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Chapter 16: A beautiful girl in the tiger's den

The compartment was spacious and very comfortable.

This carriage was originally assigned to send consignments of the escort business, for passengers to sit for a long journey. Eight-sides escort bureau was not only extremely successful, it was also very thorough in its treatment of the visitors.

Ye Kai did not expect that Dai GaoGang could be a very thorough person.

First he padded the compartment with a very thick cotton-wadded quilt, he also helped Ye Kai to board the carriage.

"Your wound is heavy, we must certainly quickly find a good doctor."
His thoroughness and politeness had forced Ye Kai to have no alternative but to feel grateful.

Ye Kai sighed and painstakingly said with a smile, "You really should not do this for me, I certainly did not behave well to you before."

Dai GaoGang said, "Anyone who was in your kind of mood would not have behaved in good manners too."

Ye Kai sighed, "It seemed that not only I underestimated Lu Di, I was also wrong about you."

Dai GaoGang also gave a sigh, "Indeed, he is a master that I have never seen before in my life, but he actually cannot be compared to you.."

"I was defeated."

"But if he meant to kill you, he would have died under you."

"You also believed those words?"

Dai GaoGang nodded.

Ye Kai was staring at him as he suddenly asked "Did you know who was the person who said those words outside the wall?"

Dai GaoGang shook his head, "I wanted to ask you, you certainly know who he is."


"Because not only he said the words you were not willing to disclose, moreover for fear that you would fall under Lu Di’s betrayal, he said them to intentionally lead him away."

Ye Kai also sighed, "Your analysis is indeed very thorough, but actually it is wrong."

"This person is not your friend?"

Ye Kai smiled bitterly, "I originally thought he was a friend of mine."


"Now I only wish I had never seen him before, nor will ever see him again."

"You know who he is?"

Ye Kai had not responded, instead he asked, "Which doctor are you taking me to?”

"That doctor is also a very strange person, but his medical knowledge is very good."

Ye Kai had suddenly smiled, "A doctor who is medically wise but with strange temperament is just like a martial arts master with strange temperament."

Ye Kai was smiling, "Your temperament is not strange."

"How can I be counted as a martial arts masters?"

"But I actually know that in recent years, the consignments guaranteed by Eight Sides Escort Bureau had never been stolen."

Dai GaoGang said with a smile, "That is because my luck in these two years have been good, but also because I have many friends with me."

Ye Kai slowly nodded, "I believe you have many good friends."

Dai GaoGang wanted to say something, but Ye Kai had actually closed his eyes.
Indeed, he looked very weary, he certainly was not made of iron.

Dai GaoGang pulled up the cotton-wadded quilt and gently covered his body. His face was very strange, as if he wished he could cover up Ye Kai’s head with this cotton-wadded quilt and suffocate him.

But he actually used the cotton and kapok quilt to comfort Ye Kai.

Ye Kai was resting.

Now if someone really used the cotton-wadded quilt to suffocate him, he certainly would not know, he could not have struggled free.

Therefore he was really resting.


Right in the middle of day, high noon.

The horse-drawn carriage continued to move forward, as if the journey was going to be very long.

"You certainly must find a good doctor quickly... "

But this good doctor that Dai GaoGang must find, actually lived rather too far.

While looking at deeply-sleeping Ye Kai, he was chewing a chicken leg in his mouth.
He was already prepared for a very long trip, therefore he had also prepared lunch inside the carriage.

He was truly a very thorough person, but he actually only had lunch enough for one person. Only a chicken leg, with some beef, bread and a bottle of wine.

He seemed to have already known that Ye Kai would be asleep, because near the window, he had prepared a herbal soup for Ye Kai.

The beef tasted good, the chicken leg also tasted very good. Although this would not compare to the lunch he usually had, but when carrying out a task, he had no alternative but to put up with any inconveniences.

Although he seemed to be on a strict diet, now he felt very satisfied, very full.
Moreover, his duty was now almost completed. After a little while, he will deliver Ye Kai so he would have enough time to hurry back and enjoy a rich dinner.

Drinking the last part of the wine, suddenly he also felt very weary.
He usually never had a nap in the afternoon, but presently he felt he could use this opportunity to take a nap for a while. His spirit increased quite a bit as he thought about 1 or 2 interesting things he could do after dinner.

The carriage was rocking back and forth like the cradle.

As he closed his eyes, his heart began to wander and started planning on what to do for the evening? Was it going to be a young spirit who could act like a spoiled brat? Or would this time be a specially mature old wine?

