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Chapter 3: An endless night

Chapter 3 Part 1

Just as the stars would rise, it would also set. The earth was silent, even in the calm the sound of water movement on the lake could be heard.

The lantern by the front door would gently sway in the breeze as its light flickered in the wind.

Yuan Zi Xia curled up in Bai Yu-jing's bosom. She had gradually fallen asleep.
She was really too weary, weary like a lost pigeon, which finally had found her safety perch.
Perhaps she was not sleepy originally, but the view gradually disappeared, the gentle and happy darkness finally hugged her.

Bai Yu-jing looked at her, at her upright nose and long eyelashes. His hand was caressing her waist lightly.
Then his hand suddenly stopped and rested in her lap.
He had not made an effort, but gently had actually let her sweetly sleep until the daybreak.

Thereupon he quietly got out of bed, wore his boots, and quietly walked away.
How could he feel relieved leaving her behind in the room, didn't he fear these people might injure her? He did not fear.
Because he had determined that he must first look for these people, he was determined to solve this matter before the daybreak.

At that time he would lead her away.
He had promised her.
He was not a pigeon, but a hawk. But he was also too weary to fly, and he also wanted a safe place for him to perch.

The lights were dim. The grids of wisteria flowers in the courtyard were colorful, but the flowers were also bent in the wind.
Bai Yu-jing put on his boots, the old boots that were comfortable.
His heart was at peace, because he knew he had made the toughest decision. His life afterwards would all be changed.  

What was strange, when a person made the most significant change, it usually was decided in a flash.

This was not because this kind of emotion was too intense, therefore it only came so quickly! The original love arose suddenly, but only with the friendship could it accumulated and grew deeper.

Fang Longxiang was in the tiny pavilion.
Bai Yu-jing just passed through the door that was opened by Fang Long Xiang. He stood looking at him at the entrance.
He looked so obviously like he had not rested well.

Bai Yu-jing said: "There is a woman in your room?"
Fang Longxiang said: "Today is not a good day. Therefore although this place will continually have women, suddenly it lacks the goods."

Bai Yu-jing said: "Why don't you marry a wife, so to avoid not being able to sleep in this kind of time."
Fang Longxiang said: "I am not insane."

Bai Yu-jing said: "I am actually insane."
Fang Longxiang said: "Each man would unavoidably go insane occasionally. So long as he can be sobered promptly, that’s good."

Bai Yu-jing smiled, he just smiled.
He knew his own present sentiment. It was not what Xiao Fang’s kind of person could understand.

Fang Longxiang had also smiled, said: "But I had not thought you would need a friend, tonight unexpectedly you still look for me."
Bai Yu-jing said: "I am not looking for you, I want you to look for a person."

Fang Longxiang said: "Who to look for?"
Bai Yu-jing said: "Do you know where the hunchback with the felt hat and the sellers have gone to?"

Fang Longxiang wrinkled his eyebrows: "They have not gone looking for you, on the contrary you must go look for them?"
Bai Yu-jing said: "Don't you understand about making the first move and taking control?"

Fang Longxiang thought, said: "Perhaps I may not be able to find them."
Bai Yu-jing said: "Good, you ask them to come here, while I eat in the hall and wait."

Fang Longxiang looked at him, somewhat hesitated, also with some suspicion. He could not bear to ask: "What are you planning to do?"
Bai Yu-jing said: "I only want to deliver a thing to them."

Fang Longxiang said: "What thing?"
Bai Yu-jing said: "If they want anything, I will give them anything."

Fang Longxiang sighed, said: "Right, I will look. I only hope you do not commit murder there, or be killed, so I still may get my food down later."

Chapter 3 Part 2

Young Master Zhu was also resting.
Suddenly, the window was shaken with a "thud", and a person stood by the window. In a flash, this person arrived in front of his bed, in the hand the knife’s scabbard had touched his throat.

"Walk with me."
Young Master Zhu could only start walking.

