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Chapter 6: The shadow of Wei Tian-ying

Chapter 6 Part 1

A good bright knife!
The ice-cold steel knife progressed quickly to Bai Yu-jing’s throat. He suddenly could only looked at it without blinking.

This knife had not chopped the throat. The steel knife arrived on the throat and suddenly stopped.

Zhao Yi-dao stared at him. He suddenly said with a smile: "Bai-zi knows when this knife chops on the neck, it will fall?"
Bai Yu-jing said: "I know."

Zhao Yi-dao said: "But you do not fear it."
Bai Yu-jing said: "I know this knife will not chop me."

Zhao Yi-dao said: "Oh?"
Bai Yu-jing said: "Because there is something hanging on my neck."

Zhao Yi-dao said: "What thing?"
Bai Yu-jing said: "The Peacock map?"

Zhao Yi-dao changed his countenance and said: "You know about the peacock map?"
The white horse Zhang San cut in and said: "Do you know where the peacock map is?"

Bai Yu-jing actually shut his mouth.
Zhao Yi-dao sank his face and said: "Why don't you open your mouth?"

Young Master Zhu lightly said, "If there is a knife on my neck, I would also not able to say anything."
Zhao Yi-dao laughed and with a "stroke" the knife already entered the sheath.

Young Master Zhu had squatted down again and smilingly said: "We complied with Bai-zi's request a moment ago. Now you can equally keep your promise. As long as Bai-zi help us to find the peacock map, we will let Bai-zi go immediately – you may even bring priceless gold jewelry to enjoy your whole life."

Bai Yu-jing smiled and said: "The Million Gold Hall master really speaks according to the principle."
Young Master Zhu said that, "I am a businessman. I certainly understand how to make a fair transaction or how to discuss it!"

Bai Yu-jing said: "We certainly can discuss this transaction."
Young Master Zhu said that, "I can see already that Bai-zi is a sensible person."

Bai Yu-jing said: "The peacock map is certainly in that Yuan girl’s hand. As long as you release my accupoint, I will lead you to find her."
As soon as Bai Yu-jing said these words, he had already regretted it in his heart.

He should not have let the others know that his accupoint had been pressed. Now, the others could see that themselves. If someone were too anxious to conclude a matter, things could go unavoidably wrong.

Who knew that Young Master Zhu actually comply very quickly and immediately say, "Good."
Once he said the word “good”, he had patted on him – not on Bai Yu-jing's pressed accupoint, but instead on the accupoint on his knee joint.

Bai Yu-jing’s heart was bitter, although he maintained his composure on his face. He lightly said: "Is it possible that you don’t want the peacock map?"
Young Master Zhu showed a faint smile and said: "I certainly want it. But I do not dare to make Bai-zi's honorable self exhausted."

Bai Yu-jing said: "Young Master Zhu is too polite."
Young Master Zhu said that, "So long as Bai-zi say where that Yuan girl, so long as we can find her, we can come back immediately to let Bai-zi go. Such way, we would not want to exhaust Bai-zi’s honorable self?"

Bai Yu-jing said: "Good, this method is extremely good."
Zhao Yi-dao could not bear to interrupt and say: "You have thought about it, why don't you say it?"

Bai Yu-jing said: "It is only a pity that although I know where she is, I actually cannot say it."
Zhao Yi-dao said: "Why not?"

Bai Yu-jing said: "I forget the name of the place."

Young Master Zhu sighed and said: "Fellows, can someone make Bai-zi remember that name?"
Miao Shaotian coldly said: "I."

He suddenly passed through, the hand had dipped into the hemp cloth sack around his waist. There was an impressively striped poisonous snake in his hand.
A ringed grass snake.

Zhao Yi-dao could not help but stepped back by two steps.
Miao Shaotian sneeringly said: "Most snake meat is nutritious, if Bai-zi swallows down this snake, your memory could change for the better."
His hand suddenly stretched out to Bai Yu-jing, the snake's red tongue had nearly glued on Bai Yu-jing's nose.

Bai Yu-jing sensed his muscles on the face gradually grow stiffer, the cold sweat gradually wetted his palms.
Suddenly, there was an extremely enchanting sound in the courtyard. It brought a smile, while saying: "Is everybody looking for me?"

Chapter 6 Part 2

The early morning fog just rose up, whirling like a wind around in the courtyard. It formed a beautiful misty veil arrangement with the wisteria flowers above.

