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Chapter 18: Feeling sorry not having met sooner

"Ye Kai has died!"

"How could Ye Kai die?"

"Everyone will die, Ye Kai is also a person."

"But he is actually a person who will not die easily, it is said that he could be the best master in the world."

"The world’s number one master can die as well. If not, where are the previous number one masters in the world now?"

"A master is not always the master forever, if someone is the number one master in the world, he might actually die quicker than anyone else."

"But I cannot think of anyone who could kill him."

"There were two people who killed him."

"Which two people?"

"Lu Di."

"Lu Di? Wudang’s 'the white-clothed swordsman' Lu Di?"

“That’s him."

"His kungfu is comparable to Ye Kai?"

"That might not necessarily be true. Ye Kai had been injured first by someone else, if not, he probably would not die."

"Someone could injure him? Who is this person?"

“She is a woman, it is said she is originally the woman that Ye Kai likes the most."

"Why such an intelligent person like Ye Kai could fall under such woman?"

"Because a hero often feels bad about a beautiful woman."

"Who is this woman?"

"She is surnamed Ding, called Ding LingLin!"


Ding LingLin was sleeping on the bed. The room was very gloomy, but the bed was actually warm. She had been sleeping for a very long time, but she had not moved any part of her body.

She felt very weary, like she had just walked through a very difficult road, but she also felt like she had an extremely frightful nightmare. In the dream, she seemed to have tried to pierce Ye Kai with a knife.

That was certainly only a dream, she certainly could not injure Ye Kai. She would rather die than injure Ye Kai.

There was sound of footsteps.

“Is it possibly Ye Kai?"

Ding LingLin really hoped to see Ye Kai as she widened her eyes. But a pity, she could only see Guo Ding.

Guo Ding’s complexion also looked very weary, very thin and pale, but his eyes actually showed some happiness, "You are awake... "

Ding LingLin did not wait for him to say these two words and interrupted him, "What place is this? How did I get here? Ye Kai?"

Guo Ding said, "You are in an inn, you were affected by Yu Xiao’s confusing potion, then I rescued you and we came to this place."

Ding LingLin certainly remembered Yu Xiao’s sudden appearance and Ye Kai’s effort to free her. But what happened next, and how Guo Ding was able to rescue, she was not completely clear.

But she was not being nice. She cared only about a person. "Ye Kai? Is Ye Kai here?"

Guo Ding shook his head, "He is not here, I... I have not seen him."

He had not said the truth, because he feared that Ding LingLin could not bear such a burden. If she knew that she had stabbed Ye Kai initially, what sadness and pain could affect her, Guo Ding did not even dare to think.

Ding LingLin's complexion had sunk as she said, "You have not seen Ye Kai? Is it because you have not gone to look for him?"

Guo Ding had to acknowledge this.

Ding LingLin sneered, "You rescue me to this place but you actually had not told him, what are you trying to do?"

Guo Ding was unable to reply to that, he did not understand himself what he was trying to do.

They did not know each other very well, but he actually accompanied Ye Kai to take the risks to rescue her. In order to avoid Yu Xiao, he had brought her here to look after her. He had stayed three days in this gloomy very small room. Also he suffered a lot of pain and hardship to protect her.

A woman who had completely lost her consciousness was not an easy person to serve, moreover he had never served anyone else before. These three days, he nearly never closed his eyes, staying up all the time. Instead, she was sneering at him now with the suspicion that his motive was not pure. But he would rather be suspected than to say the truth, as telling her the truth would be a major blow to her.

Ding LingLin stared at him as she coldly said, "I was asking you, why don't you open your mouth?"

Guo Ding did not open his mouth.
He could not open his mouth, as he could not say anything that was in his heart.

Ding LingLin's hands tried to find out whether she wore something under the bed sheet. Her expression became slightly more friendly as she asked, "How long have I been here?"

Guo Ding said, "It is nearly three days now."

Ding LingLin nearly jumped, "Three days? I have been here for three days? You have been here all the time too?"

Guo Ding nodded.