He never thought there was such skill in the world. When he went out the door, that man in black shadow followed behind him. He was not there to protect him, he wanted to be protected.
He went out the door, and discovered Miao Shaotian and that three people from Green Dragon Clan had stood in the courtyard. Their complexion certainly was many more times more sullen than him.

The lamps were ignited. Ten lamps.
The light although was bright, but each person's complexion actually was all very ugly.

Bai Yu-jing was actually the exception.
His face had even a smile.

It was a pity nobody looked at his face, each person was staring at his sword.
The used scabbard, and the similarly old sword handle bound on satin. No one could see the original color.
"This is the sword that certainly has killed many people."

In this used scabbard, there was a sword, certainly a much sharper one. Because this was the most fearful sword in jiang-hu.
Longevity sword!
He only killed, nobody could cross him when he killed!

Young Master Zhu suddenly regretted offending Miao Shaotian, otherwise if they collaborate, perhaps there was hope, but now…
Now he suddenly saw the white horse Zhang San and Zhao Yi-dao walked, these two people also were first-class masters in jiang-hu without a doubt.
Young Master Zhu’s eyes were filled with hope immediately.

Everyone knew there were only two different choices.
To kill! Or to be killed!

Chapter 3 Part 3

Everyone was mistaken.

Bai Yu-jing also knew they were mistaken. He intentionally lowered his face and said: " I have known the reason why everyone of you come here."
No one made any reply.

These are worldly-wise people in this room. Unless necessary, the worldly-wise people were not willing to open their mouth to speak.

When Bai Yu-jing said this speech, he had also stopped down. He stared at Young Master Zhu, then after looking at everyone, he saw Zhao Yi-dao directly. Then, he slowly said: "Who am I, everyone also knows?"
Everyone nodded. Their eyes could not help casting a glance toward that sword handle.

Bai Yu-jing suddenly smiled, said: "Everyone wants something that is with me." Each person’s eyes grew bigger. There was hope, desire, greed in the eyes.

The white horse Zhang San was originally a very outstanding talented man, but at the present he suddenly could not say anything witty.
Only that man in black did not have any expression on his face, because his heart did not have any desire. He was originally a very ugly person, but in this group of person, he suddenly appeared to become quite lovable.

Bai Yu-jing said: "If everyone wants such item, it will be very simple, as long as everyone agrees to my request."

Young Master Zhu could not bear to say: "What request?"
Bai Yu-jing said: "After taking such item, everyone walks away immediately. From this time on, no one must look for me again."

Everybody’s eyes grew bigger in surprise and interest.
Who could think that his condition was unexpectedly so simple and easy.

Young Master Zhu lightly coughed again twice. He said reluctantly with a smile: "We and Bai zi-xia (young hero Bai) have not enjoyed a good friendship. Bai-zi, as long as we can attain such item, we will walk away immediately, and will not dare to disturb Bai-zi again."
Zhao Yi-dao nodded immediately to express his agreement.
The white horse Zhang San and the three people from Green Dragon Clan certainly did not have any words to say.

Miao Shaotian actually had some words to say.
He suddenly asked: "Actually I do not know to whom Bai-zi plan to give such item?"

Bai Yu-jing said: "This is your problem. You best discuss it first."

The white horse Zhang San looked at Miao Shaotian, and also at Young Master Zhu without speaking.
The three people from Green Dragon Clan appeared to have something to say, but they just rolled their eyes and waited.

Young Master Zhu suddenly said that, "This item came from the Green Dragon Clan, naturally we should give it to the eldest brothers from Green Dragon Clan."
Zhao Yi-dao clapped his hands and said: "Good. That makes sense."

The three people from Green Dragon Clan also immediately stood up and gave them one salute.
The person said: "The two of you speak out from a sense of justice. The Green Dragon Clan does not dare to forget the favor from two of you."
Zhao Yi-dao raised his hand and said: "No problem."
Young Master Zhu smiles said: "Million Gold Hall will want the help of Green Dragon Clan in the future, the three eldest brothers need not be so polite."

