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LXF02: The Embroidery Bandit (绣花大盗)
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Friday, 15 August 2008 21:53

Book 2 - The Embroidery Bandit

Part of Lu XiaoFeng Series

Translator: Moinllieon

Disclaimer: Translation work has not undergone thorough editing to correct any possible mistakes.

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Friday, 15 August 2008 21:56

Chapter 1 - Scores of Heists

Scolding heat. The sun rays was like heat carrying knives, beating down relentlessly upon the yellow dirt road. Even the knife scar on Chang Man Tian’s face was roasted to a shade of red.

To be precise, it was three scars, that and about 7 or 8 internal injuries had earned him his fame and position that he enjoyed on this day. Whenever the weather turns moist or rainy, his internal wounds would starts throbbing again, causing his joints ache, he would be reminded of the hard fought battles of his youth and feel an incredible amount of gratitude!

To have survived this long was not easy, to be able to be the Vice Master Escort earning 500 taels of silver every month was even harder, for that was truly earned with blood and sweat. Lately, he rarely ever escort any job himself. The Head Escort of “Enforcing Peace Escort Service” was a disciple of the same master as he. Between the two of them, the old men spent the last several years enjoying the tranquil and peaceful life, practicing a little martial arts in the morning, drinking some wine in the evening. Just merely the sight of their “Golden Spear Iron Sword Flag” was enough to keep most of the people in the Southeast away from the packages that “Enforcing Peace” had been entrusted with.

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Friday, 15 August 2008 21:57

Chapter 2 - Visiting Divine Needle Xue

Hillside. Under the light of the dusk, the green hillside seemed to change into a strange and surreal deep purple. The time now was dusk, and the mountainside was covered with all different types of roses in full bloom. Two young girls with their hairs done in pig tails were picking flowers. From their mouths emanated the soft, sweet tunes of mountain hymns.

Their song was softer and gentler than the warm summer breeze, they themselves were prettier than the flowers. When Lu Xiao Feng walked onto the side of the hillside, their song suddenly stopped as both of them stared at Lu Xiao Feng with their big, bright eyes. Luckily, Lu Xiao Feng was used to having women stare at him, so he did not blush but instead smiled.

“Hey, what are you doing here?” This young lady had big eyes and some small hints of freckles on her nose, all of which made her look even more cute and adorable.

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Friday, 15 August 2008 21:59

Chapter 3 - You Cheat I Lie

“You shouldn’t be able to,” Lu Xiao Feng could not help himself and sighed again. Smiling meekly, he continued. “But pity that I am just too nice of a guy.”

Night. But night not yet deep. Si Kong Zhai Xingg was not smashed, and already left. Lu Xiao Feng, of course, was not poisoned, Si Kong Zhai Xing was not the type to put poison in wine. Besides, even if he did use poison, Lu Xiao Feng would not have drank it.

But there were the hints of a smile on Xue Bing’s face.

“He lost for sure this time!” She suddenly sighed.

“He lost for sure?”

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Friday, 15 August 2008 22:01

Chapter 4 - A Pair of Red Shoes

Dusk colors were darker, the laterns in the meditation room was not yet lit. The last burst of brilliance from the setting sun fell upon the walk way leading up to the guest room behind the meditation room. It fell upon those old and decaying wooden columns, making them shine like they did in the days long past. In the gentle July night breeze, there came with it a gentle fragrance from the far away mountains and trees that just fills one’s heart with joy and comfort. Jiang Qing Xia was walking very slowly, Lu Xiao Feng was also walking very slowly. Jiang Qing Xia did not say a word, Lu Xiao Feng did not open his mouth either. He seemed to have realized that he was an unwelcomed guest. Unwelcomed guests should all be at least wise enough to keep their mouths shut. The yard next to them was deserted, not a person could be seen nor heard. This entire place was a lonely place to began with, lonely people are used to the quiet.

“Alm-giver, please enter!” Jiang Qing Xia pushed open a door and turned to Lu Xiao Feng with a serious face.

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Friday, 15 August 2008 22:02

Chapter 5 - Risks of Clues

The wind was still that gentle, the night was still that serene. But Lu Xiao Feng knew full well that this quiet night could hide within it countless traps, that his gentle wind could at any moment carry with it fatal arrows.

“Inside the RoyalPalace, there are actually only 620 guards, at night they are split up into three shifts.”

“There are 200 men per shift, and every shift is split up even more into 6 teams.”

