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Chapter 12: Cold Night, Strange Spirit

Leng Xiangyuan.

Such cold night, the fragrance of the plum was lost.
There were some sounds in the plum grove, was it the wind? Or was it coming from the ghosts of people dying here yesterday?

"You did not see Han Zhen?"


"Then perhaps he is still here."

Ye Kai sighed, "I only hope I will not find his corpse."

Other people's corpses?
They could not be found.

Ting-tao storied-pavilion had been all washed from the bloodstains cleanly.
But who gathered up the dead bodies?

"Wei Tianpeng’s corpse and others were here last night."

"Who had removed their corpses?"

There was no reply, nobody could answer.

The overnight icy rain had formed ice this evening.
The wind blew on the face, no longer refreshing, but sharp like the knife.
The cold plums in the garden served like the incense for the night-watch.

"You don’t see any lights?"


"Yu Xiao is not here?"

Suddenly, ahead on the icy trail, there seemed to be a very faint sound of footsteps.

So in this cold night, there were some people who walked alone in the snow? Maybe they were those people's ghosts?
But why would ghosts produce the sound of footsteps?

No light, no stars, and no moon.

There appeared a shadow of a person as if he were slowly moving out of the plum grove trail.

He walked very slowly, but he was also looking around him often as if he was looking for something.

In such a cold night, in the center of this plum grove, what was he seeking?

He walked near, and then he was heard of muttering constantly, "Wine... Any place has the wine... "

Ye Kai nearly could not bear to call, "Han Zhen!"

This person was unexpectedly Han Zhen.
He was still looking for wine for Ye Kai?

The snow light was reflected on his face, his face was all covered with blood, with some ice forming as well.

Ye Kai felt blood rising on his chest, and rushed forward immediately to Han Zhen, grasping Han Zhen’s shoulder.

Han Zhen looked at him, he suddenly said, "Wine? ... Do you know what place has the wine?"
He had not recognized Ye Kai, yet he was searching for some wine for Ye Kai.
His face was nearly completely broken like a rotten nut that was stepped on by someone.

Ye Kai did not dare to look again, "You... How can you turn into this? Who committed this dastardly deed?"

Han Zhen tried to smile but he actually could not smile, the mouth kept muttering, "Wine? What place has the wine?"

Ye Kai’s heart seemed to be stepped on little by little by someone’s foot.

Behind him, Guo Ding could not bear to say, "He is Han Zhen?"

Ye Kai nodded.

Guo Ding was also unable to restrain his sigh, "It looks like when he was looking for some wine for you, he has been beaten thoroughly that he could not remember anything."

Ye Kai clenched both of his fists, low-spiritedly he said, "He only remembers looking for some wine for me."

Guo Ding sadly said, "It looks like he is also a good friend,"
"It is a pity I do not know who committed this dastardly deed, otherwise... "

"I think this is not by Shangguan XiaoXian."


"A woman cannot have such a heavy hand."

Han Zhen was indeed hit very badly, not only his face was broken and distorted, all parts of his body were broken as well, there must be at least 6 or 7 broken ribs, how could he live up to now? Wouldn’t he have frozen to death in this kind of icy and snowy weather?

Ye Kai wanted to ask, but Han Zhen already wriggled out of his hands, "Let me go, I must find some wine."
Besides this matter, he had no memory of anything else.

Ye Kai sighed and said simply, "Good, I will help you find some wine."
Having said this, he pressed Han Zhen’s sleeping accupoint, and held up Han Zhen by his waist.

Guo Ding said, "As long as he can sleep peacefully for a day, he might become sober."

Ye Kai sighed, "I hope so."


The room has the bed and the lamp.

Ye Kai laid Han Zhen on the bed and said, "Do you have the fire lighter?"

Guo Ding ignited the lamp, under the light, Han Zhen’s face was even more horrible to look at.

Ye Kai could not endure looking at that, but actually he had no alternative but to look, because he wanted to find out who committed this dastardly deed.

Although he was not the kind of person who always remember the grudge of other people, but this situation was actually very different.

If Han Zhen had not look for some wine for him, how could he fall into such state.
For such a friend, he would do anything regardless of the difficulty.

Guo Ding kept staring at Han Zhen’s face and said, "This is not produced by the iron tool."

Ye Kai nodded, if injured by the iron tool, the scars will be visible.

"Who has such heavy technique?"

"Han Zhen’s wugong is certainly not weak, can as soon as fight with the fists his face, such person are not certainly many."

