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Chapter 2: Tears of the Prodigal Son


Night, moonlit night.

The moonlight was dim, Gao Li vaguely could see Little Wu’s shadow ahead.
He was always very confident about about his lightness skill, but he just found out that this youth’s lightness kungfu was unexpectedly not under him.

Under the moonlight, the multiple layers of the ridges look like a row of wild animal's rib bones.
As soon as the top part of the crescent moon rose above the ridge, it was as if you could pluck it off with your hands.

Each one of us would fantasize that we could pick a star or pluck off the moon from the sky, but our desired moon within our heart were actually different one from another.

Why was the moon so high and unattainable?
For most of us, all we wanted was a tranquil life, a warm family.

But mentioned this to him (Gao Li), and that would be even more remote than the moon in the sky.
Without family or family members, without friends, nobody else understood how fearful was loneliness to him.

He was determined to overtake this friend.
He too needed a friend really—A friend with a similar destiny.
The multiple ridges flew under him, and passed very quickly.

Ahead there was some wilderness.
The wilderness under the moonlit night was colder, Little Wu suddenly slowed down, like he was waiting for him.
He also slowed down, he was no longer pursuing anxiously.
Two people in tandem, walking slowly one after another, walking even slower.
Suddenly, there was no sound at all in this world, only the sound of their footsteps.

Some stars started to rise up in the distant place, the cold moon was no longer lonely.
But the person?

Ahead there were some trees with large boughs.
Little Wu looked for a sparse tree with some large boughs, and leaped up to one of the big bough and sat on it.
Gao Li had also jumped up on a tree, and sat down.

The world was lonely, the breeze blew on the branches and the leaves. The moonlight, from the treetop, mildly creeping downward, calmly sprinkling light on their bodies.

Quietness was not loneliness, because presently someone shared this moment quietly together with him.

After a while, Gao Li had smiled suddenly, said: “I thought Baili Zhang-Qing must die surely.”
Little Wu said: “Oh.”

Gao Li said: “I have already joined ‘July 15' for three years, until today I just found out that they have never really trust me.”
Little Wu said: “They have never really trust anybody.”

Gao Li said: “I would have never thought that you would unexpectedly rescue him.”
Little Wu smiled, said: “Perhaps I never expect it too.”

Gao Li said: “You know him?”
Little Wu said: “No, you?”
Gao Li said: “He ......He has rescued me.”

Little Wu said: “You have gone to Liaodong?”
Gao Li said: “Mmm.”

Little Wu said: “What did you do?”
Gao Li said: “Collecting wild ginseng.”

His eyes had shone suddenly, recalling the past events and the fond remembrance, then said slowly: “Perhaps in my life, those are the most joyful days of my life, free, carefree, although taking a big risk, but it was actually absolutely worth it.”
Little Wu said: “Worth it?”

Gao Li is smiling, said: “As long as you found a rare wild ginseng, you may live comfortably for one year.”
Little Wu said: “You found some?”

Gao Li said: “Because I found some, therefore I nearly died there.”
Little Wu said: “Why?”

Gao Li said: “A wild ginseng was originally not owned by anybody, whoever first discover it had the right for it, therefore you can leave behind your symbol there.”
Little Wu said: “Why do you need to leave behind a symbol there? Why don’t you just pick it?”

Gao Li said: “Plucking it is also similar to murdering someone, you must wait for your opportunity, because sometimes the wild ginseng grew like a person’s intelligence, if you are too anxious, it will crush it.”
Little Wu said: “You are saying that it can walk?”

Gao Li smiled, said: “You might think that this kind of matter is too mysterious, but actually it is absolutely true.”
Little Wu indeed thinks that was very mysterious, therefore he was listening.

Gao Li continued saying:“I had found a mature wild ginseng, I had left behind my symbol. But when I came again, I discovered that the symbol had been exhanged by others.”
Little Wu said: “Why did you leave?”
Gao Li said: “I was looking for a helper. Plucking it on the mountain, also need multiple friends, we altogether have nine people.”

