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1st Weapon: Longevity Sword (长生剑)
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Monday, 07 July 2008 11:05

Longevity Sword
(Chang Sheng Jian:  长生剑)

Author: Gu Long
Translator: Huang YaoShi (Chapter 1), Siven (Intro Poem and Chapter 2 Part 1-2), Fastclock (The rest of the book)

Longevity Sword is the title of the 1st weapon book by Gu Long.

Here are the titles of the 7 Weapon Series:

  1. Longevity Sword
  2. Peacock Feather
  3. Jade Sabre
  4. Sentimental Rings
  5. Tyrant Spear
  6. Separation Hook
  7. Fists (direct sequel to Tyrant Spear)


Longevity Sword tells the story of Bai YuJing, an accomplished swordsman, who found himself being blamed by the others and the Green Dragon Clan for the disappearance of the ultimate hidden weapon, the peacock feather. He had to use his utmost to fend the others, while finding out the real culprit. Many, many people wanted the peacock feather for their own purposes. On top of it, he had to work with Yuan ZiXia, an enigmatic woman who might just have her own agenda.

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Friday, 04 July 2008 04:39

Chapter 1: Wind & Cloud Inn

*Wind & Cloud (Feng Yun) implies an unstable or stormy situation

A city of white jade in the sky,
Has five towers and twelve castles,
Where a divine being touched the top of my head,
Making the hair grow long and my life with it.

~ Li Bai*
[Famous Tang dynasty poet. This poem originally appears at the start of the story, but since the first translation did not include it, I'm giving it here as a reference.]



Upon the stone plated road, nine eccentric looking people appear, all wearing yellow hemp tunics, hemp shoes, and large bowl-sized golden earrings stringed on their left earlobe. They all have a head full of untidy red hair that spreads across their shoulders like flames.

Among the nine, there are tall, short, old, young; each with a different countenance, but they all have the same dead facial expression. They walk, without moving their shoulders or bending their knees, like zombies.
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Friday, 04 July 2008 04:41

Chapter 2: Heavenly Bai Yu-jing

Part 1

Bai Yu Jing* was not in heaven, but on a horse.
[Bai: surname, literally means white; Yu: jade; Jing – capital city; taken together the name becomes “White Jade City,” which appears in the famous poem, and is used by the author for the name of the protagonist as a wordplay.]

His saddle was worn with age, his boots and scabbard just as old, but his clothes were brand new.

The scabbard dangled loosely against his saddle; the spring breeze blew softly across his face.

He felt very pleased, very comfortable.
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Friday, 04 July 2008 04:42

Chapter 3: An endless night

Chapter 3 Part 1

Just as the stars would rise, it would also set. The earth was silent, even in the calm the sound of water movement on the lake could be heard.

The lantern by the front door would gently sway in the breeze as its light flickered in the wind.

Yuan Zi Xia curled up in Bai Yu-jing's bosom. She had gradually fallen asleep.
She was really too weary, weary like a lost pigeon, which finally had found her safety perch.
Perhaps she was not sleepy originally, but the view gradually disappeared, the gentle and happy darkness finally hugged her.
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Friday, 04 July 2008 04:44

Chapter 4: A Stiff Corpse

It was not an endless night.
The wind actually brought the news that daybreak was coming. It became more refreshing and colder.

Bai Yu-jing calmly stood in the cold wind.
He hoped the colder was the wind, the more sober was his mind.

When he was 13 years-old, he started to roam about in jiang-hu. It had been 14 years now.
For these 14 years, he was continuously sober, therefore he could continue living until now.
Regardless of the previous experiences he had to suffer, the attacks and the dangers, if he wanted to live on, that would not be easy.
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Friday, 04 July 2008 04:45

Chapter 5: A good bright knife

Fang Longxiang said: "Certainly!"
Bai Yu-jing smiled and said: "If I said his wife had come to and were preparing to plot against you, would you believe me?"

Fang Longxiang said: "I will not believe it."
Although in his mouth he said he did not believe it, he could not help turning his head. His hands also moved, the iron hook moved away from Bai Yu-jing’s throat.

Behind him, Bai Yu-jing suddenly made an effort to turn to his left and got up.
The longevity sword fell nearby Gongsun Jing’s corpse.
As soon as he turned around, his hand had gripped the sword handle.
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Friday, 04 July 2008 04:47

Chapter 6: The shadow of Wei Tian-ying

Chapter 6 Part 1

A good bright knife!
The ice-cold steel knife progressed quickly to Bai Yu-jing’s throat. He suddenly could only looked at it without blinking.

This knife had not chopped the throat. The steel knife arrived on the throat and suddenly stopped.

Zhao Yi-dao stared at him. He suddenly said with a smile: "Bai-zi knows when this knife chops on the neck, it will fall?"
Bai Yu-jing said: "I know."
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Friday, 04 July 2008 04:49

Chapter 7: The first kind of weapon

Chapter 7 Part 1

Young Master Zhu laughed: "I know that you are sincere to him, therefore I will help you by letting you die together with him. If you have any speech you want to say, you should just wait until you’re on the road to Hades.”
This speech had not fully been said, his body suddenly stiffened. The corner of his eyes suddenly split open as if an invisible iron hammer suddenly struck him from the midair. And then his face got thoroughly distorted, before his body collapsed to the ground.

This man in black was certainly not with him, he was just standing still in there without any expression. However, there was a knife in his hand, a pointed knife with blood ... He finally did not stay behind Young Master Zhu. He certainly wouldn’t have suspected him to do something like this.