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Chapter 19: Sweet act of love for the dying

"It was only a pity that we met too late."
This was the sentence that Ding LingLin asserted to Guo Ding, the same sentence that had been uttered and received by many other people throughout the ages. But only for those who really had to say it, had to listen to it, that could feel how bitter it was, how painful.

Looking at Ding LingLin walking out, Guo Ding suddenly felt the world becoming empty, turning into a cold and misty place, a fathomless abyss.

In the severe winter, it was rare that the sun which just rose in the east, the sunlight immediately entered the gloomy tiny room.

But for Guo Ding, this room had been left cold and dark.
He knew that his life would never felt the sunlight and the warmth, because as she went out, she would surely never come back again. He knew that he could never see her again.

When a woman had to deal with a man, obviously she had a lot of options. But dealing with a person directly, was something that was really too dangerous, too fearful. Moreover, even if she could really deal with them, she would never come back again alive. Because she had determined to die.

When she pierced the knife on Ye Kai, her pain and lamentation could only be alleviated by “dying”. She had already determined to make her reparation by “dying”.

Now Yu Xiao and Lu Di were already waiting for her in the great wild goose guest inn, waiting to kill her?

Such men like them surely had a lot of options to deal with a woman.
What option will they choose?
Thinking about Yu Xiao’s ugly method, Lu Di’s callousness, Guo Ding could not endure it anymore.

The sunlight in the cold winter would be forever gentle and warm, like the strokes of a sweetheart. As the sunlight illuminated his face, his tears began to flow.


High noon in the great wild goose guest inn.

When Ding LingLin entered, the sunlight had already touched that green gold-lettered signboard outside.

She had not brought her life-snatching golden bell, nor any weapon.
Today the weapon she must use was her determination, her courage, her wisdom and her beauty.
She pumped  herself with self-confident.

In this world, there were many men who fell under this kind of weapon by women.
She was indeed an extremely beautiful woman, moreover today she had sedulously dressed up.

When a man saw her enter, his eyes would not be able to restrain from revealing the admiration and the desire.

There was only that good old innkeeper who actually appeared a little anxious and worried. He knew that there would be a disaster, a murder – and most probably a disaster that would occur to this young girl.

As soon as Ding LingLin entered through the door, he welcomed her from the counter, reluctantly making a smiling face, he asked, “Is it Miss Ding?"


"Miss, your two visitors have already waited in the rear court."
Both Yu Xiao and Lu Di unexpectedly had really come.

Ding LingLin suddenly detected her own heart jumping wildly, jumping very quickly.
Although she had made her resolution to die, but she was still feeling anxious.
She certainly also knew that these two people were dangerous and fearful.

"Only two people come?"

The old innkeeper nodded, suddenly lowered his voice and said, "If Miss does not have any important matter, it is not too late to go back."

Ding LingLin had smiled and said, "You know perfectly well that they come for me, why do you want me to go back!"

The old innkeeper hesitated, "Because of... "

He did not finished his words as he became anxious and frightened. Finally he only sighed gently. Ding LingLin had smiled as she walked in, she certainly knew this old person's good intention in her heart.

But she knew she had to go. Even knowing what was waiting for her inside was a poisonous snake or a malicious ghost, she had to go in.

The rear court had just been cleaned, the main hall was clean, bare, even more cold, deserted and desolate.

"That two visitors are in the hall." The guiding waiter said this, and then quietly withdrew from the courtyard immediately. He obviously saw that today’s appointment was not something amusing.

The living room door was open. There was no sound coming from inside. Priest Yu Xiao and Lu Di were not the kind of persons who like to talk, nor laugh heartily in happiness.
They smiled only because the person they must kill had died in front of them.

Ding LingLin gave a deep attractive sigh, her face revealed the most radiant smiling face, entering with the most graceful posture.

The ones waiting inside were precisely Priest Yu Xiao and Lu Di.


This room was also filled with sunlight, but anyone who entered the room would immediately felt like entering an icehouse.

Priest Yu Xiao sat on a chair by the door. He had to sit down, as he always chose the most comfortable position for himself. His clothing was magnificent, looking very arrogant, insufferably arrogant.

Although there was someone else in the room, he actually seemed not to know that. He even did not cast a single look at the person.

