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Bordertown Wanderer (边城浪子)
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Tuesday, 22 July 2008 19:59

Chapter 21 - The Sword Without A Sheathe

The fire had finally been extinguished.

Li MaHu's general store was burned to the ground. The neighboring butcher's shop with the sign that read 'We sell beef, lamb, and pork' and the noodle stand suffered the same fate.

The wooden shacks that lined the narrow alley were caught in the blaze as well.

A heap of scattered furniture and belongings that had been rescued during the fire lay in the middle of the road. Several buckets and pails rolled around in the wind as if they were looking for their masters.

The piles of scorched rubble were still damp and wet. It hadn't been very long since the fire was put out and the smell of embers and ashes was still in the air.
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Tuesday, 22 July 2008 20:00

Chapter 22 - Prelude and Postlude To A Murder

Chen DaGuan, Boss Zhang, Ding LaoSi, and the others had all come in by now. They all stood idly by as if waiting for Lu XiaoJia's commands, but Lu XiaoJia acted as if they didn't even exist.

Up until now he hadn't even bothered to turn to look at them once. Finally, he said coldly, "Is there anyone here willing to spare me money?"

"There is, of course there is." Chen DaGuan immediately replied.

"You will be able to do everything I ask?" Lu XiaoJia said.

"I will try my best." Chen DaGuan responded.

"You had better." Lu XiaoJia replied coldly.

"Please, go ahead." Chen DaGuan said.

"I want five catties of peanuts, dry-roasted, and I want them not too cooked and not too raw."
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Tuesday, 22 July 2008 20:04

Chapter 23 - Little Bells Ring *Ding Dang*

There was a small courtyard right outside. Ye Kai walked out of the doors and into the sunlight filled courtyard. A small black cat was sprawled underneath the shade of one of the trees. It gazed languidly at a butterfly that danced around a circle of flowers near the wall, wanting to swipe at it, but too lazy to move.

Of course, there was no one on the roof. Ye Kai knew that there wouldn't be anyone on the roof, Granny Du wouldn't wait around for him to come out.

Ye Kai let out a sigh, he suddenly felt like that cat. If it pleased him so, he could strike out at anytime to snatch the butterfly. But even if he wasn't lazy, he wouldn't be able to catch that butterfly. That butterfly wasn't a mouse.
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Tuesday, 22 July 2008 20:07

Chapter 24 - Grand Flag Waving In The Setting Sun

The distinctive flag of the 'Hall of Ten-Thousand Horses flapped majestically in the wind. If you stood from afar it sometimes looked like a lover's handkerchief waving goodbye. The five bold words in red were the blood and tears of those lovers.

Those five words were probably written with blood and tears.

There was a person standing quietly in the grasslands watching that flag waving in the wind. His body was lean and thin and it carried an indescribable sense of loneliness and solitude.

He stood in a sea of bluish-green blades of grass like an obstinate tree. Trees are tough and unyielding, lonesome and solitary. But do trees suffer the same pain and hatred in their hearts?
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Tuesday, 22 July 2008 20:10

Chapter 25 - One Sword Shakes All Four Directions

Blazing heat.

It was never supposed to be this hot after a long rain.

Beads of sweat trickled down everyone's necks and onto their shirts making them look transparent. A large chameleon crawled about the rocky gravel as if it was looking for shade. The fields of grass that had just been drenched in the rain looked as if they were being dried up by the sun.

Even the wind was hot. The winds that blew in from the grasslands felt like demons from Hell breathing on them.

It was only slightly more bearable indoors.
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Tuesday, 22 July 2008 20:13

Chapter 26 - Blood Debt As Deep As The Sea

The sun had vanished from the sky, the long street was completely empty. The only light that could be seen was coming from the small building. Someone pushed open one of the windows and watched the lonely street below. He knew that the lonely night had arrived.

