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Chapter 7: The first kind of weapon

Chapter 7 Part 1

Young Master Zhu laughed: "I know that you are sincere to him, therefore I will help you by letting you die together with him. If you have any speech you want to say, you should just wait until you’re on the road to Hades.”
This speech had not fully been said, his body suddenly stiffened. The corner of his eyes suddenly split open as if an invisible iron hammer suddenly struck him from the midair. And then his face got thoroughly distorted, before his body collapsed to the ground.

This man in black was certainly not with him, he was just standing still in there without any expression. However, there was a knife in his hand, a pointed knife with blood ... He finally did not stay behind Young Master Zhu. He certainly wouldn’t have suspected him to do something like this.


The roosters continued to crow however now it seemed there was only the sound of Young Master Zhu's respite. He bent down on the ground like a cow panting for breath. The blood did not stop flowing from his wound on the waist.
The man in black coldly stared at him with an unusual ridicule in his eyes.
He was certainly not ridiculing himself, only others.

Zhao Yi-dao stared with his mouth open.
If he had not seen this with his own eyes, he actually could not have believed that this was real.

Suddenly the sound of the panting breath also stopped.
Young Master Zhu's body had turned into putty, a bloody putty.

The man in black looked at the trickle of blood on the tip of the knife, before finally saying: "You would agree that when I kill people, a knife is sufficient."
Zhao Yi-dao step backed one by one and said: "But he... ... He certainly did not die immediately."

The man in black: "That’s because I do not want to let him die too quickly, and also to let him feel the crime he committed to the others.”
Zhao Yi-dao said: "Actually who are you?"

The man in black: "You cannot guess correctly?"
Zhao Yi-dao looked at the entire expression of his face before his fear deepened. He finally sighed: “The skyhawk... You are Wei Tian-ying."

The man in black smiled.
His eye revealed a happy expression like a pointed knife, but there was no expression at all on his face.

Zhao Yi-dao said: "You have already come since the beginning, you have been with us all along."
Wei Tian-ying said: "Now don’t you also think it’s very funny?"

Zhao Yi-dao suddenly shouted out loudly: "Miss Yuan, quickly release Bai Yu-jing's accupoint. I will keep off."

Yuan Zi Xia sighed and said: "Why do you wait until now to let me release him? It is too late now."
She turned her head and smiled at Wei Tian-ying. She said: "Second brother, you said it was not too late presently?"
When he heard the two words "second brother", Zhao Yi-dao’s entire person felt like being dropped into an ice hole from the midair.
Second brother.

Wei Tian-ying was unexpectedly her second brother.
They unexpectedly were in cahoots.

Zhao Yi-dao simply could not believe it. This kind of fact was too absurd, too strange.

Yuan Zi Xia had obviously stolen the Green Dragon Clan’s "peacock map", the Green Dragon obviously wanted to kill her.
Wei Tian-ying was obviously the Green Dragon Clan’s person sent out to pursue and kill her.

How could they possibly be in the same side?
Who could explain this kind of matter?

Chapter 7 Part 2

Zhao Yi-dao hung his head. He was looking at the knife and the peacock map in his hand like a dying mother looking at her son.
He did not have any other words.

He dropped his knife, then held out the peacock map with two hands to Wei Tian-ying.
If this occurred at another time, perhaps he could stall for time. But at present, all the impossible matters had all occurred that he suddenly discovered himself falling into an extremely complex, extremely ingenious, extremely fearful snare.
The most fearful thing was, even until now, he did not know how he could fall.
At this point, it had caused him to completely lose his fighting spirit.

Wei Tian-ying looked at the peacock map in his hand. The ridicule in his eyes became more obvious, as he lightly said: "You do not want to keep it?"
Zhao Yi-dao said: "I don’t think so."

Wei Tian-ying said: "I don’t think so."
He received the peacock map, and then without looking, ripped the map into pieces and threw it away.
The wind had blown, blown the torn pieces of the map like a flying butterfly.

Zhao Yi-dao was aghast.

For this peacock map, some people had betrayed their own people, their friends. For this peacock map, the blood which had flowed already could have dyed red all the lake water outside.
But presently Wei Tian-ying did not even look, and had conveniently ripped it into pieces. What was all this for?