Lu Di looked at him with an indifferent look on his face. Just like looking at an old lion, bluffing and blustering in its cage. His pale face showed some disdain, because although this lion had a plethora of magnificent knowledge, the teeth were already obtuse, the claws were already spent, he basically could not threaten him.

He looked indifferent, the attire was simple, Although the room had some other similarly comfortable chairs, he actually preferred standing.

Ding LingLin stood in the entrance, looking at them and smiling happily. These two were precisely a sharp contrast with each other. Since she saw them initially, she already knew that they would not be able to coexist peacefully.

"I am surnamed Ding." She smiled as she entered, “I am called Ding LingLin."

Priest Yu Xiao coldly said, "I recognize you."

Ding LingLin said, "You two recognize each other?"

Priest Yu Xiao proudly said, "He should know who I am." His hand was lightly caressing his white jade flute. "He should recognize this flute."

Ding LingLin had smiled, “Should everyone recognize this flute? Otherwise he should die?"
She used the corner of her eyes to cast a glance at Lu Di. Lu Di’s face was devoid of any expression. He was obviously not someone who could easily be moved.

Ding LingLin’s eyes traveled to him as she charmingly said, "I really did not expect that Master Lu could also come, I... "

Lu Di had suddenly interrupted her, lightly said, "You should know why."

Ding LingLin said, "Why?"

Lu Di said, "Shangguan Jinhong’s left buried treasure and secrets that could easily move anyone."

Ding LingLin said, "Master Lu is also moved?"

Lu Di said, "I am also a person."

Ding LingLin said, "It is a pity then that the place of this buried treasure and secrets, Master Lu  does not know."

Lu Di acknowledged.

Ding LingLin's eyes flashed, "But I actually know it, only I know."

Lu Di said, "Oh?"

Ding LingLin said, "I originally did not want to reveal this secret, but right now, I have no other choice but to reveal it."

Lu Di said, "Why?"

Ding LingLin sighed, smiled a little miserably, "Because Ye Kai has died already, and depending only on my strength, there is absolutely no way I can get that buried treasure."

Lu Di said, "Therefore you asked us to come?"

Ding LingLin nodded, "I thought that no other heroes could be compared to you two."

Lu Di was listening, but Yu Xiao was actually sneering.

Ding LingLin said, "Today I ask you two to come, in order to tell this secret. Because of..."

Lu Di had suddenly interrupted her "You do not need to tell."

Ding LingLin was astounded and said, "Why?"

Lu Di lightly said, "Because I do not want to know."

Ding LingLin was astounded, the smiling face suddenly seemed to stiffen.

Lu Di said, "But I actually know something."

Ding LingLin could not bear asking, "What is it?"

Lu Di said, "If two people simultaneously know this secret, there is only one who can live to walk away."

Ding LingLin’s smile had not changed.

Lu Di actually smiled and said, "Although that buried treasure is enough to move anyone, but I actually do not think it is worth me and Eastern Sea Yu Xiao fighting all out."

Priest Yu Xiao had suddenly smiled as well and said, "It looks like that you are a smart person."

Lu Di said, "The Daoist priest has also understood what she wants?"

Priest Yu Xiao said, "She is inferior to your intelligence."

Lu Di said, "But she is not too stupid, moreover she is very beautiful."

Priest Yu Xiao said, "She always likes to think that she is clever, I never like a woman who thinks she is clever."

Lu Di smiled, "In this world, there is some women who do not think they are clever?"

Priest Yu Xiao’s eyes stared at him deeply as he coldly said, "Actually what do you want to say?"

Lu Di lightly said, "I only want to remind the priest, that there are not many woman like her in the world."

Priest Yu Xiao could not help but looked at Ding LingLin twice, the eyes were filled with appreciation, but he suddenly sighed and muttered: "Pity, it really is a pity."

Lu Di said, “It is a pity?"

Priest Yu Xiao said, "If a sword lacks something, would you be able to see it?"

Lu Di nodded.

Priest Yu Xiao said, "This woman lacks something."

Lu Di said, "You can see it?"

He certainly understood clearly Priest Yu Xiao's meaning. Ding LingLin and Ye Kai’s relationship was not kept a secret.

Priest Yu Xiao said, "If I cannot see it, when she fall in my grasp, I will not let her go."

Lu Di had also once heard that Guo Songyang never lacked something with his sword, Yu Xiao never need someone else’s woman.

