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Chapter 13: Mirage

The courtyard behind was really very big, although the sun had risen in the East, the window still showed a lit lamp.

There were some laughter coming from the room, "This time, pin-dao is entering this bustling place, should have a look at what is in jiang-hu of today, who controls this world?" This is Priest Yu Xiao's voice.

In the room there was unexpectedly another person.

"The younger generation certainly does not dare to contend with the Taoist priest about the weak and strong points of wugong. But it is a pity that there are some ignorant juniors in jiang-hu who actually do not know the immense difference between the heaven and earth." This was not Priest Yu Xiao's sound, but sounded very familiar.

Yi YeKu.
He really took the very opportunity to flatter the villain.
It looked like he had unexpectedly get himself hired by Priest Yu Xiao.

Ye Kai’s heart sunk.
Not only Priest Yu Xiao had not slept, moreover he also had many helpers.

Priest Yu Xiao asked further, "Who are these ignorant juniors that you know?"

"Songyang’s Guo Ding, Wudang’s Lu Di, the awl Han Zhen, flying fox Yang Tian, South Sea leaders, Qing Cheng’s Mo... I know all these people had come to Chang An city."

He had obviously not forgotten the person whom he hated the most, the first name he mentioned was Guo Ding. He really hoped very much that Priest Yu Xiao would kill Guo Ding.

Priest Yu Xiao asked, "There are others who have come?"

"Certainly, at least there is also Ye Kai."
Yi YeKu sneered, "But, Ye Kai is not to be feared."

Priest Yu Xiao appeared to be very surprised. He knew enough about Ye Kai’s wugong.

"Because this person is like a dead person already."


"Now in Chang An city, there are many people who want to kill him, his death is just a matter of time."

Priest Yu Xiao loudly said with a smile, "My bad, need to pour out more wine for gentleman Yi."
It looked like he unexpectedly planned to drink endlessly, not planning to have any sleep.

But Ye Kai’s time to act was not that much now. If he didn’t make a move now, there would even be less opportunity later. Guo Ding said softly to his ear, "I will divert them here while you rescue the person."

Ye Kai firmly shook his head, “That is not good."

“Why isn't it good?"

Ye Kai coldly said, "I do not want to gather up your dead body."

Although his voice was cold, but his emotion actually could be compared to the heat-giving pure strong wine.

Guo Ding had opened his outer jacket as he coldly said, "Do you want to receive Ding LingLin's corpse instead?"

Ye Kai said, "I will think of a way, there must be a way... "
Actually he didn’t have any other way, his heart was also very frantic for Ding LingLin's safety, he could not take any risk.

Guo Ding knew that he was not really a very calm person. As soon as he made his move, surely Ye Kai would also be prepared to rescure the person. But he was wrong.

If he made a move, Ye Kai would not leave him behind. Although they might be able to cope with Yi YeKu and Priest Yu Xiao, but Ding LingLing was still under Yu Xiao’s disciples. If Priest Yu Xiao forced Ye Kai with Ding LingLin, it would be impossible for Ye Kai to ignore this fact.

His body had leapt forward.

Suddenly, there was a sudden change coming from the window that was like Yi YeKu’s startled voice.

"You... What are you doing?"

Priest Yu Xiao's voice was ice-cold, "I must kill you."

"I only come with good intention, why must you kill me?"

Priest Yu Xiao sneered, "What kind of person do you think I am? Unexpectedly, you want to use me, you ignorant petty person, tell me why I must not kill you?"

There were sounds of the furniture bumping around in the room, and noisy sounds of cups and plates crashing to the ground.

Although Guo Ding had started his leap, he changed his direction quickly, and instead pasted himself on the wall.

Ye Kai had not fallen behind too.
They both saw this as a very good opportunity to rescue the person. Yi YeKu at least could resist Priest Yu Xiao for 20 or 30 moves. Although that was not very long, but as long as they moved quickly enough, that should be enough. Therefore they did not waste any opportunity and moved like a flash.

