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Chapter 14: Life-snatching flying dagger

If you were looking for that person, you would not be able to find, but if you did not want him to come, he would suddenly appear right in front of you.

Shangguan XiaoXian seemed to be this kind of person.

With her hand holding her belly, she said to Ye Kai with a smile, "You have occupied someone else’s room, someone else’s bed. When that person came back, you did not have anything to say. And then that person only asked you to yield that place, but you were still not willing to yield that. This seems to be quite unreasonable."

She had not finished her words, before she laughed tearfully, laughing until she bent her waist.

Ye Kai instead swallowed his anger. Now he had finally understood what was happening.
This woman was not only a smart fox, she was simply a all-knowing ghost. Simply, she could obtain anything she wanted, she could find out any pattern.

Cui YuZhen looked at her with a startle, and she could not bear asking, "What person is she?"

Ye Kai said, "She is not a person."

Shangguan XiaoXian said with a smile, "Right, I am not the person, I am a living deity. Wherever you go for your hiding place, I will find you."

Ye Kai had not asked how she found them.
She obviously had watched Ye Kai continuously in secret, like a smart shadow.

Shangguan XiaoXian said, "But I had not actually expected that the taoist priest girl could bring you to such a place. If she were not anxiously trying to get some medicine for you, I really almost could not find you."

She walked closer to the head of the bed, taking the empty medicine bowl up to smell it. She said with a smile, "It is only a pity that she is not really a good doctor. Even if drink 800 catties of this kind of medicine, it still would not be useful."

Cui YuZhen’s face became suffused with anger. However she had to ask, "You can cure his wound?"

Shangguan XiaoXian said, "I am not a doctor, but I actually asked the best doctor to come for him."

That angry husband now did not appear to have the blazing anger he had a moment ago, instead he was looking at them with a smile.

Shangguan XiaoXian said, "This was the skilled artist and the highly skilled doctor in the last few years 'the skilled artist and physician Hua' Hua Ziqing. If you have any experience, you would certainly know him."

Ye Kai indeed knew him.

Hua father and son were indeed very famous physicians in jiang-hu. They had the best prescription for the treatment of flesh wounds.

But both these father and son had similar problem, they would steal from the patients.

They simply did not need to steal, but since they were born they had liked stealing, they would steal anything. If you asked them to cure of a wounded person, they could steal the person clean. The words “the skilled artist" originated from this habit.

Ye Kai finally smiled, "I did not know that your excellency is not only wise in the medical knowledge, but also capable of acting very well."

Hua Ziqing had also smiled, "You should understand something, if you want to steal something, you certainly must learn how to act well."


"Because you certainly learn how to impersonate all kinds of person, only then, can you steal all kinds of thing from various places."

He smiled as he continued, "For example said, if you want to steal something from the temple, you need to impersonate the buddhist priest, if stealing the ceramics, you must impersonate the brothel customer (?)."

Ye Kai said, "If you steal from the big shop owner, you must impersonate a boss of a big shop owner."

Hua Ziqing clapped his hands and said, "Your excellency is a very quick learner, you understand everything right off.  If you study this line of work, I can guarantee that within three months you will become an expert."

Shangguan XiaoXian charmingly said, "Now he is already an expert, therefore if you are curing the wounds for him, you must be very careful, otherwise he might steal you clean instead."

Hua Ziqing said with a smile, "I have stolen from other people for several dozens of years, if other people can steal from me at one time, that should also be interesting." He smiled as he walked closer, while also saying, "As long as there was no poison on the knife, I dare to guarantee that in three days, your excellency could kill people again."

Cui YuZhen suddenly said loudly, "Wait, wait."

Hua Ziqing, "Wait for what?"

Cui YuZhen said, "How do I know you really come to cure his wound?"

Shangguan XiaoXian interrupted her and coldly said, "If I wanted to kill him now, that would be simply easier than eating the bean curd, why do I have to spend so much to do that?"

Cui YuZhen sneered.

Shangguan XiaoXian said, "You do not believe me?"

