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Chapter 11, Eastern Sea Jade Reed (Eastern Sea Yu Xiao)

In that small room, there were unexpectedly about  8-9 people, nearly all of them were women. moreover all were very young, very beautiful young girls, who wore a complete Taoist garments.
Where had so many female Taoist priests come from?

Ye Kai had nearly thought he was lost and gone to the wrong place, but Ding LingLin was actually also in room. She was also motionless sitting there, her eyes were filled with surprise, not only surprise, but unexpectedly also some fear. Behind her, stood two female Taoists, in front of here there were five, but her eyes were actually staring at a man.

An old person, an old Taoist.

He sat on a chair by the window, wearing a brocade Taoist robe, the silver hairs were pulled up into a taoist priest hair bun, slanting across him was a crystal clear jade reed.

His age should at least be above 60, but the complexion was actually still ruddy, could not find any wrinkle, the pair of eyes was still clear and distinct, bright like the light.

Even by sitting there, she could still see that his stature was still very straight, certainly did not have any bent back, the silvery long beard blown by the wind, but still neat and clean.

Ye Kai had never looked at a Taoist priest whose appearance was so gorgeous, paying a lot of attention to the detail in applying the adornments.

Ding LingLin saw him, she looked as if she wanted to call him, but actually she did not call. Unexpectedly, her accupoint was sealed by him.

Ye Kai sighed, "It seems like this room’s geomancy is really good, instead of just one visitor, eight has come together,"

This old Taoist priest in the brocade gown stared at him and lowered his voice, "You are Ye Kai?"

Ye Kai nodded, "Ye for leaf, Kai for open."
The Taoist said, "Wind young lord is also you?"


"In recent years, I (pin-dao, an expression by a Taoist priest to address himself) have not seen such a great talent in jiang-hu that could kill 83 people in one night."

Ye Kai said, "I have not seen it either."

"How dare you speak so frivolously in front of pin-dao (me)."

Ye Kai smiled, "If the Taoist priest cannot get used to seeing a frivolous person, why do you come to a frivolous person's room?"

"You do not know who I am?"


"Pin-dao is Yu Xiao."

"Eastern Sea Jade Reed (Eastern Sea Yu Xiao)?"


Ye Kai also sighed, painstakingly said with a smile, "I should really be very surprised, it is only a pity that I have been startled so many times today."

Eastern Sea Yu Xiao!
Any one who had heard of this name should be surprised.

Formerly when Bai Xiaosheng wrote the weapon list, Eastern Sea Yu Xiao was listed at tenth, this priest Yu Xiao was the contemporary of the top ten martial arts world’s masters, and he was the only survivor besides Little Li Tanhua. It was said that he lived far away in the overseas, but unexpectedly he had also arrived here.

Priest Yu Xiao lowered his voice, "You should know pin-dao’s intention."

"I do not know."

"You don’t look like a stupid person."

"But I can also play the fool."

Meanwhile, these young female priests kept looking at him secretly, and now they could not bear to smile secretly.

Priest Yu Xiao’s complexion had changed, he coldly said, "You should have feigned death."


"Pin-dao does not kill a dead person."

"If alive, you will kill them all?"

"Only a person who wants to die."

"Luckily I certainly do not want to die."

"If a person wants to live well, he should tell the truth in front of pin-dao."

"What I said was the truth."

"Whose is this baby doll?"

“Shangguan XiaoXian’s."

"She was in this room?"

"She was my first visitor."

"Where is she now?"

"I don’t know."

Yu XiaoTaoist coldly said, "She was here a moment ago, now you are saying you do not know where she has gone?"

"Now you are also here, but after you leave, I will not know where you are either."

Priest Yu Xiao suddenly sighed, "Life is so valuable, why do some people certainly want to die?"
He suddenly extracted that crystal clear white jade reed from his waistband.

In the years past, Eastern Sea Yu Xiao was listed tenth, Priest Yu Xiao’s wugong was profound, it was said that he had exceptional weapon, this jade reed in his hand, might hit accupoints, but also might become a sword weapon, as well as laden with extremely formidable hidden weapon in the tube of the reed.

Ye Kai thought he was preparing to attack.

Who knew Priest Yu Xiao had not moved from his sitting position, instead he lightly caressed the reed and played.

His reed sound started very gentle, as if coming from the spring fountain on a green hill under the cloud. It made people to be filled with tranquility and happiness.

Then his reed sound gradually became low and deep, directed the person to a more beautiful dreamland. Having no anxiety and pain in this dreamland already, now it appeased the anger and the struggle to kill one another. Anyone who heard this reed sound, would not be able to plot any mean dangerous matter.

