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Chapter 5: Dead visitors


Four fried dishes, four cold dishes were still on the table, and the “steamed fish” dish was coming up. When Hai KuoTian hosted a party, the food would not disappoint the guests.

Although the “steamed fish” was precisely Three harmonies building’s specialty and its most famous cuisine, Hu TieHua felt that it was inferior to the fresh fragrance of Zhang San’s grilled fish, but he still poked around to see if something was still there on the plate.

But regardless of how good was the food, only a happy person could appreciate it. If the person was irritable while eating the food, even the best chef’s famous cuisines would not appease him, nor would he appreciate the taste of the food.

Everybody must have felt very irritable by now.

Since Yun CongLong had sat down, he had put on a dour face, and kept staring at Wu Weiyang, seeing such a face, how could anyone continue to eat?

Although “Divine dragon clan” and “Phoenix tail clan” had fought for larger domain through several battles, those were already 20 years past.

In recent years in jiang-hu, people thought that these two groups had already become reconciled, moreover it was also rumored that Wu Weiyang and Yun CongLong had become good friends now.

But looking at the situation today, these two people were like fighting cockerels.

Hu TieHua could not really understand this, why did Hai KuoTian invite both of them here? Were he planning to see these two people fight?

They heard some more footsteps on the staircase, obviously someone else was coming.

Ding Feng knitted his brows and said: “Does Leader Hai also invite another guest?”

Hai KuoTian said with a smile: “All the guests are here, if someone else is coming, I’m afraid this must be an unexpected visitor.”

Yun CongLong suddenly cupped his fists to Hai KuoTian and said: “These two people are invited by me, I hope this disrespect will not offend leader Hai!”

Hai KuoTian said: “How can this be an offense? The more people the more lively is the party, Leader Yun’s guest must be distinguished guests, but ......”

He continued laughing: “…we cannot waive the tradition, the people who come late must be punished by three cups.”

Yun CongLong kept staring at Wu Weiyang, as he coldly said: “It is a pity that these two people could not drink another drop of liquor.”

Hai KuoTian said with a smile: “Anyone who says that he cannot drink, he is certainly trying to deceive us. I have never seen a person who genuinely cannot drink even a drop of liquor.”

Hu TieHua could not bear adding with a smile: “I’m afraid the only one who cannot drink a drop of liquor is a dead person.”

Yun CongLong showed pallid face, without the slightest show of feeling, coldly said: “These two people are precisely dead persons!”

Hu TieHua was stunned.

This person had unexpectedly asked two dead people to attend the party!

Did he feel that today’s party was too lively?

Hai KuoTian changed color, his face became more awkward, but then he laughed suddenly and said: “Well good, any kind of visitors can be invited, you can have the dead visitors come in. There has to be a first time for everything, let’s hope that Leader Yun will open our minds about the main reasons for it.”

Immediated he hardened his face and said sternly: “Since Leader Yun has given his invitation, regardless dead or alive, please come in!”

Yun CongLong acted as if he had not heard anything, his face did not have any expression, he cupped his fists and said: “That is fine then, many thanks Leader Hai!”.

He walked slowly, and very slowly raised the curtain.

There were really two people standing straight.

Dead persons!

The dead persons naturally could not step onto the building, there must be two people who held them up behind their backs. But everybody only saw these two dead people, nobody paid any attention to the persons behind them.

These two dead persons were still dripping wet, they were swollen, like frog people who just ran away from the hell, their appearances was really fearful.

Although the lights in the room were very bright, but everybody who saw such two dead people suddenly, was unable to restrain feeling the chill in the air.

Hu TieHua and Gou ZiChang’s face changed color.

They unexpectedly recognized these two dead people.


These two people wore tight-fitting black-clothes with seven colors of the spectrum waistband. They were precisely the corpses that Chu LiuXiang and friends had fished from the river a moment ago.

Chu LiuXiang originally wanted to bury the two corpses, but Zhang San and Hu TieHua actually thought that they should throw “them” back in the river.

Zhang San thought that this matter would evolve further later on.

He certainly had not guessed wrongly, these two people were fished out again.

But these two people were obviously the Phoenix tail clan’s followers, why would Yun CongLong send them here?

Hai KuoTian was also playing his part, after calming down, he laughed hollowly twice and said: “Since these two are Leader Yun’s honored guest, Leader Yun should help introduce them to everybody.”

Yun CongLong coldly said: “Although not everyone can recognize these two people, but Leader Wu can certainly recognize them.”

He looked around, then stared sharply at Wu Weiyang and said fiercely: “Leader Wu, do you know why they are here?”

Wu Weiyang said: “Please tell me.”

Yun CongLong word by word continued: “They were part of Leader Wu’s clan!”

Dead person could not come to life, but Yun CongLong’s words were filled with such hatred that any other people who had listened, would feel the chill in the air behind his back.

The curtain was raised, a gust of wind blew from outside, making the lights sway.

The light illuminated the faces of these two dead persons, these two faces seemed to move, the faces were gruesome, they seemed to be ready to bite.

Wu Weiyang seemed to be taken aback said reluctantly with a smile: “Leader Yun, if you are joking, this joke is a bit too much.”

Yun CongLong coldly said: “Dead persons do not lie.”

He had ripped open the clothes suddenly, revealing the wounds on the left rib, and hissingly said: “Anybody who is an expert in jiang-hu could surely see what kind of weapon had killed them?”

Everybody looked at each other in silent dismay, obviously nobody was willing to offer who was right or wrong.

Yun CongLong said: “Even if no one said it, anyone knows that the `heavenly arrow shoots the moon' is Leader Wu’s special skill. An arrow entered the body, and pierced straight into the heart. Leader Wu’s the “Phoenix tail arrow” was really extremely good, extremely fierce......”

He had sneered several times and then said: “These two people actually died somewhat inexplicably, until their deaths, they did not know why Leader Wu could kill them like this!”

