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Chapter 5: A good bright knife

Fang Longxiang said: "Certainly!"
Bai Yu-jing smiled and said: "If I said his wife had come to and were preparing to plot against you, would you believe me?"

Fang Longxiang said: "I will not believe it."
Although in his mouth he said he did not believe it, he could not help turning his head. His hands also moved, the iron hook moved away from Bai Yu-jing’s throat.

Behind him, Bai Yu-jing suddenly made an effort to turn to his left and got up.
The longevity sword fell nearby Gongsun Jing’s corpse.
As soon as he turned around, his hand had gripped the sword handle.

But at this moment, his newfound strength, suddenly inexplicably vanished.
He just leapt away three feet, but little by little had fallen down.

Then he heard Fang Longxiang’s self-satisfied laughter. His heart had sunk.
Because he knew that this was his last opportunity. Now that the opportunity was gone, it would never come again.

Cold and humid.

Bai Yu-jing bent down on the floor, the whole body seemed not willing to move again. But the iron hook had lifted his waist, and turned his body around.

Fang Longxiang was looking at him while smiling. Smiling like a cat looking at his fingernail at the mouse. When the cat caught a mouse, it usually give the mouse 12 opportunities to run away, because it knew that this mouse certainly could not run away.

Bai Yu-jing sighed, said: "I could not think your accupoint hole technique had progressed a lot, we might encourage this by celebrating."
Fang Longxiang said: "Actually while you deceived me so I turn head, I was giving you a chance to try."

Bai Yu-jing said: "Oh."
Fang Longxiang said: "You thought you had really deceived me a moment ago."

Bai Yu-jing said: "If it’s me instead of you, I would not be able to stop myself from looking."
Fang Longxiang said: "But I actually do not need to."

Bai Yu-jing said: "Oh."
Fang Longxiang smiled happily, said: "Because I know that Gongsun Jing’s wife had died."

Bai Yu-jing said: "You... ... You have already killed her a moment ago."
Fang Longxiang said: "I do not like letting a live person behind me, therefore although I lack a woman presently, I have to sacrifice her reluctantly."

Bai Yu-jing sighed: "I remembered you as a very affectionate person before."
Fang Longxiang revealed strong hatred on his face and coldly said: "Before, I also am a person with two hands."

Bai Yu-jing said: "Because you no longer have hands, you no longer trust any woman?"
Fang Longxiang said: "I only trusts one kind, a dead one."
Suddenly he revealed a happy smile on his face, saying: "So now we may continue our discussion?"

Bai Yu-jing said: "What discussion? The peacock feather?"
Fang Longxiang nodded and said: "It is said that there are 360 different kinds of secret weapons in the world, but the peacock feather is without a doubt the most successful, the most fearful kind."
Bai Yu-jing said: "I acknowledge that."

This point could hardly be disputed by anyone.
It was said when this kind of secret weapon was sent out, it looked beautiful like a peacock spreading its tail. Not only it was beautiful, it was also magnificent and bright. There was certainly nothing in the world that could compare with it.

But when it moved, this thing would confused you, and claimed your life immediately.

Fang Longxiang said: "What is the most fearful is, besides the peacock village’s direct descendants, there was no one in the world who know the secret of this secret weapon. No one knows how it strikes you."
Bai Yu-jing said: "Indeed no one knows."

Fang Longxiang said: "But presently someone has the secret."
With a glint in his eyes he said: "Gongsun Jing’s secret map which was swindled from him is the map of peacock feather scheme, with how to use the peacock feather."

Bai Yu-jing’s countenance changed immediately. He said: "How can this map fall in his hand?"
Fang Longxiang smiled and said: "If the Green Dragon Clan wants to obtain something, they usually have many methods."

Bai Yu-jing said: "Is it stolen from the peacock village?"
Fang Longxiang said: "Perhaps."

