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LXF01: The Legend of Lu XiaoFeng (陆小凤传奇)
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The Chronicles of Lu XiaoFeng 

Translator: Moinllieon



Taken directly from from Wuxiapedia.com


Gu Long wrote the Lu Xiao Feng series of novels between 1976 and 1981. There are seven works altogether, as follows:

  • The Legend of Lu Xiaofeng or Lu Xiaofeng Chuanqi 陆小凤传奇(1976). This 13-chapter work -- inclusive of a prologue and an epilogue -- is also known as The Golden Roc Empire.
  • The Embroidery Bandit or Xiuhua Dadao 绣花大盗(1976), which consists of 10 chapters and an epilogue.
  • Before and After the Duel or Juezhan Qianhou 决战前后(1976). It has 13 chapters.
  • Silver Hook Casino Alley or Yingou Dufang 银钩赌坊 (1977). It has 11 chapters, the shortest work in the series.
  • Spirit Villa or Youling Shanzhuang 幽灵山庄 (1977). It has 17 chapters.
  • The Phoenix Dances to the Heavens or Fengwu Jiutian 凤舞九天(1978), a relatively long work with 21 chapters.
  • The Laugh of a Master Swordsman or Jianshen Yixiao 剑神一笑 (1981). This work consists of two parts with 10 chapters each.


Disclaimer: The translation has yet to undergo thorough copy-editing to correct the numerous grammatical mistakes. Any copyright of this translation belongs to the translator

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Grandma Xung's Sugar-Roasted-Chestnuts

The moon was round; the fog was thick. Covered by the thick fog, the full moon looked dim and desolate, enough to break a man's heart.

But Zhang Fang and his pals weren't in the mood to appreciate the view, they only want to walk around without any worries for once.

They have just finished an escort job from very far away; they also just finished drinking some wine. All the tensions and hard work were finally over. They were just as relaxed, carefree, and happy as can be. It was at this time when they saw Grandma Xung.

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Chapter 1 - The prettiest Boss' wife


Yellow Stoned Town is a big town.  This street should be a very lavish and bustling street.

But now it was deep into the night, the new moon looked like a hook as it shined down onto the green slab stone street.  Two horses carrying two men wearing green came galloping along, but there was no body on the street.

The man missing half his left ear and has a knife scar from the base of his left ear to the right corner of his mouth pulled his horse to a stop and asked in a heavy voice: “Do you think he would spend the night here?”

The purple faced man with a beard replied: “Yes!”

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Chapter 2 - The Richest Man


The wine cup was still in Lu XiaoFeng's hand, but most of the wine that was in the cup had, by now, spilled onto his clothing.

When he entered Old Man Huo's little house, Old Man Huo was drinking wine as well.

This was a very simple little wooden cabin, standing all by itself in the middle of a little wood comprised of jujube date trees on the side of a mountain.

Old Man Huo was just like this little wooden cabin, small, alone, clean, and steadfast, looking just like a hard shelled nut that had weathered many a storms.  He just happened to be drinking at a small yet delicate table.

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Chapter 3 - Bringing some justice

The walkway was dark and damp, as if it had never seen the light of day. At the end of the walkway was a huge door, the door rings on it were glistening. They pushed open the door and saw the Golden Roc Emperor.

The Golden Roc Emperor was not a tall and commanding figure.

{Note: A roc is a large, legendary, eagle-like bird popular in Eastern legends that was so huge that it carried off humans with its talons.}

He seemed to have been worn out by the passing of time, like a rooster that was just beginning to wilt in the morbid cold winds.


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Chapter 4 - Fake feelings

It was a feast. The feast was held in that room that they just met the Golden Roc Emperor in. The wine and food were both available in abundance.

The wine was real wine, a particularly fine and delicious sample of Aged Carvings.

Lu XiaoFeng downed the wine in his cup in one gulp. "This wine is great," he suddenly sighed. "But compared to the Persian Wine earlier? Not even close!"

The Golden Roc Emperor burst out laughing: "This wine was collected from dew drops from certain flowers. This type of drinking seems to be a bit wasteful doesn't it?"

