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Chapter 2: Secret of the jade belt

Although the seven big schools of the martial arts world shared the honors of the most well-known sects, some said that “Shaolin”, “Wudang” were ahead in the internal and external strength, but actually “Kunlun”, “Diancang”, “Emei”, “Nanhai”, “Huashan” sects all had their own strong points, each sect was respected mutually, without any significant tip in the balance.

But if one mentioned about swordsmanship, none of the sects dared to compete with Huashan, because Huashan’s faction’s “The cool breeze 13 moves” was indeed graceful, matchless, unattainable, that even Kunlun’s “nine flying dragon moves” felt inferior to it.

This “cool breeze 13 moves” was wonderfully light in two characters, fast and precise. “it seems to be there, but it seems not, it seems to have varied. ”Just like a leopard stalking an antelope, if the target was impossible to find, if the opposite party could not find out what the sword path and style, how could they resist it?

Gao YaNan was famous as “the cool breeze swordswoman”, she had high swordsmanship, everyone, including Chu LiuXiang, admired her very much. But she had not completed the entire  “Cool breeze 13 moves”, she had managed to learn only nine moves.

Besides Gao YaNan, Master Ku Mei had not taught the essence of the “cool breeze 13 moves” to any other disciple. A person outside of Huashan faction naturally would not know where to begin to study this set of moves.

But Jin LingZhi unexpectedly had attacked with the “gentle cool breeze” move just now, not only Chu LiuXiang changed his countenance, Hu TieHua was so surprised he jumped backward.

The sound “chi”, part of his clothes were cut apart by the sword, the ice-cold sword tip would nearly cut apart his body, almost getting his life!

By Hu TieHua's wugong, originally he might not be able to feint this move, but he had seen Gao YaNan use this “gentle cool breeze” many times. He could even demonstrate how this “gentle cool breeze move” was executed, but of course he did not know anything about the essence.

Naturally, Gao YaNan would never give him the secret of the move, besides the gratitude towards the leader Master Ku Mei, the strict rule of the sect also would prohibit her from ever teaching some of the moves to the outsiders in private.

However, at this moment Jin LingZhi put forth the first move “gentle cool breeze” unexpectedly, moreover the feet never wavered, the sword was steady, she seemed to have grasped the essence of the first move of the “cool breeze 13 moves”!

If he were someone else, Hu TieHua might have responded fiercely, but he was so startled that he stuttered on his response, and almost lost his life!

This Jin LingZhi’s move went so well, that she proceeded with the second move. He saw her attack lightly, the swordsmanship moved fast and gracefully, like setting aside flowers or striking at a willow tree. This was also impressively another move from “The cool breeze 13 moves”, “The cool breeze strikes the willow tree”!

By now, she suddenly saw a person's shadow flitted forward, her progress was halted by a person.

This person really came too quickly, very quickly.

Jin LingZhi’s eyes just glimpsed this person's shadow, just felt this person's existence, when this person had covered her hand gently.

This person’s hold was not vigorous, but somehow, when Jin LingZhi’s hand was covered by his hand, her whole body's strength was momentarily without strength.

She turned her head in great surprise, when she saw that this person was precisely the one who had soaked in the bathing pool just now, the one who was mocked as a monkey look alike, at the time, he had a smile on his face.

Now, he had a smile on his face too.

At the time, Jin LingZhi felt that his smile was not repugnant, but now she felt that his smile was repugnant and moreover extremely hateful. She could not bear yelling: “What do you want to do? You want to have two against one? You are not concerned about your face, not concerned about your face!”

Chu LiuXiang waited for her scold to be finished, and only then he smiled while saying: “I only want to ask miss something.”

Jin LingZhi said loudly: “I don’t know you, why do you have to ask me?”

Chu LiuXiang said lightly: “It is not so important, I might as well not ask you, but ......”

He spoke up to that point, when he stopped suddenly, as if he really did not want to ask the question.

Jin LingZhi waited momentarily, being impatient, she could not bear asking: “Just what kind of question?”

Chu LiuXiang smiled and said: “I must ask something, perhaps miss also wants to know.”

Jin LingZhi said: “What do you want to ask?”

This time she really blurted out the words without thinking.

Hu TieHua secretly thought it was funny!

This old stinking insect really had a way to cope with girls, he had said: “A girl is like a person's shadow, if you pursue or compel her, she will forever be in front of you. But if you turn your back, she will come at you instead.”This statement seemed exactly on the spot.

He heard Chu LiuXiang lowered his voice:”I want to ask Miss, where do you learn this ‘cool breeze 13 moves’ that Miss had just used?”

Jin LingZhi's complexion had changed suddenly and said loudly: “What `cool breeze 13 moves'? I didn’t put forth the `cool breeze 13 moves'. You looked wrongly, your eyes must have the problem.”

She looked like a child who had stolen some candy, but suddenly she was caught by an adult. But she continued her act shamelessly, because although the mouth was full of candy, yet she was still claiming that she did not eat it. Obviously she knew that the adult would never believe her.

Who knew that Chu LiuXiang only smiled, and unexpectedly did not press on.

Jin LingZhi’s became louder:”Let me ask you, what are you doing to me? You are probably that thief's friend, perhaps the harborer. You should acknowledge your own limitations and return my pearl to me!”

When he did not continue to ask her, she had instead demanded something from him, this was called “The zhubajie (ed.: the pig in the Journey to the West) puts the blame on the victim”, a person who felt guilty mostly will use this tactic to avoid the accusation.

Chu LiuXiang maintained his composure and smiled: “There is indeed an harborer, but ......it is not me.”

Jin LingZhi said: “Who is it if it isn't you?”

Chu LiuXiang said: “It is ......”

He put out a hand, slowly made a wide circle, the fingertip seemed likely to point at anyone. When it moved to Hu TieHua, Hu TieHua said in his heart secretly: “This is bad.”

He mocked Chu LiuXiang as “the live image of a monkey”, he felt that Chu LiuXiang would have his revenge right now, but who knew that Chu LiuXiang's finger did not stop at him.

That person with complexion like a boiled crab had worn his clothes, he wore a flower-embroidered purple satin robe with a beautiful jade belt on his waist.

His stature was extremely big and tall, when he was stark naked, he did not seem distinguished. But now that he had worn his clothes, the purplish red satin gown matched his purple red face well. He seemed serious, his face looked solemn, powerful, and arrogant. The several dozens of people outside did not compare favorably to him.

He wanted to leave, but the entrance was blocked by the fight. He could not leave, so he just stood there watching.

He seemed to dread Chu LiuXiang, since he never took a look at Chu LiuXiang. Just now he heard Chu LiuXiang said “it is ….” for a  long time, when he suddenly said “him!”.

He discovered that each person’s face felt surprised, moreover their eyes were on him, he also felt somewhat strange, not daring to look at where Chu LiuXiang’s finger point.

