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Chapter 35: A fight for victory or defeat


Ye Kai had turned his head, avoiding her eyes once more.
Regardless whether it was sincere or not, it had all become unimportant.

Ye Kai was also unable to restrain a long sigh, as he said, "When I got here, I did not really want to reveal this matter."


"Because ... "

"Because you felt heavy about it?"

Ye Kai gave a forced smile.
He could not deny it, he was not totally blind to her sentiment towards him.

"Not only you felt heavy about it, you also did not dare to."

"Did not dare?"

"Because you did not have a shred of evidence, all you had was your own analysis, but that was not enough to accuse someone."

Ye Kai could not deny it.

"But Ding LingLin had suddenly disappeared, and you immediately disregarded all consequences." Her sad eyes suddenly turned into hate, "Actually what has she done for you, that you only set your sight on her? In what way, I can’t compare to her?"

Ye Kai was silent.

Shangguan XiaoXian said, "She caused trouble everywhere, not only that, she almost killed you, too. Then, she suddenly did not seem to regard you nor would she wait for you, getting married so readily, and not just to one man, but two men in one night. Is this kind of woman really worth your love?"

"I also cannot understand it."

"Then you... "

Ye Kai interrupted her, "I only know that even if she kills me ten more times, remarries ten more men, I will still behold her in the same way."


"Because I know that she is sincere to me, I trust her."

Shangguan XiaoXian suddenly stood up, but then she slowly sat down.
When she sat down, she was no longer an emotionally excited woman.
When she stood up, her emotion seemed to have overwhelmed her, but when she sat down, she suddenly turned into a freezing iceberg, the sharp incisive Golden Coin Clan leader.

Perhaps a woman could change herself very quickly, but she could change quicker than any person. Maybe she simply had not changed herself, it was only her camouflage, her disguise.

Ye Kai said, "What can you say now?"


"But I still have something I must say."


"Indeed, I don’t have any shred of evidence, you do not need to acknowledge any of it."

"I also do not need to deny it."


Shangguan XiaoXian coldly said, "Because not only I am the Golden Coin Clan leader, but also the Devil Sect’s leader. Not only I have grasped the world’s two most fearful big factions, but also I have also grasped Ding LingLin's life. Whether I acknowledge it or not, you can only listen now."

Ye Kai felt uneasy. He suddenly discovered that he indeed did not have any method to cope with her, nothing.

"What do you want to say now?" Shangguan XiaoXian said.

Ye Kai was indeed speechless.

"Then I want to say something and you must listen, you must listen to each word carefully."

Ye Kai had not listened to her.
Because he had suddenly heard another voice spoke, "You don’t need to listen to a single word of what she says, because she is just breaking the wind."

The voice came from under the bed.
There was obviously only a person under the bed, a dead person.
But how could a dead person speak?

Shangguan XiaoXian was an above-average smart person, Ye Kai was also one, but they had no clue about what was happening. If they had no inkling on what was going on, who else in the world could?

There was only a dead person under the bed just a moment ago.
Now, the bed was lifted by a person.

Shangguan XiaoXian’s heart sank.
- The person who spoke just a moment ago was Ding LingLin, she recognized her voice.

But how could DingLingLin be under the bed?
How could a dead Han Zhen turned into an alive Ding LingLin?

Shangguan XiaoXian could not understand it.
Ye Kai also could not understand it.
- If there was something, both of them could not understand, who else could understand it?

Only someone.
That person must be Ding LingLin herself.

Ding LingLin was certainly not really insane.
If there was an insane Shangguan XiaoXian, Ding LingLin could also act similarly.
You did it, I did it.

She went out from under the bed, she looked at Shangguan XiaoXian with bright eyes, "You can deceive people, I can do that. You can kill people, I can, too, moreover I will not miss it like you did." She continued, "You wanted Han Zhen to kill me, because you thought Ye Kai would then became insane. You certainly could not guess that instead I had killed him.”

“You could put some confusing medicine in the chicken that I ate, but I could also put some confusing medicine in the tea that he drank. He certainly did not guard himself against a crazy woman, just like we were unguarded against you, I practically learn this method from you."

- Then, Han Zhen really had died under the bed. No doubt about it.