Cui YuZhen was still sneering.

Shangguan XiaoXian’s body suddenly fluttered up lightly like the cloud, fluttering above them. Cui YuZhen suddenly felt an ice-cold hand lifting the bedding and gently pinched her chest. When she looked again, Shangguan XiaoXian had flew back, standing in her original place, grinning while looking at her, "I heard Eastern Sea Yu Xiao could pick and tire people, but your body is still very elastic. It seems that you can cope with the man very well."

Cui YuZhen’s face became red and blue, as the anger was quickly replaced by her near-to-crying.

Shangguan XiaoXian easily said, "This is something that a women should be proud of, no need to feel embarrassed. When we have the time, perhaps I also must study with you."

Cui YuZhen complexion had turned white, she knew this woman was intentionally insulting her, but she could only endure it.

Why did some people who had managed to move forward and left the past, still had to pay the painful price?

Why did some people had to force these other people to relive the pain? Only then would they feel their own joy?

Cui YuZhen’s tears had flowed off, but Shangguan XiaoXian’s face had actually revealed the smile of victory.

Ye Kai suddenly said, "Tumble out!"

Shangguan XiaoXian seemed to be startled, "Who are you calling to tumble out?"


"I came with good intention to ask him to cure your wound, you actually order me to tumble out?"

Ye Kai said sternly, “Right, I order you to tumble out!"

Shangguan XiaoXian’s complexion had changed a little before she sneered, "Don't you fear I will kill you?"

"You think you can really kill me?"

"You do not believe me?"

"I only want to remind you something."


"This matter."

His hand slowly stretched out from under the blanket.

His hand impressively held a knife, three inches seven minute long dagger, the flying dagger!
The thin but very sharp dagger was sparkling under the lamp.

Shangguan XiaoXian’s face became green, seemingly frozen by the light of the dagger’s reflection. Hua Ziqing’s face seemed to quiver.

Little Li’s flying dagger!
This was a flying dagger which was directly descended from Little Li Tanhua!
This was the flying dagger which never came up empty.

Regardless of how fearful a master was in jiang-hu, all could not hide from the attack of this knife.

Ye Kai coldly said, "Originally I am not willing to kill people, but you should better not force my hand."

Shangguan XiaoXian sneeringly said, "You can still kill people now?"

"You want to try?"

Shangguan XiaoXian did not dare to try.

Nobody dared! Nobody dared to gamble with his own life as this was like losing the whole stake, decided only on a single throw of the dice.

Shangguan XiaoXian gave a long sigh before reluctantly said with a smile, "Do you think your wound will recover soon?"

"I only want you to tumble out."

Shangguan XiaoXian sighed, "I cannot roll away, but I will go out?"

She really walked away, Hua Ziqing certainly walked quickly behind. At the entrance, she suddenly turned her head and said, "I almost forgot to tell you something."

Ye Kai said, "What?"

"Do you want to know Miss Ding’s whereabout presently?"

Ye Kai did not speak, he certainly wanted to know.

Shangguan XiaoXian said, "She was sharing the same place with Guo Ding, just like you, they were also resting on a bed."

Ye Kai sneered, "Why do you say something like this in front of me? You know perfectly well that it will not be useful."

Shangguan XiaoXian easily said, "You do not believe they can do something like that?"

Ye Kai certainly did not believe her.

Shangguan XiaoXian easily said, "Perhaps they intended to be faithful to you. But what if, Miss Ding’s body felt awfully cold? Guo Ding would share the same kind intention as this Taoist priest girl? If there were some poisonous injury in a shameful place, Guo Ding still need to rescue her, why could not he suck the poison out??"

Ye Kai’s complexion had changed.

Shangguan XiaoXian revealed the victorious smile, pulling Hua Ziqing by the hand, she said with a smile, "Although he is heartless towards me, I still cannot abandon my righteousness towards him. Leave behind the package of medicines for him, let us go."

With that she finally really walked away.


Ye Kai had sat up to talk, but suddenly he crumpled down.