Yuan Zi Xia stood under the wisteria flowers, stood still in the fine mist of the dense fog. She hold a candle in her hand.
She looked even more beautiful, kind of mystical with soft beauty, that it seemed like the wisteria flowers nearby her lose their colors.

Miao Shaotian and the white horse Zhang San had wanted to rush to her.
Yuan Zi Xia said: "Stop!"

She suddenly raised another hand and said: "If you two really come, I will burn this thing."
The candlelight flashed in her crystal clear delicate hands that looked like jade. She lifted up high a volume of paper, holding it away from the candlelight only by a half foot.

Miao Shaotian and the white horse Zhang San stopped immediately, their eyes could not restrain from revealing the greediness.
The white horse Zhang San reluctantly smiled and said: "Miss should know that that item is worth a pile of gold. You certainly would not give it up by burning it."
Yuan Zi Xia said: "I certainly know that. But if I die, what is the use of a pile of gold?

Miao Shaotian and the white horse Zhang San looked at each other and slowly drew back.
Young Master Zhu actually walked forward, gave a deep bow and said: "Miss’ fragrant trace suddenly had disappeared causing a lot of worry. Unexpectedly, Miss had flown fast and come here."

Yuan Zi Xia charmingly said: "It is kind that master care about it."
Young Master Zhu said that, "Thanks for the compliment."

Yuan Zi Xia said: "I have heard that Young Master Zhu is not only a young millionaire, moreover gentle and courteous. Today, I can see for myself that the name is not empty."
Young Master Zhu said that, "I also have heard that Miss is such a fairy maiden, a beautiful woman. Today I can see the reason and see it, I am most honored."

Miao Shaotian cannot bear to sneer and sayd: "Here is not the Million Gold Hall’s living room, where comes so much idle talk!"
Yuan Zi Xia said with a smile: "Miao Dongzhu do not understand, what a woman like to listen the most is flattery. If each of you wants to win my favor, you should say some more idle talk."

Miao Shaotian stares said: "Why do I want to win your favor?"
Yuan Zi Xia easily said that, "Because if I favor you, perhaps I can give you this thing."

Young Master Zhu suddenly big voice: "That’s not good, not good. This thing does not come to Miss easily, how can you give it to us so casually."
Yuan Zi Xia smiled sweetly and said: "I thought so originally, but presently my idea is actually different."

Young Master Zhu said that, "Oh?"
Yuan Zi Xia said: "I am only a woman who is alone and forsaken. If I have this thing with me, sooner or later one day, I will unavoidably die in the other people’s hand."

Young Master Zhu sighed, appearing to have an infinite sympathy, and said: "In jiang-hu every step by step can be a dangerous narrow path, Miss would really need to be very careful."
Yuan Zi Xia said: "But if I have delivered this thing, then wouldn’t nobody come to look for me?"

Young Master Zhu reluctantly concealed his happiness on his face and said: "This makes a great sense. But if Miss wants to give out this thing, it will need to be at the right price as well."
Yuan Zi Xia winked her eyes and focused. She said: "Then, the way Young Master Zhu say, how much should I receive?"

Young Master Zhu colored: "At least enough for a girl to enjoy a life-long endless wealth. Moreover, it has to be gold and jewelry, not any other."
Yuan Zi Xia sighed and said: "I have also thought so, but... such great wealth, who would be willing to give to me?"

Miao Shaotian cannot bear to say loudly: "As long as you give the permission, each people here is willing to give to you."
Yuan Zi Xia in great happiness: "That is too good, only... "

Miao Shaotian snatched asking: "Only how?"
Yuan Zi Xia said: "Inside there is also a friend of mine, can you let me have a look him?"

Suddenly nobody spoke, nobody was willing to take the responsibility.

Yuan Zi Xia sighed: "My hand is tired of lifting, if one is not careful, and burn this thing, what would happen? Even it burns a bit, that would be troublesome."
In her hand, the volume of paper seemed to be nearer and nearer to the candlelight.

Young Master Zhu smiled suddenly and said: "Since Bai-zi is Miss' friend, Miss must be worried about him. This is perfectly understandable. Miss, please come."

Yuan Zi Xia made an effort to shake her head, said: "That is not good, I do not dare."
Young Master Zhu said that, "Why?"

Yuan Zi Xia said: "There too many of you big men that stand in there. I am too afraid."

Young Master Zhu said that, "Miss wants us to go?"
Yuan Zi Xia said: "If you can draw back to the side corridor, only then I dare."