He looked at Priest Yu Xiao, no longer just a slit, the eyes showed some ridicule.

Priest Yu Xiao said, "You also?"

Lu Di said, "I only felt strange, why you do choose to sit on this chair?”
Priest Yu Xiao said, "You should readily see that this is the only best seat in this place."

Lu Di lightly said, "I can see that, but I also know that this seat can be occupied by anyone." He had suddenly ended this conversation, and suddenly strode to Ding LingLin.

Ding LingLin's heart sank, her blood also became cold, the whole body felt ice-cold already.

Priest Yu Xiao was looking at her, seeing from the head to the foot, also slowly looking again from the top to the tip of the toe. His vision seemed to penetrate underneath her clothes.

Ding LingLin only felt she had become completely naked.

She certainly did not return his look, instead she felt she could no longer bear it and suddenly turned around, ready to run out. She certainly did not fear death, but she also knew that there were things more fearful than death in this world.

Who knew that when she just turned around, Priest Yu Xiao had arrived in front of her, folding his arms, blocking her way, and looking at her with a very meaningful look.

Ding LingLin was clenching her fists as she stepped back one by one. She suddenly arrived at the seat that he had sat just a moment ago. She suddenly said, "I... I know you will not do anything to me."

Priest Yu Xiao said, "Oh?'

Ding LingLin said, "Indeed I lack something, moreover it is a very big deficiency."

Priest Yu Xiao smiled, he kept smiling as he said, "I originally thought that you have grown up, because the thing you come to achieve today is something which can only be done by a grown-up. But now I realize that you are really just a child."

Ding LingLin never willingly acknowledge that she was a child, especially in front of Ye Kai. But now, she actually only nodded.

Priest Yu Xiao gave a long sigh, "Do you know that when a child wants to do a grown-up's work, it is always very dangerous."

Ding LingLin courageously said, "I actually cannot see any danger right now."

Priest Yu Xiao said, "Indeed I did not plan to do anything to someone else’s woman, but let me make an exception for you.”
Ding LingLin could not move at all, all parts of her body from the top to the tip of her toes could not move at all.

Priest Yu Xiao saw that her complexion had changed. Ding LingLin only felt that his eyes suddenly seemed to have a kind of strange attraction, absorbing her vision, her entire body got absorbed. She wanted to struggle, wanted to evade him. Instead, she could only sat there frozen, bewitched by him. His eyes were flashing as if a glowing blue light, just like an illuminated jack-o'-lantern.

Ding LingLin looked at this pair of eyes, as she had finally remembered deep down.

" ... Kill Ye Kai! Take this knife to kill Ye Kai."
The thing he wanted to do now, would it be more fearful than the previous one?
She had exhausted her whole strength to struggle against it, the cold sweat had soaked her clothes, but she actually could not get rid of this absorbing power.

To resist that glimmering eyes that belonged to Priest Yu Xiao, she had to burn all part of her strength. Yet now, she could only obey him.

Now, if Priest Yu Xiao wanted her to do anything, she would be completely unable to fight him.

At this moment, suddenly with a loud "crack" sound, the door burst open, and a tall person stood outside the door.

Priest Yu Xiao was startled and turned around angrily, "Who is it?"

"Songyang’s Guo Ding."

Guo Ding had come here after all.

How could he come?
Who had unsealed his accupoint?
Was it Shangguan XiaoXian?
Or Lu Di?

They certainly knew that when Guo Ding arrived here, he and Priest Yu Xiao would surely have a fight-until-you-die battle.


The sunlight had for the first time hid behind the dark clouds.
Bitter cold had conquered the earth.
The cold wind cut like a knife.

Guo Ding and Priest Yu Xiao stood readily in this piercing cold wind.

Everyone understood that by the time these two would be done, one of them must have surely gone down. The person who got to go out of the courtyard, would have to pass beside the opponent’s corpse...

Guo Ding’s sword was already in his hand.
The sword was swarthy, dark-looking without any brilliance. The aura was like the bone-chilling cold wind that would cool off any kind of anger.
The sword looked just like the person holding it.

Yu Xiao’s white gems were actually very bright.

These two people were also an extremely striking sharp contrast as well.

Guo Ding was staring at the jade flute in his hand, continuously avoiding the eye-contact as far as possible.