He could not know that Chu LiuXiang's hand was pointing steadily at his nose!

He heard Chu LiuXiang say easily: “Not only is he the harborer, moreover he instigates this crime, that pearl is hidden on his body!”

This purple gown guy's face immediately bulged redder than the boiled crab. He squeezed out a smiling face reluctantly and continued: “This ......this friend is really joking.”

Chu LiuXiang put on a serious face and said: “This kind of matter is absolutely not to be joked about.”

The purple gown guy said with a smile: “I have not seen whether this girl's pearl is a circle or a square, what else is this if not a joke?”

This person was also obviously a worldly-wise person who had passed through the great storms of life. He was so surprised by the accusation that he initially somewhat lost his presence of mind, but now he had restored his calm.

Chu LiuXiang’s vision sweeped around and said: “Has anyone seen a pearl that is square? … If this person is saying that he doesn’t know that a pearl is round, not only is this person joking, but also he is simply trying to deceive a child that way.”

The purple gown guy saw the look on everyone’s face, he knew that these people had been taken by these words. Although he was calm again, by this time he felt some perturbation and sneeringly said, “Your excellency make this false accusation, actually what is going on? If there is a fact to be shown, I will not dispute you…”

He said this while at the same time starting to walk towards the door, as if he was so angry that he was leaving in a huff.

Chu LiuXiang had not blocked him, he just relaxed his grip on Jin LingZhi’s hand.

Quickly, the sword light flashed, Jin LingZhi had blocked this purple gown guy's way and pointed at his nose with the sword tip, sneeringly said: “You want to run away? Run away where?”

The purple gown guy's face had turned green under the sword reflection, he said with a reluctant smile: “Has Miss really believed his words?”

Jin LingZhi said: “I ask you, do you steal the pearl?”

The purple gown guy glanced at Chu LiuXiang and said: “If I say that the pearl is stolen by this guy, will Miss believe it?”

Chu LiuXiang said lightly: “If the pearl is found on my body, then anyone can say that I am the one who stole it.”

The purple gown guy's heart became determined, he sneeringly said: “So you are saying that the pearl is on my body?”

Chu LiuXiang said: “That is correct.”

The purple gown guy laughed suddenly and said: “A joke ......Heh heh, this is really a huge joke.”

Chu LiuXiang said: “If that pearl is found on your body, then that is not a joke.”

His words were not finished when that small girl called out from the side:”Right, only by searching will everyone know whose word is true… and know who is lying…”

The purple gown guy's complexion had changed. The person who came with him had rushed forward and held the sword on his waist, saying fiercely: “You really must search for it?”

That small girl’s eyes were smiling, she glanced at Chu LiuXiang and said: “As long as the person does not have a guilty conscience, why don’t you volunteer to be searched?”

That person kept staring, as if he wanted to draw his sword.

But the purple gown guy instead had held his hand and interrupted: “If you must search, you might as well do it, but what if you cannot find anything?”

Chu LiuXiang said: “If we cannot find anything, if I cannot find the pearl, I will compensate with my head.”

The purple gown guy said: “Everybody has heard of what he has just said.”

Chu LiuXiang sank his face and said: “I always keep my word, I think you know that too.”

The purple gown guy unexpectedly did not dare to look straight at him, he had turned around his head while saying:”Good, you search for it!”

That small girl said with a smile: “Do you want him to remove his clothes completely before searching?”

Chu LiuXiang said with a smile: “There is no need for it, I know that the pearl is hidden in that jade belt. As long as he takes off that jade belt, that is fine.”

The purple gown guy's complexion had changed, both of his hands gripped the jade belt tightly, as if he was not willing to let it go, like he was afraid someone would snatch it.

That small girl said: “The solution is just to take it off, don't you dare?”

Jin LingZhi sword tip flashed and she said fiercely: “If you don’t, you still have to!”

Hu TieHua grinned, at this moment he said suddenly: “If he dares to fight back, I will really admire his courage!”

That person with the sword wanted to begin the fight, but the purple gown guy had restrained him and he said loudly: “Good, let’s just do this to resolve it, but you must remember what you have just said.”

Chu LiuXiang said: “Sure, I will personally inspect it, this matter is very important. Everyone can see me… Does everyone agree to it?”

Although not everybody had nodded, but everyone’s face showed his agreement to this proposal.

The purple gown guy stamped his feet, loosened the jade belt finally and said: “Good, you take this away!”

This jade belt was so important and precious to him, just now he took his bath with the belt on his hand, he was never willing to part with it in any event.

But at this moment, under the glare of the public eyes, if he insisted on keeping it, wouldn’t it incite more suspicion? Moreover Jin LingZhi’s sword tip was always closer than a foot from his face. He also knew who Chu LiuXiang was.

It was good that he himself knew that he had never taken that pearl, just now there was no one near him, so he did not fear that someone might put the stolen good on him.

The jade belt had been loosened, he seemed to be relaxed. Squinting at Chu LiuXiang, he sneered at him, as if he really wanted to have Chu LiuXiang's head.

He actually did not know that he was not the only one who had wanted Chu LiuXiang head, but so far, Chu LiuXiang's head was still attached to his body.

Everyone’s eyes were staring at Chu LiuXiang's hand.

They saw that Chu LiuXiang used both of his hands to survey that jade belt carefully. Suddenly, with a pull of his hand, there was soft noise, and the jade belt projected dozens of little cold stars like rainstorms; “zing, zing, zing” a string of alarming noise, those dozens of cold stars had all penetrated the roof, emanating multiple bright rays as they flew up.

These hidden weapons were plentiful, viscious, and also poisonous; this was evident from the color. When someone else fought him, he would never think that this belt would hide so many hidden weapons, making it impossible to guard against it.

The people, who had looked on, most of them were not martial arts people, but they all could see the fierceness of this weapon. Everybody’s face changed color.

Jin LingZhi coldly said: “Exceptionally evil and cruel hidden weapon! A person, who has this kind of belt as the hidden weapon, cannot be a good person.”

The purple gown guy’s complexion turned green and said loudly: “A hidden weapon can be good or evil. As long as it does not contain the pearl, that is the end of the story.”

Chu LiuXiang said: “Everyone can see that this jade belt is a first-class item, the pearl is hidden inside it ...... Everybody please pay attention and look ......”

His two hands pulled up suddenly, “beng”, the jade belt broke forth, something from inside fell down and continued to roll on the ground.

The sharp-eyed people could observed that the thing that fell from the jade belt was precisely the grain of pearl, the one as big as a longan, the one that shone brightly and caught eyes easily.

The purple gown guy had nearly fainted, his heart was startled, anxious, and painful.

Painful, because his “jade belt hidden needle” did not come easily to him at all. For 20 years, it had helped save his lives so many times, and it had helped him injure many powerful enemies.

