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Thursday, 07 August 2008 05:02

Duke of Mount Deer Drama Series (2008)


Duke of Mount Deer is the last Jin Yong's novel, and completes his writing cycle from the most formidable heroes to an unlikely hero with very little wuxia skill. It completes the cycle from the man with the most upright moral sexual value (rejecting a princess, for goodness sake) to the man who is the ultimate male fantasy (not one or two, but seven pretty wives).

Duke of Mount Deer tells the story about Kang Xi Emperor and his "soul" underling Wei XiaoBo. They almost grew up together, and their destiniesgot interlocked very tightly until at the end, the eventual hard separation has to happen. A similar interlocking of emperor/right-hand-man interaction is explored in Xiang ShaoLong's adventure in "A Step into the Past" by Huang Yi.

Duke of Mount Deer drama series is also directed by Zhang JiZhong (like Bi Xue Jian, and some other series before). He picks good sceneries and pretty actresses. Huang XiaoMing is not too shabby either (right girls?)



Huang XiaoMing and the 7 girls who play the wives


Wei XiaoBo (Huang XiaoMing)
Zhong HanLiang (KangXi)
Shu Chang (Princess Jian Ning)


Ying CaiEr (A Ke)
Li Fei (Ceng Rou)
He ZhuoYan (Shuang Er)


Liu Zi (Fang Yi)
Liu Yun (Mu JianBing)
Hu Ke (Shu Quan)


I heard that the series was cut heavily by sensorship. Hopefully, the unedited version will show up at some point in the future. If you want to watch the series, head out to the usual websites, like Veoh or Crunchy Roll.