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Chapter 4: A Stiff Corpse

It was not an endless night.
The wind actually brought the news that daybreak was coming. It became more refreshing and colder.

Bai Yu-jing calmly stood in the cold wind.
He hoped the colder was the wind, the more sober was his mind.

When he was 13 years-old, he started to roam about in jiang-hu. It had been 14 years now.
For these 14 years, he was continuously sober, therefore he could continue living until now.
Regardless of the previous experiences he had to suffer, the attacks and the dangers, if he wanted to live on, that would not be easy.

"Immortal man carried me high, bridging issues to obtain the longevity." (?)

In his heart, he was sneering.
He had heard his stories in jianghu. He felt at the present just like in some of those stories. He needed his brain to continue working, while maintaining calm.
Now he needed to be calm.

In the window, one the shadows walked nearer.
He avoided guessing who this person was as much as possible, because he was not willing to suspect his own friend.
Xiao Fang was his friend.

Since other people were all on the first floor, who would be in the pavilion besides Fang Longxiang?
Xiao Fang was also a man who had a lot of attraction without a doubt. Perhaps he had more strength to protect her compared to him.
If she went to Xiao Fang;s bosom, he also should not feel to much sorrow. Because between themselves, there was no written contract after all.

"If things took an opposing direction, little opposition would not produce a lot of worry."

Bai Yu-jing heaved a long sigh and forced himself to no longer think about this matter anymore. But he wasn’t immune to the fact that his heart had been punctured by a needle, punctured very deeply. He was determined that he had to walk. Actually walking away quietly was good, because nothing in the world worth so much to think too earnestly.

He slowly had turned around.

But at this moment, he suddenly heard Yuan Zi Xia’s call out in alarm.
There was alarm and fear in the call like a person who saw a poisonous snake.

Bai Yu-jing flew like an arrow to the pavilion, with "crash", he hit the window.
In the room, there were two people.

Yuan Zi Xia’s face was really pale, even more afraid than seeing a poisonous snake."
She was looking at a person on the opposite. This person was indeed more fearful than the poisonous snake.
His long hair was creepy, the body was stiff, there was blood dripping on his face; he looked very much like a corpse.
This person was not Xiao Fang .

In a flash, Bai Yu-jing felt really sorry in his heart. A person really should not suspect his friend.
But now was not the time to get depressed again.

He just broke through the window, when this corpse had lashed a whip to him.
The whip points were like a spirited snake. It was quick.
This corpse’s wugong was unexpectedly equal to jiang-hu’s master.

Bai Yu-jing body flew high, but he also could not draw back. As he was incapable of fending against the change, the whip noticeably started to curl around his throat.
But there was nobody in the world whose whip could curl around his throat.
As soon as his hand was raised, instantly, the scabbard had tied down the long whip tightly.

His other hand has drawn out the sword like lightning.
The sword light was silver, glistening color, so bright that one nearly could not keep the eyes open.

With his toes on the base of the window, the mercury sword light had cut to this corpse.
This corpse’s long whip let him go, to fly back due to from failure.
However a cold feeling came by the cold stars filling the sky, like the rainstorm scattering towards Bai Yu-jing.

Bai Yu-jing sword light moved back and forth, the cold stars that filled the sky suddenly disappeared.
But by now the corpse had moved towards the window.

How could Bai Yu-jing let him leave?
He viewed his surrounding, the corner of his eye actually glimpsed Yuan Zi Xia unexpectedly had fainted from fear.
Considering those people downstairs, he could not let her remain here.
Should he pursue? Or should he not?

In this flash of moment, it was very difficult for him decide. Luckily by now, he had heard Xiao Fang’s voice: "What’s matter?"
"I give her ... "

He had not spoken a word, but this person had fled through window like an arrow.
Who knew a corpse that was so stiff like wood, could propel himself like a meteor.

When Bai Yu-jing answered the question, he had gone outside 70-80 feet. The shadow of the person was gone in a flash.
Bai Yu-jing pursued after him, but he had disappeared.