But at this moment, Yu Xiao Taoist suddenly made a very mean dangerous move. There were three points of cold stars zipping from the tube of his reed, shot towards Ye Kai’s chest.
These hidden weapon like nails were arriving quickly like the lightning. Who could have guard himself against this poisonous plot that sprung from the exquisite peace?

But Ye Kai seemed to be ready against it. Any poisonous hidden weapons in front of him seemed to lose their power, helpless. Becasue he had one way to conquer the hidden weapons. There seemed to be a strange attractor in his hand.

With a single move of his hand, the three cold stars disappeared without a trace.
Was this the internal strength of the martial arts world which was known as "ten thousand cups returning to their homes"?

Priest Yu Xiao’s complexion had somewhat changed.

Ye Kai was actually smiling and said, "Please blow the reed again, you must not stop, I like listening to a reed."

Priest Yu Xiao had not really stopped, but the reed sound had actually changed, becoming something like a primal, alluring power, like a young girl who was lovesick in the spring boudoir, tossing and turning, unceasingly groaning.

What was the most primitive desire of a man? Two of the female Taoists were looking at Ye Kai, smiling at him charmingly with a strong allure in it.

Ye Kai had no alternative but to look at them, and he discovered he somehow seemed to become a youth that see a naked woman for the first time. He imagined, them turning completely naked with each snow white breasts, slender waist and slender legs.

He suddenly discovered that his own body unexpectedly felt different, experiencing a kind of desire that could not be controlled by any man. Their smile was flattering, coquettish like silk. They resembled the inviting swaying limbs that sway from side to side.

Could someone leave after this body-twisting show-off?
Could someone take note of anything else?

Two other female Taoists unexpectedly lifted Ding LingLin up and carried her outside. Any other man would not possibly notice them.

But Ye Kai was not any other man.
Ye Kai was still Ye Kai!
His eyes seemed to be staring at the swaying limbs from side to side while other people had actually plundered her.

Suddenly, the reed sound stopped.

The crystal clear jade reed had slanted and attacked at the point on his waist at the small of his back. This is the judge’s pen style, aiming at the accupoint, hitting it quickly.

By now the judge's pen turned into sword, the light and lively sword, like blooming leafs that grew like a sphere.

Ye Kai saw Ding LingLin being carried off by other people, fighting a master whom he had never met. If he went after Ding LingLin anxiously, it was very possible that he would be struck by the attack.

Suddenly he stopped completely, like a revolving top that was suddenly nailed down.
When masters fight decisive battles, they would certainly never do such things.

Priest Yu Xiao had fought many battles, had seen all kinds of matches, but he actually had never seen this. His jade reed sent abrupt, and suddenly stopped also.

He was not fully correct in assuming Ye Kai’s intention.
But he had seen that Ye Kai was an extremely intelligent person, an intelligent person will not make a stupid mistake suddenly, so there must a big reason behind this?

Priest Yu Xiao sneered, "What are you doing?"


"What do you mean nothing?”
"Nothing as in there is no reason."

"You want to die?"


“Is it possible that you don’t know within that moment just now, I could have killed you ten times?"

"I know."

He smiled and lightly said, "But I also knew that as soon as I stopped, you would also stop."

"If I had not stopped?"

"Then I have died ten times now."

Priest Yu Xiao's complexion was suddenly pale, he had obviously regretted his chance. But a pity the regrets came too late. When he missed this kind of opportunity, it will never come again.

"I stopped also because I was not sure I could win."

Priest Yu Xiao sneered.

"Because right now my heart is frantic, you are also surrounded by many attractive helpers. When you saw your beloved woman being carried away by force by someone else, the heart will be frantic."

Priest Yu Xiao sneered, "You actually confess a lot."

"I do not want to deceive you, also with you, you certainly also knew that my heart was frantic."

"A mentally confused person has to die."

"You really have the assurance to kill me?"

Priest Yu Xiao had not opened the mouth, he was not sure because the essence of this youth’s wugong was wonderfully unique, the vigilance was strange, so the result of the match would be most unpredictable.

Moreover he also had the dagger, the flying dagger!
Ye Kai’s flying dagger had not attacked, therefore Priest Yu Xiao certainly did not want to force him to attack with it.

Ye Kai lightly said, "Sooner or later, you and I will unavoidably fight each other, but actually that will not be tonight."


“When I don’t feel frantic in my heart, when I have the assurance to win."

"Even if there is such a day, why do I want to wait till that day?"

"Because you cannot afford not to wait."


"Even if you can kill me now, you still won’t attack because who you truly want is Shangguan XiaoXian."