Little Wu said: “The opposite party?”
Gao Li gave a forced smile and said: “They, since they dared to do this kind of tyrannical shameless matter, the number of people were certainly more than that. They also have five of the Liaodong underworld gang's masters, they went to the mountain to evade their enemies.”

Little Wu said: “Your wugong must be inferior at that time compared to now.”
Gao Li said: “Therefore I was injured, and very heavily wounded.”

Little Wu said: “Baili Zhang-Qing caught up by chance and rescued you?”
Gao Li said: “Right.”

Little Wu said: “How come he got there in the nick of time?”
Gao Li said: “Because he has been following the five underworld gang's master.”

Fortunately, there was such lucky occurence in this world.
Because regardless of the matter at hand, the important thing was the outcome.

Little Wu was silent, he smiled suddenly and said: “When you discovered that the opposite party were five of the underworld gang masters, you must have thought that your luck had run out.”
Gao Li nodded.

Little Wu said: “If not for those five people, Baili Zhang-Qing would not have come to rescue you.”
Gao Li nodded again.

Little Wu no longer said anything, he believed that Gao Li had understood his meaning surely.
There was no true luck in the world, nor was there any true misfortune.
Between the good fortune and bad fortune, there was only a very thin subtle difference.
‘Therefore, if you encounter an unfortunate matter, do not complain, do not be discouraged.
Even if you have been struck down as well, you just strive to become better, so long as one continues to live, there is another time to make a stand.’

The night was calmer.
After a very long time, Gao Li asked: “He had not helped you before?”
Little Wu said: “No.”

Gao Li said: “Why did you rescue him?”
Little Wu said: “Because he rescued you, wouldn’t you also rescue him?”
Gao Li said: ” I have not.”

Little Wu said: “If you plan on doing something, you certainly must do it, there is no need to ask someone else to do it for you.”
He stared at a distant place, then said slowly: “Tang Ye was considered to be my savior, today I killed him; Baili Zhang-Qing was considered to be my enemy, today I had rescued him. Because that is what I want to do.”
His face seemed to shine, either it was a reflection of the moonlight or it was coming from within.

Gao Li felt a sort of glory.
He suddenly discovered that this youth was not a real sluggish person.

Little Wu also said: “If the four big escort bureaus in Central Plain joined up, in jiang-hu, there are many people who can benefit from that. When I rescued him, it was for these people, not particularly for him.”

Gao Li was staring at him, he could not bear sighing gently, he said: “You understand a lot of things.
Little Wu said: “Not a lot.”

Gao Li said: “Your swordsmanship is probably not comparable to Baili Zhang-qing.”
Little Wu said: “Oh.”

Gao Li said: “Baili Zhang-Qing has been one of the world-famous seven big swordsmen since many years ago.”
Little Wu said: “He places probably in the sixth place.”

Gao Li said: “You?”
Little Wu smiled, replied: “I am just a peon.”

Gao Li said: “But swordsmanship is not something you get from the birth.”
Little Wu said: “No, certainly not.”

Gao Li said: “Who taught your swordsmanship?”
Little Wu said: “You are asking my origin?”

Gao Li said: “I am very curious about you.”
Little Wu lightly said: “I did not expect you to be so curious unexpectedly.”
He indeed did not expect it.
A person in this organization must not have curiosity, nor could he have any sentiment.

They were together nearly every day in the same place, but they had actually never asked each other’s origin.
They would fight side-by-side, risked each others life, but they had never become really friends with each other, because friendship might soften the will of someone, their heart must actually be hard, the harder the better.

Gao Li said: “I am curious about you, perhaps only then can we become friends.”
Little Wu said: “A person with a friend dies early.”

Gao Li said: “A person without a friend cannot be considered living, he can be considered dead.”
Little Wu had smiled, said: “It looks like a person like you should not be in this organization.”

Gao Li said: “You think that is very strange?”
Little Wu said: “It is very strange.”

Gao Li also smiled, said: “I also want to ask you, a person like you, how could you have entered this organization.”
Little Wu was silent, seemingly pondering it.

Gao Li showed some deep thinking look, when he said suddenly: “The place where we live is not good.”
Little Wu nodded.