Zhao Yi-dao could only show a bitter expression, before turning his head and faced Yuan Zi Xia. He said: "This map is false?"
Yuan Zi Xia said: "Right, this map is false."

Zhao Yi-dao said: "Really."
Yuan Zi Xia said: "Not really, the real one is in peacock village."

Zhao Yi-dao said: "You... ... Did you rob this from Gongsun Jing’s hand?"
Yuan Zi Xia said: "I robbed this map."

Zhao Yi-dao said: "But this map is false."
Yuan Zi Xia said: "I know."

Zhao Yi-dao said: "You knew perfectly well that it was false, then why also you had to take the risk to rob it?"

Yuan Zi Xia was smiling and said: "Because this matter is a snare."
She smiled happily and charmingly. Then, she proceeded slowly: "This most ingenious part of the snare is the fact that we already know the peacock map is false. If we do not mention this point, I am afraid you could not understand this issue forever."

Zhao Yi-dao simply wanted to just faint away.
For this map, they did not hesitate to go all out, to bleed, even did not hesitate to nip each other like the wild dogs.
But this map was actually counterfeit material, not worth a single cent.
For this map, there were countless tragic deaths washed in blood.
Not only one could not smile, but one also could not cry.

Actually he didn’t know what kind of medicine Wei Tian-ying and Yuan Zi Xia were trying to sell.
Yuan Zi Xia said: "The peacock map was originally bought by second brother, spending a lot of money."

Zhao Yi-dao with a dry lip said: "But after buying, you discovered that the map was a counterfeit material."
Yuan Zi Xia said: "Right."

Zhao Yi-dao said: "You have to swallow the damaged goods, but you did not dare to make it widely known. Because whoever spent the Green Dragon Clan’s money only to buy a counterfeit material would not be forgiven by the Green Dragon Clan."

Yuan Zi Xia sighed, said: "Moreover second brother Wei also could not get this person, therefore I had to offer him an advice."

Zhao Yi-dao said: "What idea?"
Yuan Zi Xia said: "I must protect second brother by giving this map to Gongsun Jing. I am his immediate superior, so when I ordered him to handle the selling of second brother Wei’s item, he certainly did not dare to suspect second brother Wei."

Zhao Yi-dao said: "This hot potato arrived in Gongsun Jing’s hands, his hands needed to be really broad.”
Yuan Zi Xia said: "He should not receive it, but it was a pity that he had no alternative but to receive it."

Zhao Yi-dao said: "But... ... Why do you have to rob this hot potato from his hand?"
Yuan Zi Xia said: "Because I certainly want you to believe that this map is real."

Zhao Yi-dao said: "I do not understand."

Yuan Zi Xia said: "You are all very astute people. You certainly would not do business while suffering a loss."
Zhao Yi-dao said: "Indeed we cannot."

Yuan Zi Xia said: "You ought to know also about the Green Dragon Clan’s custom of not offending their jiang-hu’s friend."
Zhao Yi-dao sighed and smiled painstakingly: "Indeed I know it."

Yuan Zi Xia said: "Therefore before you bid, you certainly must have a look first at this map to see whether it was genuine or fake. According to the Green Dragon Clan’s custom, this would not do."
She charmingly smiled: "Looking at it this way, do you see how the problem lies?"

Zhao Yi-dao said: "Therefore you simply stole the map, others certainly could not suspect again that it was false."

This was one of human weaknesses. Not only she understood this psychology very much, moreover she also used it very well.

Zhao Yi-dao sighs: "Add to the fact that Gongsun Jing ran away from the punishment immediately, we certainly could not suspect a foul play."

Yuan Zi Xia said: "Therefore you certainly would be anxious to pursue."
Zhao Yi-dao said: "Right."

Yuan Zi Xia said: "But if I could be very easily pursued by you, perhaps you would start to suspect something."
Zhao Yi-dao painstakingly said with a smile: "Right. Not getting something easily is indeed always more precious."

Yuan Zi Xia said: "But I must be able to be pursued by you."
Zhao Yi-dao had not understood and asked: "Why?"