Although this young master seemed to eat all day, but when he spoke, he showed his astute experience and showed that he was a very capable businessman.
He knew when to trims one's sails, remained opportunistic. It seemed like he had known these matters since he was born.

Miao Shaotian stared at him maliciously. Although he refused to accept in his heart, he had no alternative.

Bai Yu-jing said: "So, this matter is settled?"
Miao Shaotian: "Humph."

Bai Yu-jing after a long sigh, put out from his bosom a woven bundle of gold, and threw it on the table nonchalantly.
No matter what the pouch might look like, the value in this woven bag did not look like small.
Nevertheless he carelessly threw it like throwing out thrash.

Everybody’s eyes were staring at this woven bag, the faces were tense. No one were able to say any words.

Bai Yu-jing coldly said: "The item is already on the table, why don’t you take it away?"
The three people from Green Dragon Clan looked at each other, one of them went and untied the woven bag with shaking hands.

Several dozens type of colored items came out rolling on the table. There were the Persian cat eye stone, India's gem, with beautiful jade, and big pearls.
All had shone brightly like the light.

Bai Yu-jing languidly leaned on the chair. He looked at this pile of jewelry with a very strange expression in his eyes.
These things did not come easily, but he was willing to pay the price.

He understood very much what they represent - good wine, magnificent clothes, clean comfortable beds, gentle beautiful woman, and the respect that came from the envy of other men.
These were precisely what constituted an essential need of men. But presently, he had discarded them. There was not even a slight regret in his heart.
Because he knew he had obtained well.
Because all the wealth in the world could not fill up a lonely heart.
And now he was no longer lonely and empty.

The wealth hung on the balance on the table. What is strange, no one present put out a hand take it.
What was stranger, everyone’s eyes were not bright looking at them, instead they looked very disappointed.

Bai Yu-jing moved forward and saw them. He frowned: "What else do you want?"
Young Master Zhu shook his head.
The three people from Green Dragon Clan also shook their heads.

Young Master Zhu suddenly said that, "Bai-zi wait here for a moment. We will go and then come here again immediately."

Bai Yu-jing said: "What else do you want to discuss?"
Young Master Zhu reluctantly says with a smile: "A small minor matter."

Bai Yu-jing looked at them hesitating. He finally let them leave.

All people have left.

Bai Yu-jing sneered at these people. He didn’t have any fear at all and he didn’t fear they have any clever plot trick whatsoever.
He had willingly paid the price, only because he wanted to lead her away from here. Because he was not willing to let her receive anymore fright or injury.
It was not because he was not willing to get injured, if it had to come to that. To think otherwise was a really stupid laughable matter.
What did they now want? But, he was also not fully correct in his assumptions.

The window was open.
He could see their movement. No one had gone to the tiny pavilion. That tiny pavilion was very peaceful.

She certainly rested very sweetly.
When she was resting, she looked just like a baby. Pure and happy.

Bai Yu-jing’s corners of his mouth were unable to restrain revealing a happy expression - suddenly, all people unexpectedly came back. Each one had a cloth bag, which they put on the table. They started untying the knots.

The white horse Zhang San brought a bucket of pearls.
Miao Shaotian had a pack of golden leaves.
The Green Dragon had a box of silver.
Young Master Zhu provided brand-new money papers.

These things, regardless of which one, all represented great wealth. Their value was not under Bai Yu-jing's jewelry at all.

Bai Yu-jing could not bear to ask: "What does it mean?"
Young Master Zhu stood up, said: "This is our show of respect, please Bai-zi accepts."

Bai Yu-jing was hardly a person that showed his feeling, but now, he was actually unable to restrain his astonishment.

They did not want his jewelry, instead they were giving him their wealth.
This was for what? He also could not think through.
Young Master Zhu coughed gently and was saying, "We... We also want to request a matter from Bai-zi."