He did not let Bai Yu-jing ask again about it. He continued saying: " Because Peacock village has such as weapon, thy have ruled jiang-hu for dozens of years. Nobody dared to cross with them, even the Green Dragon Clan are not willing to make this kind of trouble."
Bai Yu-jing said: "I know the Green Dragon Clan has always been very unsatisfied with the peacock village."

Fang Longxiang said: "But if others can also make the peacock feather, the power and prestige of peacock village would diminish significantly. These years, they had made many enemies."

Bai Yu-jing pondered this information. He said: "The white horse, red hair, the sharp knife, million gold hall, these all have very big feud with them."

Fang Longxiang said: "Therefore they do not hesitate to lose everything, and had rushed to purchase this secret map. At the least, if they can make the peacock feather successfully, they can have their revenge immediately. Moreover they also very quickly gained a name for themselves."

Bai Yu-jing said: "Right. It is critical for some people in jiang-hu to buy the peacock feather no matter how high the price is."

Fang Longxiang said with a smile: "Perhaps more than the people who want to buy your longevity sword."
Bai Yu-jing said: "Why can’t the Green Dragon Clan make this peacock feather on their own? Why do they have to sell to the others?"

Fang Longxiang said: "Because the Green Dragon’s eldest child is only interested in one thing."
Bai Yu-jing said: "Gold."

Fang Longxiang said: "The silver jewelry is also good."
He smiled very much mysteriously and said, "The Green Dragon Clan can obtain this thing, has certainly spend big amount of money. The Green Dragon Clan’s expenditure is frightfully big, therefore the Green Dragon was anxious to let this thing go at the right price."

Bai Yu-jing had also smiled and said: "Moreover this thing is a very hot item, the sooner you fling it away, the sooner the trouble fall upon the others."
Fang Longxiang said: "That’s true."

Bai Yu-jing said: "Also, there are many people in jiang-hu who has died under the peacock feather. If you kill him with the peacock feather, his family member would also unavoidably want to take revenge against the peacock feather."
Fang Longxiang revealed his appreciation of the analysis and said: "That would certainly be unavoidable."

Bai Yu-jing said: "This kind of matter will produced more chaos in jiang-hu. When jiang-hu become more chaotic, the Green Dragon Clan can fish in the troubled waters for more opportunity."
He sighed and said: "Your Green Dragon’s eldest child is a real talent. All people have no alternative but to admire him including me."

Fang Longxiang laughed and said: "I could not guess you unexpectedly have this knowledge already, I also admire you."
Bai Yu-jing lightly said that, " If I have this kind of thing in my hand, at least I won’t be swindled by anyone."

Fang Longxiang said: "Gongsun Jing was a quick-witted person. He had experience managing this. Also he was the top person in the Green Dragon Clan, so it was a pity he also had the same problem as yours."
Bai Yu-jing said: "He also told lies?"

Fang Longxiang smiled and said: "He was lascivious, even more lascivious than you. He was also unfortunately like you, he had a liking for that Yuan girl."
He sighed, said: "She is really the woman who understands how to deceive men. The man who meets her, if he does not hang himself, he probably jumps into the river."

Bai Yu-jing’s face showed a painful recollection. He was actually smiling when he said: "Luckily I have not hung myself, nor jumped into the river, because I have a good friend to look after me."
Fang Longxiang did not blush. He kept smiling and said: "Therefore I always say that your luck is good."
He continued by saying, "Actually how that Yuan girl could steal this thing, until now I am also not that clear. My suspicion is that she had made Gongsun Jing extremely tired at one time, made a mold with his key, then had it made into a key. Then she bribed the person who guarded the tunnel to steal it.”

Bai Yu-jing said: "Your guess is very reasonable."

Fang Longxiang said: "After she had calculated everything accurately, Gongsun Jing surely could trace her. But he had been swindled right under his nose. He himself could not escape from the crime, certainly he could not reveal this matter to anyone."

He sighed and said: "This Yuan girl has indeed considered everything. It is a pity she had forgotten one matter."
Bai Yu-jing said: "Oh!"