The person who made this jade belt was a very clever craftsman, who had been killed by him to eliminated any witness. Now that the jade belt was destroyed, he could never make a similar thing ever again.

Startled, because obviously he had not stolen this pearl, how could the pearl fall from his jade belt?

Since the pearl was in his jade belt, he knew that things would not go well for him. Wouldn’t that cause him to feel anxious?

Underneath, the purple gown guy felt desperate and itched to go and snatch that pearl.

But others were actually quicker than him.

Immediately, Hu TieHua blocked him by a quick fist to his face. He was so angry and anxious that he could not think straight. He could not avoid this unexpectedly, Hu TieHua’s fist landed on his shoulder.

With a “peng” sound, he fell back 7-8 steps after being hit. If not for the person who held the sword beside him, he would have unavoidably fallen backward on the ground.

But Hu TieHua was also secretly startled. He knew exactly how strong was his fist. Although he had only used 40-50% strength, an ordinary person would have been forced to lay down on the bed for 10-15 days. There were only a few people who could put up with his fist in jiang-hu.

This purple gown guy had put up with his fist. No matter what, even if his evil and cruel weapon was the only other skill he had, he was already a first class master in the martial arts world.

That small girl has seized the opportunity to pick the pearl, and gave it back to Jin LingZhi.

Chu LiuXiang had a smile on his face and said: “I do not know for sure, but is that the pearl that Miss had lost?”

Jin LingZhi’s face grew pale. She was staring at that purple gown guy and said fiercely: “What else can you say now?”

The purple gown guy had not spoken, that person wearing the sword beside him could not bear saying out loud: “Ladies, you already have your pearl, that is really great! Ladies, you have already gotten your tens of thousand taels. Ladies, since you have your heart’s desire, just let go of us.”

Jin LingZhi was so angry that she smiled and sneeringly said: “Good, your words are really good!”

She had not finished it when the sword pierced forward. The sword light moved fast in a twinkle.

She got extremely angry, and she could not help herself from using a move from “the cool breeze 13 moves”.

Chu LiuXiang and Hu TieHua exchanged meaningful glances and understanding smiles.

Immediately, a person's shadow dodged forward, a person had jumped in from outside. This person intruded very quickly!

Jin LingZhi's sword already moved forward, but this person was also unexpectedly quicker than her sword.

With a “pa” sound, unexpectedly Jin LingZhi's sword was gripped by his two hands! 

This made Chu LiuXiang very startled.

The quickness of his body was already very astonishing. That he could grip someone's sword tips by his hands was astonishing. But what startled Chu LiuXiang the most was not these deeds.

Jin LingZhi at this moment were using “the cool breeze 13 moves” swordmanship. If she were using something else, that would be another matter, but at this moment, she was using “The cool breeze 13 moves”.

This swordsmanship's change was unpredictable. Even Chu LiuXiang could not fully understood the sword’s path of this swordstyle, but this person had very quickly immobilized her sword. His wugong must be simply inconceivable.

This tall person looked handsome, his clothes seemed as if floating. The smiling face was gentle and kind. Anyone that saw him would immediately formed favorable impression of him.

When Chu LiuXiang and Hu TieHua saw this person, they were startled. They certainly did not expect that this person was the handsome boy, Ding Feng, who went on the same boat with Master Ku Mei last night!

As Jin LingZhi saw Ding Feng, she was also very startled, her complexion changed immediately.

Ding Feng smiled while saying: “Long time I have not seen you, Miss Jin’s swordsmanship has really improved. This move `The flying snow covers the willow' that you use is seriously confusing. Master Zhu might think that the pupil has surpassed the teacher.”

Master Zhu was precisely Jin LingZhi's seventh aunt. “The flying snow covers the willow” was the move from Emei sect. Some people who watched, and knew a bit about martial arts began to nod secretly: “No wonder this girl’s swordsmanship was so strong, originally she is an Emei sect follower.”

But Chu LiuXiang and Hu TieHua knew that just now Jin LingZhi had put forth one of “the cool breeze 13 moves”, the eighth move “the compressed-air driven thousand bells”.

If “the compressed-air driven thousand bells” and “The flying snow covers the willow” were seen briefly, they might have looked somewhat similar, but although the difference was subtle, they were entirely different moves!

Why would this youth deliberately mispresent the moves?

Ding Feng said again: “I know these two friends. I hope Miss Jin can acknowledge me and let them go!”

Although Jin LingZhi gave a scowl, she had unexpectedly became subdued and only coldly said: “They are thieves, you have them as friends?”

Ding Feng said with a smile: “I think Miss must have a misunderstanding.”

Jin LingZhi sneeringly said: “Misunderstanding? I see it with my own eyes, how can this be a misunderstanding?”

Ding Feng said: “Although these two friends families could not exactly be compared to the `countless blessings, long life garden', but they still manage a million taels capital, powerful and wealthy. Although they do not have many pearls such as what Miss has, they actually have a few of them. I can guarantee that these two cannot be the thief.”

These words were not only said with sternness, but also with impudence.

She was known as “the fire phoenix”, the temperament was indeed similar with the raging fire. Unexpectedly, she could keep down her anger as she talked to this youth; this was unthinkable for some people.

The purple gown guy and that person who wore a sword were leaving the place as they cupped their fists to Ding Feng.

The person with the sword said: “Many thanks to the gentleman for speaking out with a sense of justice, otherwise ......”

The purple gown guy interrupted him with a smile: “This matter should not amount to anything, this is all just a misunderstanding. But to clarify things now, I must present a banquet tonight to apologize to Miss Jin.”

Ding Feng said with a smile: “Very good, very good ......”

The purple gown guy said: “Actually, would Miss Jin be willing to come?

Jin LingZhi “Humph”, she had not spoken, instead Ding Feng had responded for her. Saying with a smile: “Not only Miss Jin will come to these friends tonight, but after this encounter, everyone will also become friends…”

He turned around to face Chu LiuXiang suddenly, saying softly with a smile: “I do not know whether the two of you would also extend your courtesy?”

Chu LiuXiang said with a smile: “As long as there is something to drink, even if I do not want to go, this friend of mine will certainly drag me there.”

Hu TieHua laughed said: “That is true, as long as there is something to drink, even if after drinking I must suffer several cuts, I would still go.”

Ding Feng said with a smile: “Very good, very good ......”

Someone suddenly said: “Such a lively scene, can you also please invite me?”

This person stood tall in the crowd, being higher by a half head than the others, because his leg was much longer than others. He was precisely that person who took a bath under the water trough just now.

He was dressed up, his attire was magnificent and he did not look less dignified when compared with the purple gown guy. He also held a three feet square black leather suitcase in his hand. That piece looked extremely heavy, nobody knew what would be inside.