The rooster’s crow resounded in the distant place.
Is he really a corpse? When the rooster crowed, he can mystically vanish?

The east has shown a misty bluish color, the horizon was more visible.

Neighboring the spacious courtyard was the woods that were about 300 feet away.
It was impossible for anybody to go 300-400 feet in a flash. Even in the former days, the world number one in levitation skill, Chu Xiang-shi, did not have this kind of ability!

The wind was colder.
Bai Yu-jing stood in the ridge, calmly thinking. He suddenly jumped.

There were four rooms in the side building downstairs. The third one was the place where Miao Shaotian lived. Now, it was very quiet, all the lights were extinguished.
In the second room, there was a solitary lamp.
In this dreary light, a person's shadow silhouetted the window. Looking at the shape of the person, this would be that wailing hunchbacked gray old lady.

She was obviously sad because of her family member's death. Maybe even so late at night, she could not go to sleep. Perhaps she was not mourning the others' death, but was just sad thinking about her own life.
When a person came to the old age, he could be very sensitive and fear death specially.

Bai Yu-jing stood outside the window, calmly looking at her. He could not bear to sigh gently.
It was strange that when a person was sad, he was more keen to some feelings.

In the room some people were asking immediately, "Who is it?"

"Who are you?"
Before Bai Yu-jing replied, the door had opened.

This wailing gray old lady, with her hand on the door and the hunchback behind her, was standing in the entrance. She was with suspicion but the eyes with resentment were taking him in. She asked: "Who are you? What do you want?"

Bai Yu-jing was hesitating, he said: "A moment ago, someone seemed to run away to this place. I don’t know whether he had alarm you or others?"
The old lady’s resentment showed, "A person? This is very late at night. Where can this person be, are sure you are not fantasizing?"

Bai Yu-jing knew her mood was not good, and her resentment was rising. He placated with a smile and said: "Perhaps I was mistaken, I’m sorry."
He unexpectedly did not say anything else. He joined his fist in respect and turned around to go down the courtyard. It was a long extended moment, as if he was extremely weary.

At this moment, he heard "thump".
That old lady, who was weary, had became pale and greenish with sorrow. She was like a box with a gunpowder inside her. Suddenly, it exploded and struck her down.

Bai Yu-jing flew up the steps to hug her.
Her pulse was still beating, and she was breathing. Only it was all very weak.

Bai Yu-jing breathe a sigh of relief. He gave some immediate first aid. After a very long time, there was redness gradually on her pale face. The pulse has also gradually returned to normal.
But her eyes and the mouth were still shut. The corners of her mouth did not stop leaking the saliva.

Bai Yu-jing lightly said: "Old woman, wake up -"
The old lady suddenly put out a long sigh, the eyes had also opened. She was looking at Bai Yu-jing, but it was as if she had not seen anything.

Bai Yu-jing said: "There is no problem, Once you go and lie down, everything will be all right."
The old lady was struggling and panting for breath. She said: "You just go. You don’t need to take care of me."

But in this kind of situation, how could Bai Yu-jing just leave here like that?
He could not avoid the trouble and carried her inside.
Perhaps this was his first time holding up a woman older than 30 years-old.

The coffin was lying in the room, the square table was full of money papers (?), with two select round candles, and three incense sticks.
The incense smoke was winding, the candlelight was gloomy, the whole room was filled with gloomy misery. That young boy’s body curled on the table, like a sleeping dead person.
When a child was resting, even if the sky collapsed, he would be very difficult to awaken.

Bai Yu-jing hesitated. He did not know where he should put this old lady.
Suddenly, the old lady's body turned around in his bosom, two clawing fingernails had blocked his throat.
She acted not only quickly, but also really powerfully.

Bai Yu-jing’s breathing stopped immediately, the eyeballs wanted to jump out of his eyes.
His sword was inserted in the waistband a moment ago. At this moment, even if he could hold his sword handle, he would not have the strength to draw it out.