Ding LingLin’s eyes grew bigger, "These three days, I slept all the time?"

Guo Ding said, “Yes."
He spoke very softly, because what he said was a lie.

These three days, Ding LingLin certainly did not sleep all the time. She had done many things, things that could not be considered done by many people, things that would cause people to not know whether to laugh or cry.

Only Guo Ding knew about these things, and he would never mention them to anyone else.

Ding LingLin was biting her lips. After hesitating for a while, she finally could not stop herself from asking, "You?"


"What are you doing while I was sleeping?"

Guo Ding said bitterly, "I did not do anything."

Ding LingLin breathed a sigh of relief, before putting on a serious face and said, "I hope what you said is not false, because if you are lying, I will find out sooner or later."

Guo Ding just listened.

Ding LingLin said, "You rescued me, so I will need to repay you later, but if I find out that you lie to me, I will want your life." She seemed to feel disinclined to look at Guo Ding, as she coldly said, "Now I only hope that you go out, go out a little quicker."

Guo Ding had not looked at her. In his heart, he was asking himself, "Actually what am I doing here? Why do I have to receive this kind of insult?"
He walked out, never looking back.

Looking at his thin weary back vanishing outside the door, Ding LingLin could not stop herself from feeling some relief. She certainly did not dislike this person, also she certainly realized his sentiment towards her. But she had to pretend not knowing about it, because she could not let this kind of sentiment from developing again. Because in her heart, there was only a person.

Ye Kai, she must find Ye Kai quickly.


Her first place to look for must certainly be the great wild goose guest inn.

But when the people in the great wild goose guest inn saw here, they all seemed like seeing a ghost, with loath and fear. Someone who had stabbed her own sweetheart with a knife would certainly not receive a nice welcome.

"Have you seen that Ye person?"


"Do you where he went?"

"No – regarding this Ye person, we do not know anything. Why don’t you inquire at the escort bureau?"

Thereupon Ding LingLin arrived at the Tiger and phoenix escort bureau.

When the people at Tiger and phoenix escort bureau heard Ding LingLin"’s name, their expressions were almost similar to the people at the great wild goose guest inn.

"We and Hero Ye are not associated with each other, but if you want to inquire about his news, you might as well go to Eight Sides Escort Bureau. It is heard that the head of the escort bureau Dai GaoGang was a life-and-death friend of Hero Ye."

Ding LingLin felt very strange, as she had never heard why Ye Kai had such a "life-and-death" friend? She wanted to ask further, but now she could not do that anymore. She also really could not face seeing those faces in this escort bureau.

No matter what, as long as she found Dai GaoGang, she would know Ye Kai’s whereabouts... Her heart felt better because she did not know that she would never have the luxury of asking anything from Dai GaoGang’s mouth again.

In the courtyard of “Eight-sides Escort Bureau” several servants were scrubbing a large black carriage. A tall middle-aged person was folding his arms in front of him, standing looking on the stone steps. He was none other than the vice leader of the escort bureau, Du Tong.

Ding LingLin opened the conversation, "You are escort leader, Dai GaoGang?"

Although she did not speak with great politeness, and although her complexion was not too attractive, but she as a very beautiful girl after all, moreover she was also very young.

Du Tong sized her up with his eyes as he reluctantly smiled, "What is the surname of Miss, and what matter do you have with him?"

"I am surnamed Ding, I want to inquire someone from him."

Hearing the character "Ding", Du Tong’s complexion changed, "You are surnamed Ding? Is it possible that your name is Ding LingLin?"

Ding LingLin nodded, "Is he here? I want to ask him several questions."

Du Tong’s calm face looked at her when he suddenly sneered, "You are not looking for Ye Kai?"

Ding LingLin’s eyes had shone, "You know Ye Kai too? Is he here?"

Du Tong coldly said, “Right, he is here. He came back from the same place as Escort leader Dai, riding the same carriage."

His face was filled with sorrow and anger, it was only a pity that Ding LingLin had not seen it. As long as she thought she could see Ye Kai, she did not care about any other things.