Priest Yu Xiao’s eyes brightened with anger as he suddenly asked, "You are Guo Songyang’s disciple?"


Priest Yu Xiao said, "20 years ago, I had planned to compare my skill with Guo Songyang, unfortunately he had died."

"I am still living."

Priest Yu Xiao sneered, "What are you thinking? Songyang’s iron sword was placed fourth in the weapon list, but in your hand the sword is proven to be unworthy."


"You simply are not worthy of even parts of this sword."

Guo Ding closed the mouth.
He also managed to control his own anger reluctantly.

The anger, although sometimes could provide some strength, but when contending with a master, it could poison someone’s ability and caused fatal result.

Priest Yu Xiao was staring at him as he slowly said, "They say that you are also Ye Kai’s friend."

Guo Ding acknowledged.

"What kind of friend are you?"

"A friend is a friend, there is only a genuine kind of a friend."

Priest Yu Xiao said, "But your kind of friendship actually seems to be very special."


Priest Yu Xiao coldly said, "After Ye Kai died, you unexpectedly get his woman immediately, a friend like you is indeed really rare."

Guo Ding suddenly felt the anger in him welling up and could not bear lifting his head up.

Priest Yu Xiao's eyes were waiting for him.

His enthralling vision was like a magnet absorbing the nail.

Ding LingLin had meanwhile kept sitting on the chair, panting for breath. But just then, she started walking to the door.

She saw Priest Yu Xiao's eyes, and also saw Guo Ding’s eyes.
Her heart sank immediately.

Priest Yu Xiao’s glimmering eyes, sooner or later would also burn Guo Ding’s entire strength.
She could not stand looking at Guo Ding sinking just like her just now, sinking towards the abyss, beyond redemption.

But she actually had to look.
Now she could not distract Guo Ding. If Guo Ding got diverted, he would surely die quicker.


The wind became colder, as there even seemed to be some snowflakes falling gently from the dark clouds.

By the time the snow had fallen, the blood might have already been splashed.
It would certainly be Guo Ding’s blood.

He originally did not need to fight all out with Priest Yu Xiao, he originally might stay well alive and be joyful. Why did he have to be there?

Ding LingLin knew why, only she was clear about it.

He had not enjoyed the joy of love, he had only tasted the pain of love.
Why was the sky (god) could be so unfair to him?

Ding LingLin's tears would fall soon, but they are not fallen yet.
She suddenly heard Priest Yu Xiao saying, "Drop your sword and kneel down."

His voice had the strange power that would make someone be unable to resist it.
Guo Ding’s sword in his hand was no longer steady, the whole body started to tremble.

Priest Yu Xiao slowly said, "You have to struggle, why? Why suffers the hardships? As soon as you let go, all the pain would be completely gone."

A dead person certainly would not suffer any more pain.
As soon as as he let go, immediately he would extricate himself from this pain.
This was indeed too easy.

Guo Ding’s hand on the sword hand became relaxed, the blue vein had vanished, the strength had also just vanished.

His hand was gradually relaxing...
This fight had passed, he did not need to attack or resist anymore.

For many years, he did not have to fight a close battle with his opponents. He had found an easier method. He did not have to make small things or efforts to gain the advantage, where he could then strike his opponent.

This caused him to become arrogant, also lazy.
He could get away with the shortcut, but this time he had finally gone astray.
The shortcut was not the right way.

Guo Ding’s sword had seemed to fall down, but he suddenly got hold of it, the sword light flashed, striking forward.

The skill of Songyang’s iron sword was like a flower which had bloomed smartly and perceptibly.

Guo Ding’s swordskill was also similar.

When he was not sure, he did not attack. When the sword struck, it surely must be effective.
Simple, rapid, true, effective.
This was precisely the essence of "Songyang’s iron sword".

Therefore this sword had not attacked Priest Yu Xiao’s throat, because the chest area was far bigger than the throat. When the target area was bigger, it was easier more difficult to get away.
When contending with a master, just a little mistake could surely prove to be fatal.

Priest Yu Xiao’s himself was focusing his spiritual strength through his eyes, as he thought that he had fully controlled the overall situation.
It was a pity that the eyes were certainly not a weapon.

Regardless of how fearful were the eyes, they would be unable to resist this thunderous sword.
He waved his hand and raised the white jade flute, however the tip of the sword had passed by the flute and pierced his chest.