The purple gown guy’s eyes brightened, he laughed and said: “If you are willing to come, you are more than welcome, just come.”

That longleg's person said with a smile: “Such being the case, I will thank you first, but where will this party take place?”

The purple gown guy said: “Opposite of `three harmonies building'.”

That long leg person said: “Good, then we will do the things like we have said.”

He glanced at Chu LiuXiang once with a smile and strode away.

Since nothing else lively was taking place, everybody else also dispersed from the place. Jin LingZhi and Ding Feng left together. Jin LingZhi did not seem to want to go with Ding Feng, but nobody knew why she had not rejected him.

Everybody left including the two accused ones, that person with the sword said bitterly: “Brother, I don’t understand why you can keep your calm? Even if that servant girl is old lady Jin's granddaughter, aren’t we all people who are not afraid of getting into trouble?”

The purple gown guy sighed, then said: “You do not understand, the person I dread is not surnamed Jin.”

The person with a sword said: “The one not surnamed Jin, can it be that smiling face boy? He has destroyed brother's jade belt, I already wanted him to taste my knife.”

The purple gown guy also sighed and said with a forced smile: “Luckily, you do not get to do that… Do you know who he is?”

The person with a sword sneeringly said: “He looked very complacent, can he be Chu LiuXiang?”

The purple gown guy calmly said: “Right, he is precisely Chu LiuXiang!”

The person with a sword was stunned and could not speak again.

The purple gown guy was briefly silent, his mouth formed a fiendish grin and muttered: “Although he is Chu LiuXiang, even if we cannot cope with Chu LiuXiang, someone else can cope with you. If you can still live after three days, I will really be surprised!”


Chu LiuXiang and Hu TieHua looked around the street. Hu TieHua had to ask the question: ”Where is that boy Zhang San?”

Chu LiuXiang smiled and said: “I told him to slip away.”

Hu TieHua said with a smile: “I cannot find out how you could force him to give you the pearl. That  boy is also strange, any other people would refuse to deal with you.”

Chu LiuXiang did not smile.

Hu TieHua said: “But your hand did rather well.”

Chu LiuXiang said: “You did not recognize that person?”

Hu TieHua said: “I knew that he recognized you, therefore he would not speak out to complain, he did not dare to make any noise. If I have not seen him by myself, I might have pitied him.”

Chu LiuXiang said: “If you know who he is, you will not feel sorry for him.”

Hu TieHua said: “Oh?”

Chu LiuXiang said: “You may have heard about a group of pirates in the southeast sea, the one who killed to plunder the goods and stop at nothing?”

Hu TieHua said: “The purple whale gang (zi-jing-bang)?”

Chu LiuXiang said: “Good, that person is the purple whale gang leader Hai KuoTian! He very seldom steps on the land to do business, that is why you have never seen him.”

Hu TieHua changed his countenance and said: “But I have actually heard of this person's name, why didn’t you say it? If I knew that he was Hai KuoTian, then I would have made sure that the fist had flattened him.”

Chu LiuXiang immediately smiled and said: “Later, you will have your opportunity, don’t worry.”

Hu TieHua smiled and said suddenly: “I hear that Hai KuoTian always eye only the wealthiest. When he makes his move, he will always return home with a full load. One may say that as a big robber, today he has met his match in the thievery. When he returns home, it will be strange if he can fall asleep well tonight!”

Chu LiuXiang said with a smile: when “When he was without any clothes, I could not recognize him. As soon as he put on his clothes, I knew immediately who he was. I already wanted to give him a lesson. Today is a perfect opportunity.”

Hu TieHua said: “But why did you let him leave?”

Chu LiuXiang said: “Because I do not want to alert the enemy.”

Hu TieHua hesitated and said: “Hai KuoTian, if he is the grass, who is the snake? ......Ding Feng?”

Chu LiuXiang said: “Good.”

Hu TieHua nodded and said: “This person is indeed suspicious, he was in Master Ku Mei’s ship when it sunk, now, he actually appears here. He was meeting with Master Ku Mei, but now Master Ku Mei actually disappears.”

Chu LiuXiang said: “I think that is the first strange matter.”

Hu TieHua said: “Jin LingZhi and Huashan faction have nothing in common, but she has actually studied Huashan school’s secret, `the cool breeze 13 moves', moreover she will not confess to it no matter what.”

Chu LiuXiang said: “This is the second strange event.”

Hu TieHua said: “Jin LingZhi usually never fears anyone, but after seeing Ding Feng, she actually suppressed her anger. What is the relationship between her and Ding Feng?”

Chu LiuXiang said: “This is the third one.”

Hu TieHua said: “The purple whale gang always make its move in the ocean, suddenly Hai KuoTian was seen with Ding Feng here, moreover Ding Feng was willing to interfere for him, they must have a special relationship. What kind of relationship?”

Chu LiuXiang said: “This is the fourth one.”

Hu TieHua thought: “Ding Feng immediately could grip Jin LingZhi's sword, obviously he is very familiar with the sword moves of `the cool breeze 13 moves'. How can he be familiar with the swordsmanship of Huashan school?”

Chu LiuXiang said: “This is the fifth.”

Hu TieHua said: “He obviously knew that the move was one of the `cool breeze 13 moves’ from Huashan faction, yet he actually insisted on saying that it was Emei's `the willow covering swordsmanship', obviously he was also covering for Jin LingZhi. Why?”

Chu LiuXiang said: “This is the sixth.”

Hu TieHua said: “Both of his palms clamp the sword, using the move from the Hibiscus’s Jia He Gu, ‘the great claps', the lightness kungfu seems to be similar to the famous Xu YingRen from several years ago, and on top of it,, he is also familiar with Huashan school’s swordmanship. Although he is still young, he actually has such high wugong skill. Moreover, some of these techniques are family techniques that are not known to outsiders, actually what is his background?”

Chu LiuXiang said: “This is the seventh.”

Hu TieHua rubbed his nose, the nose was red from rubbing.

Chu LiuXiang said: “What else?”

Hu TieHua sighed and said with a forced smile: “Within one day, we have encountered seven strange events, my brain is already muddled, you think it is not enough?”

Chu LiuXiang said with a smile: “Have you thought that maybe these seven matters are related to each other?”

Hu TieHua said: “My head has passed out.”

Chu LiuXiang said: “These seven matters are connected by a thread, I think this is why Master Ku Mei descends the mountain to trace this matter.”

Hu TieHua said: “Oh?”

Chu LiuXiang said: “The cool breeze 13 moves are originally Huashan faction’s secret. But now at least two irrelevant people know about it, who disclosed this secret? Master Ku Mei is the Huashan sect’s leader, automaticallly the burden to unveil this mystery falls on her.”