"When I put Han Zhen’s body under the bed, I realized there was a cellar under the bed to secretly keep the wine gourds. The original Leng Xiangyuan’s wine was stored in these cellars, therefore we never found any wine outside. I knew that you would certainly come here, therefore I hid inside the cellar, with the corpse on top of it. I calculated that when you saw that Han Zhen was dead, you would be surprised, and not notice the cellar underneath it."
"I also wanted to listen to what you had to say, it looked like that he could not be deceived by you." She looked at Ye Kai with happy, glorious eyes. She said simply, "Actually, I also know that you would never be deceived again by her, and you have not disappointed me."

When a complex strange matter was described clearly step-by-step, you would not find it as complex anymore. There were many things like that in this world.

Shangguan XiaoXian was always listening, her pale beautiful face was devoid of any expression. When Ding LingLin had finished, only then she slowly lifted her hand and put them on the table. Her pair of beautiful, soft, delicate hands had unexpectedly became as hard as metal.

The lamp was shining on the table.
Her hands was reflecting some light under the lamp - certainly they were not shiny or very sharp, but it was like frozen transparent gloves.

That evening, outside the back wall of the Great Wild Goose inn, Ding LingLin had seen these  hands. Cui YuZhen had also seen these hands from the top of the wall from afar.

"This is in the fabled golden hands manual, the heavenly great skill."


Shangguan XiaoXian said, "These hands were to cope with Lu Di and Guo Ding."

"I can see that."

"It was a pity that they would not let me use it."
They simply had not let her use this kind of weapon.

She spread out her hands, the palm had some very thin embroidery-like needle, "This is ‘ascending to the sky’ the soul needle great skill."


"Yang Tian and the other three people died by this needle weapons."

"I can see that too."

"The famous plum blossom needles have been around in the years past, and yet it still causes people to tremble with fear, when hearing about it."

"I have heard of it."

Shangguan XiaoXian said, "But I may guarantee that my needle is far more fearful than that needle."

Ye Kai sighed, "You have prepared this needle to cope with me."

Shangguan XiaoXian acknowledged.
Staring at Ye Kai, she suddenly also asked, "Your dagger?"

"The dagger is here."


Ye Kai had not replied.
Since the beginning, nobody knew where his "flying dagger" where hidden, nobody also knew how the dagger got thrown. By the time it was thrown, nobody knew the actual speed and strength. The only thing everybody knew was that the dagger would be ready at anytime.

Shangguan XiaoXian slowly said, "I also know that your knife is always with you, and it will stop at nothing."

Ye Kai had certainly been immodest. Because although his dagger was his and with him, this dagger had achieved some divine status in the eyes of the others. And he became a great person.

There was nobody up high or below that could replace him  If he had not understood that great aura, he should not be allowed to send out this earthshaking knife.

Flying dagger!
Flying dagger was not only held by the hand, but the aura of the dagger came from inside.
That certainly did not require anger, it actually worked better without the anger.

Shangguan XiaoXian’s pupil had contracted, "Your dagger is always present, it stops at nothing, but my needle is also the same."


"You also can never guess where my needle come from, or how it got released."

Ye Kai said, "I cannot guess, but I also do not need to guess."

Shangguan XiaoXian sneered, "If you think you can prevent me from attacking, you are mistaken."

Ye Kai stayed silent.

"My needles are as plenty as the river sands, your daggers are actually limited."

Ye Kai said, "Even one dagger is enough."

Shangguan XiaoXian eyes were undulating for a very long time, suddenly she gave a long sigh, "Perhaps this is destiny."


"Perhaps I am destined to fight with you for victory and defeat, sooner or later." Her eyes revealed some sadness, "Just like Clan Leader Shangguan (Jin Hong) in the years past was destined to fight with Little Li Tanhua."

Ye Kai was also unable to restrain his sigh, "In the years past, Clan Leader Shangguan was indeed a worthy hero, but it is a pity the present... . "

Shangguan XiaoXian did not let him finish, she coldly said, "Although Clan Leader Shangguan of the years past is not here, today’s Clan Leader Shangguan is here."

"The flying dagger is also here."

"In the years past, although their fight shook the whole world, no person, spirit or god actually saw the fight with his own eyes," Shangguan XiaoXian said.

