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Chapter 10 - The Scholar of Unknown Origin


There was nobody inside the house. It was as if the lamps had lit themselves.

Brand new lamps burned brilliantly, glimmering like gold, on a brand-new table made of wood from a pear tree. And this new table stood on top of a new Persian rug. Freshly picked flowers had been placed next to the lamps – everything you could possibly need was there. So long as it was something that you would see in a house, this manor had it. It was like a miracle had happened there.

The lone thing that had been left in its original position was Wang Dong’s large bed. But new sheets had been arranged neatly on it, and someone had even a laid a flower blossom on the blankets.

Guo DaLu’s eyes were ready to fall from his head as he stared in awe from the doorway. He muttered, “Have we gone to the wrong place?”

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Chapter 11 – The Fist of Guo DaLu


DiaoShi beamed at them. “If that is the case, we must go back and make preparations.”

Guo DaLu: “Hurry. The faster the better.”

DiaoShi gave a deep respectful bow. Without warning, he squinted at SaoSu and in a low voice, hissed, “Hand it over.”

SaoSu scowled back at him and huffed, “What is your rush? So this time you won.”

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Chapter 12 – Men and Cats


In the rear courtyard, there was a firewood shed.

It seemed that firewood sheds were not used to store firewood but rather, to hold prisoners. Every household that captured a thief seemed to wind up locking him in the firewood shed. This firewood shed had spiders, mice, dog feces, cat urine, broken pots and bowls, leftover cinders… It had nearly everything you could think of, everything except for firewood. There was not a single log inside.

Nor was there a single person.

NanGong Chou, who had been bound up like a zongzi, was gone. All that remained was a pile of rope on the ground.

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Chapter 13 – NanGong Chou’s Secret


Guo DaLu: “Do you think Mei RuNan could be Mei RuJia’s younger sister?”

Yan Qi: “Whether she is or not has nothing to do with me.”

Guo DaLu: “Is there enmity between the Mei family and Feng QiWu?”

Yan Qi: “Not certain.”

Guo DaLu: “I think that must be it. That’s why Mei RuNan thought up a plan to get rid of Feng QiWu. But does she hold some sort of hatred towards NanGong Chou as well? Was she the one who rescued NanGong Chou? Did she save him because of that lot of treasures?”

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Chapter 14 – A Tough Task


When she reached the door, Mei RuNan turned around and beckoned to Guo DaLu. Her hand was pale and smooth.

Suppose that a pair of hands are wrapped around and gripping your neck. Regardless of how pale these hands are or how soft and smooth, that feeling would still be rather unpleasant.

Guo DaLu had to stand. He looked over at Yan Qi. Yan Qi did not look at him. Guo DaLu turned his eyes toward Wang Dong. Wang Dong was drinking wine, and the cup was blocking his eyes. Guo DaLu cast his gaze over at Lin TaiPing. Lin TaiPing was staring off into the distance. Grinding his teeth together, Guo DaLu grumbled hatefully, “My ancestors must have accumulated many good deeds; otherwise, how could I possibly have made such great friends?”

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Chapter 15 – Guo DaLu’s Secret


What is a secret? A secret is something where you are the lone person who can bask in it. It may fill you with joy, it may bring you pain. No matter what it is, though, it belongs solely to you. If what it brings is pain, then you must endure it alone; if it brings joy, you also cannot share it with others, even your best of friends. That is because, should a second person know your secret, then it can no longer be called a secret.

Some secrets really are a type of enjoyment. When you have just finished eating a good meal, taken a nice hot bath, slipped on some old, baggy clothes, and are sitting alone in a comfortable chair in front of a window beyond which the sky is filled with the colors of the setting sun, you will suddenly think about your secret. Then you will not be able to control the warm feeling that will rise up within your heart…

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Chapter 16 – Misunderstanding


Yan Qi: “Because I saw it with my own eyes.”

Wang Dong: “What did you see?”

Yan Qi: “I saw him whispering with HuoBoPi for a long time. HuoBoPi took out an ingot of silver and gave it to him; then, he left with HuoBoPi.”

Wang Dong paused for a moment in surprise. “You didn’t run over and ask what was going on?”

With another icy laugh, Yan Qi responded, “Why would I run over? I don’t want to be HuoBoPi’s lackey.”

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Chapter 17 – Whose Skin Will Be Flayed?


HuoBoPi’s pawnshop was called “Li Yuan Pawnshop.” It was across from Mai LaoGuang’s barbecue meats restaurant. Mai LaoGuang’s shop sign had already been taken down and right then, some people were whitewashing the storefront.

As their thoughts turned to Mai LaoGuang, Guo DaLu and Yan Qi could not help feeling a twinge of sadness. After all, they had had many happy moments there. They were not melancholy and moody people, but they were very easily moved by many things.

A horse-drawn carriage was stopped in front of Li Yuan Pawnshop. The door of the pawnshop was closed. It seemed that it was not planning on opening for business today.

A glance passed between Guo DaLu and Yan Qi. In the small side alley that they had just walked through, they saw HuoBoPi creep out of a side door, his shoulders hunched, his eyes sneakily assessing all four directions, and his arms wrapped tightly around a cloth bundle. Seeing no one, he jumped straight away into the carriage. The carriage door closed immediately, and even the blinds on the windows were lowered.

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Chapter 18 – Lin TaiPing’s Secret


Guo DaLu further explained, “If she really is hiding because people are trying to track her down, then at least her actions should be more secretive. Yet every time I was at the pawnshop, I would see her everywhere, walking in and out. She did not seem like she afraid of people seeing her at all.”

Yan Qi: “At the time, could you tell what type of person she was? Since people could not even tell who she was, why should she need to be afraid of being seen?”

Guo DaLu: “You think that she did the same thing as Feng QiWu, that she altered her own appearance and disguised herself?”

Yan Qi: “Feng QiWu is not the only person in jianghu who knows the art of disguises.”

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Chapter 19 – A Hell of Darkness



The table was laden with many different dian xin [* dim sum, smaller snack-sized foods] and each one was delicious.

Eating is not only a type of enjoyment, it is also an art. Madam Wei appreciated both the enjoyment and the art. When she ate, she did it slowly and attractively. No matter what it was she was eating, she was able to make others feel that she was indulging in something extremely delectable. Besides, these dian xin were, indeed, all scrumptious. And since their flavors were so delightful when eaten, their aromas definitely were also mouthwatering when they were inhaled.

Guo DaLu could not help himself as he started to swallow his own saliva hungrily while trying to not be seen. As the tipsy effect of the alcohol faded, his belly seemed to feel famished especially quickly. The feeling you have when watching someone eat and drink extravagantly while your stomach is starving is worse than any possible punishment. Guo DaLu suddenly cried out, “The host is pigging out by herself while she makes the guests sit hungrily off to the side watching her. That does not seem the proper way to treat the guests.”

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Chapter 20 – Death: The Sole Hardship Through All the Ages


Guo DaLu told him, “What I most want to know is your secret.”

Yan Qi: “Me?... What secret would I have?”

Guo DaLu pressed, “The secret you wanted to tell me before you died.”

Abruptly, Yan Qi pulled his hand back and did not say anything. After a long while, with a hint of laughter in his voice, he finally responded, “You still have not forgotten about that?”

Guo DaLu chuckled, “In life or in death, I will not forget.”

Yan Qi was quiet for a long time again before answering in a low tone, “But I do not want to tell it to you anymore.”

Guo DaLu: “Why?”


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