“Of these 6 teams, some patrol throughout the Palace, some permanently stands guard outside the Prince’s quarters, and some are hide inside the yards and the halls waiting to ambush anyone.”

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Friday, 15 August 2008 22:03

Chapter 6 - Clever Escape Plan

The WestGarden was located in the western part of the city. It was a huge flower park as well as a garden. The sun had set already, under the tree shade, inside the gazebos and the pavilions were lit with a series of star like lanterns. Flowing through the air with the night breeze was the flower frangrances, and wine fragrances as well. The Moon was round like a mirror as it hung gingerly from one of the trees. Two all, cherry-colored, cotton trees linked together with interconnected roots, and leaned into each other, like two lovers tenderly embracing each other.

Lu Xiao Feng was suddenly reminded of Xue Bing again. Whenever Xue Bing appeared in his thoughts, it was as if somebody pricked his heart with a needle. He was not a heartless man, but he also know that this was not the time to mope about. He had already walked around the park once. There were not that many female visitors tonight, but he has yet to spot any woman wearing red shoes. But he was not getting anxious.

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Friday, 15 August 2008 22:04

Chapter 7 - Unwavering Persistance

Lu Xiao Feng did not want to ride carriages, but nevertheless he was on a carriage at the moment. People just can not avoid doing some things that they rather not do. “You have to find some way to get some sleep on the carriage, so when you run into First Madame Gong Sun you are in the condition to challenge her!”

Even Lu Xiao Feng knew that Jin Jiu Ling’s words were right. But how could he sleep at a time like this?

“The little Prince has taken a real admiration to Hua Man Lou and has insisted that he stay at the Palace for several days. He’s fully taken care of inside the Palace, don’t you worry about him anymore.”

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Friday, 15 August 2008 22:05

Chapter 8 - Duel After Drinks

Starving for an entire day, tasting nothing but wind, was already a miserable thing. But the only thing more miserable than that is probably, while on the verge of passing out due to starvation, to be laughed at and called a big “idiot egg”.

But Lu Xiao Feng laughed.

“I know plenty of people call me ‘idiot egg’, but there’s plenty of people who likes to call me by another name!”

“What name is that?” The girl in red asked.

“Big rooster!”

The girl in red blushed, blushed so much that her face was red like her clothes.

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Friday, 15 August 2008 22:06

Chapter 9 - Success and Failure

Meng Wei had always been very alert even in his sleep. A man known around the pugilist world as “Three-Headed Snake” must be a light sleeper, else his head would have been cut off a long time ago even if he had thirty heads. But when he woke up tonight, there was already a person standing at the head of his bed, watching him with a pair of almost glowing eyes. The night was still deep, there was no light in the room, so he could not make out this person’s face.

He suddenly felt that the center of his fists were covered in cold sweat. This person did not move, nor did he. He even purposefully let out a couple of snores to trick the person into believing that he was still asleep. Suddenly, he made his move as he tried to grab the sabre that was hidden underneath his armpit. But that person’s movement was even faster. As soon as his arm began to move, this person immediately pinned his shoulders down onto the bed. Never in his life had he ever met a person with such a strong pair of hands, had these hands been around his throat, his breathing would have stopped within an instant.

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Friday, 15 August 2008 22:07

Chapter 10 - The Fall of the Bandit

Incredibly, the person standing by the door was none other than Lu Xiao Feng, not Three Eggs Lu, not Little Pig Lu, but Lu Xiao Feng. How could he suddenly appear out of thin air? Jin Jiu Ling almost did not believe his own very eyes, this was just quite simply, impossible.

So much so that Jin Jiu Ling asked a really stupid question.

“You should be at least 400 kilometers away now!”

“Apparently so!” Lu Xiao Feng replied.

“I had just received this message from Nan Hai!” Jin Jiu Ling looked down at the bamboo container in his hand.

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Friday, 15 August 2008 22:08


Lu Xiao Feng was drunk. Because he needed to. He must.

“I’m going to see her now. But you’d have to wait a long long time before you can see her. A long long....”

He understood what Jin Jiu Ling meant, how could he not want to be drunk? Even though he was incredibly drunk, he was not asleep, but was still listening to First Madame Gong Sun’s explanation to her sisters!

“Lu Xiao Feng is not an idiot. I knew he wasn’t an idiot from the very beginning, I believed that he would have been able to see through Jin Jiu Ling’s evil plans!”

“But I wasn’t sure!”

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