Cui YuZhen lost her composure, "You... You alright?"

Ye Kai sighed and said painstakingly with a smile, "Luckily you put my dagger under the pillow, luckily she had not tried to oppose me."

Cui YuZhen said, "You could not injure her a moment ago?"

Ye Kai looked at the dagger in his hand, his face had became very serious. He said, "This dagger cannot just rely on the hand to throw it to kill. It needs all the spirit and strength of the whole body before I can throw the dagger, but now... "

But now, that possibility was not even worth speaking of.

Cui YuZhen looked at him, her tears had flowed off, "I knew you did that for me, because only then would she walk away. But why did you have to take this kind of danger for me... I am someone who deserved to be insulted."

"Nobody should receive any insult. Also nobody has the right to insult someone else." Although his voice was gentle, it was actually very firm.

"He taught me how to use this dagger, so other people in this world should understand this truth through me, that they should not forget this."

Cui YuZhen’s eyes had also brightened, she slowly said, "I think he must be a great person."

Ye Kai’s eyes looked afar, with an indescribable feeling, "He often said that he was only a very ordinary person. But what he had accomplished, actually nobody had been able to achieve it."

This was also why Li XunHoan was considered great, therefore no matter where he was, he would always live forever in people's heart.


The light had gradually become dimmer, the lamp oil seemed to have run dry.

Cui YuZhen suddenly heaved a long sigh, "Now I am only worried about one thing."

"You are worried she can tell my whereabouts to other people, you are also worried she might come back?"


"She cannot do that, she only hopes my wound will heal quickly."


"Because she wants me to fight other people for her."

Cui YuZhen did not understand.

"That day she intentionally directed Yu Xiao to look for me because she wanted me to fight him, creating enmity between people. She also want me to kill Guo Ding and Yi YeKu for her, to kill anyone who could possibly block her road."

"But, she should know also that you will not kill other people for her."

Ye Kai smiled bitterly, "As long as we fight each other, regardless of who wins or who loses, she will always benefit as the third party bystander."

Ye Kai nodded, "Therefore she certainly do not hope I am injured because she does not want me to die quickly."

Cui YuZhen felt her hands and feet became ice-cold, she really did not expect that there was such a sinister poisonous woman in this world.

Ye Kai seemed to be thinking deeply about something, suddenly he said, "Therefore there is one thing I still don’t understand."

"What is it?"

Ye Kai hesitated before he said, “That person who forced you to play the reed in Leng Xiangyuan was possibly under Yu Xiao’s order."

Cui Yu said in consternation, "Why would he do that?"

"Because he already knew that you had the disposition of being a very nice person. He also had already known that you were discontented with him, that you wanted to leave him."

Cui YuZhen hung her head as she gently said, "Recently, I had always tried to find excuses to evade him."

Ye Kai said, "He also knew that I would come to Leng Xiangyuan to find him, therefore he intentionally installed you to wait there, intentionally letting you know Ding LingLin's whereabouts so I could find out."

Cui YuZhen had not understood it, "Did he intentionally want you to rescue Miss Ding?"

Ye Kai nodded, "Because he had used the soul absorbing method to control Ding LingLin, so as soon as Ding LingLin saw me, she would kill me."

Cui YuZhen changed her countenance and said, "Right, therefore he intentionally put her in the room, which window had the three-branched tree outside, so you could easily find it."

"But in order for me not to suspect anything, he could not reveal this opportunity to be that easy."

"Therefore he had intentionally created many mysteries, so you could never suspect this as a setup."

"He did not kidnap Ding LingLin to get Shangguan XiaoXian, but for my life."

Cui YuZhen clenched her teeth bitterly, "I never knew he was such a sinister poisonous person before."

"But he was actually not someone from the Golden Coin Clan, because Shangguan XiaoXian certainly did not want me to die, as she also did not know that he used this method. Therefore I somewhat cannot understand something."

"What can't you understand?"

"I can't understand how he could also use the soul absorbing method."

