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Chapter 17: Gentle sentiment, sweet thought

He knew the severity of his wounds. If he stayed in Chang An city any longer, it could probably only last for the day. He was indeed like a smart fox that was being pursued by the hunters. There was a crowd of eagles circling above Chang An city.

Shangguan XiaoXian charmingly said, "You finally have a little conscience, you finally also realize that only I is truly good to you."
Ye Kai said, "Therefore I did not escape, I had stayed in the carriage."

Dai GaoGang said, "You have not escaped?"

Ye Kai smiled, "That carriage was very comfortable, the seat was also very spacious, under the seat was also vacant. I am not a very  fat person, so I could lie down comfortably in there."

Dai GaoGang clenched his teeth and said, "I only do not understand something."

"What matter?"

Dai GaoGang bitterly said, "Since you were coming here anyway, why did you have to play around?"

Ye Kai lightly said, "Because I am not willing to let other people consider me as a fool. I do not go to any place without knowing clearly where the place is."

Shangguan XiaoXian also sighed, "Now you have finally found out this place."
Ye Kai said with a smile, "I had said before, this is really a good place. Anyone will not expect this, including me."

Shangguan XiaoXian was sighing as she said, "Luckily I have also understood one thing now."


Shangguan XiaoXian cast a glance with the corner of her eyes at Dai GaoGang and said, "I have finally realized who the real fool is."
Dai GaoGang said, "I... "

He only said this word. As he opened his mouth to speak, suddenly there was a flash of light that entered his mouth. He only felt there was something sweet and cool like candy.

Shangguan XiaoXian smiled, "I know you like eating. This killer hidden weapon certainly tasted as sweet as candy, even more delicious, wouldn’t you say so?"

Dai GaoGang did not reply. His complexion suddenly turned into dead black, the throat had suddenly constricted like the invisible two hands were choking his breath.

His breath suddenly stopped. He died with a sweet taste in his mouth. This candy silver thread was really too sweet, so sweet that could make a person dead.

This Shangguan XiaoXian person was also very sweet, right?
Shangguan XiaoXian smiled sweetly, even sweeter than the candy.
Ye Kai had not actually smiled, as he could not smile.

Shangguan XiaoXian said, "You are not happy?"

Ye Kai shut his mouth.

Shangguan XiaoXian said, "He rescued you, you had also rescued him, your account has now been settled? If I have killed him, it does not have anything to do with you."
Ye Kai could not stop himself, "At the very least, you do not need to kill him in front of me."

"I certainly must kill him in front of you."


"Because I want you to understand two matters."

Ye Kai was listening.

"If you want a fool to change so he will not be more stupid than anyone else, there is only one way."

She was smiling as she looked at Dai GaoGang, "Is he more stupid than anyone else now?"

A dead person was a dead person. All dead people would always be the same, no one would be more stupid than anyone else.

Shangguan XiaoXian slowly continued, "I also want you to understand, if I have decided to kill someone, no one in this world could save him, including you."

Ye Kai kept his mouth shut.

Shangguan XiaoXian looked at him before she suddenly smiled, "You are living now, because not only I do not want to kill you, I also cannot take this sweet silver thread to feed you anyway, so why are you shutting your mouth?"

This was actually but a lie. If she had really wanted to kill Ye Kai, there were really many opportunities for her to do that.
Ye Kai was sneering, he obviously did not appreciate this kindness being rendered.

Shangguan XiaoXian was still smiling, "Sometimes you can be very stupid too, why didn't you use your knife to cope with Lu Di?"
Ye Kai silence was very long, only then he slowly said, "Because I want to prove something."

"What matter?"

"I want to know whether Han Zhen actually died under his sword."

Shangguan XiaoXian sighed, "If you die under him, even if you know, what is the use then?"

Ye Kai also could not bear sighing, "Indeed I had severely underestimated him."

"His wugong was much higher than what you imagined?"
Ye Kai nodded.

"Now you know that Han Zhen did not die under his sword?"

Ye Kai nodded, "If he really killed Han Zhen, he could also certainly kill me."

"When he really tried to kill you, what would you do then?"
Ye Kai lightly said, "You said that I always had a dagger with me."

Shangguan XiaoXian charmingly said, "Therefore I had also said that luckily he did not really want to kill you."
Ye Kai coldly said, "But this is certainly not good for you."