Fang Longxiang said: "She had forgotten that the Green Dragon could make any person speak, as long as the person is not dead."
Bai Yu-jing said: "Did that guard say her whereabouts?"

Fang Longxiang nodded, said: "She had bribed two guards. While changing the shift, she dove into the secret vault with the duplicated key, stole the peacock map, and then slipped away then they changed the shift again."

Bai Yu-jing lightly said that, "Why then she didn't kill these two guards to eliminate a potential informant?"

Fang Longxiang said: "Because she feared to alarm the others, because her wugong was not very skillful, and because she didn’t when have enough spare time."
He smiled and said: "Therefore if you think her heart is not sufficiently ruthless, you are mistaken."

Bai Yu-jing said: "I looked at a person, and frequently guessed wrong. How otherwise did I expect you to be such a good friend?"

Fang Longxiang also ignored him and said: "The Green Dragon has informers everywhere in the world. Since they know about her, they would certainly be able to find out her whereabouts."
Bai Yu-jing said: "Certainly."

Fang Longxiang said: "Gongsun Jing certainly did not resign to his fate. He wanted to recover this thing. But he was also very clear on the Green Dragon’s method of handling rebels."
Bai Yu-jing said: "Therefore only then he disguised himself as a deceased person, and hid in the coffin."

Fang Longxiang sneeringly said: "He thought this method was extremely wise and extremely safe. But he never could suspect that when he bought the coffin, the store also belonged to the Green Dragon Clan."
Bai Yu-jing sighed, said: "The Green Dragon Clan looked after their own very thoroughly. As soon as you enter the Green Dragon Clan, they have already prepared the things to do after your death."

Fang Longxiang lightly said that, "That way of dying is at least better than being thrown as the dog food."
Bai Yu-jing said: "Those two monks? They have become dog food?"

Fang Longxiang said: "Those two were certainly also his parties. They temporarily played the role of the monks to get here."
Bai Yu-jing said: "It is a pity their heads are too light, the clothes are too new, moreover their eyes like to look at young girls."

Fang Longxiang said: "Because their disguise could be seen, therefore the poisonous needle was employed to eliminate a potential informant, but also to shift the blame on Miao Shaotian."
Bai Yu-jing said: "Who was the person that ransacked the boxes? It’s not you?"

Fang Longxiang said with a smile: "Why would I do such thing. If the others uncover the thing, I would know that too, right?"
Bai Yu-jing nodded and said: "If it was not you, then it must be Zhang San or Zhao Yi-dao. At that time only they had such opportunity."

Fang Longxiang said: "It was a pity you send those good vegetables and liquor."
Bai Yu-jing said: "Although Gongsun Jing was mad to risk it, but he also feared a long delay would mean more problems. Therefore when we were all in the building, he was anxiously looking for Yuan Zi Xia."

Fang Longxiang said with a smile: "I think when he came up, he originally wanted to discuss only with Yuan Zi Xia. Who knew this young lady was unexpectedly stubborn, probably because she knew as soon as she cried out, you could play hero and rescue the beautiful woman."

Bai Yu-jing painstakingly said with a smile: "The funniest thing is I unexpectedly handed her over to you, because I misguidedly wanted you to protect her."

Fang Longxiang said: "Responding to a request of the person is a matter of loyalty. I can certainly protect her very well."

Bai Yu-jing said: "Now your great work finally accomplished, what else do you want?"
Fang Longxiang said: "The great merit had not been brought to a successful conclusion, but almost."

Bai Yu-jing said: "Which one?"
Fang Longxiang said: "The peacock map is still with another."

Bai Yu-jing said: "In whose hand?"
Fang Longxiang said: "You."

Bai Yu-jing said: "In my hand?"
Fang Longxiang sunk his face and said: "You do not acknowledge?"

Bai Yu-jing sighed said: "Woman... Oh, she obviously asked me to die before telling this secret, who knows she has revealed it first instead."