Hu TieHua said suddenly: “Right, The reason why Master Ku Mei descends the mountain is to investigate why the secret of the `cool breeze 13 moves' is known by the outsiders. Of course to be able to operate smoothly, she cannot appear as her original self.”

Chu LiuXiang said: “I know that the secret of “The cool breeze 13 moves” is only possessed by Master Ku Mei and Gao YaNan, Master Ku Mei will certainly not divulge this secret......”

Hu TieHua said decidedly: “Gao YaNan is not that kind of person!”

Chu LiuXiang said: “She is certainly not that kind of person, therefore this matter only has one possibility.”

Hu TieHua said: “What possibility?”

Chu LiuXiang said: “The manuscript of ‘the cool breeze 13 moves’ must have been stolen.”

Hu TieHua heaved a long breath and said: “Right, beside this reason, why else would Master Ku become a layman?”

Chu LiuXiang hesitated and said: “’The cool breeze 13 moves’ is Huashan faction’s secret that cannot be passed on to outsiders, its manuscript location must be extremely safe ......”

Hu TieHua interrupted him: “The only person who can steal it, perhaps is only the “King of thieves” Chu LiuXiang.”

Chu LiuXiang said with a forced smile: “I also do not have such capability.”

Hu TieHua gave a forced smile: “This matter is probably similar to the burglary of the ‘divine water’ (ed.: this is from Chu LiuXiang’s first book).”

Chu LiuXiang said: “These two matters indeed look similar, except for some minor differences. But they are actually very different from each other.”

Hu TieHua said: “How different?”

Chu LiuXiang said: “There are many disciples inside the “divine water palace”, the disciples are varied and heterogeneous. Huashan faction actually only a few as disciples with the strictest requirements. There are only seven disciples altogether under Master Ku Mei.”

Hu TieHua said: “Right.”

Chu LiuXiang said: “Divine water palace’s `divine water' is guarded by the disciples of the`Water Matriarch', `the cool breeze 13 moves' sword manuscript is kept by Master Ku Mei herself ......”

Hu TieHua said: “Right, to steal ‘the cool breeze 13-moves’ sword manuscript, must indeed be a lot more difficult than to steal the `divine water'.”

Chu LiuXiang said: “Thus, it shows that the person who steals this sword manuscript must be a lot more formidable than the one who stole the ‘divine water’.”

Hu TieHua said: “You think that this person can be ......Ding Feng?”

Chu LiuXiang hesitated and said: “Even if it is not Ding Feng, he must have a close relationship with Ding Feng.”

His continued: “Master Ku Mei must have found a clue, therefore she impersonated Madame Na, and set up an appointment with Ding Feng.”

Hu TieHua said: “So, if she can capture Ding Feng, won’t things come to light?”

Chu LiuXiang smiled: “Master Ku Mei is not as crude as you, she certainly knows that Ding Feng is just a small snake, in addition there must be a big snake ......”

Hu TieHua said: “Who is the big snake?”

Chu LiuXiang said: “Until now, that big snake is still hiding in the grass. Only when someone can seize this big snake, that he can find out this secret; seizing the small snake is useless.”

Hu TieHua pondered while nodding: “Master Ku Mei at the present must be patiently pursuing this big snake that is hidden in the grass, therefore she cannot act rashly.”

Chu LiuXiang said with a smile: “You have understood finally.”

Hu TieHua said: “But we ......”

Chu LiuXiang had interrupted him: “We also cannot act rashly, because this matter is related not only with Master Ku Mei, but also with many other people.”

Hu TieHua said: “Oh?”

Chu LiuXiang said: “Besides Master Ku Mei, there must certainly be many, many other people's secrets which have fallen into this big snake's hand, the implication of this matter will affect  many people and characters with high status.”

Hu TieHua said: “Right, this matter is indeed more complex and more surreptitious than the ‘divine water' burglary.”

Chu LiuXiang said: “Most importantly, Wu Hua monk stole the `divine water’ that day in order to use it for himself. This big snake is stealing others' secrets, in order to actually sell them!”

Hu TieHua said in consternation: “Sell?”

Chu LiuXiang said: “How do you think that Jin LingZhi can obtain the `cool breeze 13 moves' secret and essence of the method?”

Hu TieHua was also unable to restrain changing his countenance and said: “Do you think that she bought it from Ding Feng?”

Chu LiuXiang said: “Exactly.”

He then also said: “This kind of transaction is naturally extremely secret, Ding Feng must have told her to be discreet, she could not just show the swordsmanship to dazzle people anywhere, but she was so desperate today, that she has used it.”

Hu TieHua said suddenly: “Therefore when she saw Ding Feng, she was very anxious, she could not find any excuse for her conduct. She also could not become angry at him, knowing that she had to settle for her mistake afterwards.”

Chu LiuXiang said: “Because of this, Ding Feng intentionally covered for her.”

Hu TieHua smiled and said: “It was a pity for him, that although he tried to conceal it, he still could not hide the truth from us.”

Chu LiuXiang said: “Ding Feng did not know who we are, he did not know that we have relationship with Huashan school. Perhaps he still thinks that he has hidden the truth from us.”

Hu TieHua said: “But sooner or later he will know about us.”

Chu LiuXiang said slowly: “Good, sooner or later he will know, at that time ......”

Hu TieHua changed color: “At that time, he will certainly want to kill us to eliminate any potential witness, right?”

Chu LiuXiang immediately smiled briefly: “Indeed, you are not too stupid.”

Hu TieHua sneeringly said: “The people who want to kill us are not just him, but many others.”

Chu LiuXiang said: “Other people are other people, Ding Feng is Ding Feng!”

Hu TieHua said: “How formidable is Ding Feng compared to the Stone Avalokitesvara, or to Xue YiRen?”

Chu LiuXiang sighed and said: “Perhaps we don’t need to be afraid of Ding Feng, but that big snake ......”

Hu TieHua said loudly: “Why do you lift up other people’s advantages and belittle our own power and prestige? ...... What is so good about that big snake? It can swallow us into its stomach?”

Chu LiuXiang said softly: “Jia He Gu’s `great claps', Xu YingRen's lightness kungfu skill are  unique skills of the martial arts world that are very rare, not to mention the `cool breeze 13 moves'. They could learn these three kinds of wugong, but what about other skills? If a person can gather dozens of wugong skills, wouldn’t this person be more fearful than The Stone Avalokitesvara?”

Hu TieHua said: “Humph!”

Chu LiuXiang said: “Moreover, if someone can learn these many wugong skills, he must be really good. Thus, you can just see from the big snake's plans and method, that he cannot be a common person surely.”

Hu TieHua sneeringly said: “A sinister and ruthless person, we have seen many of them.”

Chu LiuXiang smiled and said: “I have always feared them, but I can be extra careful when I have to face them.”

Hu TieHua coldly said: “If you are too careful, you will become like an old lady.”