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Chapter 5 - Singing voices from far away

There wasn't any plums at the Thousand Plums Mansion.

It was April, peach flowers and cuckoos covered the mountainside.

Facing an entire world covered with flowers, Hua ManLou seemed as if he wanted to just stay here forever. An indescribable look suddenly appeared on that calm and peaceful face of his, the kind of look that young girls get when they see their first loves walking towards them.

But Lu XiaoFeng couldn't wait any longer: "I don't want to kill the atmosphere, but once it turns dark, XiMen ChuiXue would not meet any guests."

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Chapter 6 - Swords Unsheathed and People Dead

The feast was placed inside a pavilion in the middle of the water. The surroundings seemed to have been dyed a deep shade of green because of the lotus that grew in the pond, but the railings of the pavilion were painted bright red.

The pearl-guazed curtains were raised. The wind carried with it the faint and pure fragrance of newly bloomed lotus.

It was already April.

Hua ManLou was slowly and quietly taking this kind of special pointless extravagance that only the richest of the rich had. Of course, he didn't see what Huo TianQing looked like, but he had already found out what kind of person he was by listening to his voice.

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Chapter 7 - Master and Sect

Waxing moonlight. Dawn's still more than 6 hours away.

Lu XiaoFeng had already return to the inn he was staying at and ordered a table of fine wine and food.

"No matter what," he laughed, "I can at least still eat and drink all I want one more time."

"You should get some sleep." Hua ManLou adviced.

"If you were going to duel with someone like Huo TianQing at sunrise, could you sleep?"

"No, I couldn't."

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Chapter 8 - Vengeance and Formidable Foe

A rainstorm is like the prodigal son that crashes into the rich woman's boudoir in the middle of the night, it comes suddenly and is even quicker going away.

But everything it left behind was changed because of it.

Every tree and leaf in the woods had been washed to a jade color, and the blood on the corpses were washed off too. Making it almost impossible to find the fatal wound.

But of these dozen or so men, not one of them was still alive.

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Chapter 9 - A death too strange

The carriage was not huge, just big enough to carry four people. The horses that were pulling the carriage were very well trained, even though the carriage was traveling on a mud road, it was very stable. Ma XiuZheng and Shi XiuYun sat on one said with Sun XiuQing and Yie XiuZhu sitting opposite of them.

The carriage had been traveling for a long time, Shi XiuYun suddenly noticed that everyone was starting at her. She pretended not to noticed, but at last could not help but pout her lips and challenge everyone.

"Why are you guys all staring at me? Did a flower suddenly sprout on my face?"

"Even if a flower did sprout on your face," Sun XiuQing laughed and replied, "it would have been picked just then."

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Chapter 10 - Broken Souls, Heaven's Wrath

The soft grass had been soaked through by dew, the night was getting deeper.

Huo TianQing slowly made his way through the yard. The distant light in a small building shoned onto his white and withered face. He looked very tired, lonely and tired.

The clear water in the lotus pound was quiet like a mirror, reflecting the moon and a sky full of stars. With his hands behind him, he stood silently at the head of the small bridge. When the wind blew by, a small leaf was brought with it onto the ground.

He bent down and picked this fallen leaf up.

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Chapter 11 - The smartest man

The air was filled with the delicious and intoxicating aroma of the wine, the fire inside the little red clay stove was not big, but it was just enough to heat up the bitterly cold cave to a warm comfort.

"Well, at least I came to the right place," Lu XiaoFeng sighed. "And just at the right time."

Huo Xiu sighed as well.

"I don't get it, how come this person always show up just when I'm about to have some good wine."

He smiled and turned towards them. His bright and vivacious eyes gave even those wretched cloths on him life.

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The door leading to the stone steps had been opened, Zhu Ting opened it. If someone could create a door like that, then there would be someone who could open it.

There is a lot of things like that in the world. That's why if you could really produce a shield that can't be penetrated by any spears, then someone else would have made a spear that could penetrate your shield. There is no such things as "absolute" in this world.

Lu XiaoFeng sat on the steps, looking at Huo Xiu inside the cage. He suddenly got the feeling that the cage was quite a bit like a prison cell.