Wu Weiyang said: “These two people are originally my subordinates in the `Phoenix tail clan', even if I have killed them, this is still the `Phoenix tail clan' private affair, what does it have to do with Leader Yun from the `Divine dragon clan'?”

Everyone wanted to ask exactly this question in his heart.

Yun CongLong became pale and said: “Is it possible that Leader Wu know the relationship between them and myself?”

Wu Weiyang had interrupted him while sneering: “Is it possible that these two people are your insider spies who sneaked into the `Phoenix tail clan? Otherwise, what are their relationship with you?”

Yun CongLong’s complexion suddenly became more fearful, the eyes did not flicker at all at Wu Weiyang, like he did not see him at all.

Everybody could see his look and understood at heart the these two “Phoenix tail clan” people were precisely spies, who were sent to observe the clan. If they were found out by  Wu Weiyang, it was only natural for him to kill these witnesses – this analysis made a lot of sense.

Chu LiuXiang’s analysis before did not seem to be correct at all.

Hu TieHua glanced at Chu LiuXiang, and whispered in his ear: “I will ask you later whether you are just too clever for yourself? You cannot pretend that you are Zhuge Liang.”

Chu LiuXiang actually did not seem to be shameful at all, instead he said softly with a smile, ”If Zhuge Liang were there at that time, he would surely think the same way like me.”

Hu TieHua sighed, shook his head and said: “If Zhuge Liang were here, he would have been extremely annoyed by you.”

They saw that Yun CongLong’s eyes flickered non-stop, suddenly his face was blanched, as if he remembered something really fearful, before he said, “I understand, I understand completely now.”

Wu Weiyang said: “I have also understood now, but this is our own feud, how can we fight in this feast prepared by Leader Hai, and disrupt these honored guest’s drinking appetite? Let’s go outside and have a talk!”

Yun CongLong hesitated, he looked around slowly at the people, when he saw Ding Feng, his face became even whiter, he clenched his teeth suddenly and said: “Good, let’s go outside!”

Wu Weiyang said suddenly: “Let’s go!”

Yun CongLong’s eyes looked at the two people at the door, he gave an aggrieved smiles and said: “But these two people are my good brothers, regardless whether they are dead or alive, since they came late, they should be made to drink three cups - - these six cups punishment, let me drink for them.”

Wu Weiyang lifted his face and smiled, he sneeringly said: “Did everyone hear that? My disciples in “Phoenix tail clan” suddenly become the good brothers of Leader Yun. This method of brother Yun is really formidable! Very fierce!”

Yun CongLong looked straight ahead, as if he had not heard him say anything. He strode back to his seat, poured six cups of liquor, raised the cups himself and said: “I originally want the brothers to accompany me to drink these several cups, but it is a pity ...... At this moment, “one cannot express his opinion”, therefore cannot drink the liquor, this is really disrespectful ......disrespectful ......”

His miserable voice was heard. Although when he said “one cannot express his opinion”, the use of was extremely inappropriate and irrelevant, nobody paid any attention to it.

They saw him very quickly drink three cups of liquor, took up the chopsticks, and picked the fish eye from the head of the steamed fish.

Although the fish eye was insipid, but some people actually thought that that was the most delicious part of the fish, Hu TieHua really liked to eat the fish eye.

Yun CongLong brought up the fish eye, Hu TieHua was regretting why he did not pick up the fish eye to eat, now someone else was going to enjoy it.

Every other person saw his chopsticks hovering above, and put special attention to it. If anyone else liked this piece of food selection, he would also feel regretful.

Who knew that Yun CongLong brought up the fish eye, and kept looking at this eye, without putting it into his mouth. After looking at it for a long time, the chopsticks quivered suddenly and the fish eye plunged forward into Wu Weiyang’s soy sauce dish.

Hu TieHua called out inside, “A pity” a hundred times, wishing he could point his finger at Yun CongLong’s nose, and told him loudly: “This delicacy has got to be eaten, not just to be looked at.”

Yun CongLong had drunk up his fifth cup of liquor by now. When drinking the sixth cup, he seemed to have choked on it, he bent his waist suddenly, and did not stop coughing.

Chu LiuXiang’s eyes flashed and said suddenly: “Leader Yun, if the alcohol is too strong, let me have this cup of liquor on behalf of you!”

Yun CongLong not only did not decline, instead he seemed to like it very much and said immediately: “Many thanks, many thanks, somehow I could not drink that.”

Hu TieHua felt very strange: “Only a drunken person would snatch a drink of someone else. This old stinking insect is always astute with his drinking habit, how come he snatch the drink today?”

When Chu LiuXiang received the wine cup, he seemed to glance around the wine cup as if there was something on it. However, Chu LiuXiang did not seem to find anything, and he finally raised this cup and tossed down the drink.

Hu TieHua felt strange again: “Besides this old stinking insect’s nose, which does not work well, why do the eyes also not working well today?”

He heard Yun CongLong laughed and said: “Commander Chu’s name is really not empty, it is really a nice wine quantity, good friends.”

He was laughing, as if he had no scruples.

The two dead people at the entrance drew aside, everybody could see now the two people behind them who held them up. These two people wore tight-fitting water clothes, obviously they were the “Divine dragon clan” subordinates. Looking at their bearings, their position in the clan must be substantial.

The person on the right was old, his face was filled with water rust, the eyes were red, obviously he had been living in the water world for a long time, his accomplishment in the “Divine dragon clan” must be very glorious.

The person on the left side was actually still young, his face did not show any arrogance. Although this person was young, but his sharp-looking eyes showed that his wugon was also comparable to his companion.

When Yun CongLong passed in front of them, he suddenly stopped as if he wanted to say something, but Wu Weiyang was behind him and unexpectedly had pushed him on the back while scolding lightly: “You are still not leaving even now?”

Yun CongLong turned back his head to stare at him, he gave a long sigh unexpectedly and said: “It is almost there, why do you still have to worry?”

Outside the attic, there was a small porch.