Chu LiuXiang said with a smile: “An old lady always lives longer, if she got killed at the age of 33 years old, how can she become an old lady?”

Hu TieHua had also smiled and said: “Thanks to you for remembering my age, I can live up to 33 years old, that is also something that is not too easy.”

He sighed, then said: “I also know that this matter is not easy to handle. Anyone who is implicated in this matter, will be difficult to back off from it.”

Chu LiuXiang said: “Now the people who are implicated in this matter, as far as I know, are the `countless blessings, long life garden', Huashan faction, the purple whale gang, and I do not know how many more other parties.”

Hu TieHua was hesitating for a moment and said: “Only these people involved is already very extraordinary.”

Chu LiuXiang said: “In addition, I also know there is another very extraordinary person at least.”

Hu TieHua said: “Who?”

Chu LiuXiang said: “This person who is currently behind us.”

Hu TieHua was startled, he turned around suddenly, he saw that someone was following them, he also could see that this person must have some interesting background.

This road along the river bank was very remote.

The roadside was overgrown with weeds, there was no other people in all direction.

This person wore a soft satin gown which was extremely fastidious, the hand was holding up a black leather suitcase, the clothes was brand-new, but the leather suitcase was actually very worn-out.

He was very tall, his legs were long, the skin was light yellow, the yellow color was very strange, as if he had not seen the sunlight all year long, also as if he fell ill frequently.

But his eyes were actually very bright, completely different from other parts of his face, as if the heaven borrow these eyes from another person, and just put them there on his face.

Hu TieHua smiled.

If someone spied from a tree top behind, he would be angry, but he did not have any malice towards this person. At this moment, he greeted him from afar with a smile: “When the same boats meet again in the river, they are already predestined as friends, we have taken a bath in that pool, we have been predestined as friends, why don't you come up to chat with us.”

This person also smiled.

He was originally very far from Hu TieHua, but in a move that did not look very quick, in a twinkle, he had approached closer by 30-40 feet, in another twinkle, he had stepped to the front of them.

Chu LiuXiang blurted his approval: “Good lightness kungfu!”

This person smiled and said: “The lightness kungfu is good, but how can it be compared favorably with Commander Chu’s (Chu LiuXiang is called Chu Xiang Shuai, which can be translated as fragrant commander Chu)?”

Chu LiuXiang said with a smile: “Your excellency recognizes me, I actually do not recognize your excellency, isn’t this a little unfair?”

This person showed a faint smile and said: “You two will know my name.”

Chu LiuXiang said: “Your excellency has been too modest.”

Hu TieHua had lowered his face and said: “You are not being too modest, you are simply not willing to become friends with us.”

This person interrupted: “I am not intentionally being modest, nor am I not willing to become friends with two, but ......”

He smiled, then said: “Gou is the surname, the name ZiChang, have you two heard of it?” (gou=hook, zichang=long)

Chu LiuXiang and Hu TieHua were both surprised.

“Gou ZiChang.”

This name was really very strange, anyone who had heard of it even once, would have problem forgetting it. Not only they had never heard of his name, even his surname was very, very rarely heard.

Gou ZiChang said with a smile: “You two ought to know by now that I intentionally held up saying my name.”

He then also said: “I never know the word “modest”. By my wugong skills, I should be already very famous in jiang-hu. But I have never trodden my feet in jiang-hu, so you two would never have heard of my name.”

This person was really immodest, and also very frank.

Hu TieHua liked this kind of person the most, he laughed and said: “Good, my name is Hu TieHua, you already recognize Chu LiuXiang, I think you also know my name.”

Gou ZiChang said: “I do not know.”

Hu TieHua’s smile did not fade.

He suddenly felt that a person who was too frank, was not that good.

Gou ZiChang then said: “But I can also see, that by brother Hu’s wugong skill, your fame in jiang-hu will not be under Commander Chu LiuXiang’s at all......”

Hu TieHua could not bear saying with a smile: “You do not need to comfort me, I am not a narrow-minded  person ......”

He stared at Chu LiuXiang once, woodenly he said:”But you also do not need to feel too satisfied, I am less famous than you, but my drinking skill is better than you, I drink more than you, therefore this crest of wave has been snatched by you.”

Chu LiuXiang said with a smile: “Yes, you drink quite a lot more than me, each time we drink together, I drink a cup, you drink at least 70-80 cups.”

Hu TieHua said: “Although I do not drink 70-80 cups to your single cup, but 7-8 cups are correct. Everytime you recommended a cup, I thought that you would drink it quickly, who knew that you were actually saying several words instead and had put it down.”

He was pointing at Chu LiuXiang's nose and said: “Your problem is that you say too many words, and drink too little.”

Chu LiuXiang said: “Yes, but who else in this world can drink more than you? You drink eight cups, I drink a cup, otherwise the one who keeled over drunk must certainly be me first.”

Hu TieHua said: “That is actually true.”

Gou ZiChang could not bear laughing.

He thought that these two people were simply silly, exhanging bickering words. But he did not realize that they actually had discovered that someone was hidden in the mixed grove by the roadside, therefore their bickering was fully intentional.

Unexpectedly Gou ZiChang had not perceived that person's shadow hidden behind the tree.

Hu TieHua and Chu LiuXiang looked at each other. Although Gou ZiChang’s wugong was high, his experience in jiang-hu was still scarce, he had said that “he has simply never trodden in jiang-hu”, this saying was obviously not false.

But since he never took a walk in jiang-hu, how could he recognize Chu LiuXiang?

That person's shadow dodged very quickly, the lightness kungfu must also be extremely high.

Hu TieHua exhanged a meaningful glance with Chu LiuXiang and said: “You were saying about something he has heard of?”

Chu LiuXiang said with a smile: “He has not heard of anything.”

Gou ZiChang had coughed twice and interrupted: “Not only have I not heard of brother Hu’s name, I also do not know the names of the seven big sects leaders in the world.”

Hu TieHua inadvertently laughed: “Then I feel a lot more comfortable.”

Gou ZiChang said: “Among the world heroes now, I only know a person, that is Commander Chu.”

Hu TieHua said: “Is he really so famous?”

Gou ZiChang said with a smile: “This is only because I have a friend, he often mentions Commander Chu’s name in front of me. He keeps saying that even if I practice for another 30 years, my lightness kungfu will never attain a half of Commander Chu’s.”

Hu TieHua said with a smile: “This is just your friend’s boasting.”

Gou ZiChang said: “My friend often said that Commander Chu’s graciousness to him was heavy like a mountain. This time, I went out, he urged me over and over to see Commander Chu, urged me to express his best wishes. He was also afraid that I would not recognize Commander Chu. Just before I left, he describe specifically the elegant demeanor of which Commander Chu.”