They lived in a room that was crude and barren, besides several beds, there was no other furniture.
Because any material enjoyment could possibly soften the will and the physical strength.

Gao Li said: “But at least in the place that we live, regardless of anything we do in there, nobody would interfere with you.”
The corners of his mouth revealed a miserable happy expression, then he also said: “That may let you feel that at least you have a place to go back.”

Little Wu could understand this kind of feeling.
Only a similar wandering prodigal son, could understand this kind of feeling, the misery and the grief.

Gao Li said: “Our day had not felt better.”
Little Wu nodded.

They could not see the sun, they could not laugh heartily, they did not feel the warmth, nor could they enjoy their lives.
All they do everytime, everywhere, was waiting for the next order.
Their spirit could never relax forever.
Little Wu had remembered each time he saw Tang Ye, Tang Ye was always sharpening his knife.

Gao Li said low-spiritedly: “But that kind of day was very routine, at least you can eat to the fullest every day, every day you may sleep on a bed, not in the rain.”
Little Wu said: “When you joined them, was that only because you had nowhere else to go?”
Gao Li smiled miserably, said slowly: “I still have nowhere to go now.”

Little Wu said: “Is the only shelter place for you, where you need to kill other people?”
Gao Li shook his head.
He could not say, because perhaps only because he could not endure to say it.
For a killer to have a safe feeling, he could only protect himself.
Because as a killer, he thought that most of the people in the world would only let him down.

Little Wu gave a long sigh suddenly, said: “I luckily also have a place to go.”
Gao Li said: “What place?”
Little Wu said: “A wine place.”

If you think that wine can be a diverting means, you are wrong.
If you ask me, what is the use of wine then?
Then I am telling you:
Wine is just like a shell, like a shell that a snail carries on its back, it may let you evade the reality.
It may prevent a person to step on you, but you also cannot look up and see above.


Not only this place had some liquor, but it also provided women.
The liquor was some nice wine, the women were also quite attractive, at least under the light they looked quite attractive.

“You have not come to this place?”
“I also have not.”

They made sure that none of them had come there, because only then they had the security that they could be safe.

“Since we have not come here, they will never find us here quickly.”
“But these women actually probably recognize you.”
Little Wu smiled, saying with a smile: “They don’t recognize me, only my money.”

As soon as he walked in, he put a big spindle of money on the table.
The women had taken care of the food and the wine, adding some powder and shouted: “The one who is not drunk today is a turtle.”

Gao Li was hesitating, he could not bear finally asking: “Is the liquor here expensive?”
Little Wu was surprised suddenly.
He was really startled, because this was not the kind of question Gao Li should ask.

It seemed like it was their kind who would wonder through the lands, momentarily taking up gambling in life like a prodigal son, who could scorn at wealth and consider it as the muck, who would not hesitate to spend his own wealth.

Although the management in “July 15” was strict, but killing people carried a price, and the price was usually very high.

Therefore, after each successful task, they would spend and vent heartily for 2-3 days----Spending wholehearted to the fullest of the heart’s content.
That was what the organization permitted.

But Little Wu remembered suddenly that Gao Li had nearly never went to drink and get drunk.
Was he a miserly person unexpectedly?

Gao Li saw him think about something and he smiled suddenly: “The liquor in this place, if it is very expensive, then I’ll let you invite me. If you are not willing to invite me, I may just look on the side while you drink.”

Little Wu said: “You do not have any money?”
Gao Li said: “No, because I am a skinflint.”

Little Wu could not bear smiling and said: “But you are actually different from other skinflint.”
Gao Li said: “How come?”

Little Wu said with a smile: “Because you are willing to acknowledge that you are a miserly, therefore at this point, I should invite you.”
Gao Li also smiled, said: “I a am a little different from other skinflint.”

Little Wu said: “Oh?”
Gao Li said: “I am a drunkard.”

In this world, a mean-spirited drunkard was indeed very rare, but Gao Li was indeed a drunkard.
He drank the liquor simply like a horse.

“A person who does not spend for the liquor, will always drink it very happily.”
“If you have to pay for it?”

