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Chapter 32 – The Gold and the Lesson


People who are tall and burly always appear to have a particularly imposing manner. Even though he was already in his fifties, he still stood there with his back very straight and his eyes sparkling with light. His beard, although not too long, was still very thick and black. The clothes he wore, naturally, had been tailored so they fit him perfectly, and the materials they were made of were magnificent and expensive. Even if you did not know that he was Commander Jin, you would definitely not mistake him for a nobody.

Guo DaLu had figured out in one glance that he was Commander Jin. At the moment Mei RuNan had fled into the house, he had been standing beneath the peach tree in front of his room, admiring the new blossoms and quietly reciting poetry. This Commander Jin appeared to be a refined and cultured man.

When Mei RuNan saw him, her eyes suddenly seemed to fill with tears and she lunged forward, throwing her entire body into his arms. She whispered something to him. Guo DaLu could not hear any of her words but he could see fury flood Commander Jin’s face. “Is that him?” Commander Jin barked. Mei RuNan’s head was nodding nonstop as her tears flowed relentlessly.

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Chapter 33 – Commander Jin’s Questions


There is a certain type of person who seems fated to live much more happily than other people. Even problems as big as the heavens he could set off to one side. Guo DaLu was this sort of person.

Who paid off his debts for him? Why would they do that? In his eyes, these issues had stopped being issues a long time ago, and so, the instant he lay down in bed, he fell fast asleep. He slept all the way until the afternoon and only awakened when Wang Dong came to his room.

It was still difficult for Wang Dong to move about so the instant he walked in, he found a very comfortable place and sat down. But even if his movements were unhampered, regardless of where he was, he still would immediately find the most comfortable place and seat himself. No matter whose room it may be, there are very few places more comfortable than the bed, and therefore, Wang Dong told Guo DaLu to pull his legs up while he leaned himself sideways on Guo DaLu’s heel. Guo DaLu tossed a pillow over to him so that he could prop it against his back, then rubbing his eyes, asked, “What time is it now?”

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Chapter 34 – The Ghost Gentleman


What if you lived in a secluded place, and what if someone knocked on your door in the middle of the night and requested politely, “I am tired and thirsty, and I missed my opportunities for lodging. I am hoping I could stay here for the night, and I kindly ask for a bit of water to drink.”? Well then, as long as you were a person, you would certainly respond with, “Please come in.”

Guo DaLu was a person. He was already normally a very forthright and hospitable person, and after he drank wine, he was even more forthright and hospitable. Right now, he had just finished drinking, and the amount he drank was not trivial.

Not long after Commander Jin left, he heard someone knocking on the door, and he rushed out to open it. The person who had knocked on the door said politely to him, “I am tired and thirsty, and I missed my opportunities for lodging. I am hoping I could stay here for the night, and I kindly ask for a bit of water to drink.”

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Chapter 35 – The Mysterious NanGong Chou


There is nothing in this world that is truly “absolute.” The same situation looked at from different angles will often lead to different conclusions.

If a traveller who has lost his way on the desolate mountainside comes knocking on your door in the middle of the night asking for a place to stay, you need only to have the slightest bit of compassion in your heart and then you will “absolutely” take him in. If the one who comes is a man dressed in black whose face is hidden behind a cloth, whether or not you take him in is no longer certain now. Even if you do, you surely would be wary of him and, to some extent, would guard against him. But if the person dressed in black is the same person who had helped you out the previous night, isn’t the situation again completely different?

Different situations will naturally result in changes to the actions taken. Only principles do not change. There are some people who, no matter what they do or how they do it, have their own absolute principles.

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Chapter 36 – The Purple-Dressed Girl


The night was cool, the stone steps even cooler. But he did not care because his heart was filled with warmth.

The sound of footsteps echoed lightly down the corridor as someone walked gently over towards him. He did not turn his head to look because he knew who it was. Of course, the one coming over was Yan Qi.

A long robe was draped over Yan Qi’s shoulders, and it dragged on the ground as he walked. He sat down on the stone steps also.

Countless stars filled the sky. The Milky Way looked like a glowing silver ribbon and the stars, Altair [star of the Cowherd] and Vega [star of the Weaver Girl] [13] resembled two pearls sewn onto it. Even though there were other stars in the sky that were brighter, none could be more beautiful than them. That was because they were not like other stars, cold and unfeeling. It was because they were not gods: they, too, experienced the same love and hardships that mankind knows. Though their hardships were many and the distance between them great, their love would exist forever.

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Chapter 37 – The Imposter Shall Die


The purple-dressed girl unexpectedly called out loudly after him, “Wait!”

“Wait for what?” Lin TaiPing questioned in a cool tone.

The purple-dressed girl was gnawing on her own lip. “You… do you really plan on just leaving like this?” She seemed to have suddenly grown very distressed. Even her hands and legs were trembling.

Lin TaiPing hesitated for a moment before finally turning around slowly. “What do you want?”