Priest Yu Xiao could not deny it.

"Even if you can kill me, you still won’t get Shangguan XiaoXian. Therefore you have kidnapped Ding LingLin and you want me to get Shangguan XiaoXian to trade for her life."

Priest Yu Xiao suddenly gave a long sigh, "You really are not stupid."

"I do not lie too."


"Right now, I really don't know where Shangguan XiaoXian is."

Priest Yu Xiao coldly said, "Then I don't know where Ding LingLin is, too."

Ye Kai sighed, "I may find a way to find her."

"In 24 hours?"


Priest Yu Xiao nodded, "Tomorrow this moment, if you do not give me Shangguan XiaoXian, you should also give up any idea of seeing Ding LingLin again in this life."

He slowly continued , "Heartless golden rings, sentimental flying dagger, honorable iron sword, lascivious jade reed, I’m sure you have heard of this saying."

Ye Kai certainly had heard of it.

Priest Yu Xiao said, "Ding LingLin is an attractive woman, I am a lascivious man, therefore you should better quickly find Shangguan XiaoXian, otherwise... "
He did not have to say anymore. His meaning was heard loud and clear.

Priest Yu Xiao walked out, leading his young and beautiful girl students.

"Tomorrow I will come again at this moment."


24 hours.

Who could have the assurance to find Shangguan XiaoXian in 24 hours? Who could have the assurance to find that sly fox, poisonous viper of a woman in one day?

Ye Kai was not sure.
But honorable iron sword, lascivious jade reed.
Who could feel secured when one’s beloved woman was kept nearby a lascivious man?


The dimness of night arrived, Ye Kai calmly sat in the darkness, he had not lit the lamp, he felt disinclined to move at all.

The room seemed to preserve Ding LingLin’s body fragrance, her two frightened eyes seemed to glow in the darkness.

How could he rescue her? How could he find Shangguan XiaoXian?
This time, Ye Kai did not have any idea at all.

In this calm place which was very suitable to think deeply, his response was usually extremely quick, the thought was extremely lively.

But now his brain seemed to have turned into a block of wood.

However outside the very quiet courtyard suddenly became alive with sounds of people. It looked like there were many people coming all of a sudden.

Everybody was discussing a hot topic which was unexpectedly about Guo Ding.

"The brother of Songyang’s iron sword really lives up to the reputation."

"Nangong Yuan should not have challenged him with the sword."

"But Nangong Yuan is also a young person representing an illustrious martial arts world aristocratic family, how could he just ignored his contempt."

"Nangong Yuan, not only was handed down the family’s wugong, moreover he was also the disciple of swordsman Yun, the sword skill is high. It is said that he might be one of seven renown masters in jiang-hu."

"Therefore everybody was originally favoring Nangong Yuan in this fight, after all Guo Ding was just someone who was making his debut."

"As far as I know, the odds in propitious teahouse was ten to one for Nangong Yuan’s victory."

"If I had known that, I would have started gambling all of a sudden."

"At that time you dared to bet on Guo Ding?"

"Some people like Nangong Yuan as he was such a famous swordsman, unexpectedly he could not spar for more than ten moves with Guo Ding."

"Songyang’s iron sword was really, really overbearing. That last move of him, ‘the world all burns(?) ' ', I dare to make a bet, people in jiang-hu who can receive this move of him cannot surpass five people."

"This Songyang’s iron sword of Guo Ding was really like the high crest of wave. The keen eyesight of Mister Yu Ding from ‘Several ordinary days escort bureau’ had prompted him to invite him to drink."

"Now he was the person who was sought by everyone in the city seeking for the limelight. Many people want to invite him to drink, everyone wants to invite him including me. A person who can drink some wine with this kind of person will have shining favors."

"Now he if wants to go find a woman, I dare to guarantee, certainly there will be many women who would rather give it to him instead of taking anything."

"Although he did not have a young white face, a little black sprinkle was just fine."

"I heard that a black-skinned person appeal to the women."

"Speaking of women, that place also... "

Their words become more and more unreasonable.

Ye Kai did not listen anymore.


It turned out that it was so quiet outside just a moment ago because all the people were looking at Guo Ding and Nangong Yuan’s decisive battle. Usually, Ye Kai would go and have a look.
He knew this Nangong Yuan, as he also truly knew that he was from true line of sword masters.

In recent years, he was always shining bright and most renown in jiang-hu, but now his bright light was obviously overshadowed already by Guo Ding.

Guo Ding must now be very happy.
When a youth became famous, that would be one of the most happy occasions in life.