The old lady’s face revealed a fiendish grin. The sad, weary, old face, suddenly changed into a wicked wolf. Her fingers gradually closed. She fiendishly grinned while saying: "The longevity sword, you die! ... ... "

She had completed her words, she suddenly felt an ice-cold thing against her ribs.
It was the handle of a sword.

She looked again at Bai Yu-jing’s face. Not only there was distortion on it, but instead it looked like he was smiling. She suddenly felt her grip on the neck didn’t feel like it was a person’s neck, but a snake’s soft skin. Then there was also a sharp sting of stabbing pain, which caused her ten fingers to gradually loosen up.

The sword was already in Bai Yu-jing’s hand.
The sword point pricked her ribs, the blood had seeped out, dyeing the new clothes which she had just exchanged.

Bai Yu-jing looked at her, smiled and said: "Your playacting was good. It’s a pity you can’t hide the truth from me."
The old lady’s eyes were filled with fear. She tremblingly said: "You... ... You already know?"

Bai Yu-jing said with a smile: "A genuine old lady, certainly could not awake that quickly. She also could not be so heavy."
The sword light flashed paring a piece of her hair.
Under the gray white hair, the hair was unexpectedly luminous pitch-black and smooth like silk.

The old lady sighed, said: "How do you know an old lady so well?"
Bai Yu-jing said: "I know."

He certainly knew, he had hugged so many women. Very few people would have more experience than him.

An old lady's muscles were frail, the bones would also be light. As soon as he carried her, he knew she could not be more than 35 years old.
A 35 years-old woman, if she maintained herself, the tone of the body would still be elastic.
The old lady said that, "Now what do you want?"
Bai Yu-jing said: "I had to look at you."

The old lady said that, "Look at me?"
Bai Yu-jing said: "I’m looking at you to see whether you’re obedient?"

The old lady said, "I am always obedient."

Her eyes suddenly revealed an enchanting alluring expression. She rubbed her hands on the face, and some dusts drizzled down.
A mature, beautiful, and extremely graceful face appeared.

Bai Yu-jing sighed, said: "You really are not an old lady."

This woman smiled charmingly and said: "Who said I am old?"
Her hand was working on the buttons, before she slowly has pulled open on the hemp clothes.

Underneath the clothes, there was a rich, supple, mature and attractive body. All parts were not beneath the chest. Bai Yu-jing looked at her chest. There were two peaks on her chest that had become very hard.

She lightly nipped at her lips and said in a supple voice: "Now you ought to see, I have always been obedient"
Bai Yu-jing could only acknowledged.

She charmingly smiled and said: "I can see that you are an experienced man. Why do you just stand around like a child."
Bai Yu-jing said: "Do you want to do it here?"

She smiled flatteringly and said: "Why is here not good? The old ghost had died, the little rascal had slept like a dead person. As long as you close the door..."
The door was open.
Bai Yu-jing could not help but look at her face.

Suddenly, the child that had slept like a dead person leapt up. He stood up quickly and shot ten starstorms. This child had acted unexpectedly and also so quickly. The most fearful part was certainly nobody could think such a child could act so vicious, much less Bai Yu-jing who was facing a naked woman.

In the world, there was nothing that can change the man’s sharpness like a naked beautiful woman!
These scattered secret weapons would, without a doubt, prove to be fatal.

But Bai Yu-jing seemed to have calculated this. With a sword light, these fatal secret weapons had disappeared.

The woman nipped her tooth, and said severely: "The good boy, the old lady will help you."

That child leaped up and unexpectedly had drawn out two pointed knives from the pillow. He threw one to the woman. Two pointed knives like two lightning immediately to Bai Yu-jing.

At this moment, the coffin cover suddenly raised, a whip like a poisonous snake came out, curling towards Bai Yu-jing’s waist area.

This whip was truly fatal!
Bai Yu-jing's waist was threatened by the whip, while the two knives were moving quickly towards him.
He completely did not have any leeway to fend himself!
He did not fend, instead he had welcomed the knives.