The snowflakes started to fall gently, the blood had also splashed.
But actually it was not Guo Ding’s blood - Priest Yu Xiao’s chest splashed blood, bright red blood.

His face twisted immediately, the eyes protruded, but the glimmering eyes had actually dimmed away.

He had not fallen, the eyes were still considering Guo Ding with malicious intent, suddenly humph at him, "Your name is Guo Ding?"

Guo Ding nodded, said, "Guo Ding (means: calm and sure)!"

Priest Yu Xiao sighed deeply, "You are indeed really calm, I have actually taken you too lightly."

Guo Ding said, "I have not taken you lightly, and I already planned how to cope with you.”
Priest Yu Xiao miserably said with a smile, "Your method is very good."

"Your method was actually wrong."


"By your wugong skill, you did not really need to use this soul absorbing skill to cope with me."

Priest Yu Xiao’s pair of eyes stared emptily afar, he slowly said, "I did not intend to use it. But once a person learned an easy way to achieve victory, he would not be willing to take the trouble... "

He spoke very slowly, filled with lamentation.
He could only understand just now that success did not involve only being lucky, but for you to triumph, you also must have to pay the price.

Guo Ding also could not stop sighing.

Priest Yu Xiao suddenly hissed loudly, "Just draw out your sword and let me lie down, let me die."

The tip of the sword was still in his chest.
He started to cough non-stop.
If the sword was not pulled, perhaps he could still have time to say many things, but now, he only strived to die faster.

Guo Ding said, "You... What is your last word?"

"Nothing, not even a word."

Guo Ding sighed, "Good, if you die with relieve, I certainly can arrange things for you after your death."

He had finally drawn out his sword.
When drawing the sword, his elbow pulled away, leaving his chest empty without any protection.

Suddenly, with "zing" sounds, the white jade flute spewed out three sparkling stars at his chest.

Guo Ding tumbled down on his face.

Priest Yu Xiao actually stood up, while panting for breath, he cluck-clucked with a smile, "Now I can die relieved, because I know that you would certainly come with me."

He finally dropped down at the pool of his own blood.

The snowflakes fell one by one, falling on his pale face...


"Great fortune just ahead, your home when away from home."

Outside the front door of the great wild goose guest inn, hung the spring festival’s couplet, as  preparation to celebrate the new year.

Tonight was the lunar New Year's Eve.
Visitors, waiters who had their own family, all hurried back to their family, the busy inn had suddenly became desolate.

But the kitchen was actually busy, because not only the old innkeeper's family lived in this inn, but also because several unmarried waiters were also preparing to have the New Year’s dinner. Once they had finished eating the good food, then they would start to bet.

The wind was filled with the fragrance of roasted chickens, intermittently blowing through the rear court.

In the rear court side of the building, the lamp was ignited.
Only prodigal sons who roamed about far away from home, knew what was the taste of celebrating the new year away from home.

Ding LingLin sat under the solitary lamp, looking at Guo Ding on the bed.

Guo Ding’s shining eyes were shut, the face was dead ashen. If not for the occasional weak breathing, he would not have looked any different from a dead person.

He had not died, but for how long could he live?
That he could live up to now was because Priest Yu Xiao’s hidden weapons unexpectedly were not poisonous.

The jade flute’s honor was held up until the last moment.

Although Priest Yu Xiao's personality had changed, his white jade flute had not changed.
He finally was able to retain the purity of the weapon. After all he was a proud person.

When the hidden weapons were dispatched, the distance between the two of them was really close. That three white jade nails had nearly severed Guo Ding’s arteries near his heart.
That he could still be alive, was already a miracle.

Ding LingLin sat quietly at the head of the bed, not knowing for how long she had sat there. Her face was stained with dried-up tears, no longer wet.

There was the sound of knocking on the door.

"Who is it?"

The one knocking on the door was a young waiter, smiling reluctantly he said, "Our innkeeper especially told me to invite Miss to have the New Year’s dinner in the front."

"Have the New Year’s dinner?

Ding LingLin’s heart suddenly became startled, "Is today already the lunar New Year's Eve?"

The waiter nodded.

It looked like that his company had not forgotten the young woman while celebrating the new year. While his heart was very sympathetic towards her, he was also very uncomfortable.

Ding LingLin sat there quietly not speaking for a while. Her heart did not know what to think.
Even if the waiter asked her again, she would not have heard him.