"The people who can do this evil technique are very few?"

"The people who knew the method are many, but the people who are truly skilled are actually only a few, and most of them are the Devil Sect’s leaders."

Cui YuZhen’s countenance changed, "Devil Sect?"

"You also have heard of it?"

"I always think that is only in the stories, I did not know there is really the Devil Sect in this world."

"You have never heard Yu Xiao mentioning the Devil Sect?"


"How long have you been with him?"
Cui YuZhen averted Ye Kai’s eyes, "Nearly two years."
Her face revealed a great deal of sorrow and detest.
During these two years, she felt her life had been in hell.

Ye Kai waited for her mood to calm down, and only then asked, "During these two years, in what places had he been usually?"

"He has a very sleek big ship, usually he always stays on the ship. But every 12 months, who will look for a seaport to anchor, to replenish grain and fresh water."

She thought before she continued, "But every several months, he actually stopped on a deserted island for 6-7 days. He would not let any other people go ashore or disembark."

Ye Kai’s eyes had brightened, he suddenly remembered Auntie Tie’s words, "... This time the Sect is preparing for the big movement in the Divine Peak, to set up the leadership again, the four great heavenly gods and princesses ..."

"What are you thinking?"

Ye Kai gave along sigh, "I originally suspected this, but I did not dare to believe it."

"What did you suspect?"

"I suspected Yu Xiao belonged to the Devil Sect, moreover he was one of the four great heavenly gods of the Devil Sect’s leaders."

Cui YuZhen’s complexion became pale, suddenly she gripped his hand and said, "Does your wound hurt?"

Ye Kai nodded.

"It is said the Devil Sect’s knife is always poisonous."


"If the knife is poisonous, why do you only feel the pain from the wound?"

If the knife is poisonous, one could not think of any pain, one would just lie still numbly.

Ye Kai said with a smile, "Even when the knife is poisonous, I will not die."


"Because I am a strange person, my blood has an anti- poison effect which especially reduce the poison effect from the Devil Sect."

Cui YuZhen was startled, staring at him with big eyes, "You were born with it?"

Ye Kai shook his head and said, "I only acquired it recently."

"How can you have it?"

"My mother used to be one of the princesses of the Devil Sect’s leaders."

Cui YuZhen was startled, she could not bear asking, "Now?"

Ye Kai smiled, "Now she was only a very ordinary old woman, living peacefully enjoying her years, hoping that her son can go back often to visit her."

"But you do not live with her?"

"That is because she also has a son that accompanies her."

He looked afar gently as he slowly said, "Although this son is not really of her own, but he is actually more filial than myself, her own son."

"Is he similar to you?'

Ye Kai smiled, "He is not like me, he is a very strange person. But actually compared to me, he is more attractive, he does not speak about useless things, I hope I will become like him some day."

Cui YuZhen charmingly said, "I hope I can see him also. Since he is your brother, he is certainly also a very good person."

Her heart was suddenly filled with future happy expectation that she could not stop herself from asking, "What is his name?"

Ye Kai spoke his name, "Fu HongXue!"


Hua Ziqing had left two packages of medicine behind, one to be taken orally, and the other one to be externally applied. The one that was to be taken orally had a soothing and calming effect that let Ye Kai slept a lot. He woke up a lot happier because the pain from his wound had been diminished significantly, moreover he smelled something good from the cooked gruel.

Cui YuZhen must be cooking some gruel for him in the kitchen. The sunlight came in through the window, the wind was very light, today’s weather must be really good.

Ye Kai nearly forgot all his worries and bawled, "If the boiled gruel does not come immediately, you have to add three big bowls for me."


The curtain suddenly raised, the big bowl of gruel flew in and “crack” at the wall.

Ye Kai was astounded. The chicken gruel slowly dripped down the wall. Finally someone sneered and appeared suddenly.

Yi YeKu.
He wore a red long gown with black peony embroidery, still looking very much like a corpse.

Ye Kai had suddenly smiled to him, "You came early."