Wu Weiyang and Yun CongLong stood on the porch without saying anything. Wu Weiyang kept sneering, and after a while, he shouted in a low voice, ”It is useless for you to say anything, just meet this attack!”

Yun CongLong sneeringly said: “Good, I’m afraid it will come to this ......”

He had not continued his words because Wu Weiyang’s palms had attacked, and its wind was really howling, this strength really forced Yun CongLong from saying anything else.

Hu TieHua could not bear this and stood: “Do we just sit here and let them fight here? Let me go out and urge them to drink two more cups of liquor, perhaps their anger would subside then.”

Ding Feng said with a smile: “Leader Wu have said already that this is their private affair, other people could not hold them back, why do you bother to go and meddle in it? Here, the little brother respects brother Hu a cup.”

When he raised up the wine cup, he had blocked Hu TieHua's way.

When another person proposed a toast, Hu TieHua would never reject it.

He just drank this cup of liquor, when he heard Yun CongLong gave out a miserable shout!

The call was very short.

This time Ding Feng did not try to stop anyone, instead he had rushed forward.

When he had rushed outside, Yun CongLong had lain on the ground.

The person with the water rust face gave a wild shout and said: “Good, you surnamed Wu, I did not expect that you dare to strike such a vicious blow, I will settle the matter with you!”

He drew his sword, and started to run over to him.

Who knew that the youth actually held him back and said fiercely, “Sun LaoEr, have you forgotten the letter that the leader has given you?”

Sun LaoEr stopped and said: “The letter is here, but ......”

The youth said: “Since the letter is here, you should also remember what the leader had said to you ......”

He said it louder: “The clan leader had said that if he met an accident, you must quickly open the letter he gave you, and immediately read out the letter in front of everyone, you cannot delay at all, I remember what he said.”

Sun LaoEr stopped momentarily, he clenched his teeth and finally took out a sealed envelope from his bosom. His two hands did not stop trembling, he managed to open it only after struggling a bit with it, then he read loudly: “I will go in the first month, if I do not return, please hand over the main leader position to…”

He read two sentences and then stopped. His face changed color suddenly, his two hands were shaking fiercely, the teeth did not stop chattering. Unexpectedly, he could not continue.

The youth knitted his brows, put out a hand to snatch that letter suddenly, then read: “I will go in the first month. If I do not return, please hand over the main leader position to the “Phoenix tail clan”’s Wu Weiyang. Henceforth, the two clans will merge, every little things in “Divine dragon clan”will need to be conferred by Leader Wu. Every disciple should follow Leader Wu from here on without any objection. If anyone disobey this order, he should be killed without any mercy!”

He read this letter with one breath, his face also changed dramatically.

Everyone else listened and felt really surprised inside: Wu Weiyang was obviously an opponent of Yun CongLong, why would Yun CongLong leave behind this will, passing the main leader position to him?

Ding Feng suddenly lowered his voice: “This letter was really written by Leader Yun?”

Sun LaoEr’s cold sweats fell down like streams, he said, “This is the leader’s handwriting, which he gave me personally, but… but…”

Ding Feng sighed and said: “Not only was this your Leader Yun’s last word, but it looks like you would also have to pay respect to your new leader quickly!”

Sun LaoEr sudden raved on: “This is not good, everyone in the `Divine dragon clan' felt that the leader is like the father. Anyone who kills the father is an eternal enemy of the whole clan! If he becomes the clan leader, I, Sun LaoEr would be the first one who refuse to accept it!”

The youth said fiercely: “But this is clan leader’s last words, how can you refuse to accept it, and to disobey the orders in it?”

Sun LaoEr’s eyes became red, he shouted angrily: “No matter what you say, I must settle this account with him!”

He removed the youth's restraining hand, and ran forward with his sword.

The youth loudly shouted out: “If anyone disobeying the order, he will be killed without any mercy!”

When he said “mercy”, his knife flashed.

This youth's knife pierced Sun LaoEr's back.

Sun LaoEr shouted once miserably, turned around to look at this youth, and said tremblingly: “You ......You ......You good ......”

He had not completed his words before he fell.

The youth were staring vacantly for a moment, before he also fell down on the corpse, weeping bitterly and loudly.

He cried at the same time as saying,” This is the leader’s last words, I hope the Sun LaoEr’s soul in heaven will not blame me for this deed.” Saying these words, he cried some more. After a while, he stood up slowly, scratched his eyes with his sleeves, arrived in front of Wu Weiyang, kissed the ground to do his obeisance and said, “Divine dragon clan’s subordinate, the third branch disciple, Xia JiFeng, greets the new clan leader.”

Ding Feng bowed and cupped his fists, and said with a smile: “Leader Wu from now on will lead these two groups and will bring grand things in the future, this is an encouraging development.”

Immediately, these two people bowed to each other, Wu Weiyang as the new “Divine dragon clan”’s leader. In the meantime, Yun CongLong’s corpse still lay on the ground in the pool of blood, unexpectedly nobody paid any attention to him.

Hu TieHua sighed suddenly, and muttered: “Yun CongLong Yun CongLong, why don't you pass the leadership to Song Renzhong?”

When he said this, This words say, Ding Feng, Xia JiFeng, Wu Weiyang’s face changed color.

Wu Weiyang could not bear asking: “What is the relationship between this hero Song, Song Renzhong, and leader Yun?”

Hu TieHua said: “Song Renzhong is a friend of mine, he doesn’t have any relation to Leader Yun.”

Wu Weiyang reluctantly said with a smile: “This Song chivalrous person, if he is a real man with outstanding ability and grand vision, the strength is sufficiently convincing, he may still have this leader position.”

Hu TieHua said: “This Song Renzhong is actually not a hero at all. He does not have outstanding ability or grand vision. He is a coffin shop’s boss.”

Wu Weiyang was stunned and said: “Coffin shop’s boss?”

Hu TieHua said lightly: “Right, his biggest advantage if Yun CongLong passes him the leader position is: he would at least have a coffin to rest on, and at least some people would make a funeral arrangement for him.”