“I drink very little.”
“I realized suddenly that you are very honest.”
“My other advantage is not that many.”

Little Wu laughed, Gao Li also laughed, because two people somewhat had been drunk by now.
Although their faces were smiling, but at heart they actually could not smile.
Some 5-6 women accompanied them originally a moment ago, now actually only two left.
The older ugliest two.

One of the man had not welcomed the women originally, moreover they had discovered gradually that these two people were very mean-spirited, and one of them was not too extravagant.

“Where is Bing Bing? Wasn’t she here a moment ago?”
“She went out, she has an old customer looking for her.”
The old customer meaned that he was a hospitable person usually, a hospitable person usually spent extravagantly.

“How about Xiang Wa (a fragrant baby)?”
“Also attending other guest.”

“Pa”, as soon as he patted the table, the wine pot on the table also tipped over.
“Attending guest? Aren't we also the visitors?”
“Bo”, the wine cups also fell to the ground, fell smashing.

Suddenly, there were 3-4 people wearing sideways hats, and open-on-the-front clothes, starting to move on them.

The two were wearing a taoist priest's blue gown and a coolie's tattered clothes, certainly they didn’t look like hospitable persons, nor extravagant persons.
This kind of visitors were many, there wouldn’t be too few of them

The guys sneered: “You two want to drink? Or want to fight?”
Little Wu had a look  at Gao Li, Gao Li had a look at Little Wu.
The two laughed suddenly.

Amidst the big laughter and the “crash-bang” sound, the table turned upside down.
The women called out in alarm and were running away, the guys shouted angrily and crashed down very quickly one over another.
Although they had not practiced Shaolin's hundred step heavenly fist, but the effects of their fists on these people were a lot harder.

Two people feinted, they both aimed hits at people and moved to the north, very quickly this place was strewn like a disordered chicken coop, with eggs all over the place. By the time the place had cleared up, both of them had fled to the wilderness.

Actually nobody had pursued them behind, but they still ran away very quickly.
They thought that running would also satisfy a very large craving.

After running away very hard, suddenly they found a blind alley, the two people stopped, started to laugh, laughed until the tears came out, laughed until they needed to bend their waists.

They wouldn't be able to say what was so funny, they would not be able to say for how long they laughed, until finally, they suddenly could not laugh anymore.

Little Wu looked at Gao Li, Gao Li looked at Little Wu
Two people felt suddenly they wanted to cry.

If you were wandering prodigal sons, could anyone understand your emotion, could anyone know your pains?
Except for the occasional event of getting drunk in the joyhouse, what other kind of venting activity could you also have?

You wanted to smile if you luckily have the chance to smile, if you wanted to cry, you could also cry.
Therefore you could continue to live.


It was very late at night.
Gao Li had lain down, down on the sewer nearby the blind alley.

The stars in the sky were bright.
The stars were sparkling in his eyes, his eyes were very black, very deep.

Little Wu was standing against the wall, looking at him with a strang expression on his face, was it sympathy? Pity?
Also did not know whether it was pity for the others? Or for himself.

He smiled suddenly, said: “I have a secret to tell you, do you want to listen?”
Gao Li said: “Sure.”

Little Wu looked over the distant place, said slowly: “Now I also have nowhere to go.”
He was also smiling, but the smile was like a dim light of a corridor in the night, similarly miserable.
Perhaps he did not smile that much.

Seeing this kind of smile, Gao Li felt a pair of unseen hands slowly twisting, twisting his heart and his eyes, as if they were twisting them for tears and for suffering.

Homeless, there was no place to go.
He mentioned it to him, but this was not a secret.
He also smiled suddenly, said: “Your secret is not very pleasant to hear.”

Little Wu said: “Do you have a secret that is quite pleasant to hear?”
Gao Li said with a smile: “I have one.”

He smiled also somewhat miserably, yet also somewhat mysterious.
Little Wu pressed immediately said: “Why don't you say it?”
Gao Li said: “If I say it, I fear that you would have a scare.”

Little Wu said: “You can rest assured that my courage is not that small.”
Gao Li said: “You want to listen really?”
Little Wu said: “Really.”