Yuan Zi Xia said: "Because this map holds the key. We want you to believe that this map is real. We want you to see this map. We want you to kill one another in order to get this map, then... "

Zhao Yi-dao said: "Then what?"
Yuan Zi Xia easily said with a smile: "After waiting for your demise, we can bring back your gold jewelry. We do not spend any effort to bring it back, moreover we do not need to worry that some people would come looking for trouble. Because you just kill each other and we are not related at all.”

Zhao Yi-dao said: "Originally you do this, because you want us to bring the gold jewelry."
Yuan Zi Xia said: "The money moves the will of the people, this saying you also ought to know."

Zhao Yi-dao said: "You pulled in Bai Yu-jing, because you also want something on his person."

Yuan Zi Xia said: "He has that sword also on his person."
She suddenly sighed and said: "But I am very grateful to him. If not for him to protect me, perhaps this plan would not be completely successful."

Zhao Yi-dao said: "Why?"
Yuan Zi Xia said: "Because if we want this plan to be completely successful, Gongsun Jing certainly must die first, otherwise Fang Longxiang would also refuse stubbornly to be involved."

Zhao Yi-dao said: "Why?"
Yuan Zi Xia said: "Because if they did not die, this map would not necessarily have the assurance to fall on the hands that are willing to go all out to get it."

Zhao Yi-dao thought about it before painstakingly said with a smile: "Right. Because we had the assurance of attaining this peacock map, therefore only then would we kill Miao Shaotian and the white horse Zhang San."

Yuan Zi Xia also gave a sigh and said: "But if not for Bai-zi's longevity sword, how could Gongsun Jing and Fang Longxiang die that easily?"

Zhao Yi-dao said: "Had Gongsun Jing been kept in the dark like us?"
Yuan Zi Xia said: "Certainly."

Zhao Yi-dao said: "Didn't he recognize you? Didn’t he know that you were also a Green Dragon Clan’s person?"

Yuan Zi Xia lightly said, "He was only a tiny world hall host (world hall host is the title in the clan-obviously we can see it’s not a very high position now), when he met a Green Dragon Clan’s person, nine of ten he probably would not recognize him."

Zhao Yi-dao said: "How did you swindle him?"

Yuan Zi Xia has smiled, said: "If I wanted his life it would be very easy, much less if I just want him to be swindled."

Zhao Yi-dao looked at her happy, and also charming smiling face. Finally he could not bear to emit a long sigh and said: "If I were him, I am afraid I would also be similarly deceived."

Yuan Zi Xia enchantingly said: "I am afraid you would be deceived as well, even more miserably."

Zhao Yi-dao said: "But since Fang Longxiang was also a Green Dragon Clan’s person, why did you have to kill him?"

<It seems to be missing a couple of sentences here. Also this probably includes the cutoff where the third part of the chapter begins. From the later part of the chapter we can see that Fang Longxiang was too greedy even for Green Dragon Clan’s taste.>

Zhao Yi-dao said in consternation, "Now it’s not the right time?"

Yuan Zi Xia said: "Certainly it is not."
She smiled sweetly: "Now every cent of the money here would belong to me and second brother Wei."

Zhao Yi-dao was stunned momentarily. Then he smiled painfully: "I am also a world-wise person. I have looked at many sinister and ruthless people, and listened to many ingenious sly clever tricks. But compared with you, these people are simply like a child who are still nursing."

Yuan Zi Xia said with a smile: "Thank you the praise, I certainly would never forget it."

Wei Tian-ying suddenly said with a smile: "You have asked everything?"
Zhao Yi-dao said: "Yes."

Wei Tian-ying said: "Now haven’t you already suffered some headaches?"
Zhao Yi-dao said: "Indeed this hurts very much."

Wei Tian-ying said: "You can attend to your own headache?"
Zhao Yi-dao sighed and said: "Luckily I also can attend to it, otherwise I am afraid it will hurt really badly."

He had really cured his own headache.
- A person's head if it had been chopped down, it would not hurt again!

Bai Yu-jing had continuously looked on. While listening to all these, his face was similar to Wei Tian-ying’s, as if he had put on a mask.

“Easy to blend” was also part of the “enduring technique”. But Young Master Zhu had never recognized him, certainly not because his “enduring technique” was very good.
That was because Young Master Zhu never really cared about the role of this person – just an obedient bodyguard. In Young Master Zhu’s eyes, he was no more than a dog, very unimportant.
If he was willing to care about the others, perhaps he would not die so miserably.

