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Friday, 11 July 2008 11:35

Chapter 21 – Shaded Willows, Bright Flowers [11]


To Yan Qi, dying really was quite easy. He had already died nine times. And now, surprisingly, he was alive again.

He could feel that he was lying on a soft and comfortable bed. Every item that his eyes took in was resplendent and exquisite, so much so that they did not seem to be earthly objects. If last time, the place he had awoken in was hell, then this place surely was heaven.

But without Guo DaLu by his side, what meaning could heaven possibly have to him? Where was Guo DaLu? Could he have been sent down to hell instead? Yan Qi struggled to pull himself up and at once, he saw Guo DaLu. He nearly could not believe his own eyes. In the room, there was a table, and it was covered in food and wine. Guo DaLu was sitting there feasting away. Finally setting down his chopsticks when he saw Yan Qi, he beamed, “I saw that you were sleeping so well and did not want to disturb you, so I decided to indulge first. Fortunately, there is so much food here that even ten people would not be able to finish it all.”

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Friday, 11 July 2008 11:36

Chapter 22 – Wang Dong’s Secret


Every person has secrets.

Wang Dong was a person. Therefore, he, too, had a secret. It was hard to believe that someone like Wang Dong could actually have any sort of secret. He had never done anything alone before. In fact, the amount of time he spent off the bed was minimal. Never in Yan Qi’s dreams would he have thought that Wang Dong would also have a secret, yet, the first person who discovered that he had one was Yan Qi. How did he discover this? The very first time he found out about this secret was because he saw a very bizarre object: he saw a kite. A kite, in itself, is not bizarre, but this particular kite brought about many, many extremely strange and astonishing occurrences. Indeed, it could even be said that these incidents were terrifying.


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Friday, 11 July 2008 11:41

Chapter 23 – Hong NiangZi: Heart like a Serpent and Scorpion


Everyone has a past; no one can avoid talking about their past in front of their good friends. Sometimes, it will be like telling a story. Most of these stories are not very captivating – listening to someone boast is not as interesting as doing the boasting yourself. But everything has its exceptions.

When Wang Dong spoke, everyone stared at him with wide eyes while they listened without even interrupting at all. The first person who opened his mouth to interrupt was, naturally, still Guo DaLu. He had, in fact, restrained himself for an awfully long time, but as he listened to this point, he could no longer contain himself. He first exhaled out a long breath before finally asking, “Where did that elderly gentleman wait for you?”

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Friday, 11 July 2008 11:44

Chapter 24 – The Straw Men’s Secret


Hong NiangZi blinked at him innocently. “I always thought the one person who understood me the best was you. Do you know why?”

Scarlet Serpent: “Hmph.”

Hong NiangZi: “Because only a woman can truly understand another woman. Everyone knows this principle.”

Wang Dong cried out, “He is a woman?”

Hong NiangZi: “Did you think he is a man?”

Wang Dong: “He looks like one.”

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Friday, 11 July 2008 11:46

Chapter 25 – The Final Attack


It is true that there are very few friends in the world who will go through life and death with you. It is even rare for husbands and wives, let alone friends. But this sort of friend is not non-existent. At least Guo DaLu and the others were this type of friend.

They knew that Wang Dong was at the crossroad of life and death. How could they be willing to leave Wang Dong alone in the danger? How could they leave?

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Friday, 11 July 2008 11:47

Chapter 26 – Spring Has Arrived in the World


Morning. The golden sunshine pierced through the layers of cloudand shone upon the window. A breeze blew past the window, carrying on it a fresh and clean fragrance that had come from a distant hill. Mornings are always lovely, always brimming with hope. But you need not curse the darkness of the night either, for without the ugliness of darkness as comparison, how else could the loveliness of morning be emphasized?

Spring. The golden sunshine pierced through the layers of cloud and shone upon the tips of branches. A breeze blew past those gentle branches, the tips already showing a few new buds of green. Amidst the melting snow, there was the fresh and clean fragrance of spring. Spring is always lovely, always brimming with hope. But you need not curse the harshness of winter, for without that harsh and cruel cold, how else could the warmth of spring be emphasized?

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Friday, 11 July 2008 12:05

Chapter 27 – A World of Gold


What sorts of people can be called ‘sick people’ [or a 'patient’]? This classification, like many other classifcations, has many different definitions. Some people will explain it as: a sick person is someone who has a sickness. Of course, this definition of ‘sick person’ is indisputable but it is still not completely correct. Sometimes, people do not have a sickness, but yet, they are still ‘sick people’. For example, someone who is injured, or someone who has been poisoned. Can you call them ‘sick persons’?

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Friday, 11 July 2008 12:06

Chapter 28 – The Way to Making Money


“If that is the case, does that mean we are at a dead end?” Guo DaLu asked with a groan.

Yan Qi: “Who said that we are at a dead end? People have always made their own roads. As long as you have determination, as long as you are willing to make your way, there will certainly be a road.”

Guo DaLu: “I understand this principle, and I have said the same thing to others before. Right now, though…” He paused a moment before carrying on, “Right now, I only believe one thing.”

Yan Qi: “What is that?”

Guo DaLu: “If, today, we are not able to pay back the money that we owe to people, then today is the day that we are going to go hungry.”

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Friday, 11 July 2008 12:07

Chapter 29 – Gold and Face


This house’s front door opened out to the south, and its pair of ringed door knockers glinted in the sunlight. Guo DaLu spotted those rings the instant he entered the lane. A long time passed, yet his eyes were still fixed on them, as if he had never before seen ringed door knockers in his life. Actually, he very rarely in his life had the chance to see something so peculiar.

Every household had a front door; every front door had ringed door knockers. This point was not the least bit peculiar. What was peculiar, though, was the door knockers on this house’s front door were actually made of gold.

All the while that Guo DaLu had been fixated by the door knockers, Yan Qi had been watching him. Lately, there almost seemed to be a rope around these two that connected them together. Wherever Guo DaLu was, Yan Qi would be there also. After a long time, Guo DaLu finally exhaled and commented, “This family must be the new-rich.”

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Friday, 11 July 2008 12:09

Chapter 30 – The Old Fox and the Great Drunken Hero


Guo DaLu really did not enjoy swearing and cursing, nor did he really know how to insult people, but his voice was extremely loud. As he stood before the front door of the Jin mansion hurling insults, even Yan Qi, who was outside of the lane, could hear him clearly.

A large white poplar tree grew near the entrance to the lane, and beneath the tree was a stone block. Yan Qi was standing on that stone block listening to Guo DaLu. A look of appreciation covered his face, as if he was listening to a famous actor singing in an opera. That was because he was not the person Guo DaLu was cursing; Guo DaLu was insulting Commander Jin.

“You, surnamed Jin! You should be a human being. Why are you hiding away inside your house like a frightened turtle hiding its head? What are you afraid of? Could it be that your nose was knocked crooked by someone and you do not dare show your face to others now?”
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Friday, 11 July 2008 20:05

Chapter 31 – Commander Jin


Sour Plum Soup. Mei RuNan.

A brilliance flashed in front of Guo DaLu’s eyes. “It is you,” he exclaimed. “What are you doing here?”

Smiling, Mei RuNan said, “I was just going to ask you. Why have you two come here?”

Yan Qi interrupted, “We are waiting for you.”

Mei Ru Nan: “How did you know I would be coming?”

Yan Qi: “I know how to deduce.”


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