The dim solitary lamp shed light on the dying patient. If you were her, would you also be in the right mind to have New Year’s dinner with other people?

The waiter gently sighed and  slowly closed the door to go back. His heart could not help thinking bitterly. So young, why did the beautiful girl have to suffer this bitter experience that were so pitiful?

"Celebrating the new year... A new year is coming."

Since the beginning, Ding LingLin’s memory when celebrating the new year  had always been filled with happiness.

From the first day to the fifteenth, for the whole half month, everyone did not have the right to be angry. Everyone need to say gracious things, because this was a gracious day. But this year?

There were sound of ear-splitting firecrackers outside.
Firecrackers had been there since the old times, as a symbol that things would be renewed from the years past, one by one. A symbol that the new year would always bring a new hope.

But what hope did she have now?

The sound of the firecrackers awakened Guo Ding. He suddenly opened his eyes, as if wanting to ask, "What sound is this?"  It was a pity that although his lips moved, he actually could not say any word.

Ding LingLin understood what he meant to say. She smiled reluctantly as she said, "Tomorrow is the new year’s celebration, there are some people outside who are setting off the firecrackers."

A new year, finally passing a new year.

Guo Ding was staring at the dark outside the window; The hope was to see the sun rose again, but would he be able to see that?
He suddenly started to cough non-stop.

Ding LingLin said lightly, "Do you want to have a bowl of hot soup? Tonight, they certainly have prepared some chicken soup for you."

Guo Ding made an effort to shake his head.

"What do you want then?"

Guo Ding looked at her as he finally said, "You go away."

"You... You want me to go away?"

Guo Ding smiled very miserably, "I know I am not well, you do not need to accompany me anymore."

Ding LingLin gripped his hand tight, "I certainly must accompany you, you look well, I know you certainly will get better."

Guo Ding shook his head again and closed his eyes.
If a person lost his confidence to salvage his life, who else could rescue him?

Ding LingLin bit her lips, as she withheld the tears, "If you really think you will die soon, you need to apologize to me."


"Because of... Because I am ready to marry you." Ding LingLin said simply, "Do you want me to be a widow?"

Guo Ding became pale, suddenly he blushed, "For real?"

"Of course, for real."
Ding LingLin hardened her determination, "We will need to get married."
As long as that would let Guo Ding live, she would do anything, she would do them  willingly."

"Tomorrow is a gracious day, we do not need to wait anymore."

"But I... "

"Therefore you can be certain about it!"


The old innkeeper sat in the counter, his face showed some part of his tipsiness.

He had sat in this counter for 20 years, and it looked like he must continue to sit there among the crowd for some more years.

There were all kinds of persons, all kinds of sudden events in life, from birth until death.
He looked to reap the benefit from these events. Whenever the wine got consumed, his heart could not become involved with what was happening.
Therefore he would rather be the person sitting there.

He had not expected Ding LingLin to come, he could not stop himself from asking the question, "Miss has not rested? The patient is not well?"

Ding LingLin had reluctantly smiled, she suddenly said, "Will you be able to manage several tables of wine tomorrow for me?"

"Tomorrow? Tomorrow will be the lunar New Year's Day, perhaps... "

"Certainly I want tomorrow," Ding LingLin smiled very miserably, "It might be too late, perhaps there is not enough time to prepare."

The old innkeeper hesitated, "Miss, you are asking people to come for the spring wine?" (I think it means new year’s celebration.)

“Not the spring wine, it is a marriage celebration."

The old innkeeper opened his eyes really big, "Celebration! Miss wants to get married tomorrow?"

Ding LingLin hang his head lower, nodded.

The old innkeeper smiled but also nodded immediately. "Full of happiness is good, when the patient becomes fully happy, the sick can immediately become better."

Ding LingLin knew that he could not understand, therefore she did not really want to explain, "Therefore I hope this marriage celebration can be very lively. The more lively, the better."

The old innkeeper's spirit had buoyed up, he had forgotten about the recent killing. He also hoped for the upcoming happiness, "Don’t worry, let me take care of this problem."

"Tomorrow evening is decided?"

The old innkeeper was patting his chest, "Tomorrow evening, it is."

Since the day she knew Ye Kai, Ding LingLin had never thought of marrying anyone else besides him.

But tomorrow evening...