He smiled, then said: “But when I saw Commander Chu, I could not recognize him immediately, only because of ......”

Hu TieHua smilingly continued: “Because he was stark naked at that time, like a newborn baby. Your friend is certainly not a girl, how will he know how he looks when he doesn’t have any clothes?”

Gou ZiChang said with a smile: “As soon as I saw Commander Chu’s conduct, I recognized him immediately. But ...... until now, I still didn’t know how that pearl can be found inside the jade belt.”

Hu TieHua said: “That just is the camouflage of magic tricks, that is not strange. He has certainly studied well the `four hands which conjures over the bridge'. Therefore he also has a nickname the `three hands', haven't you heard?”

Gou ZiChang said: “This ......I have not heard my friend mention it actually.”

Chu LiuXiang said with a smile: “This person has never grown an ivory between his lips, you cannot always believe his words.”

Hu TieHua said: “Do you grow an ivory between your lips yourself? This year, the ivory is very valuable, no wonder some girls treat you like a precious person.”

Chu LiuXiang also paid no attention to him, asked: “Actually what is this precious friend’s honored name, how did he recognize me?”

Gou ZiChang said: “He is called Wang ErDai.”

Chu LiuXiang knitted his brows: “Wang ErDai?”

Gou ZiChang said with a smile: “I also knew that this must be a fictitious name, but this friend is very intimate with me, as long as he is sincere when interacting with me, why should I haggle over whether he uses a the real name, or a false one?”

Chu LiuXiang nodded, he had not pressed anymore.

If the other person did not explain it, he usually did not ask further.

They discussed this while walking, quickly they had arrived at the river bank nearby.

In the wind, there was an intermittent fresh fragrance of grilled fish.

Hu TieHua said with a smile: “Zhang San, this boy finally understands about good and bad. He has roasted some fish for us.”

“The swift net” Zhang San’s ship was not big, moreover it was already very worn-out.

But Chu LiuXiang and Hu TieHua knew that this ship was built by Zhang San with innumerable painstaking care. Each wood on the ship, each nail underwent careful selection, although the ship looked like it was worn-out, it was actually incomparably firm. When he sit on this ship, regardless of how big a storm may occur, Chu LiuXiang would not worry.

He believed that Zhang San was the real deal, because his ship was also built by Zhang San.

There was a red clay stove on the ship’s bow, near the stove, ten small jars were set up, full of different kinds of seasoning.

The furnace fire was not blazing, Zhang San used a small broach to hold the fish over the fire. While roasting, he applied a small brush to spread the seasonings on the fish.

He looked as if he had poured out his soul in handling the fish, other people simply would not be able to imagine how “the swift net” Zhang San could concentrate so completely.

Chu LiuXiang and friends came aboard, but Zhang San had not greeted them.

When he grilled the fish, even if the sky was falling, he would not care. Regardless of anything that occurred, he would wait until the fish was roasted, before saying anything.

He often said: “Everybody can roast a fish, but I actually roast it better, because I am more wholly-absorbed to it, `wholly-absorbed'  is the biggest knack of my grilled fish.”

Chu LiuXiang felt that anyone could learn something about this knack.

The fragrance was getting better and better.

Hu TieHua cannot bear saying: “I think your fish is fully roasted already?”

Zhang San paid no attention to him.

Hu TieHua said: “Roasting it too long can make it burnt instead?”

Zhang San sighed and said: “When I’m interrupted by you, when you diverted my attention, the taste of this fish immediately becomes not right, you eat it!”

He put the fish down on a plate while muttering: “How can an impatient person eat the thing?”

Hu TieHua said with a smile: “But an impatient person at least has something to eat, it’s always better than someone watching aside just swallowing his saliva.”

He was really impolite, he sat down cross-legged, and started to eat up.

Zhang San then stood up and greeted them, he said with a smile: “This friend had almost been knocked down by me in the bathhouse, I was roasting the fish to respect him ......Why don't you introduce me?”

Gou ZiChang said: “I am called Gou ZiChang, I do not eat fish, as soon as I see a fish I become full.”

Zhang San was stunned, laughingly he said: “Good, good, this friend really speaks very simply, but a person who does not eat fish, does not need to be punished by having to stand all the time ......Come, please sit down, although my ship looks broken, it is always washed very cleanly, no fish stench for sure.”

There was never a chair on his ship, regardless of any person who came, he had to sit on the deck.

Gou ZiChang put down his suitcase slowly and sat on it.

Zhang San’s eyes stared at his leather suitcase – when this leather suitcase was put down, the entire strip ship seemed to sway, obviously the content was very heavy.

Gou ZiChang said with a smile: “I am not too skittish, my leg is too just long, therefore sitting cross-legged is not comfortable.”

Zhang San did not seem to have heard him.

Gou ZiChang said with a smile: “You might guess what is inside the box, but you will never be able to guess it.”

Zhang San seemed to have been a little embarrassed and said with a smile: “I know that there cannot be any fish inside.”

Gou ZiChang’s eyes flashed, and said with a smile: “I may let you guess three times, if you can guess correctly, I will give this box to you.”

Zhang San said with a smile: “I am not a deity, how can I guess it?”

Although he said it, he actually could not stop himself from guessing: “This is so heavy, it is probably gold.”

Gou ZiChang shook his head and said: “No.”

He smiled suddenly, then said: “Even if all the golds in the world are piled up in front of me, I will not trade this box for them.”

Zhang San’s eyes shone and said: “This box is unexpectedly so precious?”

Gou ZiChang said: “Perhaps in the others’s eyes, this is not worth a penny, but in my opinion, it is actually more precious than life.”

Zhang San sighed and said: “I acknowledge that I will never be able to guess correctly.”

He looked fixedly at Gou ZiChang, and probed: “Such a precious thing, you certainly will not let someone else have a look so easily.”

Gou ZiChang said: “But you sooner or later you will see it, you don’t need need to worry.”

He smiled, then said: “An impatient person will not have a look at the good thing.”


Although the fish roasted slowly, the roasting never stopped, Hu TieHua himself had had three into his stomach. But he actually kept staring with big eyes at the roasted fish on the fire.

Gou ZiChang said with a smile: “This evening, there will be some good vegetables waiting on the table at the `three harmonies building', why doesn't brother Hu save some space in your stomach?”

Hu TieHua said with a smile: “You do not understand, which vegetables in the world can compare favorably with the delicacies of Zhang San’s grilled fish?”

He closed his eyes, shook his head and said: “I also want to eat bear's paws, and also Zhang San’s fish. But if he is roasting the fish, I will abandon my desire of the bear's paws and eat the fish!”

Zhang San laughed: “I did not know that he is an expert on this knowledge.”

Hu TieHua said easily: “I don’t have any other expertise, but this knowledge on eating is actually very important. Even if I am not too familiar with Zhang San’s roasting skill, I would still first eat before saying anything. Even eating the fish bone would be better than catching a flying duck.”