"Where are they?"

Du Tong sneered before turning around, "You come with me."

In the gloomy hall, the feeling was like in the graveyard. Because this hall had now become a graveyard.

As soon as Ding LingLin entered the hall, she saw two coffins.
Two brand-new coffins that had not been closed yet. In these coffins, there were the corpses of two persons, who did not have the head.

Du Tong coldly said, "They went out together, they also rode the carriage back together. But, although they have come back, they are actually not back."

Ding LingLin had not listened clearly to what he said as she had recognized the clothes on the corpses - life-and-death friendship! It was mentioned that Ye Kai and Dai GaoGang had a life-and-death friendship, they went out together, now they lay together in the coffins.

Ding LingLin felt the entire room turned upside down. The people at the great wild goose guest inn waiter and Eight Sided Escort Bureau seemed to rotate around her, each face showed a brutal sneer at her.

"They already knew that Ye Kai has died?"
"Did Ye Kai really die?"

Ding LingLin wanted to cry loudly, but she could not utter a single sound.


Gloomy hall, gloomy light.

Ding LingLin woke up discovering that she still lay at the same place she dropped down a moment ago.

Nobody held her up, also nobody comforted her.

Du Tong folded his arms, standing there coldly looking at her. His face showed an unspeakable detest of her.

Ding LingLin was forcing herself to stand up as she clenched her teeth and said, "He... In whose hand did he die?"

Du Tong coldly said, "You do not know?"

"How can I know."

"You should know."

Ding LingLin said loudly, "What do you mean, actually who has killed him?"

Du Tong also clenched his teeth, as he seethed out two words, “It’s you!"

These two words was like an iron hammer that hit Ding LingLin hard on the face, “It’s me?

Du Tong coldly said, "If you had not stabbed him with a knife in the first place, how could he have fallen defeated under Lu Di? If Escord leader Dai had not rushed him away to cure his wounds, how could he have died together with him inside the carriage?"

Ding LingLin's heart had exploded, the entire people in front of her seemed to have exploded.

She remembered her nightmare, as she also remembered Yu Xiao staring at her, both evil eyes that completely filled her mind - Quickly kill Ye Kai with this knife...

Wasn't that a dream? Did she unexpectedly really commit that frightful deed?

Ding LingLin did not believe it, would not believe it until she died.
She moved forward and seized Du Tong’s clothes shouting loudly, "You lied."

Du Tong coldly said, "I did not lie, you should know it in you heart."

Ding LingLin greatly shouted, "I know that you are lying, if you say something like that again, I will kill you."

Du Tong sneered, suddenly he attacked with a slanting chop at Ding LingLin's shoulder.
He did not expect that Ding LingLin's kungfu was unexpectedly much better to what he imagined.

When he attacked, Ding LingLin suddenly turned around and poked with her fists on his rib.
He was hit against the wall immediately, the pain caused him to bend down on his waist.

Ding LingLin had actually rushed forward and clutched him, she hissed, "You said you were not lying?"

Du Tong with a pale face, full of cold sweat, was panting for his breath. But he suddenly sneered, "Good, you kill me, you killed Ye Kai as that no one else could kill him. Even if you kill me, I will still say these words."

Ding LingLin suddenly released him, the whole body all trembled, shaking like a copper bell in a squall.

It seemed there were like a thousand eyes that looked at her all around the hall, each pair of eyes were filled with hatred and loathing.

"I should kill you to avenge Escort leader Dai and Ye Kai, but you are such a kind of woman that is so unworthy to kill, you go, just go… just go…"

”I have killed Ye Kai... I unexpectedly really have committed this frightful deed?"

Ding LingLin covered her face and dashed about wildly. She rushed through the escort bureau, rushed through the long street. The street resembled a rotating world, as she actually fell on the street. The mud on the street was cold as ice, as there were some ice droplets inside the mud, but she did not care about it.

All the people in the street were looking at her, looking like they had already judged her as a female killer. So, she did not care. She just hoped that she could transform herself into a blown-high ash, that the piercing cold wind will blow her away, dispersed like the dust.