Gao Li said: “Good, I will tell you, I have a woman.”
Little Wu was probably really startled, said: “You have a woman? What type of woman?”
Gao Li said: “Certainly a good woman.”
A good woman meant that she did not ask for money.

Little Wu could not bear saying with a smile: “How could she become yours?”
Gao Li was staring at the stars in the sky, the eyes became gentle, as if he could look at her eyes in the stars in the sky.

Little Wu looked at his face's expression, he also could not bear asking: “Is she very beautiful?”
Gao Li nodded finally, said simply: “I guarantee that you have never seen a beautiful woman such like her.”
Little Wu shook his head intentionally, said: “I do not believe you.”

Gao Li had smiled again: “You say you do not believe it, for sure, that’s because you want to coax me to lead you to her.”
Little Wu had also smiled: “You are also very smart.”

Gao Li jumped suddenly, clutching his clothes and said: “But I warn you, if you are impolite to her even a little, I will have it all out with you!”
Their spirits roused suddenly, because they finally found a place they could go.

A marvelous place.
A marvelous person.



The spring had taken hold of all the four sides of the green hill.
The green water showed the upside down reflection of the green hill, collecting a calm pool in the basin.
The sky was blue, the cloud was white, there was a tinge of redness there from the sun’s reflection.

Little Wu was breathing in the fragrance of the woods deeply, the clear water brought delicate freshness, bringing a little tipsiness.

Gao Li looked at his face, he said suddenly: “Jump in!”
Little Wu had smiled, said: “I don’t want to commit suicide, why should I jump in?”

Gao Li said: “You need to wash your clothes, and wash yourself. I don’t want her to smell the wine on your body, nor the smell of blood.”
He stretched out his arms and jumped in first.

Little Wu saw that he put aside his silver spears at the side of the pond, he heaved a sigh in his heart.
The smell of the liquor could be washed clean, but the rank smell of blood could never be washed off forever actually.

He could not bear saying: “Why don't you wash these two spears?”
Gao Li said: “The spears are cleaner than the human.”

Little Wu said: “There was no rank smell of blood on the spears?”
Gao Li said: “No, the human is the one who kill one another, not the spears.”
He dived under the water suddenly.

Little Wu slowly loosened his sword, put it on the mountain stone, felt a sour taste in his mouth.
A human was the one who kill one another, not the sword, nor the spears.
Why did a human always kill one another?
He also plunged into the water.

A fish's world, was also cleaner than a person's world.
The water was limpid and ice-cold.
Gao Li sat on a big boulder under the water, Little Wu also studied him while sitting on a boulder  under the water.

Although they also knew that nobody could sit there forever, but sitting there for a while, ignoring the present was good enough.
It was really beautiful here, very peaceful.

They looked at all kinds of fish swimming leisurely and carefreely in front of them, looked at the water plants, slender and wispy, dancing between the sand and the stones, this kind of feeling could only be understood by someone who had experienced it.
Unfortunately, they could not breathe under the water just like a fish.

The two people looked at each other. They knew that they could not last there forever, and they need to come up together.

At this moment, they saw two fishing lines dangling under the water.
On the fishhook there was no bait, but actually a scabbard, and a red tassel of the spears.
Little Wu’s sheath of his sword, Gao Li’s red tassel of his spears.
These were their bait.

They did not want to fish a fish, only Little Wu and Gao Li.
The two persons kicked backward, fleeing by 20 feet behind the original place. Gao Li circled around, and communicated with Little Wu.

Little Wu flew upwards like the fireworks rocket.
The water splashed four times.
Little Wu already flew ten feet higher than the surface of the water, after inhaling a long breath, he held on to a tree branch by the water surface, hanging on the tree.

There was nobody by the bank of the pond.
Two fishing poles were fixed by the stone on the pond bank.
On the big stone there was also a smaller stone, which held a piece of paper.

And actually the spears and the sword on the stone had disappeared!
Little Wu’s face had become pale like the color of the paper.
By now, Gao Li’s head had came up quietly in the shallow water, the eyes were looking at each other without any color.