"What is not so good?"

"If he had not killed Han Zhen, you must certainly have killed him. You killed Han Zhen, then you shifted the blame to him as you wanted me to fight him to death."

Shangguan XiaoXian was staring at him, the beautiful eyes were looking at him with an unspeakable kindness. After a very long time, she slowly said to him, "You really know for sure that I had killed Han Zhen?"

Ye Kai kept staring at her, "Except you, I cannot think of another one."

"You do not believe me?"

She gently sighed, "I know you cannot believe me, regardless of anything I say, you cannot believe at all."
Ye Kai acknowledged.

"But what if I can prove that I have not killed him, what will you do?"
"You can prove it? How?"

"I certainly have a way."
Ye Kai sneered, "I know you have a way, you even have a way to prove that I had killed Han Zhen."

"I have an evidence."
"I also know that you have an evidence, you can make several hundred evidences if necessary."

"I only have one evidence. When I reveal this evidence, and you still do not believe me, I would rather let you kill me if you want to take your revenge for Han Zhen."

She said this very firmly, with great confidence.

Ye Kai was nearly swayed by her confidence, but he immediately warned himself that he should not believe it. "Regardless of any evidence that you may reveal, I still will not believe you."

"What will you do if I convince you?"
"If you can really convince me that you have not killed Han Zhen, I... "

Shangguan XiaoXian was sighing, "You know that I cannot do anything to you. I already said I do not want to kill you, nor cause pain in your heart. I only want you to consent on one thing for me."

"What matter?"

"One thing that will not cause injury towards other people, nor cause injury to you."

"Good, I consent."

He did not believe that Shangguan XiaoXian would be able to obtain the kind of evidence that could exonerate her, nothing in the world could.

But he was wrong.
There was someone in this world who could prove that Shangguan XiaoXian had not killed Han Zhen.

Who was this person?
This person was Han Zhen himself.
Han Zhen had not died, he unexpectedly appeared live and well in front of Ye Kai.

Shangguan XiaoXian beckoned towards him.

He walked forward, his hand was holding a pot of wine. While smiling, he walked towards Ye Kai while saying, "I have finally found some wine for you. If this is not enough, I can get some more for you."

Ye Kai was astounded. This time he was really stunned.

Shangguan XiaoXian said with a smile, "Isn’t this person Han Zhen?" Certainly he was.
Ye Kai could see the scar on this person's nose, a reminder of his landed fist.

"Isn’t he alive?"
He was certainly alive.

"Since Han Zhen is alive, I have not killed Han Zhen."
This truth was as simple as adding one and one, it became two. Similarly simple, similarly correct.

Shangguan XiaoXian gently sighed and said easily, "Now you should believe me when I say I have not killed him?"

Ye Kai had not spoken. He had finally understood that the person who died was certainly not Han Zhen.

Shangguan XiaoXian said, "You thought you knew Han Zhen. If I were to be disguised as him, you might still be deceived."

There was really such an exquisite disguise skill in this world. If a person could really act as someone else and disguise this fact from his family or friends, that would be an impossible disguise skill. That happened only in a myth, as something that was a miracle.

"But that evening you saw that Han Zhen’s face had been destroyed, only then we could totally hide the truth from you."

Ye Kai gave a forced smile as he said, "It looks like that there are many talented people in the Golden Coin Clan."

Shangguan XiaoXian said, "Indeed there are."

"You first disguised someone else as Han Zhen, then destroyed his face just to deceive me?" Ye Kai asked

“It was Han Zhen himself who hit him. His fists were also very hard, he hit at least harder than me."

Ye Kai sighed: "But I actually cannot imagine how some people would be willing to make this sacrifice for you. After being beaten mercilessly and suffered horribly, yet he could still deceive other people for you."

"When you walked in from the carriage a moment ago, have you seen these people outside?"
Ye Kai nodded.

Shangguan XiaoXian nodded too. "As long as I tell them to do anything, they would be willing to do it for me."

"After completing such order, you equally must kill them."

Shangguan XiaoXian lightly said, "I am a truly cruel and merciless woman. These people's lives, in my opinion, are not worth a single cent."