By now there was actually a hand extending to her, pulling her. A strong steady hand, with a face that was filled with sadness and the sympathy.

She did not burst into tears, she simply could not have cried. When she saw this face, her tears that were just flowing out by trickles, suddenly burst out.

Guo Ding helped her up as she was actually pouring out her cry in his bosom. He let her cry, he hoped her sadness could be vented.

After waiting until she had cried enough, only then she found herself back in that gloomy very small room.


The light was dim, Guo Ding sat under the solitary lamp looking at her. He certainly had not said any comforting words to her, but his eyes were already a kind of comfort.

Ding LingLin finally struggled to sat up, crazily looking at that dark lamp. After we did not know how long, only then she crazily said to him, "I have killed him... It was me who have killed him."

Guo Ding said, “It was not you!"
His sound was gentle and firm: "This matter could not be blamed upon you."

"You know about this?"

“Ye Kai was with me when you came out."

"When I pierced him with that knife, you were there as well?"

"Because I was there, therefore I simply could not blame you. Because at that time, you were simply not yourself."

Ding LingLin hung her head, looking at her own hand. No matter what, the knife was in her hand, this is a fact. She knew that her own heart felt sorry and painful, and forever would carry the scar. Nobody could give her comfort with any soothing words…

Guo Ding slowly continued saying, "If you want to take revenge for Ye Kai, the one to suffer is not you, but we should go and find Yu Xiao and Lu Di."


Guo Ding nodded: "You and me."

"But this matter has nothing to do with you."

"How could it not be related, you are a friend of mine, Ye Kai was also a friend of mine. Your matter is my matter."

Ding LingLin suddenly perked up her head, staring at him. After a very long time, she slowly said, "You were not willing to tell me this matter, you would rather endure my insult than telling me because you only feared that I will be sad."

"I... "

Ding LingLin did not let him open his mouth as she interrupted, "Now you must take revenge for Ye Kai, also only because you know that I am not a match for Yu Xiao and Lu Di."

Guo Ding looked down at his own hands, because he did not dare to contradict her analysis.

Ding LingLin's eyes were dry, "What you are trying to do, I fully understand, so now I also hope you understand what I am trying to do."

Guo Ding was listening.

Ding LingLin said, "This is my problem, I do not want you to meddle in. Regardless of how fearful Yu Xiao and Lu Di are, I already have the way to cope with them, as I also cannot cause you to worry."

Guo Ding could not stop asking, "You have the way?"

Ding LingLin clenched both of her fists as she said, "I am a woman, when a woman must cope with a man, she always have a way."

Her voice became callous and firm. She was originally a naïve sweet and pretty girl, but at the present she resembled into another person.

Guo Ding’s heart sank.
He suddenly felt very fearful as he felt that Ding LingLin could certainly make a very fearful matter. He wanted to prevent that, but he actually did not know how to achieve that.

Ding LingLin stood up and slowly walked to the window. She looked at the dimness of the night outside the window.

The dimness of the night was not too dark.

She suddenly turned her head and asked, "Do you have any money?"


"How much?"


Ding LingLin gathered her hairs together and said, "Now it is not too late. I would like to go get something to eat, do you want to accompany me?"


The restaurant had not really stop working. Ding LingLin had ordered 7 or 8 type of vegetables, she ate very slowly, but also had some wine.

Then she took a stroll in the liveliest street in Chang An city, and bought the rouge powder, several very bright-colored clothes. She also bought a piece of not inexpensive, but very attractive jewelry.

These things were the stuff that girls most liked, especially a girl at her kind of age.
These matters were usually very normal. But, in her situation, that she could be in the mood to conduct these matters, that was far from normal.

She appeared very calm. Only a very determined person could suddenly turned into such a calm person. But what determination did she have?

Guo Ding thought about it deeper, but he just silently walked along with her without anything to say.