Luckily the windows with a three-branched tree was a very obvious sign, they did not need to search for it. There was a light on the window also.

There were two shadows of people on the window, a female Taoist and Ding LingLin.
Looking at their posture, they were sitting facing each other as if playing chess.

Guo Ding had dashed through the window, he made everything look very simple indeed.

Ye Kai’s heart had actually sunk, he knew the shadow was not of Ding LingLin’s.

Ding LingLin could not play chess, her eldest brother was quite an expert in this field, but the other children could not play the game. She always thought that it was quite boring for two people to just sit there, waiting to take turn placing some black and white stones on the board.

“Is this also a trap?"
But since Guo Ding had rushed in, Ye Kai had to just brace himself and jumped downward.

As soon as he rushed into the room, Guo Ding immediately discovered that Ding LingLin was certainly not in this room.

Although the young girl who sat opposite to the female Taoist was wearing Ding LingLin's clothes, and had  the same hair style as Ding LingLin's, she was actually not Ding LingLin.

If he were someone else, he might have just stood there, staring blankly at them. But Guo Ding had his own unique way to solve the problem. He pulled out his sword quickly and send it at the neck of the female Taoist. She collapsed without a sound. The other young girl did not make a sound too as Guo Ding’s sword was already at her throat.

"Where is Miss Ding?"

Although this young girl’s complexion had turned green with fear, but she actually exhibited a deathly calm face, not saying anything.

Guo Ding had not asked again, instead his left hand had stretched out and ripped open the front of her clothes completely in half, revealing her snow white body, tall and erect chest, slender waist.

This young girl's face became green with fear.

Guo Ding said, "If you still do not say anything, I will rip you into two!"

This young girl could not say anything in fear, just pointing out into a closet at the corner.

The closet was very big.
Ye Kai broke through, pulling it open, inside there was really a person who was wearing the Taoist garment. She seemed to have her accupoints sealed, but she was precisely Ding LingLin.

Guo Ding said, "She’s there?"

Ye Kai said, "Right!"

With the short exchanges, Ye Kai carried Ding LingLin rightaway and fled through the window.

Guo Ding had gently patted this young girl slightly bulge lower abdomen and smiled, "You have quickly gain some weight, later you will remember surely not to eat too much meat."


The lamp was extinguished, the sun rays just caught the window paper.

Cui YuZhen was using a wash cloth to dry the cold sweat of Han Zhen, she had not really walked away.

Seeing Ye Kai carrying Ding LingLin back, she unexpectedly smiled.

On the bed Han Zhen was still in a deep sleep. Ye Kai put down Ding LingLin carefully on the chair. He finally breathe a sigh of relief.

Cui YuZhen said, "There was nobody pursuing behind you?"

Ye Kai shook his head and smiled, "Even if Priest Yu Xiao discovered that she had been rescued, he also could not think of us being here."

Guo Ding came back as he coldly said, "Now we hope he would pursue here, if he still does not come, I will also go find him."

Ye Kai said with a smile, "If not for you, I really did not know how to force that girl to tell the truth."

Guo Ding said, "If you want a woman to say the truth, that is certainly not difficult."

Ye Kai said, "Oh?"

Guo Ding said, "If you ripped a woman's clothes suddenly, very few would dare not to tell the truth."

Ye Kai said, "I did not realize you had a lot of experience dealing with women."

Guo Ding had smiled, "What I practice was certainly not a young lad’s achievement."

Ye Kai had also smiled, "Such a man like you would be very difficult if you want to practice a  young lad’s achievement."

Guo Ding looked at Ding LingLin, but then shifted his eyes immediately, "Her mute accupoint is sealed?"

Ye Kai said, "Mmm!"

Guo Ding said, "Now she no longer needs to be mute."