These activities were all very expensive, but for the next two years he actually did not have to worry anymore about money.

"Perhaps I should look at both of them and do a comparison."

With the thought, his spirit increased fully.
The corners of his mouth slowly formed a smile, as he finally fell asleep.


It seemed that he had only slept for a short period. But by the time he woke up, Ye Kai had disappeared.

The carriage door was still closed, the horse-drawn carriage was also still moving forward.
But Ye Kai had disappeared already without a trace.

Dai GaoGang's complexion suddenly became very pale as he loudly shouted, "Stop!"

He stepped out and held on to the driver, "Did you see that person surnamed Ye alighting?"


"Or anyone else?"

The driver sneered, "You are the one who stays in the carriage with him, how do I know about it?"
This driver was obviously not one of his subordinates, he certainly did not show respect in his manner.

Dai GaoGang suddenly felt his stomach contracted, and could not stop himself from vomiting the chicken leg and the beef that he ate.

The driver was staring at him as he coldly said, "You should better board again quickly, and report on your accomplishment together with me."

Dai GaoGang certainly did not want to run away, he knew that running away anywhere would be useless.

The horse-drawn carriage started to move forward again. He bent down on the window and did not stop vomiting. Fear was just as bad as a smelly fish, it always made one vomit involuntarily.

After the horse-drawn carriage had circled a flat area in the mountains, it unexpectedly faced a street. This was an extremely lively street in the city, with all kinds of shop on both sides and all kinds of persons in the street.

If you looked carefully, you could see that this street and the liveliest street in the city looked very similar, including the shops on both sides of the street and their names.

This place turned out to be Chang An city.
But once you passed through this street, the front was also a barren hill.

Now the horse-drawn carriage had already slowed down. The pedestrians on the street showed very leisure and carefree expression, did not seem to pay special attention to this large carriage.

That was because they had recognized this carriage, and they also recognized the person who drove this cart. If a stranger caught up with Che ZouRu on this street, regardless of he was, if he did not leave quickly, he could just die in the street corner. There was certainly no one as brave, nay, no fighter more fearful than he was.

The horse-drawn carriage had entered the courtyard of a guest inn.

This household inn had the plank written “The great wild goose guesthouse”. This looked very similar to the one Ye Kai found to lodge for the night in the city.

The cafetaria waiter with a cleaning rag on his shoulder had greeted them from a great distance, "Escort leader Dai had come?"

Dai GaoGang reluctantly smiled and said, "Yes."

The waiter’s face did not have any expression, "The room is ready, please came along with me."

Behind the courtyard there were about seven very spacious rooms behind, just like the one Priest Yu Xiao had stayed.

At the front of the living room, there was a pot of wine on the table, and seven colors of the spectrum hors d’oeuvres. A person with his back facing the door was pouring out some drink. The hair was tied up above like the cloud, full of green-colored gems, which reflected the most magnificent, extremely beautiful woman.

Dai GaoGang entered the room with the head hung low, he just stood there behind her, not daring to disturb the atmosphere.

She did not make any noise, as she slowly brought up the wine cup, the sound of the mouth sipping the wine, before she finally said, “You have come?”


“With someone?"

"He escaped." Dai GaoGang's sound was trembling.

This outstandingly beautiful woman had slowly turned her head, the face had this fairy maiden smile.

Shangguan XiaoXian!
She was certainly Shangguan XiaoXian.

Dai GaoGang saw this beautiful-like-a-fairy woman, as if he was seeing someone who was more fearful than the devil.

Shangguan XiaoXian looked at him as she said lightly, "Are you saying that Ye Kai managed to escape?"

Dai GaoGang nodded, the teeth shivering like he could not speak.

Shangguan XiaoXian said, "He did not have the herbal soup that was prepared for him?”

"He... He had some."


"Then I helped him board the carriage."

Although it was a cold winter, he was sweating profusely.

"He did not sleep in the carriage?"

"He was sleeping."

"How were his wounds?"

"He was heavily injured."

Shangguan XiaoXian sighed and said, "I do not understand this. He had received a severe wound, he was sleeping, how could you let him go?”

Dai GaoGang replied, "I... I did not let him go."

"I also knew that he must try to escape, but couldn't you detain him?"

Dai GaoGang's perspiration became heavier, "When he walked away, I simply did not know."

"You did not ride the carriage with him?"