Bai Yu-jing said: "What matter?"
Young Master Zhu said that, "How long does Bai-zi plan to stay here?"

Bai Yu-jing said: "I must go at dawn."
Young Master Zhu’s face cleared and he said with a smile: "That is extremely good."

Bai Yu-jing said: "You said about requesting a matter?"
Young Master Zhu said with a smile: "If Bai-zi already wants to go, there is no other matter."

Bai Yu-jing was astounded.
He originally thought they did not want him to leave, who knew them actually hope he would quickly go. Instead, they also would rather give him wealth.
Why was this? He could not think through.

Young Master Zhu was hesitating. He said: "But, we do not know whether Bai-zi will go with someone else?"
Bai Yu-jing suddenly understood.

They were not looking for him, but Yuan Zi Xia. Only because they had problems with his long sword, they did not dare to start their move until now.

They did not hesitate to pay such a great price to get her, what was their actual object for her?
If she were only a girl who was running away from marriage and had left in a hurry, how would she had met so many prestigious martial arts world master? Were they all lies what she said? Did she say such things, only to move him, so he wanted to protect her? Was it because of this reason that she asked him to ignore these people, and just go with her quietly? Bai Yu-jing's heart had sunk.

Everyone was looking at him, waiting for his reply.
On the table there were jewelry and gold, flashing and dazzling under the lamp is. But actually nobody was looking at them.

What they want was something that had a much bigger value.
What was it? Was it Yuan Zi Xia herself, or something that she had?

Young Master Zhu looked at the expression on his face, and probed, “Bai-zi and that Yuan girl, only met by chance. Bai-zi certainly would not offend a friend for her."
Bai Yu-jing coldly said: “You are not my friend."
Young Master Zhu said with a smile: "We do not dare to seek friendships with somebody of a higher social standing. But a woman like the Yuan girl, Bai-zi will certainly meet many later on, why... "
Bai Yu-jing had cut him off and said: "What you want is not her?"

Young Master Zhu had smiled
Bai Yu-jing said: “Actually I am not sure what you want?"
Young Master Zhu’s eyes flashed, “Bai-zi does not know?"
Bai Yu-jing shook his head.

Young Master Zhu’s face revealed a treacherous smile. He was picking his words slowly obviously in fear of Bai Yu-jing. Maybe Bai-zi might not want to come to their cup of thick soup once he knew everything. Therefore, he was reluctant to say anything.

The value of this thing was without a doubt bigger than here all the gold and other different treasures.
Bai Yu-jing actually could not think through.

What was such a precious thing on Yuan Zi Xia’s person? Her entire room had been ransacked by them.

Young Master Zhu said that, "In my opinion, Bai-zi does not need to consider this matter. If you had such amount of money and jewelries, wouldn’t you have any problem finding another beautiful woman that looked like an angel?"

Bai Yu-jing slowly picked up his own jewelry bag, and return it to his pocket.
Then he walked away.

He no longer need to say anything, just walked.
Everyone’s eyes were at him. Although they harbored resentment at him, nobody dared to make a move.

Because they also must wait for a person, who could cope with the longevity sword.
They have confidence in this person.

Chapter 3 Part 4

The endless night will end eventually.
It was the darkest part before the daybreak, but the air was actually cold and refreshing.
Bai Yu-jing walked on the ground, taking a long breathe – He suddenly discovered the light in the tiny pavilion’s window had been screened by two shadows.

A person's shadow was slender and elegant, Yuan Zi Xia.
But another person? The two people's shadows were far away but yet seemed so near.
Were they discussing anything?

Young Master Zhu, Zhao Yi-dao, Miao Shaotian, the white horse Zhang San, and the three people from Green Dragon Clan were all in the building on the first floor.

Who was in the pavilion? Bai Yu-jing was gripping his sword tightly, his hands were colder than his scabbard.
He really did not know whether he should go upstairs or not.