Ding LingLin could not bear saying, "But today, someone will definitely see this fight with her own eyes."

Shangguan XiaoXian said, "No."

Ding LingLin said, "Yes."

Shangguan XiaoXian suddenly turned her head and stared at her, she coldly said, "You want to look?"

Ding LingLin said, "I certainly can look."

Shangguan XiaoXian sneered, "If you were here, when I attack with my needle, my first aim is at you, if he diverts his attention to you, then he will die."

Ding LingLin was stunned.

Shangguan XiaoXian did not say anything anymore, Ding LingLin also did not look at her again, she just walked out. When she went out, Ding LingLin’s whole body felt ice-cold.

The door closed, all other lives were secluded from the room.
Who would be left standing?
Who would die?

Ding LingLin bent her waist and vomited. She felt she had no alternative but to let go, as she felt that she was really going crazy, waiting for the outcome. But going crazy would not be useful.

The fight in the years past, although she had not seen it, she had heard about it.

Little Li Tanhua had acknowledged that Shangguan Jinhong had many opportunities to kill him, he simply made him unable to hit back. But Shangguan Jinhong had intentionally missed these opportunities, only because he wanted to gamble on something.
- To gamble that he could disprove the saying that Little Li Tanhua’s dagger "never come up empty" after its release.

Shangguan XiaoXian naturally would never make the same mistake again.

Ding LingLin’s mouth was filled with bitter water. Ye Kai was fighting inside this door, maybe suffering, maybe dying, but she could only wait outside the door.
Just like Sun Xiaohong and A Fei were waiting for Li Xunhoan.
But there were the two of them.

At the time, the leafed door to Shangguan Jin Hong’s secret room was very strong, nobody could destroy it. Now, the door in front of her was not strong at all, she could just rush inside at any moment, but she did not dare to rush in. She could not divert Ye Kai’s attention. She really hoped that this door could be iron-clad strong, so she did not need to suppress her pain and try to control herself. Anyone who had never personally experienced such pain, could not imagine how fearful was that kind of pain. She simply wished that her pair of feet got nailed to the floor, so she could not move.

The night grew deeper.
Ding LingLin kept waiting, she felt that she had to wait until she collapsed. In her sorrow, she was not sure what she was waiting for.

Perhaps she was only waiting for Ye Kai’s death.
She felt Shangguan XiaoXian was very quick-witted with her wugong, so she really did not know how much was the chance of Ye Kai walking out of the door alive.

Therefore when this leafed door opened, she felt her heart nearly stopped beating.
Until she saw Ye Kai.
Ye Kai looked very weary, but he was alive.
Being alive was the most important matter.

Ding LingLin looked at him, the tears finally slowly trickled down her face - certainly that was delighted tears. She was in a similar condition to when she was full of sorrow. Besides bursting into tears, she could not say anything, could not do anything, could not move anything at all.

"Shangguan XiaoXian?"
After a very long time, she could ask this speech.

The reply came in only three words, "She was defeated."
She was defeated.
These three words were very simple.

Decision between a victory and a defeat was also only a matter of seconds.
But nobody could imagine, how intense and how stimulating was that flash of the moment.
This flash of the moment that influence the whole jiang-hu, that distinguished greatness.

A flash!
A dagger!
As soon as the dagger flashed, what grandness, what warning did it send!
You did not even have to see it with your own eyes, as long as you thought about it, your breath would stop.

But Ding LingLin had not thought about it.
The only important thing for her was that Ye Kai was alive.
As long as Ye Kai was alive, she felt very satisfied.

But there was sobbing sound coming from behind the door, a dead person could not cry.
Hadn't Shangguan XiaoXian died ?

Ye Kai’s dagger was never a killing dagger.
He let her live, because he knew that she would never be the same old Shangguan XiaoXian!
- Forgiveness was far greater than retaliation.

Tits for tats, blood begotten blood, was never suitable to Ye Kai.
What he used was Little Li’s flying dagger.
The strength of this dagger was love, not hate.
Could Shangguan XiaoXian ever understand this truth?

Ding LingLin did not need to ask again, because her heart now only had love, not hatred.
She was looking at Ye Kai’s eyes...

Life was so happy, love was so wonderful.
If a person could not forget how to hate, wouldn’t that be very stupid?