“I did."

"This sounded very weird. You rode the carriage with him, he escaped, and yet you did not know about it?"

"Because... because... because I was also asleep."
He had finally found his courage to say it.

Shangguan XiaoXian had suddenly smiled, smiling gently and happily, "My, I know you are very tired, you have been very busy recently."

Dai GaoGang’s face lost its color, "I... I am not tired, not tired."

Shangguan XiaoXian said lightly, "You need to treat many people with courtesy, not only you must treat the visitors with courtesy, but you must treat the old and young spirits with courtesy, how could you not feel tired?"

She was gently sighing, "I think you should sleep for some time, so I will let you rest for 20 years."

Dai GaoGang blurted out, "Tw... twenty years?"

Shangguan XiaoXian lightly said, "After 20 years, you will certainly burst out with energy like a real man."

She took hold of the ivory chopsticks, inlaid with silver, and suddenly attacked the accupoints on Dai GaoGang’s throat.

Dai GaoGang could not to fend. He did not dare to fend, but also he simply cannot fend against the attack.

When Shangguan XiaoXian attacked, there were very few people in this world who could fend against her moves.

But in this brief moment, suddenly the light of a dagger flashed.

"Zip", Shangguan XiaoXian’s  ivory chopsticks broke, that flash of dagger still continued as it hit straight into the wall.

A three-inches seven-minute long dagger.

The flying dagger.
The flying dagger was nailed on the wall, the sharp point was totally embedded in the wall.

A person held the door open and walking slowly inside.

Ye Kai.
Ye Kai unexpectedly had come.

When his flying dagger attacked, it only killed a few times, but it had saved someone’s life many many times.

His face had no color as he struggled to walk closer. He patted Dai GaoGang's shoulder as he said, "You rescued me, I have also rescued you, now we are even."

Shangguan XiaoXian smiled, "What I said was really true, you have more than one knife on you."

Ye Kai had also smiled: "What about Lu Di?"

Shangguan XiaoXian said, "How could he pursue me?" She stared at Ye Kai as she smiled gently, "Besides you, no other man in the world could pursue me."

This the sentence was a very interesting pun, with an extremely interesting twist.

Ye Kai pretended not to understand. Playing a fool is one of his adept skill.
His had not even looked at her, he looked around sizing up the surrounding before he gave a  long sigh and said, "This is really a good place."

Shangguan XiaoXian said, "You like this place?"

"If I continued to sleep and only wake up now, I would not have thought that the headquarter of the Golden Coin Clan could be in such a place."

Shangguan XiaoXian sighed, "It is a pity that you were not willing to sleep well."

Ye Kai lightly said, "I certainly did not treat many people with courtesy, nor did I know any young or old spirit. Therefore I was never too tired."

Shangguan XiaoXian certainly knew what he meant about who the spirit was, but she also pretended not to understand, only she was not really better than Ye Kai.

She smilingly said, "I originally thought you must be very tired. The last time I saw you, you were lying on the bed, therefore I had asked someone to prepare some herbal soup for you. I was anxious for your welfare, who knew you unexpectedly did not appreciate the kindness rendered.”

Ye Kai said, "I appreciate the sentiment."

Shangguan XiaoXian winked her eyes as she said, "You did not eat that bowl of herbal soup?"

“It is a pity that the potion in that bowl of soup was insufficient. If I should rest for a long one, at least it needed ten catty of potion to be useful."

Shangguan XiaoXian sighed, "I am the one to be blame. I had unexpectedly forgotten that you are the young master of the Devil Sect’s princess."

"Therefore you cannot blame Escort leader Dai. I believe he did not know how he could fall asleep."

"But you know?"

"As soon as I boarded the carriage, I had discovered his food and wine which he had prepared for himself."

"You also carry around the potion to make someone sleep?"

Ye Kai smiled, "I only spit a little on his chicken leg."

Shangguan XiaoXian had smiled, "Your saliva was also mixed with the herbal soup?"

"Therefore that chicken leg taste was certainly very good."

Dai GaoGang hung his head. His facial expression was like someone whose mouth was filled with mud.

Shangguan Xiaoxian said, "How did you know that Escort leader Dai was planning to take you to me?"

Ye Kai had smiled and said, "Who else could obtain that kind of herbal soup besides you?"

Shangguan XiaoXian said, "Since you have escaped, why do you still come?"

Ye Kai also sighed and said, "Because I have no where else to go."

This was the truth.