Wu Weiyang had blushed, after coughing twice, he said: “Leader Yun’s remain should be laid in a coffin, of course … Branch leader Xia!”

Xia JiFeng bowed: “Yes.”

Wu Weiyang said: “You should manage Leader Yun’s need for the funeral, the procession must be a grand one. Starting today, the Divine dragon clan's subordinates must wear mourning clothes for 7 x 7 = 49 days. If anyone disobey this order, he shall be dealt severely… Understand?”

Xia JiFeng did his obeisance again and said: “I will follow it!”

Wu Weiyang did obeisance suddenly before Yun CongLong three times. Both hands held his corpse and sobbed: “Before death, you are my enemy, after death, you are my teacher. After this, any other things will need to be taken care of by your mournful thoughts.”

After saying these words, he left unexpectedly and went downstairs.

Hu TieHua said: “He left without saying goodbye.”

Ding Feng said with a smile: “If I were him, and Brother Hu had said those words to me, I’m afraid, I would not have the face to stay here.”

Hu TieHua coldly said: “In my opinion, he is afraid someone will revenge for Yun CongLong, therefore he has slipped away quietly.”

Ding Feng said: “Divine dragon and Phoenix tail clans are originally bitter enemies. In recent decades, these two clans have had bloody battles dozens of times, thousands are dead because of the feud. If anyone wants to take revenge for those who were dead, he just would not know where to begin.”

Chu LiuXiang smiled suddenly and said: “Correct, this is really the two clan’s private affairs, other people should just consider this as a good thing.”

Hu TieHua had stared at him for a while, he finally had not spoken.

Ding Feng said: “Although Leader Yun just died in the fight, but Divine dragon and Phoenix tail have now merged into one. There will be no more bloodbath after this, this has to be a good thing for everyone.”

Hu TieHua sneeringly said: “This wonderful marriage must be celebrated by Brother Ding?”

Ding Feng did not seem to notice his mocking voice, instead he said with a smile: “Since we are not the `Divine dragon clan'’s subordinates, therefore we naturally do not need to wear the mourning clothes, but…”

His eyes flashed, then also said with a smile: “We must naturally celebrate this. Leader Hai’s ship in luckily in the neighborhood. Also, we all know that there is no shortage of good food and wine in the Purple whale clan’s ship. Actually, is it possible for Leader Hai to spare some expense one more time?”

Hai KuoTian said with a smile: “Brother Ding should not be consider me so petty. But I don’t know whether everybody will be willing to come …”

Hu TieHua said: “I ......”

He said only one word, Chu LiuXiang had cut him off and said with a smile: “The liquor here has been interrupted. If Leader Hai’s honored ship could provide drinking for an endless night, even if Leader Hai had not asked me, I would still go.”

Ding Feng clapped his hands and said with a smile: “Although endless night drinks are wonderful, if we can imitate Lord Ping Yuan’s ten days of drinking, that would be even more wonderful.” (For Lord Ping Yuan – see “A Step in the Past”)

Chu LiuXiang said with a smile: “As long as Brother Ding has this aesthetic pleasure, the little brother would surely accompany you.”

Ding Feng said: “Brother Hu?”

Chu LiuXiang interrupted: “He? Even drinking for ten days probably would not satisfy his craving, maybe more like three thousand years.”

Hu TieHua stared at him and coldly said: “I only hope that the guests will be alive, because dead people do not drink, seeing people who do not drink will just anger me.”

Gou ZiChang said with a smile suddenly: “Although I am alive now, but after going on the ship, I must become dead.”

Hai KuoTian knitted his brows and said: “Do you fear that I harbor some evil intention?”

Gou ZiChang said lightly with a smile: “No, that is not what I meant. Just that if I really drink for ten days and I am not dead, that would be really strange.”

Immediately, Hai KuoTian smiled and said: “Miss Jin? You will be there?”

Until now, Jin LingZhi had unexpectedly not say a word.

Now she still did not say anything and just nodded.

Hu TieHua looked at her and coldly said: “Actually, a person who does not drink might as well not go.”

Jin LingZhi had not spoken and had not drunk anything. If someone did not know her, they must think that her mouth had been sewn tight.

But at Hu TieHua’s words, she stared at him and shot back loudly: “You think that I will not drink?”

Hu TieHua did not pay any attention to her and just muttered: “A person can certainly drink, but the capacity for the alcohol would totally differ from one another.”

Jin LingZhi sneeringly said: “You think that your alcohol capacity is good?”

Hu TieHua ignored her and muttered: “Perhaps a man’s alcohol capacity is comparable to me, but a woman ......Heh heh, a woman's alcohol capacity again would be very limited.”

Jin LingZhi's face reddened and she said: “Good, I will let you see what a woman's alcohol capacity.”

Hu TieHua then looked at her and said: “Really?”

Jin LingZhi said loudly: “If I drink with you casually, can you match me?”

Hu TieHua smiled and said: “Why casually? A woman’s word should not be a casual thing. What if you lose, wouldn’t that be very troublesome?”

Jin LingZhi’s face had become redder, she clenched her teeth and said: “I will certainly keep my words.”

Hu TieHua said with a smile: “Good, you drink a cup, I will drink two cups, if I become drunk first, you can do whatever you want with me.”

Jin LingZhi said: “Good, you keep your words.”

Hu TieHua said: “When I say the words, that’s like a nail burrowed on the wall, it will not come out again.”

Ding Feng said with a smile suddenly: “I’m afraid brother Hu is being tricked.”

Hu TieHua said: “Being tricked?”

Ding Feng said: “In the countless blessings, long life garden, the alcohol capacity has been learned since the children are small. Miss Jin has received excellent foundation from the family elders, when she was 12 years old, she could drink the entire jug of aging wine. Although brother Hu is also magnanimous, but if trading her one cup to your two cups, I’m afraid you would lose to this woman.”