Young Master Zhu said that, "Then?"
Yuan Zi Xia pursed her lips and say with a smile: "There are so many people outside, can I make out anything with him? I only want to say two words, and then I will come out and give this thing. While everybody has this opportunity, you can discuss first who will take this thing."

Young Master Zhu looked at Zhao Yi-dao, Zhao Yi-dao looked at the white horse Zhang San.
The white horse Zhang San suddenly said that, "I will ask him first to see whether he is willing to see you."
He did not wait for the others to response, and had fled into the room like a flash. He had pressed five Bai Yu-jing’s accupoints, and then turned around to shove open the window.

Although the accupoints were the same, but each person's technique to press them were not necessarily the same. If someone’s accupoints had been pressed by three different techniques, even if someone else wanted to release them, it would have been very difficult.

If they found out that Yuan Zi Xia had planned to release his accupoints, it would be possible to act with enough time.

Young Master Zhu showed a faint smile and said: "Bai-zi certainly thinks highly of Miss, why would I limit that?"

Bai Yu-jing lay down on the place, looking at Yuan Zi Xia as she entered. He actually seemed to be looking at a stranger, there was no expression on his face.

Yuan Zi Xia was also staring at him with a very complicated look on her face, whether it was with ill or sadness.

Bai Yu-jing coldly said: "What are you doing?"
Yuan Zi Xia was mournful while smiling. She said: "You... ... You really do not know what I am doing?"

Bai Yu-jing sneeringly said: "You certainly come to rescue me, because you are good. You have the same good intention as Fang Longxiang, you are all friends of mine."

Yuan Zi Xia hung her head and said: "I may just sneak off quietly. If I do not care about you, why should I come?"
Her eyes were red, the tears had slowly dropped.

Suddenly a Green Dragon Clan person outside said loudly: "This thing is originally with the Green Dragon Clan, naturally it should be given to the Green Dragon Clan. Young Master Zhu and Zhao Bangzhu had agreed to it a moment ago."

Although Yuan Zi Xia’s eyes had some tears filling her eyes, but the corners of her mouth had actually revealed a happy expression

The wind had blown stronger. Miao Shaotian’s big golden links on the ear made dingdong noises, the two eyes burning like flame that aimed at the three people from the Green Dragon Clan.
Zhao Yi-dao was lying on the parapet, as if indifferent to this matter. But he never stopped taking a look.
The white horse Zhang San tapped the pillar with his fingers. He couldn’t bear this kind of silence, and intentionally was making any sound.

The man in black was motionless shadowing Young Master Zhu’s behind. His face did not have any expression. This matter was actually irrelevant to him. All he cared about was that there were eight people in the family waiting for him to get the money to eat.

The Green Dragon Clan people were gripping tightly their fists, before one of them suddenly said: "Young Master Zhu said the words. You usually had the most credit, this time you could not go back on your word to renege on a promise."
Young Master Zhu had finally smiled and said: "I certainly cannot, certainly cannot, only... ... "

"Only how?"
This person’s stature was big and tall, with a full brazen beard. At a glance, it could be seen that he was a very temperamental person.
Young Master Zhu said that, "Although I complied with you, but others... "

The dragon beard guy snatched in by saying immediately: "Young Master Zhu has the most effective and influential word. Even if only Young Master Zhu who has complied, brothers and I will feel relieved."
Young Master Zhu had smiled and said: "As long as I comply with you, you three could really feel relieved?"

The dragon beard guy said that, "Precisely!"
Young Master Zhu sighed and said: "Good, I promise you."

The dragon beard guy became happier. His face cleared and he said, "Regarding this matter, the Green Dragon Clan would not forget Young Master Zhu ... "

Suddenly "zip", his voice suddenly got cut off.
After that there were some miserably calls.

The miserable call was shouted by the others, because a golden link had suddenly penetrated his throat.
He had not seen the blood, yet he did not have to shout again because he was covering his face.
And then, the blood slowly flowed out to his neck...
He stood on the left side, while the miserable call actually was given by the person on the right side.

As soon as Miao Shaotian acted, the white horse Zhang San also acted suddenly. He launched his palm, hitting the bridge of his nose.
The blood splashed everywhere. He was miserably shouting and covering his face, when the white horse Zhang San knees hit him. He collapsed down like the mud. The body had curled up, the tears and the nasal mucus flowed out together along with the blood. Then there was a sudden convulsion and he no longer moved.

