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Happy Heroes (欢乐英雄 )
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Friday, 11 July 2008 05:12

Happy Heroes
(Huan Le Ying Xiong: 欢乐英雄)

Author: Gu Long
Translator: Tiger Wong (Prologue-Chapter 2), Hoju! (Chapter 3 onwards)



Happy heroes is a rather atypical wuxia novels, expounding more on the human side of being a hero (or heroes) and a very fun one to read. The story starts with how 3 different people (Guo DaLu, Yan Qi, and Lin TaiPing) came one by one to a dilapidated manor and decided to stay with another person who already lived there (Wang Dong). They became good friends when they had to sort out each person's lives. They came to the manor to escape from their own problems, but together as happy friends, they manage to resolve their previous problems that caught up with them and became better people afterwards.


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Friday, 11 July 2008 05:36

Prologue I: Guo DaLu and Wang Dong

Guo DaLu’s character matched his name, he truly was a very DaLu person. “DaLu” meant very straightforward, carefree, even a little dense. No matter what the situation, he would not put it to heart.

And yet Wang Dong never moves. [*Dong means motion.]

Straightforward people were usually poor. Guo DaLu was especially poor, ridiculously poor.

He actually shouldn’t have been so poor.

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Friday, 11 July 2008 05:51

Chapter 1 - Women and Money

Someone once said, women are a source of trouble.

Someone once said, if there were no women, it would be very cold and quiet; With women around, there would not be a moment of peace.

Of course, it was a man who said these words. But no matter what men say, women are things this world must not have a shortage of. Out of 10,000 men, there are at least 9,990 who would rather take ten years out of their lives than not have a woman.
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Friday, 11 July 2008 05:53

Chapter 2

Wang Dong had been awake for a long time now, but he was still lying on the ground motionless.

He had first rolled up the cotten blanket into a tube, and then slowly squeezed into it until his entire person was inside the cylinder, all four sides were sealed airtight.

A mouse was running back and forth next to his body, it was cautious at first, not daring to crawl over toward him, but afterwards it gradually began to see him as a dead person and even crawled up onto his head.

Wang Dong was still motionless.

Lin TaiPing’s attention had been focused on him for a long time, after a while he couldn’t stop himself anymore, silently walked over, and reached out his hand towards his nose to check if he was still breathing.

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Friday, 11 July 2008 05:56

Chapter 3 – Mai LaoGuang


Mai LaoGuang was the name of a little restaurant. It was also the name of a person. Mai LaoGuang’s barbecue meats smelled so good that the scent reputedly could draw any person or dog within a ten li radius to its door.

Mai LaoGuang was the owner of the little restaurant, plus head cook and waiter.

Aside from barbecue meats, Mai LaoGuang only sold rice and congee.

If you wanted to drink wine with your meal, you would need to purchase it at “Yan Mao Yuan Wine Shop” a few doors over and bring it back or else buy some barbecue meat to take over to Yan Mao Yuan.

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Friday, 11 July 2008 07:31

Chapter 4 - The Sword and the Staff


A sword or a staff –– not everyone is fond of the staff. But a staff can be extremely useful.

The staff is more arrogant than the sword. It will only strike after the one who wields it has determined that there is something worth his effort. In contrast, once a sword leaves its scabbard, its sole purpose is to seek out a mortal weakness. Especially this particular sword.

There was a price to unsheathing this sword, and there was a price to returning it to its scabbard. The price to unsheathe it was money. The price to re-sheathe it was blood.

One or two shi chen[2] passed but Golden Lion and the black-clothed man remained seated where they were. Guo DaLu and the others also stayed. They were reluctant to leave and also could not leave. If Guo DaLu pulled out the ingot of gold to pay their tab, it would be the same as announcing to everyone that he was the thief.