Despite of her seeming firm resolve, she did not appear to make any move after all. She took a leisurely stroll along the streets, before she suddenly took a stroll to Eight-sided Escort Bureau.

Ding LingLin gave her large package to Guo Ding and calmly entered. There were several guards at the gate that gave her the startled look, but unexpectedly nobody detained her from entering.

Because they had all realized that this girl had changed dramatically, changed into a fearful person. It was just a moment ago that this girl was so pitiful, so excited. Bt now she had suddenly changed into a calm girl, that was hard to imagine.

When Du Tong saw her, he abandoned all his thought and asked, "What are you doing?"

Ding LingLin said, "I want to ask you to pass on to Priest Yu Xiao and Lu Di that if they want to find Shangguan Xiaoxian, if they want to obtain this secret and the buried treasure, they can come to the Great Wild Goose guest inn at tomorrow noon."

Du Tong said, "I... How can I find them?"

Ding LingLin said, "Just think of the possible ways. If you cannot find them, just do your best."
Her voice was very tranquil, her corners of the mouth also showed some smile. But that smile was such a fearful expression, that Du Tong did not dare to make any comment.

Ding LingLin already went out calmly. Unexpectedly she went to a small food stall, ate most of the bowl, and drank some wine.

She was smiling as shesaid, "Today, my appetite is very good."
Looking at her smile, Guo Ding no longer could say anything.


By now the night was very late, they were miserably treading the severe winter path and the tranquil dimness of night. They slowly made their way to the small inn, returning to that gloomy very small room.

Ding LingLin said, "I must sleep."

Guo Ding silently nodded, preparing to walk out.

Ding LingLin actually suddenly smiled and said, "You do not need to go out, this bed is big enough for two people to sleep."

Ding LingLin had actually pulled open the bed sheet, "You sleep first, I like sleeping on the outside."

Her voice was very tranquil, like a mother telling her child to sleep on the bed.

Guo Ding was unable to reject her, so he had gone straight to sleep, his body was glued tight to the wall.

Ding LingLin had also rested, she smilingly said, "Tonight I might have a nightmare, you should better not be frightened by my sudden move."

Guo Ding nodded.
Besides the nod, he did not dare to move at all.

Ding LingLin suddenly gently sighed, "Do you know that I have not slept with any other man? I originally thought that I would never sleep with anyone else in my lifetime... "

Her voice became lower and lower. After a while, she resembled to have sleep soundly.


The night was very calm.

Her breath was very light, like the spring breeze.

Guo Ding was tired and also felt sleepy for a while, but how could he get some rest?
His heart had never been as chaotic as now. He thought about many things, things that he should think, but also things which he was not supposed to think.

He had never dreamed of sleeping with Ding LingLin on the same bed, but he had never dreamed also that sleeping with a girl could present such situation.

He was a man full of vigor. He had also had a woman before so in this aspect, he certainly did not feel too seriously about it.

Now the one that slept beside him was the kind of woman he had been searching for all of his life. Since he saw her for the first time, he already had the sentiment to this woman which could never be explained by logic.

But now, he actually did not have any desire for her, instead his heart was full of fear and sadness for her.

He knew that Ding LingLin had resolved firmly to do something. Something that could turn a woman into such a fearful woman when she was set to die for her resolve.

He had also made the resolution that he would not let Ding LingLin die, as long as he could let this woman live, he would not hesitate to do anything.

The night was still calm, although the cold wind howled outside the window. He suddenly detected that Ding LingLin’s body started to shiver. She did not stop shivering, or groaning, or changing her position. With the light from the stars through the window, her face was filled with tears.

His heart was like being rend by a knife. He almost could not stop himself from crossing over, hugged her closely, telling her that she still could have so many nice things in life, that it was still possible to forego the deep painful scar and return to normal life gradually.

But he did not dare to do such things. He could only accompany her with his own tears…
When he was done, he lightly rested. But then, his body suddenly started to shiver and did not stop shivering.

By now if he opened his eyes, he would discover that Ding LingLin was staring at him, her eyes were filled with sadness, sympathy, pity and gratitude. The one that could not be expressed by words, and the gratitude that could never be repaid…


Guo Ding woke up, the day was already bright.

