take this set of picture aside, but then suddenly someone outside asked, "Is this the Great wild goose guest inn?"

The one who asked the question was a middle-aged person with yellow gown and black hair. The long gown covered down to the knee. The yellow color shone like the gold, but the face was very sad, without an expression.

His appearance was already very strange. What was stranger, was that there were three more people behind him whose attires and facial expressions were just like him.

The old innkeeper’s heart felt a little scared, but he had no alternative but to give the smiling face, "The place is precisely the Great wild goose guest inn."

The person in yellow said, "The marriage celebration of Master Guo Ding and Miss Ding LingLin will be here?"

"Right, it will be here."

The old innkeeper secretly looked at Ding LingLin. Ding LingLin’s face also had a very surprised expression. Obviously she did not recognize these four people.

Since she had not responded, the old innkeeper could only asked further, "Are you looking for Master Guo?"

The person in yellow said, “No."

“Giving a present?"


The old innkeeper reluctantly gave his smile and said, "Not giving a present is also fine, you may equally drink the celebration drink. The four of you please sit behind and have some tea first."

The person in yellow said, "We do not drink tea, we also do not drink the celebration drink."

Ding LingLin had suddenly smiled and said, “Is it possible that you want to come and see the new bride then?"

The person in yellow looked at her coldly and said, "Are you the new bride?"

Ding LingLin nodded, "Therefore if you must see, now is a good time."

The person in yellow flipped a supercilious look and said, "We do not come to see the bride '"

Ding LingLin said, "What then?"

The person in yellow said, "We must make sure there is no one who dares to stir up trouble here."

Ding LingLin winked briefly, "If there is?"

The person in yellow coldly said, "We must make sure nothing happens."


"Because we are following our order to protect the security of the place, to protect the newly-weds to enter the nuptial chamber."

"Once you are here, no one can stir up trouble anymore?"

The person in yellow said, "If someone dares to, there will be one more dead person in Chang An city tonight."

Ding LingLin said, "If 100 persons dare to, there will be 100 more persons dead in Chang An city?"

The person in yellow said, “Then, there will be 104 more dead persons..."
The meaning was very clear. These four people would not be able to survive 100 persons attacking, but those people would not survive the fight either.

Ding LingLin gently sighed, "On whose order you come today?"

The person in yellow no longer said anything, putting on a stern face, and enter the banquet hall. Then, the four people divided into four directions, moving forward until they stood still on the four corners.

The old innkeeper was also unable to restrain a sigh, but he also did not say anything.

Suddenly there was someone outside who were asking, "Is this the Great wild goose guest inn?"

This time the one who came was unexpectedly a beggar with tattered clothes that had a hundred of miscellaneous pieces sewn into the original robe. His hair was dishevelled, but he was also carrying a big tattered gunnysack.

He could not be a beggar who was giving a present. In this world, there were only beggars who begged for money to have something to eat, not ones who gave away presents.

The old innkeeper wrinkled his brows and said, "You came very early in the morning, and now you are not enjoying what you had."

This beggar had actually sneered, "How did you know I already get some money?"

The old innkeeper was astounded, "You did not?"

The beggar coldly said, "Even if you gave me this inn, I would not necessarily look at you like a king," the beggar's voice was not humble at all.

The old innkeeper said painstakingly with a smile, "Are you planning to join the celebration drink?"


"What are you going to do?"

"Giving a present."
He did not ask for something, instead he was delivering a present.

The old innkeeper sighed, "Where is the gift?"


The beggar threw the torn gunnysack from his back on the counter. Several crystal clear pearls slid and rolled out from the gunnysack.
The old innkeeper was astounded.
Ding LingLin was also startled.

Only these several pearls were already very, very expensive. Even though she grew up in a rich family, she had rarely seen something like that.

Who knew that there were more things in the gunnysack. As soon as the gunnysack was tilted over, the counter was littered with jewels, pearls, agates, cat eyes, and green emeralds. These were rare treasures, and there were quite a number of them that it was hard to count.

The old innkeeper’s eyes were wide open, the mouth was hung open, never in his dream had he seen so many stone jewelries.

The beggar said, "These are all gifts for Miss Ding, please accept."