Fang Longxiang revealed a self-satisfied smile on his face. He said: "I have already told you, the Green Dragon clan could force anyone to speak, even the dead people, even less a woman?"

Bai Yu-jing sighed: "If you want a woman to keep a secret, it is probably comparable to wanting a dead person to open his mouth."
Fang Longxiang easily said, "I am telling you, you have two ways to choose, the second way would guarantee more happiness than the first way."

Bai Yu-jing said: "What is the second way?"
Fang Longxiang said: "Bring your peacock map to the Green Dragon Clan, and you will be given Gongsun Jing’s Sub-leader position."

Bai Yu-jing suddenly smiled.
Fang Longxiang said: "Why do you smile?"

Bai Yu-jing said: "I am laughing at myself."
Fang Longxiang said: "Laughing at you? Why?"

Bai Yu-jing said: "Because I almost believe your speech."
Fang Longxiang said: "You do not believe it?"

Bai Yu-jing said: "Actually you have obviously known that I have the peacock map. Since you have the method to force me to open my mouth, why do you say all this pleasant speech to deceive me into a happy feeling?"

Fang Longxiang said: "Because you are a talented person, the Green Dragon clan needs all kind of talented people."

Bai Yu-jing hesitated and said: "But I do not believe it."
Fang Longxiang said: "How can you believe it then?"

Bai Yu-jing said: "You first free me, then I will hand over the peacock map. I will not deceive you...
Fang Longxiang had smiled. He said: "Luckily a moment ago you have reminded me. Otherwise I nearly believe your speech."

Bai Yu-jing sighed: "I know we cannot discuss this transaction successfully. But I also have a matter to tell you."
Fang Longxiang said: "Just say it."

Bai Yu-jing said: "If I do not want to speak, there is nobody in the world who can force me to open my mouth. If I don't say where the peacock map is, there is nobocy in the world who can find it."
Fang Longxiang’s eyes flashed. He smiled and said: "This night, you simply have not been to other place. If I search every detail of this place, why couldn’t I find it?"

Fang Longxiang sank his face and said: "If I must look, I would naturally start from your body."
Bai Yu-jing said: "You are very welcome to it."

Fang Longxiang stared at him, his eyes were like a fox hunting for the dog.
Bai Yu-jing’s eyes actually were looking around, avaoiding contact with his eyes. It was as if he feared that his eyes would betray his secret.

In the room there are many things.
He looked at everything, at the pictures hanging on the wall, at the white candles on the table, at the coffin, and at the dead person in the coffin.

He had not looked at his own sword.
He had not included that in his looking around.

Fang Longxiang’s eyes suddenly shone. He suddenly said: "If I were you, in what place can I put that peacock map in?"
Bai Yu-jing: "You are not me."

Fang Longxiang said with a smile: "That’s good, I am not you. But I also do not have your longevity sword."
Bai Yu-jing's complexion had changed as if all blood had drained from his face.

Fang Longxiang was laughing. Gently and swiftly, "ding", he had raised the longevity sword with his iron hook.
The sword light is bright like silver, the sword handle was entwined with the purplish black satin.

Fang Longxiang was lightly caressing the sword spine, while peeking at Bai Yu-jing with the corner of his eyes. He muttered: "Good sword. It is really a good sword, but it’s only a pity that the sword handle made it look bad."
Bai Yu-jing reluctantly said with a smile: "Later when I have the opportunity, I will certainly change it."

Fang Longxiang suddenly said with a smile: "Fine, I will change it for you."
Bai Yu-jing smiled reluctantly, said: "You do not need to take the trouble. I have to decline your good intention with thank you."

Fang Longxiang said: "Since everybody is a good friend, why are you so polite."

He slowly reversed the sword, and swayed it. He used his two fingers to knock and listened to the sound. He said: "Well, how come the inside seems to be empty?"
He used the tongue to lick his dry lip. It tasted liked the salty fish.

Fang Longxiang slowly nodded, said: "Mmm, it is not really empty, but it seems there is a rolled paper inside."
Bai Yu-jing gave a long sigh and closed his eyes.