The person in the coffin had an enormous strength when he moved. He was precisely the vanishing corpse just a moment ago.

She saw the two knives piercing towards Bai Yu-jing’s body, who knew suddenly a miracle revealed itself. They seemed to work, but then fell down.
The woman and the child already had blood-stained mouths.

Bai Yu-jing's sword was the miracle.
The sword light flashed, truncated the two knives of the two persons. At the same time, it moved again to cut down the long whip.

The corpse originally was making an effort to gain the whip. When the whip broke, he lost his balance immediately. He fell with a "thud" by the window.

The child and the woman called out in alarm. Bai Yu-jing had backhanded a timely fist and hit the child's stomach. In the dark, he had felt little pain and already fainted.

That woman's face was distorted full of fear. She turned around to run away.
Her body just moved, Bai Yu-jing’s sword handle had knocked her head – she fainted faster than the child.

The corpse had his back on the window. He looked at Bai Yu-jing, with the color of fear in his eyes.
He nearly did not believe if he didn’t see it himself that he was facing a person who could act so quickly.

Bai Yu-jing was also looking at him and coldly said: "Why didn't you run away?"
The corpse suddenly gave a long sigh and said: "I have not offended you, why do I have to run away?"

Bai Yu-jing said: "Indeed, you have not offended me. You just want my life."
The corpse said: "That is also because you forced us."

Bai Yu-jing said: "Oh?"
The corpse said: "All I want is only the item that that woman deceived from me."

Bai Yu-jing frowned and said: "What item did she deceive from you?"
The corpse said: "A secret map."

Bai Yu-jing said: "A secret map! What secret map? A secret treasure map?"
The corpse said: "No."

Bai Yu-jing said: "No?"
The corpse said: "This map itself is a buried treasure. Regardless of who had this map, not only he may become the richest person in the world, but he also may become the most powerful person in the world."

Bai Yu-jing said: "Why?"
The corpse said: "You don't need to ask me why. As long as you let me off, I will help you find this map."

Bai Yu-jing said: "Oh."
The corpse said: "I only know that this map is with her."

Bai Yu-jing was hesitating. He suddenly smiled and said: "Since it was certainly with her, why do I need you to help me find it?"
The corpse said: "Because she wouldn’t tell you the truth, she wouldn’t tell the truth to any person. But I not only know her secret, but also know... "

His voice suddenly stopped, cut off abruptly.
A pair of iron hooks extension came in from the window. His throat was all of a sudden pinched by the hook without saying any other word. The eyes had protruded, the blood from the split open corner of the eyes had flowed down.

Then his entire body collapsed, like a tree that withered. If someone did not see this with his own eyes, he could not absolutely think of how fearful this kind of situation was.
Once he had seen it, he could never forget it.

Bai Yu-jing only felt his own stomach contracting. He could hardly stop himself from vomiting.
He looked at Fang Longxiang slowly entering the room in the snow white silk clothes. He was removing the blood from the iron hook.

Bai Yu-jing calmly said: "You should not kill him."
Fang Longxiang smiled and said: "Why don't you look at his hands?"

The corpse had collapsed, but both hands actually were grasping something tightly.
Fang Longxiang lightly said, "You thought he was really talking with you. If I had not killed him, I feared you had turned into a honeycomb."

He used the iron hook to break open the hands. The hands laid open, full of secret weapons.
In the hands there were four different shapes of secret weapons.
Fang Longxiang said: "I know your longevity sword is the ultimate adversary of secret weapons. But do you know why I do not feel safe?"

Bai Yu-jing said: "Why?"
Fang Longxiang said: "Because I also know this person’s secret weapons miss very little."

Bai Yu-jing said: "Who is he?"
Fang Longxiang said: "South of Yangtze River, the secret weapon’s first master Gongsun Jing."

Bai Yu-jing said: "Green Dragon Clan’s Gongsun Jing?"
Fang Longxiang said: "Right."

Bai Yu-jing sighed and said: "But you should not kill him so quickly."
Fang Longxiang said: "Why?"