Ye Kai smiled, patted Ding LingLin's accupoint, and saw both of Ding LingLin’s beautiful eyes opened wide to see him, he thought she must be extremely happy.

Ding LingLin actually seemed not to be awake, the eyelids were dim, after hesitating for a while she said, "Ye Kai!"

Ye Kai said with a smile, "Didn't you recognize me?"

Ding LingLin said, "I recognize you."

She suddenly stretched out her hand. In her hand, there was a knife, a knife that penetrated Ye Kai’s chest.

Fresh blood flow spouted out, spurted straight on Ding LingLin’s face, her pale face was dyed immediately with the red blood.

Ye Kai’s face was drained of all blood, he was so startled looking at her.

Each one of them were looking at her with astonishment. Anybody, even in his dream, would not think she was capable of committing this act of betrayal to Ye Kai.

Ding LingLin was actually laughing like crazy, jumping up immediately and suddenly fled.

Ye Kai had one hand to suppress the wound on chest wound. He wanted to pursue, but instead he had dropped down, and said with a trembling voice, "Pursue... Pursue her to get her back."

Without waiting for him to say that, Guo Ding had pursued her.

Ye Kai wanted to walk and have a look at where they were going, but the leg had become soft, and suddenly the world turned into darkness. The darkness of despair.

The last thing he saw was Cui YuZhen’s eyes that were filled with alarm and fear and kindness.
The last thing he heard was the sound of his head hitting the table.


At the crack of dawn.
The sky was gloomy, the people were all also sleeping peacefully.

Ding LingLin was like an antelope, jumping from one ridge to the other while emitting the sound of the crazy laughter.

"I have killed Ye Kai, I have killed Ye Kai... "

She unexpectedly seemed to think that this was an extremely happy occasion.

"She must be insane."

Guo Ding displayed his own levitation skill, but only after pursuing her for a while that he could overtake her.

"Miss Ding, please come back with me."

Ding LingLin stared at him, completely not recognizing him, suddenly her knife slid forward towards him.

There was blood on the knife, Ye Kai’s blood.

Guo Ding bit his lips, evading to his backhand side and seized her knife. But before he seized her knife, his other hand had moved like lightning at her left neck. Ding LingLin's eyes suddenly straightened and her body dropped down immediately.

There was nobody in four directions, the ridge was glowing like silver.

Ding LingLin's call had unexpectedly not alarmed Priest Yu Xiao.

Guo Ding carried Ding LingLin quickly as he was anxious to be back and have a look at the condition of Ye Kai’s wound. He could not care too much about male female inhibition.

But there was nobody in that room ... nobody that lived anyway.

The deeply-sleeping Han Zhen had been nailed tight on the bed by a long sword.
There was congealed bloodstains, Ye Kai’s blood.

There was also bloodstain on the table, also Ye Kai’s blood.

But Ye Kai had disappeared, Cui YuZhen had also disappeared.

Whose long sword was it? Who committed this act of betrayal? Why did they have to kill a half-dead person for this act of betrayal?

Which way had Ye Kai gone to? Had Cui YuZhen brought him back to Yu Xiao Taoist?
In any event, he was likely to be more unfortunate rather than fortunate.


The room was very small, but  it was actually very neat and clean.

There was a locked small wooden cabinet in it. Beside it, was hanging a bronze mirror for adorning oneself.

The cold wind blew against the window paper creating a rustle sound. There was a hanging ornament on the door, and there was an intermittent medicinal fragrant odor coming from the door.

Ye Kai certainly had not died.

He was awake, when he woke up, he found himself in such a place.

Only then he discovered himself totally naked lying down on the bed, covered with three very thick cotton-wadded quilts.

His chest wound had been wrapped up by someone with a plain white cloth, and it was wrapped up very well.

Who wrapped it up for him?
Actually where was that place?

He wanted to sit, but the chest felt as if there was a knife in it. As soon as he moved, the whole body felt hurt as if it was being torn apart.