Hu TieHua laughed said: “The aging wine tastes sweet like honey, a beautiful woman’s eyes are attractive, victory or defeat in drinking’s theory, might as well drink yourself to death.”

Gou ZiChang gave a long sigh, muttered: “It seems that there are too many dead persons.”


The purple whale gang’s main ship was naturally a good ship, firm, nimble, smooth, and magnificent. The deck was scrubbed spotlessly, just like a mirror, that reflected the star lights in the sky.

A good ship was just like a beautiful woman and a famous horse. Even if the anchor kept it motionless, it would still project a graceful bearing movement, that even a person who was not drunk, would feel a bit tipsy.

But regardless of whether it was a good ship, a beautiful woman, or a famous horse, only Chu LiuXiang could truly appreciate them all.

Hu TieHua only understood how to appreciate the liquor. The lucky wine was also good wine.

The shore water was shallow, such a big ship could only anchor in the middle of the river. To disembark, there were at least 200-300 feet of distance, even a person with good lightness kungfu would find it difficult to fly over the water.

Chu LiuXiang and the others rode the skiff to cross to the ship.

On deck, Hu TieHua muttered: “There is no grilled fish here, it is a pity that Zhang San could not be here, this ship is not Jin LingZhi’s  ......”

Chu LiuXiang could not bear smiling: “What about Miss Jin?”

Hu TieHua blinked: “If this ship is hers, I think she can use this to compensate for Zhang San.”

Chu LiuXiang said with a smile: “The way I see it, if you are not victimized by her, you should already be thankful.”

Hu TieHua stared at him and said: “If I become her victim, I should find a way to marry her to you. That way, you will receive this young lady’s anger. Then, if you are not irritated by her, you will be really lucky.”

Chu LiuXiang said with a smile: “The huadiao wine tastes sweet like honey, a beautiful woman’s eyes are attractive, even if one received the anger, one would still be happy ...... I’m afraid that you won’t give her up even then.”

Someone spoke up behind them: “What he won't give up? Brother Hu is so likeable, why can’t he give up something?”

Hu TieHua did not need to turn his head to know that was Gou ZiChang. Other people's footsteps were not so light.

Chu LiuXiang said with a smile: “Naturally, he can never give up his own wife.”

Gou ZiChang said: “Brother Hu has gotten married, I did not see that at all.”

Chu LiuXiang said: “A married person will not be hanging an advertisement, how will one know?”

Gou ZiChang’s eyes went up and down on Hu TieHua, as if he was more interesting than an elephant.

Hu TieHua could not bear saying: “What are you looking at? There is a big spot on my face?”

Gou ZiChang’s face reddened, he slowly said: “I only thought ......thought that a married person would never look like Brother Hu  ...... so ......”

His eyes kept glancing at Hu TieHua, as if he did not dare to continue his words.

Chu LiuXiang actually said it for him and said with a smile: “You think that a married person would not look so dirty, right?”

Gou ZiChang’s face became redder, but it gave a tacit agreement unexpectedly.

Chu LiuXiang laughingly said: “I’m telling you, besides not giving up the wife, he also did not give up not taking a bath. He often said that if a person’s body is clean, he has unavoidably damaged his own health severely.”

Although Gou ZiChang wanted to suppress it, he could not bear laughing out.

Hu TieHua put on a serious face and said: “Funny, funny, such a funny person can only be born once by his mother, really.”

Ding Feng, Jin LingZhi, Xiang TianFei then entered the cabin. Hearing their laughters, everybody had drawn back unexpectedly.

Jin LingZhi was the first one to recover and asked: “What are you talking about, why so happy?”

Chu LiuXiang smiled and said: “We are talking about brother Hu getting married.”

Jin LingZhi had stared at Hu TieHua and said: “Humph.”

Chu LiuXiang smiled and said: “Because he wanted to get married immediately, therefore everybody is very happy.”

Jin LingZhi turned around, between her lips she sneered while saying: “Unexpectedly, someone is willing to marry this kind of person, that is really a strange event, that person must surely be a blind person.”

Hu TieHua could not resist saying loudly: “Not only a blind person, moreover the nose does not work well, therefore she could not smell me. But I would rather have this kind of person, than marrying a tigress.”

Jin LingZhi jumped, turned around to the front of Hu TieHua and stared while saying: “Who is a tigress? You say it! You say it! You say it!”

Hu TieHua raised and folded his arms across the chest and said: “Today’s weather is not bad, but it is a pity there is no moon.”

Chu LiuXiang said easily: “The moon is near you, it is a pity that you cannot see it.”

Jin LingZhi also wanted to have a fit of temper originally, but after listening to these words, her face also reddened, she stamped her feet maliciously, and turned around.

Ding Feng’s eyes flashed and said with a smile: “If brother Hu is really married, this must be celebrated, but who is actually the new bride?”

Chu LiuXiang said: “Talking about the new bride ......She is an excellent person, the family background is also good, the wugong is good, the alcohol capacity is also good. I heard that she can drink an entire jug of aging wine ......”

Hu TieHua jumped and yelled: “The old stinking insect, you say one more word, and I will ... butcher you.”

His face had unexpectedly also reddened.

Everybody was laughing, when at this moment, the boat suddenly swung around from the river bank towards them.

On the bow, someone was standing, both hands held high a plain white cloth.

The plain white cloth contained these five big, legible words: “Slaving myself to bury friends.”

The famous story about Dong’s “Slaving myself to bury father” was always a revered story. But “slaving myself to bury friends” did not have any precedents. It was so unusual, that it must be the only time happening in the history.

Gou ZiChang blurted out: “This person is unexpectedly selling himself to help bury his friends. Such a loyal fried, I must help him at this point.”

Hu TieHua said: “Right, if you want him to become your friend, you can just try him out. If he is a smelly friend, you can at least try to sell him again.”

Chu LiuXiang said: “So long as a person is not smelly, dirty, or lazy, or always drunk, somebody would want that person, why can’t you sell that person?”