Bai Yu-jing said: "I also have many questions to ask him."
Fang Longxiang said: "You may ask me."

He passed inside, casting a judgemental look around. He saw the woman and sighed: "I didn’t know that Gongsun Jing not only understood secret weapons, but also he understood very well how to select his woman."
Bai Yu-jing said: "This is his woman?"

Fang Longxiang said: "This is his wife."
Bai Yu-jing said: "This child is his son?"

Fang Longxiang smiled and said: "Child? ... ... You really think this is a child?"
Bai Yu-jing said: "He is not?"

Fang Longxiang said: "This child's age is at least ten years older than you."
He used his foot to kick this child's face and the dust also fell down from the face.
Unexpectedly, there were wrinkles on this child's face.

Fang Longxiang said: "This person is called the poisonous nail. He had practiced skills since he was born. He is also Gongsun Jing’s follower."

Bai Yu-jing could not bear to sigh. He painstakingly said with a smile: "The deceased person is not a deceased person, the child is not a child, the old lady is not an old lady - this is actually very wonderful."

Fang Longxiang lightly said that, "When you encounter this wonderful thing again, you will be a dead person."
Bai Yu-jing said: "The Green Dragon Clan’s influence proliferates in the world, why does a Green Dragon Clan’s person should act so surreptitiously?"

Fang Longxiang said: "Because the one they tried to avoid, was the Green Dragon Clan."
Bai Yu-jing said: "Why?"

Fang Longxiang said: "Because Gongsun Jing made a disgraceful matter to the Green Dragon Clan."
Bai Yu-jing said: "What matter?"

Fang Longxiang said: "The same item which was very significant, was swindled by someone from him. He certainly knew the Green Dragon Clan’s custom."

Bai Yu-jing said: "Therefore he led his wife and his followers to disguise themselves. They play a role here to recover the item?"
Fang Longxiang said: "Right."

Bai Yu-jing said: "How do you know about these matters?"
Fang Longxiang smiled and said: "Have you forgotten who am I?"

Bai Yu-jing said: "Such item is really with Yuan Zi Xia?"
Fang Longxiang said: "This you should ask her."
Bai Yu-jing said: "Where is she?"
Fang Longxiang said: "She’s outside."

Bai Yu-jing went out immediately, Fang Longxiang allowed him to pass through.
Suddenly, an iron hook cut down on his hand, the longevity sword "ding" fell down.
After that, the iron hook like a hard fist had hit Bai Yu-jing’s blood gate under his waist.

The candlelight was undulating, the entire room seemed to keep on undulating.

Bai Yu-jing had not opened his eyes, but he had felt an ice-cold iron hook tickling his throat.
He finally awoke. Perhaps he’d like to never wake up, because he did not really want to see Fang Longxiang’s face again.
That extremely outstanding talented face now actually resembled an unspeakable ugliness.
This face was smiling while facing his face. He said: "You could not guess!"

Bai Yu-jing said: "Indeed I could not guess, because I always thought of you as a friend of mine."
He diligently tried to maintain a tranquil face - since he had lost, why should he act childishly?
Fang Longxiang smiled and said: "Who says I am not your friend: I am always your friend."

Bai Yu-jing said: "Now?"
Fang Longxiang said: "Now it would depend on you."

Bai Yu-jing said: "If I am not willing to be obedient?"
Fang Longxiang said: "You can bend a little."

Bai Yu-jing said: "If am not willing to be obedient?"
Fang Longxiang suddenly heaved a long sigh. He looked at the iron hook on his hands and slowly said: "I am a disabled person, a disabled person would have a hard time trying to mix in jiang-hu. If I do not have a very strong backing to support me, even if I refused stubbornly, I would still not be able to live comfortably."

Bai Yu-jing said that, "Who is supporting you?"
Fang Longxiang said: "You cannot figure it out?"

Bai Yu-jing finally understood that, and said painstakingly with a smile: "So you are also a Green Dragon Clan’s member."
Fang Longxiang said, "Green Dragon Clan’s altar master."