Purple-dressed girl: “I…… I…… I only want to ask you one thing.”

Lin TaiPing: “Ask.”

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Monday, 14 July 2008 06:47

Chapter 38 – Where Has Spring Gone?


Nobody knew NanGong Chou’s whereabouts, just like no one could know where spring would be going. But though spring may go, it will return at some point in time. NanGong Chou, however, was gone without any news of him.

Now, spring would be departing soon. The flowers in the courtyard were blooming even more colorfully, but alas, even the most beautiful flower cannot keep spring. The weather was gradually getting hotter. Although Wang Dong’s injuries were fully healed, he had become even lazier. He would lie all day in his bamboo chair, almost not even bothering to budge in the slightest bit. Except for that one day when they buried the black-clothed man…

That day had been close to Qing Ming Jie [see previous footnote [9]], but there was no soul-wrenching rain accompanying it. In fact, the weather was very nice. As they were returning from the gravesite, Wang Dong brought up the rear like he usually did.

Hong NiangZi had not come with them. She was nearly completely recovered from her injuries, yet she would still hole herself up in her room all day. Nowadays, it was not Wang Dong who was avoiding her but rather, it was her avoiding Wang Dong. A woman’s heart is always unfathomable so this was not unusual at all.

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Thursday, 17 July 2008 18:45

Chapter 39 – Ill-Starred People on the Face of the Earth



Drops of rain struck Guo DaLu like falling pebbles. He finally roused.

A dirty alleyway. A low wall.

Only when he awakened did he realize that he had actually been lying in mud by the corner of the wall. As for why he was sleeping there and how long had he been asleep, he did not even know himself. All he remembered was the previous night, he and the buddies from the east side of the city had all gone to the gambling hall belonging to the laoda [biggest brother; this context, gang leader] of the west side. The brawl had resulted in utter chaos and a complete mess. Afterward, the east end’s laoda had laid out a large merit-celebration feast specially for him in Little Winter Melon’s brothel. Twenty, thirty brothers had taken turns filling him up with wine. The east side’s laoda had even pounded his chest and, in the presence of everyone, declared that so long as Guo DaLu was able to bring down the west end gang, the territory on the west side of the city would go to him. And then, Guo DaLu seemed to recall, they had bowed down together and become sworn brothers.


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Chapter 40 – The Village Girl


Off in the distance, the mountains were a dark green color. The waters of the lake were a clear, deep blue. Those dark green mountains were being reflected in the lake, merging the two colors so the blue seemed brilliant like the jade-green and the green rich like the blue color.

Guo DaLu wandered forward slowly along the lakeshore like a roving soul. He neither had a purpose nor a direction that he was following. When he had heard news of Yan Qi, he had wished that a pair of wings would grow from his ribs so he could fly straight to Jinanfu, as if so long as he was able to get there, he would immediately be able to find her. It was only now, since he had arrived there, that he realized his way of thinking had been too naïve. This d*mn Jinanfu was really not that small. Inside the city, there were at least hundreds, even thousands, of households and tens of thousands of people. Trying to find Yan Qi in such a large place and amid so many people was like trying to fish a needle out of the sea. All he could do was wander around everyday like an aimless soul, hoping that there would a day where his luck was particularly good and he could run into Yan Qi. And though the chance of this happening really was too slim, he also knew himself that any chance, regardless of how slim it was, was better than no chance at all.
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Chapter 41 –Tailing the Pock-Faced Person


The breeze blew, rustling the weeping willows and rippling the surface of the lake.

Guo DaLu was still strolling along slowly, peeling the skin off the lotus root and humming a little tune. After walking what could be considered a fair distance, he abruptly whipped his head around and noticed straight away that behind him, with a broken dish in hand, was a beggar. What’s more, this beggar had a pockmarked face.

The instant he turned back to look, the pock-faced man hid behind a tree. This man’s skill in following people really was not all that good. If Guo DaLu had not been so preoccupied with his own thoughts these last two days, he would have detected his presence a long time ago. Was this man with the pockmarked face the same one that Shui RouQing had spoken about?

Casually, Guo DaLu turned around and, with small steps, ambled over in the direction of that pock-faced man. He had planned that, as he got close to the man, he would suddenly jump forward and seize ahold of him.

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Chapter 42 – Dragon King Temple


But the pock-faced man surprisingly came back out very quickly. He was already completely intoxicated as he supported himself on the shoulder of a seventeen, eighteen year old girl and loudly asked a waiter where the restroom was.

So it seemed he had drank too much and was looking for a way out. Guo DaLu stayed cool, watching him as he walked downstairs, but after a long time passed, he still did not see him come back up. “Could he have discovered that I am here and is using the excuse of going to relieve himself as a means to escape?” Guo DaLu finally could not hold his impatience back any longer and was ready to charge down the stairs and chase after him.

Right at that moment, though, from the corner of his eye, he caught a glimpse of someone across the street shuffling away with his head down. It was the pock-faced man. Sure enough, he was sneaking off.

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