The middle person was originally filled with joy, because if they could return the peacock map, that would no doubt be a great merit. The Green Dragon Clan always gave excellent reward to enjoy according to the person’s merit without any hesitation. While his heart was fantasizing what was coming to him: the gold, the beautiful woman and the glory, suddenly his two partners next to him all dropped dead.

Zhao Yi-dao stood opposite him, and coldly looked at him.

He felt his stomach contracting. Fear gripped him like an invisible hand, contorting and convoluting his stomach. He almost vomited before saying: "Zhao... Zhao Bangzhu (Leader Zhao), I thought you already agreed a moment ago... "

Zhao Yi-dao coldly said: "A moment ago no one knew whether the peacock map could be gotten or not, also nobody really had seen the peacock map, but now ... "
He looked at the opening on the the window with a smile and said: "Now that the peacock map is essentially in our hand, why do we have to give it to the Green Dragon Clan?"

This person said: "The Green Dragon Clan always give distinction between gratitude and grudges, today Zhao Bangzhu has killed us, don’t you worry about the retaliation from the rest of the Green Dragon Clan?"

Zhao Yi-dao lightly said that, "You obviously were killed by Gongsun Jing, why would the Green Dragon Clan have to retaliate?"

This person had finally understood. The Green Dragon Clan also often shifted blame to the others.
His whole body trembled. Clenching his teeth he said: "A Green Dragon Clan person is ready to sacrifice himself with a shining death. Zhao Bangzhu will not necessarily get the peacock map. Also, the Green Dragon Clan’s Wei Tian-ying will come immediately... "

Speaking of the three words in "Wei Tian-ying", he suddenly had the courage to say loudly: "Now perhaps he had already arrived. Although we three people died in your hand, you three people also should gave up any idea of living."
Hearing the three words in "Wei Tian-ying", the faces of Miao Shaotian, Zhao Yi-dao, the white horse Zhang San really changed. They could not help looking toward the front door outside simultaneously.
The lantern at the gate lantern had been extinguished. There was no sound of people, nor any shadow of anyone.

Zhao Yi-dao sneeringly said: "No matter whether we die or live, you have to go first."
The white horse Zhang San: "Now his head is certainly very painful."

Zhao Yi-dao said: "I will take care of it for him." The reflection of the knife flashed, the steel knife immediately left its sheath, the knife had chopped toward this person’s neck.

Zhao Yi-dao was known as “a knife”, it was hard to imagine how quickly and fiercely this knife forced downward.
This person's hand had gripped his knife’s hilt, but he could not draw out the knife. He had to stand up to try to fend himself.

Who knew Zhao Yi-dao’s style unexpectedly changed in this flash, a horizontal knife, was stabbing on his chest instead.
The blood splashed everywhere.

This person miserably shouted in a hissing voice: "Wei Tian-ying, Wei Tangzhu, you certainly ... must revenge us!"
The accusing call was suddenly cut off, as he was surrounded by a pool of blood.

Quiet, and more quiet.
Although nobody had seen Wei Tian-ying, he had already grown monstrous, a mystical, and a fearful shadow in their minds.

Zhao Yi-dao dried the blood on the knife with the bottom of his boots. Miao Shaotian had also taken back the golden link from that person’s throat.
The white horse Zhang San lightly caressed his own fists, while both of his eyebrows were knitted very tightly.

Young Master Zhu suddenly gave a long sigh and said: "These three people have finally felt relieved, but whose turn is next?"

The color of white horse Zhang San’s face changed, staring at Miao Shaotian.
Miao Shaotian sneeringly said: "Young Zhang San, you can rest assured that the next one is not me."

Zhao Yi-dao suddenly coughed loudly and said: "Good. I want to let you know that, the sharp knife clan and the red hair clan have already tied our hands like brothers. From now on, Leader Miao’s matter, is also my matter.

Miao Shaotian laughed loudly and said: "When cooking the eggplants, the first one to select will get the softest. Do you understand these words?"
Zhao Yi-dao said: "I understand."

Miao Shaotian said with a smile: “I fear among the three of you, the next person will always be you. The younger one has more spiciness to it.”
The white horse Zhang San’s face fell like the dying embers. He said: "Good. I do not necessarily fear you."

Miao Shaotian: "You try then."
The golden link showed up in his hand as he readied himself.

Zhao Yi-dao said: "Miao Bangzhu should feel better that I will be behind you."