He suddenly remembered himself depositing his fist on Han Zhen’s face, but that scar was actually much lighter than the present, obviously this person's hand was not only heavier than his, he also had more time in his hand.

Untying the front of his jacket, they found out there were five broken ribs.
In such a cold day, Han Zhen’s clothes were certainly also very thick.

Guo Ding knitted his brows, “Through such thick clothes, but still the fist could break five ribs of his, there were not that many people who could do that."
Ye Kai said, "Moreover this is only external wounds, no internal injury."
Even if not using the iron tools, anyone would still guess this was done with a kind of iron hammer.

Guo Ding said, “Is this person's hand unexpectedly as hard as an iron hammer?"

"Looking at his scars, this was not done with the iron sand technique."

"With that kind of palm strength, surely that would incur wounds in the internal organs."

Ye Kai sighed, "Therefore I really do not understand, who actually did this?"

"Sooner or later... "
Suddenly he stopped. In the cold wind, there was suddenly heard a miserable reed sound.

Eastern Sea Yu Xiao!

Guo Ding quickly waved his hand to extinguish the light, "He is really here."

"Can you stay here for me... "

Guo Ding interrupted him immediately, "Han Zhen is sleeping, with me here guarding, you actually cannot go."

This is friendship, the friendship filled with understanding and concern.

Ye Kai looked at Han Zhen, "But he... "

Guo Ding again interrupted him, "Now he cannot cause any more trouble for other people, but you... "
He did not have to say anything else.

Ye Kai felt his blood in the chest became warmer, he had no alternative but to acknowledge that his words made sense.
"Good, we go together."

The miserable reed sound in the cold night could really break someone’s heart to pieces.

The reed sound was coming from the unknown part of the plum grove.
There small octagonal pavilion nearby the outside rockery. In the secluded part, there was a dim shadow of a person playing the reed.

Ye Kai and Guo Ding circled from behind quietly, their motion did not make any sound.

The person playing the reed was still playing but now the reed sound seemed like the player was shivering.

Ye Kai suddenly discovered that this certainly was not Eastern Sea Yu Xiao’s reed sound. Getting closer, this person turned out to be wearing a Taoist robe, but the body was actually very slender, a female Taoist.
At this moment, the reed sound suddenly stopped, the female Taoist who were playing the reed suddenly broke down in a low sob.

Ye Kai hesitated, finally going closer he gently coughed. This female Taoist suddenly seemed to be whipped, the whole body was all shivering, in a sorrowful voice she said, "I will blow... I will not dare to stop again."

Ye Kai said, "But I certainly do not want to force you to start playing again."

The female Taoist had turned her head, seeing him, although she was also startled, she seemed to be relieved and blurted out, “It’s you."

She recognized Ye Kai, Ye Kai also recognized her.
She was the prettiest of Priest Yu Xiao's disciple.

Ye Kai could not bear to ask, "Why do you continue playing the reed here?"

The female Taoist said, “Yes... I was forced by someone to be here."


“A masked person."

"Why does he have to force you to play the reed here?"

"I do not know. He forced me to go here, ordered me to blow continuously, otherwise he would remove my clothes completely, and hang me here."

"How can you fall in his hand?"

"At that time I... There was only me behind, but suddenly he rushed for me."

Ye Kai certainly knew the meaning of "behind". When a girl went to a private facility, certainly any person would be kind of embarrassed when saying this.
But Ye Kai actually also asked, "At that time, where were you?"

"Behind that gracious assembly courtyard."

The gracious assembly inn was where Ye Kai stayed. Not only it had the best chef, but also it had the most comfortable bed. A person who enjoyed life would certainly stay there.

Ye Kai sighed and smiled bitterly, "Originally you are in the courtyard behind me, I actually need to come here to find you."

The female Taoist suddenly shut her mouth, resolving to die without saying anything more. She knew she had talked unwisely, even without saying anything else, it was bad enough already.

Ye Kai said, "I have something to ask, although you may choose not to answer.."

The female Taoist kept shutting her mouth.

Ye Kai said, "But if you do not answer, I will keep you here to let that masked person find you again."

The female Taoist’s face immediately became fearful and quickly said, "I will answer."

Ye Kai said, "You carried off that Miss Ding, is she also in that courtyard?"

Although, the female Taoist did not open her mouth, actually she had tacitly agreed.

Ye Kai said, "Right, we might as well make a deal, you will lead me to find her, I will deliver you back."