The old innkeeper had finally breathed some air, and turned sweetly with a smile, "What is Master’s surname?"

The beggar coldly said, "I am not a master, I am just a poor beggar begging for food."

He turned around and was quickly beyond the yard. His levitation skill was excellent, quite a rarity in jiang-hu.

Ding LingLin wanted to stop him, but by the time she followed him there was not even a shadow of him in the crowded street. Actually who was he? Why did he have to give such an extravagant present?

The old innkeeper suddenly said, "There is a name card here."

The bright red congratulatory card had this writing, “Wish great happiness to Master Guo and Miss Ding! From celebrating guests: Die-er-bu, Duo-er-jia, Bu-da-la and Ban-cha-ba-na.“

Ding LingLin was astounded.

The old innkeeper said, "Does Miss Ding know them?"

Ding LingLin smiled painstakingly, "Not only do I not know them, but I also have never heard of their names." Such strange names were truly not often heard of.

The old innkeeper knitted his brows, "If Miss had not heard of their names, how can they give such an expensive present?"

Ding LingLin also could not guess why.

The old innkeeper smiled bitterly, "No matter what, when other people give a present, they must always have a good intention."

Ding LingLin sighed, but did not say anything..

Suddenly there was someone asking again outside, "Is this the Great wild goose guest inn?"
Exactly the same questions, but they were coming from three different parties.

The first two parties already exhibited some strange people, but this one actually exhibited an even stranger person.

In the severely cold weather, this person unexpectedly just had a blue robe, and a tall ancient hat. The face was yellowish with a sparse beard, as if he had only recovered from a sickness, although he was as if unaffected by the cold.

His left hand was holding an umbrella, the right hand was carrying a box. The umbrella was very worn-out but the box was actually very attractive. It did not seem to be made of leather or wood, but it was clear that the box was worth a lot of money. Moreover, the handle of this special box was covered with jades.

Although his body seemed frail, his manner was actually very arrogant. He coldly said, "Is this where a person surnamed Guo is hosting the marriage celebration?"

The old innkeeper nodded, looking at the box in his hand probingly asking, "Is the customer giving a present?"


“Planning to have the celebration drink?"


The old innkeeper only gave the forced smile, he could not asked anymore.

Ding LingLin actually suddenly asked, "You are Nangong Lang?"

The person in blue sneered, "As if Nangong Lang counts for anything..."

Ding LingLin breathed a sigh of relief, and smiled, "Indeed  he is nothing."

The person in blue said, "I am a thing."

Ding LingLin was surprised, she had never seen someone referring to himself as “a thing”.

The person in blue said seriously "Why don't you ask what thing am I?"

"I am thinking."

"I am the gift."

Ding LingLin said, "You are surnamed Li?" (Li=gift)

“Not surnamed Li, I am the gift."
Ding LingLin opened her eyes big. Looking at him, this person was like a monster. A monster that could speak and walk.

"You are Ding LingLin?"

Ding LingLin nodded.

"Some people want to deliver me as a congratulatory gift, do you  understand?"

Ding LingLin did not really understand, "You said you are someone else’s gift for me?"

The person in blue finally sighed, "You have finally understood."

"I still do not understand."

The person in blue knitted his brows: "Why?"

Ding LingLin smiled painstakingly, "Why do I want such a gift as you?"

“I am certainly useful."

"Of what use?"

"I can rescue a person's life."

"Whose life?"

"Your husband, Guo Ding."

Ding LingLin changed her countenance and said, "You can rescue him?"

The person in blue coldly said, "If I cannot rescue him, that means there is no one else in the world that can rescue him."

Ding LingLin looked at his strange attire, the waxy yellow face, looked at the umbrella on his left hand, and the box hanging on his right hand. Her face suddenly became flushed with excitement.

The person in blue calmly said, "I come not to look at you, nor do I like you when you stare at me."

Ding LingLin’s eyes sent a glint and said, "I know you."

"Who am I?"

"You are surnamed Ge, you are 'Wan Baoxiang, the universal umbrella, the one god of death cannot repress' Ge Bing."

"You have seen Ge Bing?"

"I have not seen him but I heard Ye Kai mentioning you."