She stared at Ye Kai, the nimble eyes revealed a strange emotion, as she gently continued, "But I to you... What I would do for you, your heart should know too."
In order to let Ye Kai thought that Han Zhen was killed by Lu Di, she did not hesitate to kill some people. Now, in order to let Ye Kai believed that she had not killed Han Zhen, she did not hesitate to let Han Zhen appear alive again.

In order to let Ye Kai befriend Han Zhen, she had spent such a lot of care to achieve it, but now all her careful preparation had obviously gone wasted.

Now, not only Ye Kai knew that Han Zhen was from the Golden Coin Clan, he also knew more about the Golden Coin Clan. On the other hand, she only wanted Ye Kai to consent to one thing.

Actually what this request was going to be, Ye Kai did not dare to think about it at all. He knew that Shangguan XiaoXian could request anything that was very difficult to do.

Shangguan XiaoXian was also staring at him, as she slowly said, "As long as you can promise me to stay here and wait until your wound is fully healed before you walk away."
“Is that your request?"

Ye Kai was again stunned.

She had acknowledged herself as a cruel and merciless woman. Other people's life, in her eyes, were not worth a single cent. She had taken a lot of pain and sacrifice a lot of money, just to have Ye Kai consent to do one thing from her.

Who would have thought that she only wanted him to stay in her place, as an advantage for Ye Kai. Unexpectedly, she did all those not for herself, but for Ye Kai.

Ye Kai looked at her, there was suddenly a surge of sentiment in his heart which he himself did not fully understand. Although she was cruel and merciless towards other people, but “what I feel for you”, his heart understood that very well.

Ye Kai had not fully understood that before, and he even could not believe her. But now, he had no alternative but to believe her.

Shangguan XiaoXian could have used this opportunity to let him suffer with a very strange request she devised.  When she looked at Ye Kai, was the strange emotion in her eyes real? There must some part of it that was real.

Shangguan XiaoXian also said leisurely, "I may have a lot of ways to have you stay here, but I am not willing to force you, therefore I only want you to consent to my request."
Ye Kai finally gave a long sigh and said, "I agree."


There was a small kitchen in the rear court. This kitchen emitted some intermittent fragrant smell of cooked gruel. The gruel that was prepared in Shangguan XiaoXian’s kitchen was chicken gruel with the ginseng.

"I originally wanted to prepare the gruel with the ginseng, but I... "
Ye Kai had suddenly remembered Cui YuZhen, remembering Cui YuZhen’s gruel that was prepared for him. She was indeed a good and lovable girl, her life experience was actually that pitiful, the bitter experience was very unfortunate. Now, her presence was unknown, maybe suffering more bitter experience.

There was also Ding LingLin. Now, had she recovered her own sanity? Had Guo Ding also been looking after her? Where was he now? ...  If she knew that she had stabbed Ye Kai by her own hand, her pain would certainly be deeper than the wound inflicted by the knife.

Ye Kai did not really want to dwell on these problems, but actually he had no alternative but to think about them. So, what could he do now?

He consented to Shangguan XiaoXian’s request, but he did not realize that his wounds were far more serious than his imagination. The vigor he had just a moment ago, as he lay down only he realized that it was indeed a miracle he could have sustained it for so long. Not only his wounds caused him severe pain, his whole body felt awful.

Shangguan XiaoXian held the bowl of gruel while entering the room as she charmingly said, "This is something I make myself, tell me how it tastes?"

She unexpectedly also cooked in the kitchen now? She unexpectedly could cook the gruel for him?

"When you have waited for two days so you become slightly better, I will prepare several different vegetables for you to eat. I guarantee that there is no other person in the building that can match my skill."

The gruel tasted really good, Ye Kai was really hungry.

Shangguan XiaoXian also said with a smile, "This gruel has some potion inside, not the one that cause someone to sleep, but a genuine strength-building potion."

She had cleaned the powder from her face, changed into a very simple set of black dress. If anyone saw her now, he would not believe that she was the Golden Coin Clan’s leader, would not believe that she was a cruel-hearted dangerous woman. Now she had changed from an idiot into a devil and into a gentle, obedient, thrifty and competent housewife.