“No one.”

“What’s the writing on the paper?”
The two looked at each other, one went to the left one to the right, outflanking the stone.

There was nothing astir in the four directions, no sound, only the smell of the woods in the wind and the freshness of the water.
It was so beautiful, lonesome and quiet all in the world.

Only a fugitive, threatened for life, could feel the murderous intention in this kind of serenity and tranquility.
Only they could not observe the danger, the true danger.

They arrived finally near that stone, Little Wu lifted up the stone, Gao Li picked up that paper.
The paper was also wet, the above handwriting had been also slurred, as if wrote: “Be careful ......”
They saw these two characters only, then a large rock fell upon them…

They certainly could fend that to the side.
But they had not.

For many years, they had trained and used many dangerous tricks, but this one was not considered dangerous. So long as the response of the person was quick, he might fend this stone.
Nobody in “July 15” would certainly think that this kind of trick might kill them.

For many years, they had experienced how to make people die, the ones that could make them fall for the trick, was surely the most dangerous, the most fearful plot.
Therefore when the large stone fell on them, they did not choose to fend against it, instead, they just moved along the stone, and fled by about 30 feet from it.

Immediately their hands had protected their faces.
Then they immediately heard an earth-shattering big quake.
“July 15” had already that batch of gunpowder which was bought from “the thunderclap hall”, all tied up on this large stone.
If they fend the stone, even if they had not exploded into fragments, they still would be hit into pulp by the exploding crushed stones.

But they were still complete, this was not luck
During the blast, not only did they not cover the head, they never really stop moving, only protecting their faces, they had flew upwards steeply, and moved apart by 100 feet.

They jumped three times, fled very quickly, as the sound of the explosion echoed through the valley, the rock splinters fell down like rain into the pool of water.

On top of the cliff, three people were looking downward to look at what happened, one of them was precisely Ding Gan.

He discovered that Little Wu and Gao Li had appeared suddenly on the cliff, his face was like a person who just got slapped.

Gao Li coldly looked at him.
Little Wu actually smiled, said: “I did not expect that you have not died.”
Ding Gan breathed deeply once, he restored his calmness and coldly said: “I also did not expect that you have not died.”

Little Wu said: “Depending only on you three people, it would not be easy to kill us.”
Ding Gan was pale, he had no alternative but to acknowledge.

Little Wu said: “But we, if we want to kill you? You think that would be easy?”
Ding Gan said: “Why do you want to kill me?”

Little Wu said: “Because you must kill us.”
Ding Gan said: “You know that the one who must kill you is not I.”

Little Wu nodded, he also had no alternative but to acknowledge.
Ding Gan said: “Murder, since that is our occupation, we cannot kill people with no reason at all.”
Little Wu said: “Indeed we cannot.”

He turned on the two people standing beside Ding Gan.
These two person had yellow complexions, sickly appearance over the face, the pairs of hands were actually black like iron.

Little Wu said: “I did not expect that masters of the eagle claw skills could unexpectedly have also joining ‘July 15’.”
This person sneered and said: “Your excellency have good eyes.”

Little Wu said: “This is the first time you have your chance, you would certainly not willing to come up empty.”
Ding Gan said: “They will not come up empty certainly.”

His folded arms were in front of him, and now they were in the same position again.
But the two sabres had sheared into these two person’s throats suddenly, shearing very deeply.
They had not called out in alarm, they had not struggled, the two people were suddenly like two wooden logs falling down the cliff.

Ding Gan then clapped his hands and said lightly: “Because they will not go back.”

Gao Li looked at him, on his face there was no expression.
Little Wu said: “As soon as they die, you might go back.”
Ding Gan said: “If we had killed you, I could go back, too. But killing them is easier than killing you.”

Little Wu said: “At least, they will not guard against you.”
Ding Gan said: “Therefore I chose correctly.”

Little Wu said: “But they actually had chosen wrongly!”
Ding Gan said: “Oh.”

Little Wu said: “They should not have come with you.”
Ding Gan said: “I must go on living.”

Little Wu said: “You can go down now.”
Ding Gan said: “Now that they have already died, nobody would know anything about the matters here.”