Hu TieHua had not responded, but the person on the boat called out loudly, “I’m not smelly, dirty, nor lazy. I don’t drink a lot, I also only eat a small portion, less that a pet sparrow, I do not rebel just like a cow. I am loyal to the Master, and keen like a watchdog. Anyone who would buy me would never regret it. Genuine goods at reasonable prices, satisfaction guaranteed.”

In the up and down waves, the boat had gradually come closer.

But without looking, Hu TieHua actually knew that this must be “the swift net” Zhang San.

He could not bear saying with a smile: “This boy must have gone mad because of poverty.”

Zhang San stood in the bow, loudly said: “Ladies and gentleman on the ship, you can judge a good quality, buy me.”

Ding Feng vision flashed and said with a smile: “This friend must really sell yourself?”

Zhang San sighed and said: “I had a ship I could sell, but I made friends carelessly, and the ship was sunk. Now, I have only myself, what else can I sell?”

Ding Feng said: “So, how much is the asking price?”

Zhang San said: “500 taels, no more, no less. If it’s not urgent, I won’t sell at this price.”

Ding Feng said: “Actually what’s the urgent need?”

Zhang San also sighed and said: “Because I have friends, who have short lives, not long. When I make friends with them, I just cannot see their corpse feed the dog with my own eyes. Therefore, I have to sell myself, to prepare some money to arrange for them after their deaths.”

Ding Feng glanced at Hu TieHua and Chu LiuXiang and said with a smile: “But, why do you need so much, 500 taels?”

Zhang San said: “Sir, of course you do not know this. These my two friends, when they are alive, they are drunkards. When they die, they are still drunkards. Therefore, I have to water their grave with liquor. Otherwise, if they don’t have enough liquor to drink in the netherworld, their lives over there would really be unbearable!”

He actually came only to scold a buddhist monk for being a buddhist priest. Hu TieHua felt his teeth itchy, wishing he could bite him once.

Gou ZiChang could not bear saying with a smile: “But, brother Ding cannot buy lower than that amount!”

Ding Feng said with a smile: “Buying at that amount is fine, but ......”

Someone said suddenly: “If you do not buy him, I will buy.”

While talking, Jin LingZhi had rushed out from the cabin and said: “500, 500.”

Zhang San actually shook his head and said with a smile: “If the girl wants to buy me, I want 5000 taels.”

Jin LingZhi stared while saying:”Why?”

Zhang San said: “Because a male master is a good master, a female master causes a lot of trouble, including forcing someone to take a bath in the foul water.”

Jin LingZhi did not take long to say loudly: “Fine, 5000, 5000, I have bought him.”

Zhang San was surprised, but actually continued: “Miss must buy me really?”

Jin LingZhi said: “Who is talking to you?”

Zhang San looked around and said: “Anyone else bid higher than this girl?”

Hu TieHua shook his head and said: “This person is like a house sparrow, a cow, or a dog, so he must be just like a monster. My head does not have a problem, why would I spend 5000 taels to buy a monster?”

Jin LingZhi jumped up angrily: “You say who is a monster? You say it! You say it!”

Hu TieHua said easily: “I only know a tigress, not a monster. Is it possible that Miss Jin knows who is one?”

Jin LingZhi’s face reddened all over with anger that she actually could not speak.

Hu TieHua sighed, muttered: “A person with money can get any person with his money. I didn’t know that some people get someone else and wanting to get scolded in the process. That is really, really strange.”

He slid further back while he spoke.

Zhang San coughed twice and said: “If nobody bids again, I am sold to this girl.”

Someone said suddenly: “You are the `swift net' Zhang San?”

Zhang San said: “Right, genuine goods at reasonable prices, guarantee exchange if not genuine.”

That person said: “Good, I bid 5001 taels.”

A skiff swung around in the middle of the river,

The bidding person sat on the bow. He wore a greyish cloth, and a big hat that covered his face.

When he said these words, everybody was startled.

No one thought that anyone would compete with Jin LingZhi to buy Zhang San.

Chu LiuXiang also thought that this matter was getting more and more interesting.

Jin LingZhi was in a towering rage and said loudly: “I bid 6000 taels.”

That person on the bow said: “I bid 6001.”

Jin LingZhi said: “I bid 7000 taels.”

That person on the bow said: “I bid 7001.”

Jin LingZhi’s anger grew bigger, she retorted angrily: “I bid 10,000 taels.”

That person on the bow did not move the least bit, unexpectedly he said slowly and calmly: “I bid 10,001.”

Two people shouted out at the price, including Zhang San who was so stunned.

He had not thought that he was really so valuable.

Hu TieHua was rendered speechless by this exchange, but now he muttered: “If I knew that he was so valuable, I would have bought him first. Then I can sell him at a higher price. But who would know that he would be such a rare item? It is a pity, that I still don’t see how he is so valuable!”

That person on the bow smiled and said easily: “The goods is sold only to appreciative buyers. I don’t consider paying him for 10,001 taels as expensive.”

Jin LingZhi was nipping at her lips and said loudly: “Good, I ......”

She had not named her price when Ding Feng suddenly interrupted: “Hold on a minute, business requires some quick validation. Do both parties have enough money readily?”

Zhang San said immediately: “Right. I only want cash transaction, buying on credit is out of the question.”

Ding Feng said: “Not only so, regardless of who is bidding, he or she must show the money, not just talking without any consequence.”

Jin LingZhi took out a pack of paper money immediately from her bosom and said: “You can look at this.”

Ding Feng looked and said with a smile: “That’s enough, this Shanxi natural resources paper notes are as good as cash.”

Hai KuoTian also said: “If not enough, I have also some money here, Miss Jin can use that as well.”

The purple whale gang’s leader was very rich, his words were as good as cash.

Ding Feng said with a smile: “How about the friend on that ship?”

That person on the bow calmly said: “Your excellency thought that I might be in cahoots with Zhang San, and intentionally raise the price?”