The blood on the streets had dried. A gust of wind blew strands of the 'Golden-Backed Dragon's' hair into the air. Xiao BieLi closed his eyes and let out a sigh. Then, he slowly closed the window.

A candle was lit on the table. He sat down next to it and looked as calm and lonely as the flickering flame. The light that shined onto his face made his wrinkles look even more pronounced. Who knew just how much weariness and suffering was hidden beneath every crease. Who knew just how many secrets those wrinkles hid.
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Tuesday, 22 July 2008 20:29

Chapter 27 - The Sabre Emerges From Its Sheathe

Autumn. Deep in a sea of mountains, the colors of autumn painted a forest of maple trees red.

Thirty-four steeds, twenty-six people. The riders on horseback were cheering, cheering that they had reached that forest. Their horses were swift, the riders looked fierce.

Their faces looked tired and weary and some even appeared to be carrying injuries. But they didn't seem to care, because the bounty from this hunt was extremely plentiful.

What they hunted for was the blood and sweat of other people. Their catch was on the backs of several horses, forty heavy chests filled with silver.

Others scorned them for beind bandits and thieves but they paid no mind. Because they believed themselves to be righteous -- righteous men of the outlaw-realm.
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Tuesday, 22 July 2008 20:30

Chapter 28 - In A Lady's Company

Fourteenth day of the ninth month.


On the side of the main road was a small tea stand. Most tea stands didn't just serve tea but of course wine as well. The tea was free of charge, but wine will cost you money. This particular stand had a selection of four types of wine. They were all cheap and inferior in quality and also strong and harsh. Besides wine, they also served side dishes such as string beans, salted poached eggs, steamed buns, and peanuts.

Wooden stools were set up underneath the shade of the surrounding trees around the tea stand. Customers filled those stools, sitting with their legs sprawled, enjoying wine and peeling peanuts.

Fu HongXue stared at them as if he was staring at supernatural deities. Some were having peanuts and string beans along with their wine while others were having it with their steamed buns. Peanuts and string beans were always meant to be eaten together, it seemed as if separating the two would render both tasteless.
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Tuesday, 22 July 2008 20:34

Chapter 29 - A Venomous Beauty

Bright afternoon sun. Warm sunshine floods the land.

It was the fifteenth day of the ninth month.

The land was fresh and the rays of the sun were blinding. The road was full of youngsters steering their horse-drawn carriages towards 'White Cloud Manor'.

The horse wasn't very swift, it had already exhausted all its strength. Fu HongXue had already returned the horsewhip to the driver and was sitting in the back of the carriage with his hands firmly clenched on his sabre. This pair of hands was not suited for horse steering.

"Why don't you save your strength for dealing with Ma KongQun?"
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Tuesday, 22 July 2008 20:35

Chapter 30 - The Flower Guarding Swordsman


Lu XiaoJia and Hero Xue had already left. Cui Nong was still crawled up underneath the carriage, completely motionless.

The youngster who was steering their carriage had already been scared out of his wits by what had just transpired. After a long while, he finally crouched down and pulled Cui Nong from underneath the carriage.

He thought that Cui Nong would definitely be incensed and miserable.

Who would have guessed that she would be smiling. Her face was battered and her lips were bloodied, but her eyes were filled with eager excitement.

A broken person like her could still bear to smile. The youngster was startled.

"Do you know why he hit me?" Cui Nong asked.
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Tuesday, 22 July 2008 20:37

Chapter 31 - Engraved In The Heart

The blade had returned to its sheathe.

But the blood on the blade would never dry.

Fu HongXue slowly turned around. His left foot took a step forward, then his right leg dragged along from behind. His entire body was still shivering, he was using all his strength to control himself.

"You're lying! Every single word you've said is a lie."

He slowly walked through the crowd, his eyes focused only on the ground in front of him. He didn't have the courage to look at the bodies anymore, nor did he have the courage to look at anyone else in the hall.

The sound of sobbing came from behind him. The sound of Ma FangLing's tears.
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