Ye Kai understood this kind of feeling, but he certainly did not envy him.
He only wanted to look for a peaceful place, calmly drinking two cups of wine. Although wine could paralyze someone’s brain, it also might make it clear-headed for a while.

He stood up and slowly walked out.

Nobody was paying attention to him, nobody even looked at him, only the winner would be the center of people’s attention. He was actually evading reality now.

At the end of a narrow lane, there was a small family wine shop which was all blackened by the oil smoke including the advertisement board.

The light was dim within the room, a listless waiter was inside, the seats were warmed by a fire in the nearby small charcoal stove. There was someone else inside, his back was to the door, sitting in the gloomiest part, drinking alone, drinking depressing wine.

Ye Kai thought he was like him, a person evading reality, a person who was frustrated with life.

Usually, Ye Kai would not have simply passed him, he would have asked him to drink two cups with him – wasn’t finding a lost person within the same horizon like a heaven-sent opportunity to get acquainted with one another? But now he actually wanted to be alone.

The listless waiter passed by, offering the chopsticks to him, the bamboo chopsticks covered with mildew. But Ye Kai did not care about it.

"What is the main menu?"

"Wine, five catties of wine, the usual wine is good."

"Do you have seasoned vegetable?"

"We have some ready-made."

This guest did not look like a nitpicker, the waiter revealed his smile, "That guest is having a small meal, why don’t I give you the same kind?"


That guest obviously was not a nitpicker as well.
A frustrated person, who would nitpick?

The wine had not come, Ye Kai was calmly waiting, he knew he could not expect this kind of place to be very attentive to the customers.

That guest had not turned his head when he came in, but suddenly at this moment he said, "I have wine with me here, why don’t you drink a cup here first?"
This voice was very familiar, who was this person?

Ye Kai turned his head, this person lightly said again, "Actually you should at least come to give me respect by a cup, you owe me."

“It’s you!"
Ye Kai finally recognized his voice.

This person drinking depressing wine all alone in a small wineshop, was the present man of the hour in this city Guo Ding.

Guo Ding had finally turned his head, he lightly smiled, "You did not think it was me?"

Ye Kai indeed could not guess it.

He walked to him, sat down, and looked at Guo Ding, "You really should not be here."


"This kind of place can only be visited by a talented person like me."


Ye Kai had smiled, "Do you know that you have now become the person who everyone wants to  see to seek the limelight?"

Guo Ding coldly said, "Because I have overcome Nangong Yuan’s sword?"

"Defeating Nangong Yuan is certainly not an easy thing to do."

Guo Ding sneered.

Ye Kai looks at him, said, "Now there are many great people in the city trying to win your favor and invite you to drink, why do you come to this kind of place instead?"

Guo Ding had not replied, he drank some more and said, "You said too much and drink too little."

Ye Kai raised his cup and gulp it down.

Guo Ding looked at him again before he suddenly said, "Have you defeated someone before?"


"When you defeated someone, was there also many great people trying to invite you to drink?"


"But you did not go?"


Guo Ding smiled, the smiling face actually had attached unspeakable loneliness. Drinking his cup of wine, he slowly said, "Before I always want to defeat other people, crush them, but now..."


Guo Ding kept staring at the empty cup and said, "Now I know that the taste of victory is inferior to what I have imagined it to be."

He suddenly put the empty cup on the table and said, "What do you see this is?"

"This is an empty wine cup."

"After a person has defeated someone, sometimes he can suddenly become like an empty wine cup, suddenly becoming empty.”

Although he had not told this kind of feeling, actually Ye Kain also understood this kind of indescribable void and loneliness, because he had also once experienced it. He did not have to say anything else, instead he filled the empty cup to the brim for Guo Ding and smiled, "You also said too much and drink too little."

Guo Ding raised his cup.

Ye Kai kept smiling, "In any event, a victory will always taste better than a defeat."


The cold wind howled outside the window.

Soon the fire in the small charcoal stove would extinguish, that listless waiter would shrink his neck into the broken cotton-wadded jacket and quickly go to sleep.

In such a cold night, only the family could keep someone warm.
But where was the family of prodigal sons who roamed about faraway? Why would that happen?

The thick wine felt cold through the body, but once it was in the belly, it could also turn into a fire.

How many cups had they drunk? Who kept the record? Who would remember clearly?

Ye Kai’s was only promised a cup, that was gone very quickly.

Did he want to be drunk? Want to evade the reality?
If someone met something unsolvable, something that was not nice, who wouldn’t want to be greatly drunk?

Guo Ding looked at him, "I thought only a person who wants to get drunk come here, actually I didn’t expect to find you here."

"You didn’t expect I could be in this kind of place to drink?"