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Friday, 11 July 2008 07:34

Chapter 5 – The Pest that Would Not Go Away


The nosey pest, Guo DaLu, had arrived long ago and had watched everything from the corner of the street. Several times earlier on, he had wanted to charge onto the scene. But what would he do once he rushed over there? If GunZi had really captured that ruthless thief, was he going to help the crook resist arrest? As he rushed down the mountain, the cold wind blowing on his face, his anger had had time to cool down. That was why he now remained where he was at the street corner.

The person who had fallen lay twisted and motionless, like a pile of mud, in the middle of the street. Suddenly, GunZi grabbed him and dragged him into an upright position. With his hands twisting the front of the man’s clothing, he spoke, emphasizing each word. “Look at me.” Although the man’s body was upright, his head was drooping onto his chest.

GunZi let go of the clothing with his right hand, and with it, slapped him across the face ten times. A stream of blood flowed from the corner of the man’s mouth, but not even a moan escaped his lips as he grit his teeth in pain.

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Friday, 11 July 2008 07:37

Chapter 6 – The Secret Underneath the Bed


Anyone who first heard the name “Wealthy Manor” before actually going there was guaranteed to be shocked when they arrived. It was not often that you saw a manor that was “wealthy” in the way that this one was.

Guo DaLu laughed. “Normally this place does not have lamps or oil, but fortunately, I bought some candles today or else we would all have to eat in the dark.”

Wang Dong: “Actually, eating in the dark can be quite entertaining.” Once he returned home, the first thing he usually did was take off his shoes and climb onto his bed. Today, though, he did not even walk in that direction, but rather, sat down far away from it and said, “If you do not mind that it is dirty, please feel free to take a seat on the floor.”

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Friday, 11 July 2008 07:39

Chapter 7 - Mai LaoGuang and his Barbecue Duck


There were only approximately 300 households in the mountain city, but at the moment, each one had lit its lamps and thrown its doors wide open as if to welcome the God of Wealth. In reality, though, it was not the God of Wealth they were welcoming but actually a god of pestilence [*a way to call someone an annoyance or pest]. Dozens of men, wearing red-tassel hats and uniforms and carrying sabres at their waist and torches in their hands, were searching through each house.

Yan Qi and Guo DaLu had just reached the foot of the mountain when they came across Golden Lion standing at the end of a street with his hands behind his back, barking in a loud voice, like a general on a battleground who was accustomed to issuing orders. Guo DaLu greeted him saying, “General Jin, are you planning on turning this place into a battlefield?”

Golden Lion’s face, which had previously had an icy expression on it, broke into a smile when he saw Guo DaLu. “We had no other choice; otherwise, we would have preferred not to disturb these honest citizens.”

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Friday, 11 July 2008 11:09

Chapter 8 - Buddha and Stinking Bugs


Money is something that a man cannot live without. Nor can he live without women. Money can bring trouble, but women will bring even more trouble. Aside from these two points, there is something else that money has in common with women: if it comes to you easily, it will certainly disappear just as quickly.

Guo DaLu always thought of himself as a man of principle; in everything he did, he would stay true to his own principles. When it came to eating duck, his principle was, “If there is still meat, do not nibble on the bones; if there is still skin, do not eat the meat.”

By now, the duck he was eating had been stripped of its skin. The barbecue duck without its skin was like a woman in her fifties who had been stripped of her clothing, revealing the pudginess underneath. But the duck was also like a twenty year old woman: the more you stripped off of it, the better it looked.

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Friday, 11 July 2008 11:11

Chapter 9 - To Kill or Be Killed


The tables had all been separated, the cotton blankets stored. It was fast approaching the time when Kui Yuan Guan would start seating its patrons. But right then, on the upstairs level, there was only the four of them sitting motionless, like four wooden statues – wooden statues that knew how to drink wine.

The wine level in the jug was subsiding like an ebbing tide. They filled their own cups and drank in silence. No one addressed anyone else.

Then, as if they had prearranged it, Yan Qi, Wang Dong, and Guo DaLu all started laughing loudly at the same time.

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