Miao Shaotian ferociously said with a smile: "Young Zhang San, go ahead."
The white horse Zhang San roared, suddenly assaulted with his fists three times. Unexpectedly he already went all out in his fighting method.

Miao Shaotian was ninety percent sure that he had the victory in his hand. He certainly could not go all out with him, because he would his face. He retreated by three steps, and laughed: "Even if you go all out, it would still be useless... "
The laughter suddenly became a roaring pitiful yell.

Zhao Yi-dao’s knife had penetrated his back. The knife’s point penetrated into the bone producing a loud crunch sound.
Miao Shaotian’s body propelled forward as if he threw himself forward, when the white horse Zhang San’s iron fists attacked his face fiercely.

A bone-crunching sound.

Miao Shaotian fell on the parapet, the hand that hold the golden "zip" into the parapet.
His body was supported by the golden link so not to fall down completely. However the bleeding face was distorted with protruded eyes burning with flame, filled with alarm, fear and anger. In a dampened voice: "Zhao Yi-dao, you... ... you cur, I die but I won’t forgive you!"

Zhao Yi-dao was scraping the blood on the knife with the bottom of the boots. He heaved a deep sigh and said: "This won’t help the matter. The sharp knife clan and the white horse clan are already tied like brothers. Why can’t you see that?"

The white horse Zhang San laughed loudly and said: "The others form an alliance by drinking the blood, we actually drink the plaster powder."

Miao Shaotian clenched his teeth, both hands entered the gunnysack on his waist.
Zhao Yi-dao and the white horse Zhang San actually could not help retreating by three steps. Shoulder to shoulder they stood there, staring at his hands.

Although Miao Shaotian’s condition was not good now, but the Red Hair Clan originally owned the five poisonous things which everyone feared...
Who knew when he just put his hand in, his body suddenly leaped up. With a "thud", he hit the porch before slowly dropping down, unable to move.
His hand had stretched out to show a bleeding poisonous snake bite on the back of his hand. It turned out the snake also appreciated the delicacy of Miao Shaotian’s blood, just like Miao Shaotian appreciated the delicacy of the snake blood.

Young Master Zhu gave a long sigh. He argued: "When the master bleeds, the poisonous snake makes an unpredictable move... A snake is a snake, if someone thinks he can befriend it like a person, he just wants to have bad luck."

The white horse Zhang San coldly said: "This person does not necessarily talk about friendship."
Zhao Yi-dao said: "That’s right."
These two words were aimed at Young Master Zhu.

Young Master Zhu looked up and said: "Although Miao Shaotian has died, do not forget the “nine of the Red Hair Clan” are also difficult."

Zhao Yi-dao sneeringly said: "Although the “nine of the Red Hair Clan” are difficult, they are inferior to him, you don’t need to worry for us."

His hand had gripped the hilt. With flashing eyes at Young Master Zhu, suddenly a timely fist from him hit the white horse Zhang San’s ribs: it hit truly heavily.

The white horse Zhang San did not expect the hit at all and fell to the parapet with a “thud” sound.
He had not turned around, but Zhao Yi-dao had drawn his knife!

A good quick knife.

The blood splashed, his blood was fresher. Miao Shaotian’s snake on the back of his hands had smelled the blood and suddenly slid towards his wound.
Zhao Yi-dao wiped both sides of the knife on the bottom of his boots. He sneeringly said: "You had said, this person does not talk about friendship. If you don’t want to talk about friendship, I would rather be the first one who don’t talk about friendship."

Young Master Zhu added: "That is true. If a person does not want to talk about friendship, this method is precisely the best one."
Zhao Yi-dao turned around and smiled: "But we are actually talking about friendship."

Young Master Zhu said that, "Certainly."
Zhao Yi-dao laughed and said: "It’s laughable that they do not know that Million Gold Hall and Sharp Knife Clan have formed an alliance for three years."

Young Master Zhu said that, "I am a person who keeps one's mouth shut."
Zhao Yi-dao said: "I am too."

Young Master Zhu smiled said: "Therefore nobody will know about this matter."

Chapter 6 Part 3

The miserable shouts from outside were heard frequently like the crowing of the roosters in the distant place.

Bai Yu-jing’s complexion was pale and his face just became more and more ironic. But he couldn’t restrain revealing the sadness in his face.

He was certainly not sad for these people.
What he was sad for was the entire humanity – the people's greed and cruelty.