Ye Kai looked at her, now he really could not tell what kind of woman was her. Perhaps each person had two kind of appearance. Each person have a good side, and also an evil side. Ye Kai himself was not an exception. Only he could always control his evil side very well. Would he be able to keep the evil side of  Shangguan XiaoXian under lock and key? He had no confidence, but he was determined to at least make the effort.

Shangguan XiaoXian fed him the gruel. As she looked at the wound on Ye Kai’s hipbone, she gently sighed, "Your wound is really heavy. It seems like Lu Di’s hands were simply like the iron."
Ye Kai smiled bitterly, "If they do not feel like the iron, the hands would not be that fearful."

Shangguan XiaoXian was sighing as she slowly said, "I originally planned to have you take revenge on Lu Di for Han Zhen. I wanted you to kill him for me."

Ye Kai was listening.

"Now, although Little Li Tanhua, the swordsman Ah Fei and Jing Wuming might still be alive, but they no longer have any concern for jiang-hu’s matter."

These three people were no longer moving about in the busy world, their whereabouts was already like in the myth.

Shangguan XiaoXian said, "Besides these three people, the people who can truly threaten me in this world are only three people."

Ye Kai could not bear asking "Which three?”
Shangguan XiaoXian winked her eyes briefly, "Can you guess?"

Ye Kai had smiled, "You certainly include me."

Ye Kai was surprised, he could not stop himself from asking, "Am I not a master?"
Shangguan XiaoXian charmingly said, "If we are talking about the wugong skill, you are certainly the absolute master, if we are talking about intelligence and quick-wit, you are not worse than anyone else. Your flying dagger, after all is also Little Li’s flying dagger, the most fearful weapon in the world."

This was the truth. Ye Kai never interrupted someone when he or she was telling the truth, especially when she was praising him. At any time, a person’s commendation was something to be happy about.

Shangguan XiaoXian said, "But your heart is not dark enough, your method is not sinister enough, your flying dagger saves people more often than killing them."
Ye Kai had smiled, "Therefore I cannot threaten you?"

Shangguan XiaoXian was staring at him and said lightly, "I thought you could not threaten me, most importantly because ... because we are friends. I cannot really injure you, I believe you could not endure to injure me."

Her eyes were gentle and sincere. No one else could have such sincere eyes. In Ye Kai’s heart, a sudden surge of sentiment gushed out open, the kind he would not be willing to acknowledge. He changed the topic immediately, "Since I am not included, is Eastern Sea Yu Xiao included in it?"

Ye Kai knitted his brows, "He is not?"

Shangguan XiaoXian said, "30 years ago, he had managed to be listed as the tenth most skillful weapon in the weapon list, now he seems to still have the skill, his wugong is certainly very fearful. But he actually cannot threaten me."


"Because he travels around, moreover he has a main weakness."

"Yu Xiao is lascivious," Ye Kai said.

Shangguan XiaoXian had smiled, "Therefore it looks like I do not need to fear him. For a lascivious person, I have the way to cope with him."

This was also the truth. She was not only extremely beautiful, extremely intelligent, moreover she was not sentimental. This kind of woman was precisely the most difficult adversary for a lascivious person.

A young beautiful woman should have many ways to cope with a lascivious old man. In this world, an old man who had a lot of wisdom could simply be deceived by a most ignorant young girl, whose family would become broken up and decimated, bringing ruin and shame upon himself.

Ye Kai sighed. He knew that Yu Xiao would sooner or later die in Shangguan XiaoXian’s hand. He certainly did not sympathized with Yu Xiao, but he could not understand how an old man could still be attracted to young girls.

"Yu Xiao does not count, how about Guo Ding?"
Shangguan XiaoXian said, "Guo Ding also does not count."

Ye Kai did not agree, "As far as I know his sword skill is high, his is definitely not under Guo SongYang’s iron sword in the years past."

"His swordskill is very possibly already above Guo Songyang, Nangong Yuan is a famous first-class wuxia swordsman, actually he could not compete in ten moves."

Ye Kai said, "You saw that fight?"

"When contemporary martial arts fight, I will catch up with them, as I cannot miss the fight."
Ye Kai smiled, "Sometimes you can even secretly peep from outside the wall."

Shangguan XiaoXian smiled too, "His attack is overwhelming but calm, the change is also very quick, nearly impossible to penetrate, but he also has a weakness."


"He is full of affection."