Bai Yu-jing said: "This place is also one of Green Dragon Clan’s altar?"
Fang Longxiang sighed: "I know you could clear up your thought sooner or later. You are always a smart person."

Bai Yu-jing felt like swallowing a bitter pill but could not spit it out.
Fang Longxiang said: "Three years ago, I was also in a similar position. I was lying down on a place, with some people rubbing my throat with the knife."

Bai Yu-jing said: "Therefore you must enter the Green Dragon Clan? You can’t avoid it?"
Fang Longxiang said: "That person actually did not have to force me to enter the Green Dragon Clan. He gave me two choices."

Bai Yu-jing said: "Which two choices?"
Fang Longxiang said: "One is to enter the coffin, the other is to enter the Green Dragon Clan."

Bai Yu-jing said: "You certainly chose the later one."
Fang Longxiang smiled and said: "I want many people to similarly choose this way like me."

Bai Yu-jing said: "That’s good. Nobody can say you chose wrongly."
Fang Longxiang said: "We are always good friends. I certainly should at least give you two choices!"

Bai Yu-jing said: "Thanks for saying that, you are really a good friend!"
Fang Longxiang said: "The first way is very close, there is a coffin nearby you."

Bai Yu-jing said: "This coffin is too thin, for such a famous person like me, you should at least give me a much more presentable coffin."

Fang Longxiang said: "That actually would not do. I can guarantee that you can lay down, but cannot make the coffin thicker." The iron hook on his hand started to move. While smiling he said: "But in any event, resting on the bed is always more comfortable than resting in the coffin. You may have some woman's time too on the bed."

Bai Yu-jing nodded, said: "That is all true, only when resting on the bed, I don’t want any woman."
Fang Longxiang said: "Oh!"

Bai Yu-jing said: "If on the bed rests a naked cow, I would rather rest in the coffin."
Fang Longxiang said: "You certainly cannot think that Yuan girl is a cow."

Bai Yu-jing said: "Indeed she is not, she is a bitch."
Fang Longxiang smiled and said: "In your honest opinion, say what she said was right, who would think such an old fox like Gongsun Jing can be swindled by the bitch?"

Bai Yu-jing sighed, said: "In my honest opinion, I actually sympathize with him a little."
Fang Longxiang said: "I also sympathize with him."

Bai Yu-jing said: "Therefore you have killed him."
Fang Longxiang sighed: "If I do not kill him, perhaps he would die ten times more miserable."

Bai Yu-jing said: "Oh."
Fang Longxiang said: "The Green Dragon Clan can cope with such a person as him in at least a hundred methods, each kind will let him regret why he had lived in this world."

Bai Yu-jing said: "Actually what disgraceful matter he had committed?"
Fang Longxiang hesitated a little before saying: "Have you heard of 'the peacock feather'?"

Bai Yu-jing’s countenance changed. He said: "Peacock village’s peacock feather?"
Fang Longxiang said: "You really have heard." .

Bai Yu-jing sighed: "In jianghu, if a person had not heard these two words, he probably has not heard of the longevity sword."
Fang Longxiang said with a smile: "You are very modest."

Bai Yu-jing also smiled and said: "Modesty is one of my excellent moral traits."
Fang Longxiang said: "Oh? Your also have some other excellent moral traits?"

Bai Yu-jing said: "I do not gamble, do not drink, I am not lascivious, I only have one kind of problem."
Fang Longxiang said: "What problem?"

Bai Yu-jing said: "I told a lie. Only once every day."
Fang Longxiang said: “Today you had not said one? "

Bai Yu-jing said: "No, therefore I must quickly say one now, so as to avoid missing out later."
He smiled and then said: "Therefore if I say anything now, you should better not believe it."
Fang Longxiang said with a smile: "Many thanks you remind me, I certainly won’t believe you."
Bai Yu-jing said: "If I said that Gongsun Jing who had just been killed by you had come alive again, you certainly would not believe me."