Yuan Zi Xia complexion was also pale. She suddenly sighed gently and said: "You finally guessed who will be the last one standing?"
Bai Yu-jing said: "In any case, it cannot be you."

Yuan Zi Xia nipped her lips and said: "You... ... You think I have deceived you, therefore you hope I would die little by little in front of you."

Bai Yu-jing shut his eyes. The sneer at the corners of his mouth had become very miserable. In a deep voice he said: "It is certainly not your fault."
Yuan Zi Xia said: "It is not."

Bai Yu-jing also sighed, said: "A person who got mixed in jiang-hu has to able to deceive others to survive. It was my mistake to let you deceive me. I cannot be resentful to you."
Yuan Zi Xia’s face changed color. In a painful, low-spirited voice she said: "But I... ... "

Bai Yu-jing had suddenly interrupted her speech and said: "But you are also mistaken."
Yuan Zi Xia said: "Oh!"

Bai Yu-jing said: "If you think you can use the peacock map in your hand to coerce them into your wish,
you are mistaken."
Yuan Zi Xia said: "Why?"

Bai Yu-jing said: "The peacock map in your hand is basically the same as in their hand. When they wish it, they may take it away casually."
Yuan Zi Xia said: "Do you think I do not dare to burn it?"

Bai Yu-jing said: "You do not dare, because if you burn it, you will also die, and die very quickly. Moreover, it is not going to be difficult to extinguish the candle in your hand by their Wugong."
Yuan Zi Xia said: "But a moment ago... "

Bai Yu-jing had interrupted her again: "They did it intentionally a moment ago, only because they were looking first for the opportunity to kill. When nobody is in the way, then they will take your peacock map."  He slowly said: "Young Master Zhu always works very carefully. He has paid a lot for this peacock map, therefore he is not willing to take further risk."

Yuan Zi Xia suddenly turned herhead, because by now she had heard Young Master Zhu's laughter. Then she saw that man in black and Young Master Zhu.
Young Master Zhu had folded his hands in front of him, standing in the entrance. He smiled: "I didn’t realize that Bai-zi know me already."
Yuan Zi Xia belted out: "You go out now, otherwise I... ... "

She had not mentioned the consequence, when the candle in her hand had been cut up with a sudden flash of the knife. But the candlelight had not been extinguished. It cut up the candle in half, but the knife will always be ready.

The sword wielder Zhao Yi Dao.
He raised the knife steadily, and looked at Yuan Zi Xia coldly.

Yuan Zi Xia’s face did not become red. She suddenly nipped her teeth, and made an effort to throw the peacock map to Young Master Zhu. She said loudly, "Take it away!"
Zhao Yi-dao said: "Many thanks."

He blurted out these two words while rushing in. With the back of his knife, he had nipped the peacock map. The candle was extinguished with the rise and the fall of the knife. In the meantime, he took the advantage of obtaining the peacock map.

His hands were really deft in this tight situation.

Yuan Zi Xia suddenly said loudly: "I gave this thing to Young Master Zhu. Did you see it got snatched by someone?"
Zhao Yi-dao’s face changed quickly from the wild joy after the grab.

Young Master Zhu actually laughed: "We are brothers. Whoever takes this thing, it is all the same."
Yuan Zi Xia said: "You do not fear he will have sole possession of it?"
Young Master Zhu said that, "We had talked about our friendship."

Zhao Yi-dao smiled as well: "It is good. We had truly talked about the friendship. If anyone wants to sow dissension, I will want his life first!"
Young Master Zhu however said: "Such being the case, you do not need to wait. Miss Yuan now has a very bad headache."

Zhao Yi-dao ferociously laughed: " I am the most adept at taking care of headaches."
Young Master Zhu said that, "I think it is better if you take care of Bai-zi first. He is a person who shows tender affection, and may not endure having to look at Miss Yuan's head being separated first."
Zhao Yi-dao said: "It doesn't matter who will go first. Sometimes my knife may cure two headaches at once."
Young Master Zhu said with a smile: "I think this knife is very interesting."
Zhao Yi-dao laughed loudly: "It is guaranteed to be interesting."

Yuan Zi Xia hang her face. She stared mournfully at Bai Yu-jing and said: "I have harmed you... "
Bai Yu-jing said: "It is not related at all."

Yuan Zi Xia said: "I only hope you understand one matter:"
Bai Yu-jing said: "Just say it."

Yuan Zi Xia said: "I truly have not lied on some things I said. Regardless of anything I said in other matters, but about you and me..."