Ye Kai had no alternative but to acknowledge that. Guo Ding was indeed a person full of affection. He seemed to be strong and callous, but he was actually very sentimental, very easily excited.

"A person that is full of affection is frail. If a person is frail, no matter how good is his sword skill, that still will not be enough to cause fear."

Ye Kai sighed.

He had thought of Guo Ding, had thought of Ding LingLin. Ding LingLin was not only full of affection, moreover she also had unreasonable passion. He was not willing to think anymore about it.

"Pearl city leaders?"

"Pearl city leaders are twins of a brother and a sister. They are indeed considered as an outstanding pair, their sword skill is wonderful, and may also be called the world best."

"The 490 pearl-combination swordstyle?"

Shangguan XiaoXian nodded, "The brother and sister are two people, one has a right arm that is seven inches longer than the left, one has a left arm that is seven inches longer than the right arm. This causes their long sword play to be very specific towards the original twins, interlinked completely and collaborates flawlessly to attack the enemy. These two people are like a person, when they display the sword skill, with one in front and the other one behind, they would become like four people."

Ye Kai said, "It is said that when they use the 490 pearl-combination swordstyle, once they start it, nobody in the world can break the moves."

"Not only nobody can break it, moreover there are only very few people in the world who could still be alive after their 490 moves."

"Do they count?"

"They do not count? Why? ...”
"Because they are dead."

Ye Kai blurted out, "When did they die? How?"
Shangguan XiaoXian lightly said, "Each people will unavoidably die sooner or later, why are you so surprised."

"Although they have died themselves, but their swordskill will always continue," Ye Kai said.
"Even if they had managed to teach their sword skills, but where could they find themselves such unusual pair of brother and sister that could practice this unusual sword skill?"

Ye Kai was unable to restrain his sigh. Throughout the ages, there were countless peerless sword skill such as this 490 pearl combination swordstyle that only appeared briefly and then became lost like many other historical items.

"If you just continue mentioning the famous people, you will never find out."
"You are saying that these three people are not well-known?"

"At least they are not known specifically."

Ye Kai was hesitating before he suddenly asked, "Do you know Fu Hongxue?"

"I know that he is your friend, he may also be your brother. He is a very strange person, the sword skill is also very strange."
“Not strange, it is just quick, very quick."

"I have seen him attack."

"When he attacks with his fast sword, it is possibly as quick as when the swordsman Fei made his name, but...."
"But he does not count?"


Shangguan XiaoXian said, "Because he does not want to meddle with jiang-hu again, he seems to be very weary of life. It seems that he like being a recluse, not a hero who can conquer the world. Moreover, he also has this foul disease that is eating him deep inside."

Shangguan XiaoXian had not spoken incorrectly. She knew the heroes of the martial arts at the present age from A to Z, their disposition, the temperament. Not only she could analyzed very clearly, moreover she judged them extremely well. The most fearful thing was, anyone with even a slight weakness could not hide this from her.

Ye Kai certainly thought that she had changed from a virtuous wife, into a political analyst, who knew the important matters in this world from A to Z, a tactician who could determine the final outcome from a great distance. She had changed little like someone in the green plum garden who were boiling the wine to discuss about heroic Cao Cao. But this change was really too big.

Ye Kai became weary with thinking about this. But as he listened to her words, his spirit suddenly began to arouse. He could not bear asking again, "You said there were three people, actually who are they?"

"I said these three people are the most fearful people in this world because they nearly do not have any weakness."

Shangguan XiaoXian’s eyes had suddenly sparkled as she said, "The first person is surnamed Mo, called Mo WuXing."
"Mo WuXing?"

"You have not heard of this person?"
Ye Kai said, "He is also from Qingcheng?"

Shangguan XiaoXian nodded, "He is the true Master Mo of Qingcheng House, Mo Bai was only his lackey."
Mo Bai was also a very fearful person, but  he was actually only this person's lackey.

"You killed me, my master will certainly cause you to die miserably... " He thought about Mo Bai’s curse at the point of death, remembering the sad and shrill expression. Ye Kai was unable to restrain feeling a little bit colder.

“Actually what kind of person is this Mo WuXing? How is his wugong?"
"I cannot say."

"You also cannot say?"
Shangguan XiaoXian sighed, "Because I also cannot say, therefore he is more fearful."