The female Taoist did not reject it, she feared that masked person so much, far deeper than any other fear. Even if she died, she was not willing to stay there.

Who was that masked person? Why forced her to play the reed here? Did he know that Ye Kai was here looking for Yu Xiao, therefore he used this special method to direct Ye Kai to the correct way? Why would he do that? Did he have some other purpose?

Ye Kai certainly could not answer all these questions, so he could not bear to ask again, "Actually what kind of person was that masked person?"

"He was not a person, simply a ghost, a wicked ghost." Remembering this person caused her body to tremble.

Obviously when this person caught her, she completely did not have any ability to resist.
But the wugong of Eastern Sea Yu Xiao’s disciple would not be that bad.

Ye Kai looked at Guo Ding, gave a long sigh and said, "What you said was correct, although now it’s not the ninth month, but actually a crowd of eagles are flying high, moreover they all fly here."


The sheets was disorderly, on the pillow perhaps there was a piece of Ding LingLin’s silk.
As soon as he returned here, Ye Kai’s heart started to feel the slight pain– now she could be with Eastern Sea Yu Xiao...

Ye Kai did not want to guess anything.

Guo Ding looked at the disorderly sheets on the bed, his eyes showed very strange expression.
He did not look again, his heart was as if it was feeling the slight pain.
Now he had finally completely understood Ye Kai and Ding LingLin's relationship.

Han Zhen was still on the bed, still sleeping very deeply. Sleep was really a very strange matter.

That female Taoist hung down her head, her pale face finally had some red color.

Eastern Sea Yu Xiao’s disciples were all very beautiful, but she was especially beautiful.
Her beauty and Ding LingLin’s were different, not only she was beautiful, moreover she had the alluring look showing that she was already a completely mature woman.

Anyone who saw her in the dim light, shifting her legs from one to other, with the coquettish look in her face, would unavoidably felt the heart jumped.

Ye Kai looked at her and said, "Have a seat."

The female Taoist slowly shook her head, she suddenly said, "Now may I go back?"

"You may not."

The female Taoist hung down her head, biting her lips she said, "If you want to use me to coerce Priest Yu Xiao’s hand, you are mistaken."


"Even if you killed me in front of him, he would not care less about it." Her face was flushed as she showed the hidden bitterness, before she gently continued, "I have never seen him care about anyone."

Guo Ding stared at her before he suddenly said, "What if we kill him in front of you?"

The female Taoist said, "I will not shed a drop of tears."
She said very simply, not giving it a thought.

Guo Ding said, "Why do you want to go back then?"

The female Taoist said, "Because I... I... "

Ye Kai understood her.

She certainly must go back, because basically she did not have any other place to go.

Ye Kai was certainly not someone without feelings, he suddenly asked, "What is your surname?"

"I am surnamed Cui."


"Cui... Cui YuZhen."

Ye Kai smiled, "Why don't you sit down, do you fear this chair will bite you?"

Cui YuZhen could not help but smile, when she was smiling, the beautiful face immediately became like the glow of the sunset.

Ye Kai saw her swaying limbs from side to side following the reed sound at the time, and thought that she was a woman who had forgotten how to be ashamed. Only now he discovered that she had retained a young girl's charm and purity.

But anyone who could make other people despise her, must have regrets of her own. Sometimes that person was being hoodwinked like a donkey whose eyes were covered to turn the millstone and just lived on a whip. When the whip struck your back, you could only proceed forward, although actually you did not know what direction you were walking towards.

Ye Kai gently sighed, "If you do not want to, you do not need to go back."

Cui YuZhen hung her head, "But I... "

Ye Kai said, "I understand you, but this world is very big, you can slowly discover other places you can go to."

Cui YuZhen also understood him, she could not bear looking up at him, her eyes were filled with gratitude.

“You also do not need to help us to find Miss Ding, as long as you tell us where she is, that is enough."

Cui YuZhen hesitated before finally saying, "Behind that courtyard."

Ye Kai waited for her to say more.

"That courtyard is very big, altogether it probably has 13-14 rooms, Miss Ding is locked in the deepest part where there is a three-branched tree outside the window."

"Is there any person who guards her there?"

"Only someone accompanies her inside. Because she cannot walk by herself, Priest Yu Xiao does not fear that she will run away."

"Where does Priest Yu Xiao sleep?"

"He only sleeps briefly in the evening."

"What does he do if not sleeping?"

Cui YuZhen clenched her teeth tightly. She had not replied, but her face showed grief and indignation of the hidden bitterness. She did not need to say anymore.