Ding Fengzhi smiled, tacitly approving.

Immediately, that person on the bow coldly smiled and beckoned: “Bring it here!”

Someone in the stern of the boat lifted up a box and came around immediately. When he opened the box, the golden light shone brightly, that was full of gold coin unexpectedly.

Hu TieHua’s eyes opened wide, he gave a forced smile while saying: “Some people really want to buy Zhang San with some hard money, I really envy him.”

That person on the bow said: “Is this enough?”

Ding Feng was stunned, but then he cleared up his face: “That is enough.”

That person on the bow said lightly: “If not enough, I have several more boxes, the girl can bid freely.”

Even if Jin LingZhi grew up in a powerful and wealthy family, and considered money as a common item, but for her to spend the entire 10,000 taels to buy a person, this still caused her to pause in bewilderment. At this moment, she blanched, nipped her lips and said: “11,000 taels.”

That person on the bow said: “11,001.”

Jin LingZhi said: “11,500 taels.”

That person on the bow said: “11,501.”

Jin LingZhi said: “12,000 taels.”

By now she had backed down from her original aggressiveness. She only increased the bid by 500 taels, rather than 1000 taels.

That person on the bow maintained his composure and said slowly: “12,001 taels.”

Jin LingZhi could not bear it anymore: “Why do you want to buy him?”

That person on the bow said lightly: “Why does the girl have to buy him?”

Jin LingZhi was stunned. She also could not really say the truth, after a brief moment, she said loudly: “I want to, as long as I am happy doing that, throwing 12,000 tails to the sewer is not a problem.”

That person on the bow coldly said: “If Miss can be happy about it, why can’t I be happy about it too?”

Ding Feng said suddenly: “I already know the purpose of this friend in coming here.”

That person on the bow said: “Oh?”

Ding Feng said: “In jiang-hu, everybody knew about the `swift net' Zhang San’s aquatic skill. His capability to build ships and navigate the Yangzi River is well-known. On water, Zhang San rises about the other sailors. I feel that your excellency has a vacant position for him. Maybe your excellency want to sail to the open sea?”

That person on the bow laughed suddenly several times and said: “Good! Fierce, really fierce!”

Ding Feng said: “That’s a good guess?”

That person on the bow said: “In front of a sighted person, I will not mince words. Your excellency guesses very precisely, very good.”

Ding Feng said: “Such being the case, can I make a little suggestive persuasion?”

That person on the bow said: “Please.”

Ding Feng said: “The sea wind and cloud is unpredictable, the navigation is dangerous, far more than jiang-hu. Your excellency, if you do not have an urgent matter, you should not go there.”

That person on the bow said lightly: “Many thanks for the friend's good intention. It is a pity that it’s not possible not to go this time, whether it’s right or wrong.”

He did not let Ding Feng speak further, he also asked suddenly: “Have you heard of a place out there on the sea that is known as a gold cave?”

Ding Feng knitted the brows: “A gold cave? There are several places in the world that have gold caves, I actually do not know which one your excellency is talking about?”

That person on the bow said: between “This gold cave lies in the southeast sea, it is beyond imagination. There are rare flowers, different grasses, immortal fruits. There are wonderful treasure, white pearls, beautiful women like jade, but there is also endless beautiful scene, good wines, unfathomable secrets, there is no shortage of the advantage!”

This conversation was done over the open water on the river. The distance between the ships were more than ten feet. A normal person would shout his voice hoarse with this exercise, but these were all martial arts world master, the endogenic force were deep. When they said the words, each word traveled  clearly for a long way.

When that person on the bow said the words, his words were also clear. But this time the sentences were very long, towards the end, his physical strength seemed to decrease, and he needed to shout the last part.

To the observation of Hai KuoTian, Xiang TianFei, and Hu TieHua, even if this person’s wugong was not weak, the endogenic force was actually not deep, therefore he was not a very fearful adversary.

Chu LiuXiang and Ding Feng was listening carefully too, naturally.

Hu TieHua said with a smile: “You said these matters, others are also meaningless, but the good wine part has indeed moved me. If there is such a place in this world, I also would want to take a look.”

That person on the bow said: “This place is definitely in this world, but if you want to really go there, that is actually more difficult than ascending to heaven.”

Hu TieHua said: “Why?”

That person on the bow said: “There is no definite documentation, no nautical chart, nobody really knows where it is. If somebody do not receive the instruction on how to go there, he probably will still not find it after ten years.”

Hu TieHua said: “Actually is there anyone who has the instruction?”

That person on the bow said: “Naturally, only then Molten gold master's followers will know the way to the gold cave.”

Hu TieHua heard this interesting part and could not bear asking further: “Molten gold Master? Who is this person?”

That person on the bow said: “Nobody knows what kind of person he is, and also nobody has heard where he comes from, and nobody has seen his appearance. Some people said that he was a notorious bandit in jianghu in the years past, and then after washing his hands, he withdraws to the island. Some people said that he is just a youth with great minds. Since it is not easy to achieve his goals in the Central Plain, he turns to the sea to develop his ambition.”

He smiled, then said: “Some people said that the master is a young woman, pretty as a flower. She is so smart that many other people with many abilities and wisdom are willing to follow her orders.”

Chu LiuXiang also smiled and said: “It seems that this person is indeed very mysterious.”

Hu TieHua said: “I have seen many mysterious persons.”

That person on the bow said: “But if the two of you want to see this person, I’m afraid that will not be too easy.”

Hu TieHua said: “There must be some people who have gone to the gold cave.”

That person on the bow said: “Naturally, otherwise nobody will know the existence of such a marvelous place in this world, but there are not that many who have gone there.”

Hu TieHua said: “Who are they?”

That person on the bow said: “In the last few years, each year, that Molten gold Master would invite several people to tour the place for 10-15 days, these people are naturally from very rich and powerful families.”

Chu LiuXiang said: “Good, this gold cave is owned by the Molten gold master, if people do not have gold, it would not be a sensible thing to go there.”