She continue saying, "Not only that, he also has at least 500 people who are prepared to die for him. Only from this fact, you can imagine how fearful is he as a person."

Thinking about those people dying calmly, solemnly, and devoid of expression, Ye Kai was unable to restrain the terror insurrected by this group of people.

"The second individual, you have fought with him."
"Lu Di?"

Shangguan XiaoXian said, “Right, Lu Di. You continue to underestimate him all the time."
Ye Kai smiled bitterly, "At least now I will never underestimate him again, I have nearly died under him."

"But you actually cannot realize why he is so fearful."


"You have seen his wugong, what do you think about it?"

"His moves are exactly correct, impregnable, when attacking, it feels like a rolling thunder. Moreover when he moves, he has adaptable cleverness with cunning deception.  He could set up the snare, and hook the opponent right through."

"But if you had attacked with your flying dagger, he might not be able to defend against it."

Ye Kai had not acknowledged that, but he actually had not denied it either. He was never willing to comment about his flying dagger.

Shangguan XiaoXian said, "There are at least 8 words that could describe his fearful character. You have only mentioned two."
"Which two?"

“Adaptable cleverness."

"What are the rest?"

Shangguan XiaoXian said, "Deeply callous, adaptable cleverness, wolf’s heart, gentleman appearance."
Ye Kai said with a smile, "Isn’t it too excessive to heap such words on this young person."

Shangguan XiaoXian suddenly asked, "You may know why he can defeat you?"
Ye Kai shook his head. Not that he did not know, he was just unwilling to say it.

Shangguan XiaoXian actually said it for him, "He could win because you did not use your flying dagger." She also asked, "But did you know why your flying dagger did not attack him?"

This time Ye Kai wanted to speak, but Shangguan XiaoXian actually did not let him speak, insted she continued, "Because he has thrown his sword first, so you certainly cannot use the dagger anymore."

"So at this point, he had calculated about the dagger, therefore he did not use a sword??"


Ye Kai said, "But he had also stated over and over that his hands were also a sharp weapon that could kill."

"That was because he had calculated that you were such a person that when he said something like that, you would not use the flying dagger to attack, therefore he did that intentionally and naturally."

Ye Kai gave a forced smile.

"Do you know why he finally he didn't kill you?"
"Because ... "

Shangguan XiaoXian had interrupted him, "Because he knew that if he had really wanted to kill you, you might attack with your flying dagger. He certainly also knew that you had more dagger on your belt."

"But, he finally invited me to fight him once again... "

Shangguan XiaoXian said, "This time he had shown mercy to you, next time even if you fight him, will you be able to kill him?"

She smiled, "Moreover, after this fight, you felt that he was a hero, someone who could some unsentimental pity. Even if you were compelled to attack him later, you would try to avoid that as much as possible."

Ye Kai could not deny it.

Shangguan XiaoXian said, "Therefore, not only he had defeated you, not only he had turned you into a useful friend, but he had also gained the reputation of being chivalric that would spread all over the world."

She slowly continued, "Therefore, I can say that he is deeply callous, adaptable cleverness, wolf’s heart, gentleman appearance. These words are not wrong."

Ye Kai gave his forced smile again.

Shangguan XiaoXian said, "Not only he has the political skill, he also has friends, a nice plot and the ambition to succeed."
"Therefore you hoped I could kill him for you."

Shangguan XiaoXian acknowledged that, "When such a person lives in the world, he is indeed a kind of threat to me. Up to now, I have not found out a surefire method to overcome him."
"Therefore you thought he is more fearful than Mo WuXing?"

Shangguan XiaoXian nodded, appearing somewhat tired, "But the most fearful was actually this third person."

Ye Kai said, "Who is this third person?"

"Han Zhen."

Ye Kai was astounded.

"You did not expect him?"
Ye Kai gave a forced smile again, "Indeed he is a very sneaky person who can scheme very well, but... "

"But you actually do not believe that he can be more fearful than Mo WuXing and Lu Di?"

Ye Kai acknowledged it.

"You thought his wugong is very bad?"
"He... "

Shangguan XiaoXian said, "You have not grasped it because you simply do not know how is his wugong compared to you. Perhaps there is no one in this world who actually how good is his wugong.

"You do not know?"

"I do not know."