He wanted to shout out, but by now the curtain had been raised, a person carrying the medicine bowl slowly walked in.

Cui YuZhen.

She had taken off her Taoist robe, instead she wore a set of black women's clothing. Her beautiful eyebrows looked tired, there was no powder on her face, the whole look was of deep concern. Seeing Ye Kai awake, her eyebrows became clear.

"How did I get here?"
When Ye Kai asked this, he immediately realized this was just a useless question, certainly Cui YuZhen had rescued him and brought him here.

Cui YuZhen had walked closer, gently putting the medicine bowl at the side of the bed.
Each of her movement looked very gentle, completely different from that alluring swaying limbs that moved from side to side following the reed sound.

Ye Kai looked at her, suddenly he felt safe, his heart had concluded this for him.
But he actually could not stop himself from asking, "What place is this?"

Cui YuZhen hung her head, gently blowing the medicine. Only after a very long time she replied, “Someone’s home."

"Whose family?"

“A businessman selling tea."

Ye Kai said, "You know him?"

Cui YuZhen had not really replied, instead she gently said, "You receive a very heavy wound. I feared Priest Yu Xiao would look for you, so I had to get you away quickly."

She was a very careful woman, she thought of consequences very thoroughly.

If Ye Kai had stayed in that room, perhaps he would also have been already nailed tight by a long sword on the bed.

Cui YuZhen also said, "But this is my first time to Chang An city, so I did not know anyone. When the day started, I really did not know where I should take you."

Ye Kai said, "Therefore you rushed in to this place?"

Cui YuZhen reasoned, "This is a very ordinary small family’s house, absolutely nobody will suspect of you being here."

Ye Kai said, "You do not know the master here?"

Cui YuZhen had to acknowledge, "I do not know him."
She had said that she did not know anyone in Chang An city.

Ye Kai said, "Now where are they?"

Cui YuZhen hesitated, after a very long time, only then she gently said, "They have been killed by me."

She hung her head and did not dare to look at Ye Kai, she feared that Ye Kai would scold her.

But Ye Kai did not even said one word.
He was certainly not an overly virtuous gentleman, he knew that if not for Cui YuZhen, he might have died easily under someone’s hand.

There were really many people who wanted to kill him in Chang An city.
A woman braved the danger to rescue him, also wholeheartedly looked after him for his safety, instead of trying to kill him.
Did you expect him to be cruel enough to blame her, or even saying rebuke for her?

Cui YuZhen said, "When I rushed into this place, there were two people sleeping on the bed, I originally thought that they were husbands and wives."

Ye Kai finally could not bear asking, "Aren't they?"

Cui YuZhen shook her head and said, "That female was over 30 years old, the male was actually at most only 17-18 years old. I forced them to talk before the youth told the truth. The original husband was buying tea at a far place, the wife had enticed the apprentice which did some odd jobs for the family.

Cui YuZhen’s face seemed to blush as she continued, "These two people had betrayed her husband, betrayed his own master, only then I dared to kill them, I... I only hoped you do not think I am a cruel and merciless woman."

Ye Kai looked at her, his heart was suddenly overwhelmed.

She had done these matters for him, had braved such big danger for him, but she did not expect him to feel grateful, did not expect him to repay the debt.

Her only hope was unexpectedly the hope that he would not take her lightly.
His consideration was unexpectedly so important to her.

Ye Kai could not bear to sigh, "I also hope you understand something."

"What is it?"

Ye Kai said, "If some people thought you did not do the right thing or  thought that you were a cruel and merciless woman, that person would certainly be a hypocrite, a big bastard."

He was smiling and continued, "I hope you believe than  I am not this kind of bastard."

Cui YuZhen had really smiled, she smiled as if the cold winter had already passed by, and spring had arrived.

“Are you ready for the medicine?"

She helped Ye Kai up, like a mother taking care of her child, she was feeding this bowl of medicine to his mouth.