Wei Tian-ying looks at the knife in his hand, before he coldly said: "Zhao Yi-dao was an intelligent person, he was so quick that his head had not hurt at all."
Yuan Zi Xia said: "When a smart person acts, he would not cause trouble for the others."

Wei Tian-ying said: "Bai Yu-jing?"
Yuan Zi Xia blinked her eyes for a short period of time and said: "It seems that his intelligence was inferior to Zhao Yi-dao."

Wei Tian-ying said: "Therefore he had to trouble you."
He suddenly stretched out his hand and delivered the knife in front of Yuan Zi Xia.

Yuan Zi Xia said: "You know I do not like holding a knife."

Wei Tian-ying said: "When you kill people, you do not use a knife?"
Yuan Zi Xia enchantingly said: "Moreover I also do not see the blood."

Wei Tian-ying said: "Can you make an exception this time?"
Yuan Zi Xia sighed and said: "You want me to do this matter, how will I refuse?"

She received the knife and turned around to look at Bai Yu-jing. She humorously said: "I really could not endure killing you but if I do not kill you, second brother Wei would beangry, therefore I had to apologize to you."

Bai Yu-jing said: "You do not need to be so polite."

Yuan Zi Xia said: "I seldom use the knife, if this knife cannot kill you, perhaps it can hurt."
Bai Yu-jing said: "It doesn’t matter."

Yuan Zi Xia said: "Good, then I really would not be mad."
She suddenly turned around, the knife aimed at Wei Tian-ying.
A good quick knife.

Besides her, certainly no one else could say that she could not use the knife.

Wei Tian-ying’s eyes had that ridicule expression. When this knife was launched, both of his hands moved and gripped the tip of the knife.

Yuan Zi Xia’s complexion had finally changed, really changed.
Wei Tian-ying sneeringly said: "Do you know why I wanted to give this knife to you?"

Yuan Zi Xia was nipping her lips and shook her head.
Wei Tian-ying said: "I want you to kill me."

Yuan Zi Xia said: "Why? "
Wei Tian-ying said: "Because I am like you, I also want to have sole possession of this treasure."

Yuan Zi Xia sighed and said: "Did you want me to kill you first, so then you can start to kill me?"
Wei Tian-ying said: "Right, otherwise I really could not endure to start."

Yuan Zi Xia sighs: "It looks like I had made a mistake after all."
Wei Tian-ying said: "Each people would all make a mistake unavoidably."

Yuan Zi Xia said: "But you are also mistaken."
Wei Tian-ying said: "Oh?"

Yuan Zi Xia said: "I must kill you, certainly not for wanting to have sole possession of it."
Wei Tian-ying sneeringly said: "Is it to rescue him?"

Yuan Zi Xia mournfully said with a smile: "Just look at me. If I were not moved by the true feelings, how could I make a mistake?"
Wei Tian-ying coldly said: "It is only a pity that he cannot rescue you."

Bai Yu-jing suddenly also blurted a sigh: "You are mistaken."

While saying these words, Yuan Zi Xia retreated by seven feet, the tip of the toe had nipped and shouldered the longevity sword.

Bai Yu-jing leaped up and grabbed this sword.
When he finished saying these words, he launched three sword strokes, the sword light like star showers in the Milky Way.

Wei Tian-ying's knife perhaps may put up with these three sword strokes. It was only a pity that he was gripping just the tip of the sword.
If his hand was empty, perhaps he may also fend the moves.
It was only a pity that his hand were gripping his own knife.

He retreated while turning the tip of the sword up with his hands. This change was unexpectedly very quick.
It was a pity that Bai Yu-jing's longevity sword was quicker.
Red and white merged with the flash of the sword. The two bloody hands which had gripped the knife fell together.

Chapter 7 Part 4

No one knew when, but the sun was already high, the light filtering through the window.
On the window there was a drawing of a plum blossom, which became a picture of a plum blossom with blood adornment.

Bai Yu-jing was calmly standing facing the window. After a very long period, he slowly said: "You knew that my accupoint had opened, therefore you did not start to kill me."
Yuan Zi Xia hung her head and did not speak.