Ye Kai hesitated, "You feel he is not really loyal to you?"
"I am not sure."

"But you have kept him by your side."
Shangguan XiaoXian said, "That is because up to now, I have not discovered him being disloyal."

"Perhaps he is very faithful to you, perhaps you suspect him wrongly. A woman’s doubt usually tends to be a bigger worry than necessary."

"But a woman actually can have a clearer instinct, like a third eye, that can fathom matters some men cannot see."

"What do you see?"
"I already feel that there is a spy among my most trusted subordinates. If I am not careful, someone could possibly destroy me from a great distance."

"You suspect this person is Han Zhen?"
Shangguan XiaoXian said, "Because he is the most suspicious candidate, I even suspect him being one of the four great heavenly gods from the Devil Sect."

"But you actually do not have any evidence."
Shangguan XiaoXian sighed, "No evidence."

Ye Kai said, "Therefore the actual spy may not be him either, but someone else."

"It is because I am not completely sure that I cannot act on him. He has helped in quite a few problems. If it is truly him and not someone else, I would be really disappointed and felt that it is a big loss."

Ye Kai lightly said, "It looks like being the 'Golden Coin Clan' leader is not an easy work after all."

“It is indeed not easy."

"Why do you want to do this strenuous, dangerous adventure then?"

Shangguan Xiaoxian’s stared at a distant place. After a very long time, she slowly said, "Because I am Shangguan Xiaoxian, Shangguan Jin Hong’s daughter."

"Therefore you are only waiting for the spy to act?"

Shangguan Xiaoxian nodded and sighed deeply, "I can only wait for him to make the first move."

"When he makes his first strike, it can very possibly destroy you at the time."

“It is possible."

"Therefore if you want to sleep at night, it is not an easy thing."

Shangguan Xiaoxian’s eyes came back from the distant place and was staring at him. She slowly said, "Only when you accompany me for several nights in all these years, that I could feel at ease and slept well."

Ye Kai had avoided her eyes as he coldly said, "That was something from the past, at that time I did not know what kind of person you were, now... "

Shangguan Xiaoxian had gripped his hands and said, "Now it is still the same, as long as you are willing to be by my side, I will not fear anyone."

"You do not fear me...”

"I do not fear you, I trust you. I have only trusted you in my whole life." Her sound was gentle like the spring breeze, she slowly continued, "As long as both of us share the same place, even if ten Lu Di’s, or ten Han Zhen’s attack me at the same time, I still have the assurance that I can strike back at them, as long as we share the same feeling in this world."

Ye Kai did not open his mouth again, in fact his eyes were closed already. Unexpectedly, he was sleeping.

Shangguan Xiaoxian was staring at him. After a long time, she gently laid down his hand, and gently walked away. When she looked at Ye Kai, her eyes were full of confidence, like knowing already that this person belonged to her. She seemed to have a very strong assurance.


Han Zhen hung his head low, standing out of respect in the courtyard. He had to wait for a long time because Shangguan Xiaoxian wanted him to wait here. Even if Shangguan Xiaoxian wanted him to stand on a super hot pot, he would not move a half step. His obedience was total, his loyalty would make one have no alternative but to feel moved.

Shangguan Xiaoxian was going down the stairs. When she looked at him, her eyes also could not restrain the color of satisfaction. Regardless of her nitpicking, having such a helper should help one feel well satisfied.

Shangguan Xiaoxian said, "You found the people I want you to find?"

Han Zhen nodded, “I will call them to come in."

Han Zhen clapped his hands. There were ten people who came in from outside, both men and women. There were some traveling peddlers, shopowners, small traders. Although their attires were different, they were actually the same kind of people. They belonged to the Golden Coin Clan. People who were absolutely loyal, and absolutely obeyed only a person.

Shangguan Xiaoxian gave the order. This was practically her order, "Everyone will go to Chang An city and disseminates the news of Ye Kai’s death. Any method can be used, but you have to make sure that everyone will believe that Ye Kai has died. If there is anyone who think that Ye Kai still lives, you must die."

Although her order was brief, it was actually effective. Looking at how these people went out, her eyes showed a deep satisfaction. Calling these people to disseminate the rumor was as easy as wanting the honeybee to disseminate the pollen. She knew that this plan would be very effective.