Yi YeKu coldly said, "Although you didn’t wake up early, it is just at the right moment."


"If you had woken up later, I fear you would never wake up again.."

Ye Kai had smiled, "Although it is unfortunate that you come, it is still really too early."

Yi YeKu coldly said, "The early bird get to eat the worms, the late ones will have to eat the waste. If I did not get here early, I would not be so fortunate to be able to see that female rebel, who betrayed us."

Ye Kai sighed, "It seems that being early is not that good. If she was not early, how could she got hit preposterously?"

"That is your fault."

"My fault?"

"If she had not been charmed by you, that she would wake up so early, how could she have gone to that inn to inquire the news about Han Zhen?"

Ye Kai’s heart sunk low. Yesterday evening, he had asked Cui YuZhen. She did not know how Han Zhen was. As she saw that Ye Kai was injured, she only considered saving Ye Kai and run away from the place. She was not so worried about the other people.

Ye Kai had not asked her again, nor blamed her. But his heart actually felt a little ashamed, a little uncomfortable, as he felt sorry for Han Zhen.

Therefore Cui YuZhen’s heart was also very uncomfortable. She could see that Ye Kai, although he did not mention it, wanted the information. Disregarding the possible consequences, she had gone to inquire about it for him.

"She predicted correctly that Yu Xiao had walked away, but she did not realize that I had unexpectedly stayed there."

Ye Kai could not bear asking, "That evening he had not killed you?"

"You think he was really trying to kill me?"

“That is not real?"

"We were only playacting. We set it up for you to see, so you could have the opportunity to rescue the person."

"At that time you had discovered that I was outside?"

"As soon as you entered that courtyard, he had known that."

Ye Kai sighed and said bitterly, "It seems that I had truly underestimated him."

"He also had underestimated you, he thought you must have died for sure."


Yi YeKu said, "I knew that you were not the kind of person to die easily."

"Finally, you were not wrong."

"But now, if you do not hand over Shangguan XiaoXian, you will surely die."

Ye Kai sighed, "Ah... but you are wrong this time."

"You should better understand something."

"Just say it."

"I like killing people."

"That is true."

"Most of all, I want to kill you!"

"That is also true."

"Therefore, if you do not quickly hand over Shangguan XiaoXian, I will not wait anymore. I rather not have her, as I must kill you too."

"You should better understand something too," Ye Kai said.

"I will let you say it."

"I do not like killing people, but you are the kind of person that is actually the exception."

Yi YeKu sneered, "Now you can kill me?"

"I cannot, but this can."

As soon as  his hand fllipped, the dagger was already in his hand. Three inches seven minute long dagger, the flying dagger.

Yi YeKu looked at this dagger, his pupil contracted immediately.
He certainly knew that this is the descendant of Little Li Tanhua’s flying dagger, which never come up empty once it is dispatched.

Ye Kai said, "I only hope you do not compel me to kill you."
Before he made his move, he always say this same sentence.

Because this dagger was not just thrown with the hand. To send this dagger, one must use the spirit and the strength of the whole body. Once the dagger was dispatched, he no longer had control over it

Yi YeKu stared at this dagger before he slowly said, "I recognize this dagger."

"You should recognize it well."

"It is a pity though that you are not Little Li Tanhua."

"I am not."

Yi YeKu said, "You are now lying here wasted and injured. Your dagger has become a dagger that cannot kill even a dog."

Ye Kai said, "This dagger does not kill dogs, only kills people."

Yi YeKu said loudly with a smile, "But actually I must try to see whether it can kill me."

Other people had gauged Ye Kai’s reputation and claimed his ability to handle hidden weapons, but this dagger was not a hidden weapon.

This dagger was not merely a common knife, but was one of a kind that could not be broken, offering the irresistible power.

With a flash of the dagger, Yi YeKu’s body suddenly flew and twisted in the air before he fell down.

He had not shouted, nor shown some struggles. All of a sudden, he became like an empty sack.

There was a dagger on his throat.

The flying dagger! The only above and under, unique flying dagger.