"This is a medicine which I made, I do not dare to look for a doctor as I fear other people can find out your whereabouts from the doctor’s mouth."

She was really an extremely careful woman, she thought of the consequences very thoroughly.

Ye Kai looked at her, his heart was filled with warm and gratitude. He smiled, "When I met you, it was really fortunate. It seems that anything is possible for you to obtain."

Cui YuZhen hesitated before suddenly saying, "I cannot actually think through why she tried to kill you?"

Ye Kai’s smiling face had lost its brightness.

Cui YuZhen said, "I know I really should not mention this matter, but I really cannot think through. You went through all the consequences to rescue her, why must she commit this act of betrayal to you?"

Ye Kai had actually smiled, "I thought... She certainly had her reason."

"What reason?"

"In jiang-hu there are many possible reasons for something bad. I do not necessarily know the exact reason."

"Your do not blame her at all?"

Ye Kai shook his head and said, "She did such thing certainly was compelled by an evil plan that could confuse someone’s mind and purpose. After regaining her consciousness, she certainly will feel even more hurt than I do, how can I still blame her?"

His voice was filled with concern.

The person’s knife had nearly killed him, but he was actually considering that person’s feeling after regaining consciousness. As for his pain, he did not really care about it at all.

Cui YuZhen looked at him, her beautiful eyes suddenly started to shed teardrops quickly.

"Are you crying? Why are you suddenly sad?"

Cui YuZhen had slowly wiped the tear drops, she reluctantly said with a smile, "I am certainly not sad, I was only thinking that if one day, someone will do the same for me, thinking about me everytime, everywhere, then I..."

She had not finished her words, her tears had flowed off again because she knew that she would never meet such a person. Because she knew that although this person now was in her embrace, but his heart actually belonged to someone else. Moreover he could very well leave her in a very short time.

She certainly did not envy her, nor feeling painful about it. She only felt the kind of sadness which could not be spoken.

She was already a mature woman, but all of her life had always been very lonely.
Lonely, how fearful was loneliness...

The ice-cold teardrops, drop by drop fell on Ye Kai’s clothes.
But it started to burn on Ye Kai’s heart, sending the heat of the pain it originated.

He was certainly not someone whose heart was made of stone, nor of wood.
But what could he do?


The room gradually became darker, dusk had silently became closer.
Dusk was always beautiful, beautiful time for people to meet the loved ones.

Earlier, Cui YuZhen had boiled some rice mixed with grease and ate a bowl with some sauce. But actually for Ye Kai, she made a pot of thin rice gruel.

She blushingly said, "I originally wanted to buy some ginseng to make soup... "

But she did not have any money. Ye Kai also did not have any. He suddenly noted her jade hairpin had disappeared in the background.

"I originally wanted to open that cabinet inside, to see whether it had some money, but I did not dare to do it."

She really had the natural disposition of a very good girl, moreover she was truly a gentle girl.

Ye Kai had slowly sipped the gruel, his heart was suddenly overwhelmed.

If he were only a small businessman who had some small business transactions. If they were truly husbands and wives. If they had not suffered all these past events, wouldn’t they actually be more happy?

But presently... If he could still abandon everything, if she were also willing to accompany him, if...

Ye Kai wanted to lay low forever, but he could not wish for it. The tranquil life might call him, providing an irresistible enticement to him. But how could such a person like him have those kind of days? How many people that were born in this world could also have their own wish, who could choose their own life style?

Dimness of the night gradually became deeper.

They had not spoken at all, wholeheartedly enjoying this moment of tranquility, because they knew this that kind of day would end very quickly.

Ye Kai were not willing to think of anything. Only he felt his eyelids gradually becoming very heavy. He had shed a lot of blood, he had thought a lot, and he felt his body grown very cold.