Fang Longxiang laughed. He patted the sword handle and gave it a turn with three fingers – the sword handle was really empty as it opened with the turn.

Only the secret inside the sword handle was not a rolled paper, but a loose needle.
Niu Mangpan poisonous needle.

With a "zip" sound, several dozens Niu Mangpan poisonous needle already hit Fang Longxiang in his face, in his eyes. He covered his face with his hands and crazily roared loudly. He threw himself to Bau Yu-jing, as if he wanted to go out with Bai Yu-jing.

But as soon as he fell, he could not move anymore.
The iron hook in his hand iron had penetrated his own face and completely messed up his profile.

It was cold and humid. But there was a sliver of light seeping through the window.
The endless night had finally passed.

Bai Yu-jing lay down in the room, where he could feel Fang Longxiang’s blood from his face.
The blood had soaked his upper and lower garments. There was an unspeakable grief in his heart.

This person had always been his friend. If he had any other choice, he would not have done what was done. But he knew that there was no other choice. Even if he submitted the peacock map, Xiao Fang would definitely not let him go. Moreover, he basically had never seen this preposterous peacock map.

Xiao Fang certainly would not let him go, because they were once friends.
If you had betrayed your friend, you could not let him go later because you would not have the face to say goodbye to him.

The windows and doors were all still shut, the rooster crowed incessantly from far away, the sunlight gradually came through the window.

Outside the gate, there were suddenly sounds of footsteps of many people.

Bai Yu-jing was sighing in his heart: "Finally they have come."

He knew that the bellow of Xiao Fang a moment ago surely would bring all people to this place.

"Shop owner, where are you at?"
"What’s the matter?"

"Are you sure that was boss Fang's sound a moment ago?"
"I cannot be wrong."

"But that room is actually where that old lady lives."
"I already suspect that that old lady has a little secretive appearance."

Young Master Zhu, Miao Shaotian, Zhao Yi-dao, the white horse Zhang San and the three people from Green Dragon Clan had already come.
Bai Yu-jing could only hope that they stood outside discussing for some time, so his accupoint would be have been released by that time.
But by now the window had already sent in some light. By using a crack torn by the iron hook a moment ago, a person's eye was observing – like a flame burning eye.

The white horse Zhang San: "What person do you see?"
Miao Shaotian said: "Dead people, a room full of dead people."

He had just spoken that when the door had been knocked down. The three people from Green Dragon Clan had rushed in. But they only looked at the scene quickly before drawing back.

The situation in this room was really too pitiful, too fearful.
After waiting for a while, Zhao Yi-dao and the white horse Zhang San slowly walked inside.

At the same time two people lightly gave a shout.
The White horse Zhang San: "They are really dead."
Zhao Yi-dao said: "How can the shop owner say this is an old... ... " He discovered that the old lady was not old, he certainly could not continue.

The white horse Zhang San said: "Who is this person also? ... ... Gongsun Jing? How can it be Gongsun Jing?"

Suddenly Young Master Zhu sneeringly said: "Nobody has seen that there is a live person here."
Zhao Yi-dao said: "Who?"

Young Master Zhu said that, "Certainly a stubborn person that had feigned that position."
Indeed Bai Yu-jing originally intended to feign death temporarily, but Young Master Zhu actually walked to him. He squatted down and looked at him. He brought out his smile and said: "Bai-zi is resting?" That man in black was still like an inseparable shadow behind him.

The white horse Zhang San let out his voice: "Bai Yu-jing is also here! He has not really died."
Young Master Zhu easily said, "You forget that Bai-zi is immortal."
The white horse Zhang San used the corner of his eye to cast a glance at Zhao Yi-dao. He coldly said: "Actually I do not know whether his headache hurts him?"
Zhao Yi-dao said: "I think it is sore. Let me fix it."

Bai Yu-jing had just opened his eye. He saw a steel knife as bright as snow chopping down to his throat.
A good bright knife!