Hu TieHua looked around and said lightly: “If that’s the case, there are several people here who actually meet the criteria to go there.”

Jin LingZhi’s complexion had changed, she unexpectedly bore this comment without speaking.

That person on the bow said: “People who have gone there should have boasted about it. But what is strange is that the people who have been there, after coming back, they actually never talk about this, moreover ......”

Under the hat, it seemed as he took a glance at Ding Feng, as he slowly continued: “That Molten gold master handles his affairs secretly. Any person who has received the invitation will try his best to keep it a secret, that it is not clear who has been invited in jianghu. Even if others want to ask, it is not possible to know whom to ask. It is also impossible to try to follow them secretly.”

Hu TieHua said: “Why?”

That person on the bow said: “That Molten gold master does not to write the destination plainly in the written invitation. There is an instruction to meet someone at a certain time and place. If it’s not the right invited person, the person who meets him there will not show up. After this encounter, the whereabouts of them are surreptitious, if some people want to follow secretly, they often die inexplicably in the halfway.”

Chu LiuXiang and Hu TieHua exchanged a meaningful glance quietly.

Hu TieHua sighed and said: “It is unexpectedly so difficult to go to this damned place, we might as well not go.”

That person on the bow said: “But everybody has an unabated curiousity, the more difficult is the place to find, the more one wants to go.”

Ding Feng had been listening calmly, but at this moment he said suddenly: “If your excellency really wants to go, there is actually perhaps a way.”

That person on the bow seemed to get excited, “Is it possible that your excellency knows the gold cave place?”

Immediately, Ding Feng smiled and said: “I have fortunately been there once. Moreover, your excellency has such a large amount of wealth, that you will not have to worry about exhausting them, the Molten gold master must welcome you very much.”

That person on the bow becomes really happy and said: “If so, please direct us to the right path and I will be deeply grateful.”

Ding Feng said with a smile: “Fortunately, there are some of us who will go there, too. If your excellency does not object, please embark on this ship.”

That person on the bow had not spoken, obviously he hesitated.

Hu TieHua actually spoke, coldly said: “I have already said that there are several people who meet the qualification ......”

This time, he cast a meaningful glance at Jin LingZhi. Jin LingZhi actually turned her head aside, pretending not to hear anything.

Hai KuoTian also spoke loudly: “Since this friend carries such a large amount of money, maybe he does not feel comfortable riding on a stranger's ship.”

Xiang TianFei coldly said: “Moreover, this is not just a stranger's ship, but also a pirate ship.”

This person had not spoken, but once he spoke, his words were already inviting for trouble.

That person on the bow said with a smile: “I’m not uncomfortable, but I’m worried that the others would feel uncomfortable.”

Ding Feng said: “Perhaps we will be uncomfortable towards some other people, but not towards your excellency.”

That person on the bow said: “Why?”

Ding Feng said with a smile: “Such a person like your excellency, who has a large amount of money, will need to guard his treasure against others, how will your excellency have your won design on others then?”

That person on the bow said with a smile: “Right, then I will follow your suggestion.”

Hu TieHua coldly said: “It turns out that if a person is rich, he is a good person, and will never have bad intention on someone else.”

He patted Chu LiuXiang's shoulder and said: “So, we should disembark quickly!”

Ding Feng said with a smile: “The liquor has not been drunk, Brother Hu already wants to leave?”

Hu TieHua said: “We don’t have a large amount of money with us, moreover one can say simply that we are penniless. Perhaps in a moment, we will take advantage of each of you, then you will not feel comfortable…”

He glanced at Jin LingZhi, then coldly said: “But this is not a strange thing, a rich man should guard himself against a poor devil, he should.”

Ding Feng said: “Brother Hu is really joking. The two represents the righteous and the chivalry. If one has the two of you on his side, regardless of going anywhere, one would very comfortable, moreover ......”

Jin LingZhi suddenly interrupted: “Moreover, he had not competed on drinking against me, if he wants to leave now, that is not good.”

Chu LiuXiang said with a smile: “Correct, the humble ones respectfully adhere to your instruction. It is a rarity that we hear about such wonderful things in this world, our attention has been truly piqued.”

Zhang San gave a long sigh and said: “Good, you both have a place to go, I’m the only one left by myself. Just now, everybody was competing to buy me, but now nobody wants me any longer.”

Hu TieHua said: “If the others do not keep their promises, let me be the one who buys you!”

Jin LingZhi put on a serious face and said: “I had said the words, I must naturally keep them.”

Hu TieHua blinked and said: “You must buy him?”

Jin LingZhi said: “Certainly.”

Hu TieHua said: “With that much money?”

Jin LingZhi said: “Certainly.”

Hu TieHua said: “Cash transaction?”

Jin LingZhi “Humph”, raised her hand and flung the paper notes forward.

Zhang San suddenly jumped and somersaulted twice to gather all the paper notes in the air into his hands. Then, he dropped gently to the deck and bowed: “Many thanks Miss.”

Hai KuoTian clapped while saying:”Good skill, Miss Jin has an excellent eyesight. He is really worth a lot of money.”

Immediately, Ding Feng gave a long bow and cupped his fist to Jin LingZhi and said with a smile: “Congratulations Miss Jin on procuring such an efficient person, who can navigate in the sea. Everybody would want to rely on his help many times, I must apologize first for that inconvenience.”

He did not thank Zhang San, obviously he had considered Zhang San as Jin LingZhi’s servant.

Hu TieHua sneeringly said: “Zhang San, it looks like I should also congratulate you, such a rich lady, your days in the future will be very bright.”

Zhang San said with a smile: “In the future, if any friends of mine die, I can always give him a deserved burial.”

Hu TieHua said: “I have my different kind of friends, but you are the first one who is someone else’s servant.”

Zhang San said with a smile: “But you do not understand, being a friend to a lackey of a rich person is always better than being a friend to a poor wretch. At least, he will not come to your place and eat without paying...”

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