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Bordertown Wanderer (边城浪子)
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Tuesday, 22 July 2008 05:20

Bordertown Wanderer
(Bian Cheng Lang Zi: 边城浪子)

Author: Gu Long
Translator: Bliss (Justin Lu)


Bordertown Wanderer is a wuxia novel written by Gu Long. It is part of the "Flying dagger" series, a series that starts from "Little Li Tanhua" Li XunHoan, and continues with the stories of Ye Kai and Fu HongXue.

It introduces the characters Ye Kai and Fu HongXue, the intertwining fate that binds both of them together, and the way they help each other to escape from the horrifying past.

Ye Kai later had his own story in Jiu Yue Ying Fei (九月鹰飞 Flying Eagle in the Ninth Month), while Fu HongXue starred in Tian Ya Ming Yue Dao (天涯明月刀: Midnight, Bright Moon, Saber.

It's curious that the Bordertown Wanderer story was actually written AFTER both 'Flying Eagle in the Ninth Month' and 'Midnight, Bright Moon, Sabre'.

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Prologue - Red Snow

The room was devoid of any color ... except black!

Even the rays of the evening sun were transformed into a deathly gray.

Before the evening sun had started to set, she was already kneeling down in front of the black shrine.

Black curtains were hung throughout. No one could see which god was being worshipped and no one could see what her face was like.

She wore a black veil over her face. The ends of her long black robe were scattered in disarray over the floor. The only thing that leaked out were a pair of old, shriveled claw-like hands.

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Tuesday, 22 July 2008 05:41

Chapter 1 - One Who Doesn't Carry A Blade

His companion blade wasn't by his side.

As soon as he had entered, he saw the -red snow-!

As soon as he had entered, he saw Fu HongXue!

Many different kinds of people frequented this place, people of every class and every type. But for someone like him, he really shouldn't have come. Because he wasn't welcome here.

It was a very strange place indeed.

It was late into the wretched Autumn months, but the warmth and fervor of this place made it seem like Spring was in the air.

It was deep into the gloomy night, but inside it was still as bright as the sun in the afternoon sky.

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Tuesday, 22 July 2008 05:46

Chapter 2 - GuanDong Hall of Ten-Thousand Horses

The lantern that hung atop the main doors had already been extinguished.

A person stood underneath let out a thundering laugh. His voice shook the lantern hard enough that the dust that had gathered gently drifted down from above onto his face.

But he didn't seem to mind.

No matter what happened, Ye Kai never seemed to mind.

That's why he was still wearing that filthy, torn, ugly shirt that he had on from the night before. Wherever he went, a foul odor that smelled like the combination of decaying weeds, animal hides, and rotting corpses followed him along.

But by the way that he was standing there, it seemed as if he was expecting everyone to appreciate the disgusting stench that he was emitting.

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Tuesday, 22 July 2008 05:47

Chapter 3 - Sabres Are Severed, Intestines Are Shattered

After the man in white had ran out for about ten meters, he pointed the tip of his foot at the ground and leapt high into the air.

The open desert was deathly quiet. Yellow sand swept out in all directions inundating the dark night. Where could one even hope to find the trace of a shadow?

Only the trailing echoes of that haunting voice remained as it drifted about in the night wind.

The winds were howling.

The man in white said in a deep voice, "Friend, since you have come looking for a quarrel, why not show yourself?"

Although his voice was low, it was full of vigor and energy. Each and every word rang out into the distance.

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Tuesday, 22 July 2008 05:51

Chapter 4 - To Live And Die With The Sabre

That sabre really didn't get to execute its move!

No one knows just what would've happened if GongSun Duan had finished that slash.

Ye Kai let out a long sigh of relief as he looked at the Master of the 'Hall of Ten-Thousand Horses' with a smile.

"Excellent! What bravery, what courage! You must be the young Hero Fu that Field Master Hua was unable to invite even after three tries." Ma KongQun said with a grin.

"Yes, that is him." Ye Kai said.

"Hero Fu, you honor us with your presence. Please, please have a seat." Ma KongQun said.

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Chapter 5 - A Night In Bordertown

Yun ZaiTian, with a lantern in hand, led the five guests in front.

Fu HongXue, with his deep, heavy footsteps, drudged along at the end of the group - there are some people who just' don't like having anyone behind their backs.

Ye Kai purposely slowed down his steps until he was walking beside him. His slow, heavy steps dragging along the road of rocks and sand was like a blade gridning up against bare bone.

"I really didn't think that you would actually stay." Ye Kai said.

"Oh?" Fu HongXue said.

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Chapter 6 - The Buried Sabre

The morning sun rose from the east.

The pungent odor from the previous night had been washed away by the wind.

The early morning breeze filled the air with the fresh smell of grass and leaves. The grand banner of the 'Hall of Ten-Thousand Horses' flapped majestically in the wind.

A straw of grass was sticking out of Ye Kai's mouth as he made his way towards that flag.

He still looked as calm and listless as ever, the grains of sand on his body glistened in the sun like specks of gold.
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Chapter 7 - Dark Clouds, Ominous Sky

The windows were shut tight, the room totally devoid of light.

Raindrops beat down on the roof and windows like the drums of war and galloping horses in battle.

Ye Kai sat lazily with his two legs outstretched. He looked at his battered old pair of boots and sighed, "It's really coming down hard outside."

Xiao BieLi carefully lifted up the last domino from the table, his eyes laid fixed for a very long while. Finally, he turned to Ye Kai with a smile and said, "It rarely ever rains around here."

"That's probably why when it does rain, it pours this hard." Ye Kai said.

Xiao BieLi nodded his head as he listened to the downpour outside. He let out a sigh and said, "The rain is really untimely."
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Tuesday, 22 July 2008 05:56

Chapter 8 - Warmth of the Spring Breeze

From the edge of the long street, a person slowly made his way over to them, his each and every step looked arduous and heavy. It was Fu HongXue.

He was still clencing tightly to the sabre in his hand, step by step he drudged towards them. Nothing in the world could get him to alter his pace.

He was alone. Luo LuoShan and MuRong MingZhu were nowhere in sight.

Ye Kai walked over to him with a smile and said, "So you've returned?"
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Tuesday, 22 July 2008 05:57

Chapter 9 - Stable As A Giant Boulder

Yellow dusk.

The warm rays of the setting sun shined through the window and onto Fu HongXue's thighs, reminding him of those soft, warm, tender hands that caressed his thighs two nights before.

He lay on his bed, too tired to even remove his boots.

But just the thought of those hands, that woman, her skin as smooth as silk, the seductive way that her legs swayed back and forth ...

His heart would immediately fill with inexplicable sensation. He knew how to relieve himself of that tension. He had done so before.

But it was different now, he had a woman. A real woman.

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