"He said Ge Bing had been sick very often since his childhood, moreover nobody could treat his sickness, therefore he thought of probable cures for himself. Unexpectedly he afterwards became the world’s finest doctor. Even the god of death could not conquer him, because he frequently revived even dead people."

The person in blue suddenly sneered, "What thing is Ye Kai again?"

Ding LingLin said, "He is not a thing, he is your friend, I know... "
She suddenly came closer and tried to grip his hands while panting for breath, “Did Ye Kai ask you to come? He has not died?"

The person in blue coldly said, "You are looking for the wrong person."

"I am not."

"You are the newly-wed bride, you should go find your husband, why are you holding on to me?"
His words obviously had the deeper meaning.

- Since you are marrying Guo Ding, why should you still hold on to me, you also should not look for Ye Kai anymore...

Ding LingLin's hands slowly loosened her grips, dangling downwards without any energy. Low-spiritedly she said, "Perhaps I am really looking for the wrong person."

The person in blue said, "But I have not actually looked for the wrong person."

"You... You must find Guo Ding?"

The person in blue nodded, "If you do not want to be a widow, quickly lead me to him."

The jewelry were still piled on the counter, the person in blue had not noticed it, but the cold wind from outside the door had blown the blood red congratulatory name card to under his feet.

He had not picked it up, and only lowered his head to look at it. After looking at briefly, his face had became really strange, as he suddenly said, "Who sent this?"

Ding LingLin said, “A beggar."

"What kind of a beggar?"

Ding LingLin hesitated, she cleared her mind but her heart was too chaotic.

The old innkeeper soberly said, “The beggar was not too old, he had a haughty manner, when he spoke, it was as if he wanted to make a quarrel."

Ding LingLin had also remembered, "His levitation skill was very high, moreover very strange."

"What is so strange?"

"His body spinned like a top."

The person in blue remained calm. After a very long time, he suddenly asked, "Among these jewelry, are there four blocks of jade with some devil signs on them?"


The old innkeeper had examined them very quickly, the engraving was of four-handed god, a hand holding a wisdom rock, a hand holding a law enforcement stick, a hand holding a mountain peak, but also a hand unexpectedly holding a naked woman. The person in blue clothes looked at this signs on the jade sign, the pupil seemed to be contracting.

Ding LingLin could not bear asking, "You know who the person is?"

The person in blue had not replied, instead he just sneered.


Unexpectedly, Guo Ding could really stand up now. This person in blue really had some magical powers, which even the god of death could not suppress.

But, by the time Ding LingLin wanted to thank him, he had disappeared and Ding LingLin did not know how to find him.

Then, she put on the new bride set of fortuitous clothes, while the old innkeeper’s happy mother was putting the last dab of rouge on her.

There were many guests already, but were there some acquaintances in the crowd? Had Yang Tian and Lu Di come? Ding LingLin was completely ignorant. She certainly could not go out now and  looked around, so she just sat on the bed, the whole body seemed to have become completely numb.

There was a happy melodious sound outside. The happy mother came in running from outside as she said, "The seats had been filled with the guests, the bridegroom’s party is already waiting to do obeisance, now the bride should also come out."

Ding LingLin had not moved.
- Was Ge Bing sent by Ye Kai? Ye Kai had not died?
Her heart was in chaos.

If Ye Kai were outside the door, she would have flown outside like a swallow.
Ye Kai?

Ding LingLin was reluctantly hardening her heart, trying to control herself and not let the tears fall. This was something she was willing to do. Guo Ding was a good person, moreover he was also adept and perhaps held an even deeper sentiment towards her than Ye Kai.

Ye Kai had always been warm and cold all the time towards her, careless. Moreover, Guo Ding had rescued her life. She was certainly not the first woman who repaid a debt of gratitude by marrying him. She comforted herself, urging herself, but in her heart she could not bear asking herself, "Actually is this right? Or wrong?"
Nobody could ever answer this question.

The crowd became anxious, there were some urging noises outside. Ding LingLin finally stood up. Only as if after she had totally exhausted herself could she then stand up. The happy mother helped her up and walked her along slowly.

They passed through the corridor, passed through the courtyard. There were sounds of conflicting noises in the hall, all kinds of sound. It was a pity that they did not have the kind of sound she wanted to listen the most - Ye Kai’s laughter.