In this dim place, he felt himself gradually sinking to an icehouse, his whole body felt cold and trembling, even the lips were so cold that it turned into blue. But how could that happened? After all those cotton-wadded quilts that served as cover for him?

His complexion became more and more fearful, shaking like a piece leaf in the cold wind. What method could be done to make him warm?

As long as he could stay warm, she was willing to do anything within her means. Suddenly, her face became red. She had thought of a method, the most primitive way to warm up someone.

Ye Kai no longer trembled, his face also gradually became reddish again. Only then he discovered that there was a totally naked person resting near his body, making an effort to cuddle him. Her body was smooth and soft, but also hot like a collection of fire.

Ye Kai let his eyes look at her. Her face was also as if being burned. If there were someone else, she would shrink herself inside of anything.

What was the taste of happiness for Ye Kai?

There was no words of gratitude that could describe his emotion at the moment. While no words could describe what happened, he also could feel her body gently trembling. But that was certainly not because of the cold...


Darkness reigned outside the window.

The cold wind howled in the dark, but the dark and cold had seemed to move very, very far away from them.

They had suddenly completely belonged to their own world. This world was filled with happiness and tranquility. But it was only a pity that this kind of happiness was like a mirage. Although it was beautiful, it was also actually unreal. Like the blossom of a wild flower, although it was beautiful, it was only for a very short time.

Suddenly, the door was opened, a person rushed in.

They never expected anyone.
The lamp had not been extinguished.

The person’s face was pale. The eyes were filled with anger. They were looking at them bitterly, as if he wished he could kill them on the bed with a knife.

They actually did not recognize this person, they had never seen his face before.

Cui YuZhen in a fluster had shouted out, "Who are you, why do you rush in here?"

This person bitterly stared at her, suddenly he sneered, "This is my home, why can't I come here?"

Cui YuZhen was astounded, Ye Kai was also astounded.

This head of the family had suddenly come back. When a man got home, and discovered two strange man and woman resting on his own bed, regardless of how angry he was, it was easy to sympathize with him.

Although Cui YuZhen was originally very startled and very angry, now she was discouraged like a burst bubble, she could not say anything at all.

This person clenched his teeth, stared at her and roared, "I only went for two months, how dare you to sneak in someone here, aren't you afraid I will butcher you?"

Cui YuZhen was startled, "You... What did you say?"

"I ask you, why you do commit this shameful matter, who is this lover?"

Does this person's eyes have problem that he unexpectedly regarded her as his own wife?

Cui YuZhen said, "You... You are not looking at the wrong person?"

This person got angrier, "I am looking at the wrong person? You were married since 16 years old to me, even if you turned into burned ash, I will still recognize you."

Cui YuZhen could not bear to shout out, "You are insane, I have never seen you."

"Do you also dare not to acknowledge that you are my wife?"

"Certainly I am not."

"If you were not my wife, why are you sleeping on my bed?"

Cui YuZhen could not say anything.

This person stared at Ye Kai, he maliciously said, "What thing are you? Why do you and my wife sleep on the same bed?"

Ye Kai also did not know what to say, he suddenly discovered that the conversation was so absurd that he really did not know actually how the matter stood.

This person said, "Luckily I am the kind of person who is both lenient and tolerant. What matter you have made, I have forgiven both of you. But now since I have come back, shouldn’t you give this warm bed to me?"

Unexpectedly he really walked closer, and seemed to start taking off his clothes, ready to go to bed and sleep.

Cui YuZhen shouted out, making an effort to push Ye Kai forward, "I am not his wife, I simply do not recognize him, you surely cannot let him here."

Ye Kai certainly could not, but how should he manage this?

When a totally naked person lying down on someone else’s bed found himself in this mess, how could he manage to resolve this?

At this moment, there was a big laughter from the door. A person was holding her belly, laughing while walking.

Seeing this person, Ye Kai could not smile.

Shangguan XiaoXian!

This awful person had unexpectedly appeared just at this awful time.