"Yu Xiao is lascivious". Now he should be 70 years old, but it looked like he was much younger.
He had many beautiful and young disciples. What he did every evening, Ye Kai could certainly guess correctly.

Guo Ding’s face suddenly became angry and he said, "Are you compelled to be with him?"

Cui YuZhen shook her head, disappointedly said, "We are all originally poor people’s children."

Guo Ding said, "You were all bought by him?"

Cui YuZhen hung her head low, the tears had flowed down her cheeks.

Guo Ding suddenly slapped the table and coldly said, "Even if there is no problem with Miss Ding, I cannot let him go."

Ye Kai said, "But now... "

Guo Ding said, "I know. Now we certainly must rescue Miss Ding first."

Cui YuZhen suddenly also said, "Although he did not sleep in the evening, but once the day arrives and the sun shines, he certainly must sleep for three hours."

Now it was already more than half the time towards dawn. Winter nights were always quite long.

Ye Kai looked outside, "Good, we wait."


On the bed, Han Zhen suddenly turned his body, and said something in his dream – when Ye Kai sealed his accupoint, he certainly did not use too much strength.

He seemed to be saying, "Wine... Is there any place that has the wine... "

After saying this repeatedly for several times, he suddenly jumped out of the bed and loudly called out, "Surnamed Lu, I recognize you well, you are ruthless." Having said these words, he dropped down again, his face full of cold sweat.

Ye Kai strangely said, "Surnamed Lu?"

Guo Ding said, "It looks like the person who injured him was surnamed Lu."

Ye Kai was pondering, "Do you know a Master Lu in jiang-hu?"

"In recent years, there was someone."

"Lu Di?"

“Right, 'the white-clothed swordsman' Lu Di."

"You have seen him fight?"

Guo Ding shook his head and said, "I only know that although he is 'Marquis silver halberd' Lu FengXian’s nephew, what he practices is actually Wudang’s swordstyle, Wudang is an orthodox school, he cannot... "

Ye Kai had suddenly interrupted him, "You said whose nephew is he?"

"Lu FengXian the ‘Marquis silver halberd’, the fifth in the former weapon list."

Ye Kai’s eyes suddenly brightened, "Lu FengXian, how could I forget this person."

Guo Ding said, "You thought it is him?"

"The marquis silver halberd was placed fifth in the weapon list, which is already worth the glory for many people. But to him, this was actually kind of shameful."

Guo Ding understood this kind of mood, many people just could not endure being under anyone else.

Ye Kai said, "But he also knew that Bai XiaoSheng could not be wrong, therefore he had destroyed his own silver halberd, and practiced another kind of fearful wugong."

"What wugong?"

"His hands!"

Guo Ding’s eyes also shone.

"It is said that he had practiced his hands to be almost as sharp as the steel and iron."

"Who said those words?"

"Someone who had seen the hands with his own eyes.."

"Little Li Tanhua?"

Ye Kai nodded, "If there were someone who could bare handedly make Han Zhen like this, that person would certainly be Lu FengXian."

"But he had been missing many years ago."

Ye Kai sneered, "Even a person who had died could be alive again, more so for a person who were just missing."

"You think he had arrived here too?"

"You have said that although it is not the nine month, it is actually the hunting period."

Guo Ding’s eyes flashed bright, "Lu FengXian is without doubt also an eagle."

"Perhaps he is the most fearful eagle in the group."

"If he has really come, you must also find him?"


On Ye Kai’s bed, Han Zhen lay quiet with eyes closed.
He no longer needed to open his mouth again.

Guo Ding’s eyes became brighter, looking afar he muttered, "If a person could be listed in the fifth in the weapon list, that should also count as a big happy event in life."

"But this is actually of not your concern."

“It is not?"

Ye Kai gave a serious expression, “It is not."

Guo Ding smiled and continued, "You do not need to fear I that I will interrupt, Han Zhen is your friend, not mine."

Ye Kai had finally smiled also, "I hope you will not forget your word."

Guo Ding’s expression also became very serious, "You should also not forget something." He stared at Ye Kai, before slowly continuing, "I do not want to see you getting hit by a person like Han Zhen."

Ye Kai had suddenly turned around and shove open the window.

The cold wind outside the window was like a knife, but his heart was actually hot, like just drinking a full glass of pure strong wine.

The empty valley in the distant was very dark, however at this moment it just turned into ashen grey.

Then he heard a chicken crowed.

“It is in the deepest room, where there is a three-branched tree outside the window.”


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