"I didn’t expect you to be here."

Ye Kai again drank a cup, suddenly had smiled, "I didn’t expect it too."
He smiled very bitterly.

"You didn’t expect it too?"

Ye Kai was silent. After a very long time he asked; "Do you know Eastern Sea Yu Xiao?"

Guo Ding certainly knew, "But I have not seen him."

"I have seen him."

Eastern Sea Yu Xiao had not appeared in jiang-hu for a long time, Guo Ding could not bear asking, "When did you see him?"

"A moment ago."

Guo Ding’s eyes suddenly brightened, "You fought him?"
Ye Kai nodded.

"Did you win against him? Therefore you came here to drink?"

"I have not won, nor been defeated."

Guo Ding did not understand.
In his thought, when two people started to fight, the result would either be a victory or a defeat.

"Although we had fought, but we did not continue."


"Because I did not want to be defeated by him."

"You were not sure you could win?"


"You thought his wugong was better than you?"

Ye Kai smiled, "His wugong is very profound, perhaps because of this, it cannot be pure."

"Originally you could win against him?"

Ye Kai did not deny it.

"But today, you were actually not sure you could win?"

"Completely not sure."


"Because my heart was very frantic."

"You don’t seem like someone who can break down mentally very often."

"Indeed I do not often break down mentally, but today... "

Guo Ding suddenly understood, "Has Miss Ding fallen in Yu Xiao’s hand?"

Ye Kai nodded, raised the cup once more, and gulped the content.

Guo Ding also drank a cup.  He certainly had heard of "honorable iron sword, lascivious jade reed." He suddenly seized Ye Kai’s wine cup and said loudly, "Today, you cannot get drunk."

Ye Kai gave him a forced smile.

"You must find a way to rescue her quickly."

"I cannot find out a good way."

"What does Yu Xiao want?"

"He wants me to surrender Shangguan XiaoXian in exchange with her."

"You are not willing to do that?"

"I am willing, but I cannot find Shangguan XiaoXian."

"You don’t know where she is staying?"

"Nobody knows it."

"She is really not an idiot such as in the stories?"

Ye Kai smiled bitterly, "I have also been deceived by her, there was no one who is slier than her in my life, nor a more fearful person."

Guo Ding kept staring at him. After a very long time, he slowly said, "I cannot believe these story-telling scripts."

"I understand."

"But now I have believed it."

Ye Kai was silent again for a very long time, before he slowly said, "Originally I was not planning to tell you this, but now I have actually told you."

He certainly had not gone to find Guo Ding.
Guo Ding also was not looking for him.

They tried very hard to avoid looking at each others’ eyes.
They were not the kind who revealed their own emotion to other people.
Were they afraid if they showed their emotion then the tears would start to flow?

But this kind of friendship was not something that was visible.
Even though they did not look at each other, the seeds of friendship had already been sown, and the hearts were ready to give way to the new roots.

This was indeed a very strange matter.
A person often could have the most wonderful time in the strangest place, even in a place no one would have expected to make new friends. No one could understand where this kind of emotion come from.

After quite a long time, Guo Ding suddenly said, "Although we can’t find Shangguan XiaoXian, but we certainly can find Eastern Sea Yu Xiao."

Ye Kai was listening.

"He is a person who enjoys life, there are not that many good places in this city."

"The best place is Leng Xiangyuan, but it is not really fragrant in this cold."

"But it is very possible that he stays there, as every time he goes anywhere , it is said that there would be many people accompanying him.."

Ye Kai said with a smile, "After knowing where he is?"

"When he’s there, Miss Ding will also be there."

"You want me to rescue her?"

"You should not stay."

Ye Kai smiled bitterly, "My heart is even more frantic now, I am not sure I can win against him."

"Aren't I a person?"

Ye Kai suddenly looked up, staring at him he said, "You... "

"Can't I go together with you?"

"But... But Ding LingLin is also in his hand."

"I understand why you are worried. You are cautious about harming the evildoers lest the innocent be hurt, you fear he will use Miss Ding to cope with you, you fear he will injure Miss Ding."

Ye Kai nodded.

"But you have actually forgotten something."


"He thinks that you are now anxiously looking for Shangguan XiaoXian, certainly he doesn’t expect you to look for him, therefore he will not guard the place heavily."

“That’s right."

Guo Ding said, "Moreover, he cannot suspect that we have become friends."


How warm, how sacred was this word?
This word could unexpectedly be coming out from this arrogant rough youth’s mouth.

What else could Ye Kai say? Why did he need to say anything?
He lost his worried look. Standing up, he suddenly gripped Guo Ding’s shoulder.

"Let’s go."