Bai Yu-jing said: "Did you know?"
Yuan Zi Xia did not speak.

Bai Yu-jing suddenly turned his head to her: "Actually why are you here?"

Yuan Zi Xia suddenly smiled with a clear happy face. She enchantingly said: "Can you guess?"
She smiled really sweetly.

Bai Yu-jing sighed and said: "I am afraid I would not be able to guess forever."
Yuan Zi Xia focused her eyes; Suddenly scratching her head with her fingers she said: "One day you certainly will know it."

Bai Yu-jing was silence for a very long time before he suddenly said: "Good, now we go."
Yuan Zi Xia said: "Go where?"

Bai Yu-jing said: "Certainly to the Green Dragon Clan."
Yuan Zi Xia frowned: "Why  go to the Green Dragon Clan?"

Bai Yu-jing sank his face, said: "You really did not know who I am?"
Yuan Zi Xia said: "Who are you?"

Bai Yu-jing coldly said: "I am in the Green Dragon Clan’s 12 deities Red Flag elder (Hong-qi-lao). A lowly person like you certainly would not know me."
Yuan Zi Xia complexion had changed, really changed.

Bai Yu-jing calmly said: "You thought this matter was camouflaged that even the deities would not know. But actually Green Dragon’s eldest child already saw it, therefore he had sent me to investigate in secret."

Yuan Zi Xia said: "You... ... You really must deliver me back?"
Bai Yu-jing said: "Certainly."

Yuan Zi Xia said: "You could be so cruel-hearted?"
Bai Yu-jing sneeringly said: "Coping with a cruel-hearted person, I am always impolite."

Yuan Zi Xia looked at him, before she suddenly bent down laughing, laughing until the tears run down her cheeks.

Bai Yu-jing was astounded instead. He looked at her startled and could not bear to ask: "Why are you laughing?"

Yuan Zi Xia said: "I am laughing at you."
Bai Yu-jing said: "Laughing at me? Why am I funny?"

Yuan Zi Xia reluctantly stopped her laugh and said: "You can act well in a play, but, if you are the Red Flag elder then who am I?"
Bai Yu-jing was astounded.

Yuan Zi Xia said: "Honestly I am telling you that I am one of 12 deities in the Green Dragon Red Flag elder."
Bai Yu-jing said: "You... ... You are? "

Yuan Zi Xia smilingly said: "Wei Tian-ying was addicted to gambling and had lost 302,000. He actually intentionally said he had bought the false peacock map; Gongsun was lascivious, he had seduced many women from respectable families; Fang Longxiang was greedy for money, he had embezzled 162,000 equities. These matters are well-known to Green Dragon’s elder, therefore he had especially called me to sweep up the clan."
Bai Yu-jing said: "You alone?"

Yuan Zi Xia said: "I usually work only by myself."
Bai Yu-jing said: "You want to sweep up the clan?"

Yuan Zi Xia said: "A person is enough."
Bai Yu-jing said: "But your wugong... ... "

Yuan Zi Xia lightly said, "As long as a person understands how to use her own strong point, she does not need to use wugong to strike the person."
Bai Yu-jing said: "What is your strong point?"

Yuan Zi Xia only smiled, did not speak.
She really smiled sweetly, was really beautiful.
Extremely beautiful...

"You have deceived me so many times, I originally wanted to deceive you too then let you know bit by bit. I could not suspect that it could be revealed by you," said Bai Yu-jing.
"When have I deceived you?"

"You have not?"
"If I had deceived you, why would I run away with you, the Green Dragon Clan Red Flag elder and all?"

"Perhaps you are not the real Red Flag elder."
"Hm... "

"Aren't you actually?"
"Can you guess?"

Bai Yu-jing knew he wouldn’t be able to guess correctly forever, but this was unimportant.
More importantly, she stood by him now. Moreover she could never leave him again. This was enough.
This was the first story, the first kind of weapon.

Our lesson in this story was regardless of how sharp was the sword, it would not compare to the captivating smile that could move it.
Therefore I said the first kind of weapon was certainly not a sword, but smiles. Only smiles could really conquer the will of the people.

Therefore when you understood this truth, you should unleash your sword by smiling a lot!