Now, whether Ye Kai lived or not, it was totally irrelevant.
She walked to the place beside Guo Ding, and heard the happy official said loudly, "As soon as ready, do obeisance to the world."

The happy mother were preparing to help her do the obeisance, when suddenly a call of alarm was heard, a rustle of clothes came before her.

Nangong Lang?

Ding LingLin had remembered that picture immediately, remembering the person without a face that held the bloody sword. She could not ignore this. She suddenly lifted her hand and raised the red veil on her face. She immediately saw a person.

A person in black who looked deathly pale, who suddenly appeared like a spirit. This person stopped in front of her, his hand held a sandal wood box. The four defenders in the yellow clothes started to come forward, Guo Ding’s face had also changed color.

Ding LingLin suddenly sneered, said, " Nangong Lang, I know that you are coming."

The person in black shook his head, "I am not Nangong Lang."

Ding LingLin said, "You are not?"

"I am giving a present."

"Why wait until now to give a present?"

"Although the delivery is late, it is always better than not delivering this."

Ding LingLin looked at the sandalwood box in his hand and said, "This is the gift you are delivering?"

The person in black nodded, with one hand he picked up the box and the other hand lifted the cover. The happy mother that stood beside Ding LingLin gave a loud cry and  fainted. What she saw in that box, the gift from this person in black, was a bloody severed head.

The long red candles burned bright, bright red. The blood was also red, and not dried yet. Ding LingLin's face was actually very pale.

The person in black looked at her and lightly said, "If you think I deliver this gift with a bad intention, you are wrong."

Ding LingLin sneered, "This is your good intention?"

"Not only it is with good intention, moreover I may guarantee that no other guest can come with a gift more precious than this one."


The person in black pointed at the box and said, "Because if this person does not die, it will probably be very difficult for the two of you to be safe until you are through your wedding festivities night."

Ding LingLin said, "Who is this person?"

“The person who wholeheartedly wanted to take revenge on you."

Ding LingLin’s face changed color, “Is this Nangong Lang?"

“Right, it is him."

Ding LingLin gently spoke, "Who are you?"

The person in black said, "I am also Nangong Lang’s enemy."

Ding LingLin said, "And now?"

"Now that I have given the present, I will join the guests to drink the celebration drink."

Ding LingLin looked at him, before realizing she no longer could ask anything else.

In the hall crowds, there were all kinds of person. Suddenly someone said with a sharp voice, “I am afraid it’s not convenient to drink the celebration drink using a mask...”

Although the person in black face did not show any expression, the pupil suddenly contracted. He said sternly, “Who are you?”

That voice sneered, "You will never know me, but I actually know that you are Nangong Lang."

The person in black suddenly moved. He threw the box with the head to Ding LingLin’s face, revealing a sword behind it.

With a quick flash the sword thrust straight at Guo Ding’s chest.
This change was really too quick, he attacked so quickly.

That Guo Ding could stand was already a miracle; how could he evade this quick lightning sword?

Ding LingLin could also only watch. The bloody head fell away from in front of her face to the floor. Anyone who was eating at the time would be startled. By the time it went past her, the sword had moved only a foot away from Guo Ding’s chest.

Even if her hand had the life-snatching golden bells, it would not be quick enough to prevent the attack. Moreover, she was wearing the bride’s dress. She certainly could not hide any weapon in that dress – that person without the face would hold that bloody sword soon.

Seeing the sword got nearer, it seemed certain that Guo Ding would die under his sword.
There was almost nobody in the world who could rescue him.

But in that flash of time, suddenly there was a glitter of a dagger.
Bright shiny dagger, which was as quick the lightning, brighter than the lightning, shooting  forward as if coming from the left side window.

As soon as the dagger flew, Ding LingLin had quickly gone through the window. She left the full-house of wedding guests, she also left Guo Ding who was threatened by the sword. She just left them all!

Because she knew that the dagger would surely rescue Guo Ding! It would surely repel this person in black.

This was a dagger which saved lives! It had rescued so many people's life!

She knew that there was only one person in the world that could send this dagger away.
Only one person!

She could not let this person walk away like that. Even if she died, she must have a look again at this person.