Ding LingLin had changed into the clothes she had bought last night, and was combing herself in front of the window.

Her movement was gentle and exquisite. She looked really healthy and glowing with her face under the sunlight from the window.

This gloomy very small room suddenly seemed to change because she suddenly had this new life, had this inspiration.

Guo Ding looked at her crazily.
If this was his family, and this was his wife, that when he woke up, he would see his wife combing in front of the window.

Was there any other kind of happiness in the world that was comparable to this?
His heart was throbbing with pain.
He never wanted to come down from this height, as he did not dare to think about what was coming.
He knew that this magnificent moment was only a prelude to death.
Death itself could sometimes be very beautiful.

Ding LingLin suddenly said, "You are awake."

Guo Ding nodded and sat up reluctantly with a smile, “When I sleep, it seems that I would resemble a dead person."

Ding LingLin said lightly, "You should sleep well for a change because I knew you had not sleep for several days."

"What time is it?"

"It seems almost noon already."

Guo Ding’s heart had sunk.


“I will call here again tomorrow noon so they can wait for me in the great wild goose guest inn.”

Noontime was the brightest moment of the day, but now that it was mentioned, it was actually the time of death.

Ding LingLin suddenly stood up, she showed up herself in front of him. While smiling she said, "When I dress up, do you think I am beautiful?"

She was indeed beautiful.
She had not always looked liked so beautiful like at that moment, because she almost never dress up like this. She looked like a peacock preening her colorful feathers for everyone to see. Perhaps that was only because until this moment, she was not yet a mature woman.

This kind of magnificent beauty, actually caused Guo Ding a painful feeling.
He suddenly remembered how his mother died. When putting her in the coffin, that was precisely the most beautiful appearance in her life.

Ding LingLin was staring at him, while asking, "Why don't you speak? What are you thinking?"

Guo Ding did not reply, he only looked at her blankly, before suddenly asked: "You must go?"

Ding LingLin said, "I... I will only go for a while."

Guo Ding said, "To see Yu Xiao and Lu Di?"

Ding LingLin nodded, "You know that for me, sooner or later I need to see the right and the wrong executed."

Guo Ding said, "I will also need to see the right and the wrong executed."

Ding LingLin said, "You must accompany me?"

Guo Ding said, "You are not willing?"

Ding LingLin charmingly said, "Why aren't I willing, it is good to have you accompany me."

Guo Ding was astounded again.

He originally did not expect Ding LingLin to let him go with her - "this is my matter, I do not want you to manage." He did not expect her to change her mind today.

Ding LingLin smiled, "If you want to go, you need to get up quickly, wash your face with the water I’ve prepared for you."

She had really prepared the tub of water for him.

Guo Ding got out of bed, flushed with excitement as he felt himself being filled with the strength for the whole body.

He knew that Yu Xiao and Lu Di were extremely fearful opponents.
But he did not care about it.
He did not care whether he won or he lost.
The only important thing was that now Ding LingLin would not surely die, that suddenly there was hope in the fight, that there was confidence and strength in him now.

He bent himself as his hands skimmed the surface of the water.
The ice-cold water actually worked like the knife, causing him to be more sober and ready.

Ding LingLin walked closer behind him and said lightly, "You do not need to worry, they certainly will wait for us."

Guo Ding said with a smile, "Good, let them wait for a while… I…"

He had not finished his sentece as he felt his accupoint was hit from behind. He fell down immediately.

He could only heard Ding LingLin gently said, "I have no alternative but to do this. I cannot let you die for me, you certainly must forgive me."

Although Guo Ding could hear her words, he actually could not move, nor open his mouth.

Ding LingLin helped him across the floor, held him against the bed, and let him lie down on the bed. She looked at him from the head of the bed. Her eyes were filled with pity and gratitude and sadness, “Your regards for me, I understand completely. I also fully understand what kind of person you are. It is a pity… a pity that we met too late."