Little Wu said: “Therefore after you go back, any rumors are quenched.”
Ding Gan said: “But, I have already said that I will not kill people without a reason.”

Little Wu said: “How do you know that we will let you leave?”
Ding Gan said: “Because even if you kill me, you still do not have any advantage.”
Little Wu said: “Oh!”

Ding Gan said: “I have already killed them, I certainly will not reveal your whereabouts again, otherwise July 15 will also never forgive me.”

Little Wu said: “What is the advantage of not killing you?”
Ding Gan said: “I can destroy their corpses and leave no trace of these two people, I can also go back and say that you simply have not taken this road.”

Little Wu said: “Your way of achieving the desired result is actually very thorough.”
Ding Gan said: “I have done this line of work for ten years, if you do not want to work thoroughly, how can I also live.”

In his ashen gray eyes, he unexpectedly also revealed a miserable sorrowful color.
In this world, among the many people who live, most of them were dissatisfied, some people wanted more wealths, some people wanted more authorities.
But for these people, so long as one could live, that would not be easy.

Little Wu sighed suddenly, said: “So long as you can live, you would do anything!”
Ding Gan frightfully nodded, said: “Yes, I would do anything.”

Little Wu said: “Good, I will let you leave.”
Ding Gan did not say a word, and turned around to leave.

Little Wu smiled and said: “Wait a moment.”
Ding Gan waited.

Little Wu said: “Do you know why I let you leave.”
Ding Gan shook his head.
Little Wu said: “Because you are no longer alive, you are already dead!”

Ding Gan had walked away, Gao Li was still standing, not moving.
Then he bent his waist and suddenly vomitted.

Little Wu looked at him, he waited for him to stop, and then he sighed: “You are afraid that you would turn into him later.”
Gao Li showed his painful face and said: “Perhaps, I am already just like him now.”

Little Wu said: “You are different.”
Gao Li said: “But I might do a similar thing, if I were him.”
He made an effort to clench his fists, and said word by word, “Because I must go on living, I must goes on living.”

Little Wu said: “You fear death?”
Gao Li said: “I do not fear death, but I must live.”
Little Wu said: “For your woman, you must go on living?”

Gao Li had turned his head away suddenly, looking at the white clouds in the sky.
Little Wu could not see his face, but he actually could see his hands tremble.

After a very long time, Gao Li only then sighed: “I did not expect that they unexpectedly could pursue here, moreover they pursue here so quickly.”
Little Wu said: “You have not come here before?”
Gao Li said: “I have come here, Shuang Shuang lives nearby.”
Little Wu said: “Shuang Shuang?”
Gao Li said: “Shuang Shuang is my woman.”

Little Wu said: “You have come here before, this time you probably should not have come here. Perhaps they also know about Shuang Shuang and this place.”
Gao Li said: “Perhaps.”

Little Wu said: “Perhaps they have lined up a trap for you, just waiting for you to go.”
Gao Li said: “Perhaps.”

Little Wu said: “But you must go?”
Gao Li said: “I must go certainly.”

Little Wu said: “You know perfectly well that the bait will drop, and you still jump in.”
Gao Li said: “I must jump in.”

Little Wu said: “Why?”
Gao Li said: “Because I cannot let a person keep Shuang Shuang trapped.”

Little Wu did not speak, he could not say anything anymore.
He detected suddenly that this indifferent heartless executioner, had unexpectedly an indescribeable sentiment towards Shuang Shuang.
She was worthy of everything he was working for, she was worthy of his life.

Gao Li had turned his head around and stared at him suddenly, he said: “I will go now, you do not need to go.”

Little Wu nodded, said: “I indeed do not need to go.”

Gao Li had patted his shoulder, he also no longer said anything--Also could not say anything again.

But when he walked, Little Wu actually fell behind him.

His eye has shone, he actually intentionally put on a serious face and said: “You do not need to go, why don’t you go away?”

Little Wu smiled and said: “Although I am not like a person who keeps walking into a trap, but if I have a friend to accompany me, walking into a trap is not a big problem...”

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