He stared, but then said suddenly: “You think that table of vegetables tonight are going to be delicious? If the vegetable does not have any poison, that will be really strange.”

Chu LiuXiang said suddenly: “How can there be a centipede in this pot of vinegar? Do you also want to poison me?”

Where could be the centipede in the vinegar?

Hu TieHua felt he must speak about it, but Chu LiuXiang actually gave him a hand signal to keep his mouth shut, then took up that pot of vinegar, and went to the side of the ship.

No one could understand what he was doing, but they saw him pour out that pot of vinegar on the side.

“Actually what was his problem?”

Hu TieHua had not said these words, when he discovered that there was a sudden burst of spray in the tranquil river water, as if a big fish suddenly jumped up in the water.

Then, a three foot long thin cylinder had floated from the water.

The cylinder was made out of tin, very thin, therefore it floated on the water.

Hu TieHua had understood immediately and said: “Someone hid in the water listening secretly with this cylinder?”

Chu LiuXiang nodded and said with a smile: “Now I fear he won’t hear anything for a while.”

In the water, no one could hear any sound, only by extending this tailor-made piece of tin to the surface, could he hear the voices.

But he could never expected that the pipe would be filled by a bottle of vinegar.

Hu TieHua said with a smile: “Although vinegar in the ear cannot feel good, but he got away easily. If I had done it, I would certainly fill it with this bottle of chili oil.”

Zhang San sighed, muttered: “If I do not have the chili oil, that would still be allright, but without the vinegar, I cannot possibly roast another fish.”

Gou ZiChang already changed his countenance, he could not bear saying: “Commander Chu already discovered that there was someone in the water listening, why don't we catch him and ask who sends him here?”

Chu LiuXiang immediately smiled and said: “There is no need to ask him anything. Even if I had not asked, I already know who sent him.”

Gou ZiChang said: “Who?”

Chu LiuXiang had not spoken, when he saw two fast horses suddenly, galloping furiously along the river bank.

The persons’ equestrian skills were very exquisite, the horses were also good horses, selected as one in a thousand, but the horses’ mouth were already foaming, obviously they had passed through some long-distance furiously.

When they were along this ship, they seemed to speak a few words.

But the horses sped along qucikly, in a blink, they had rushed ahead by hundreds of feets, nobody could hear anything.

Except one person.

Hu TieHua knew naturally who this person was, so he asked: “Old stinking insect, what did they say?”

Chu LiuXiang said: “That person with the beard was saying: ‘Is the clan leader really on that ship?' The other person said: `Hopefully ....'.”

Hu TieHua said: “What do they hope for?”

Chu LiuXiang said with a smile: “I’m sorry, I also couldn’t get the following words clearly.”

Hu TieHua shook his head and said: “Turns out that your ears are not so miraculously good.”

But Gou ZiChang was stunned.

He couldn’t understand how Chu LiuXiang could hear what those two said, and not only heard them speak, but also to be able to distinguish who had the beard, and who did not, and who said the words.

Gou ZiChang simply felt full of admiration.

Chu LiuXiang also said suddenly: “Can you see where these two people come from?”

Hu TieHua and Zhang San simultaneously responded: “Naturally from the `12 series shipyard’.”

They looked at each other and smiled, Hu TieHua then said: “What is strange, how come Leader Wu (Wu LaoDa) also arrive at this river?”

Gou ZiChang was stunned, so he could not bear asking: “What place is this ‘12 series shipyard’?”

Hu TieHua said: “12 series shipyard is the headquarter of `phoenix tail clan'.”

Gou ZiChang said: “Phoenix tail clan?”

Hu TieHua said: “The phoenix tail clan is the biggest clan between Jiangsu and Anhui, it has been well-established for a long time, almost similar to Beggar’s Clan (Gai Bang), moreover when they handle their affairs, they are also similarly honest, just like the Beggar’s Clan.”

Gou ZiChang said: “Who is Leader Wu?”

Hu TieHua said: “Leader Wu is Wu Weiyang, the leader of the Phoenix tail clan.”

Zhang San then said: “Not only this person’s wugong is extremely high, his manner is extremely upright, he can be considered as a resounding real man. If I see him, I will certainly ask him to eat some grilled fish.”

Hu TieHua said: “You must know that if a person wants to eat Zhang San’s grilled fish, that is not easy, Divine Dragon clan’s Yun CongLong had asked him for very many years, but he still could not have some.”

Zhang San: “Yun CongLong is also a bad person actually, but he thought that since I am based on Yangtze River, I should obey his words, so I must uphold that he can see it but he cannot eat it.”

Gou ZiChang said: “Divine Dragon clan is on Yangtze River?”

Zhang San: “Right, the Divine Dragon clan has been operating on Yangtze River for many years, nobody dares to snatch their domain. Wu Weiyang had an agreement in the past with the Divine Dragon clan that he pledged never to come up to the Yangtze River.”

Hu TieHua said: “But he actually has come today, therefore we think that is very strange.”

Gou ZiChang said: “But ......how did you know that those two riders are certainly from the `12 series shipyard’?”

Hu TieHua asked: “Did you see what kind of clothings they wear?”

Gou ZiChang said: “It seems like dark green color, but many people are also wearing dark green clothing.”

Hu TieHua said: “Their waistbands are actually formed by seven different color silk ribbons, that is precisely the `phoenix tail clan'’s unique fine white cloth.”

Gou ZiChang was stunned briefly, gave a long sigh and said with a forced smile: “Your eyes are very observant ......”

Zhang San said lightly: “If you want to dwell in jiang-hu, not only you need observant eyes, you only need long ears, to excel only in wugong skills is not enough ......”

They heard sound of hoofbeats suddenly, two horses suddenly rushed back.

But there was no riders on them.

These two horses, one calico, one white, were the two horses that Gou ZiChang saw passing along just now. Now they went back, but where were the riders?

Gou ZiChang jumped suddenly from the bow, transversing the sky, and then falling gently on the white horse's saddle, his hand was unexpectedly still holding on to that black leather suitcase.

He heard someone gave his approval: “Good lightness kungfu!”

He immediately turned his head to see, and discovered that Hu TieHua had also sat on the calico horse's saddle, grinning and looking at him.

Two people looked at each other and smiled, they simultaneously had restrained the horses.

By now, Chu LiuXiang had slowly walked up to them and said with a smile: “The lightness kungfu of both of you are very high, but brother Gou’s is still higher.”

Hu TieHua said with a smile: “Right, his hand is holding on to several dozens catty of heavy box, naturally, he is better than me.”

Gou ZiChang did not appear to be very satisfied, jumping down to the ground he said: “Commander Chu’s hidden skills are not yet shown. It must be immeasurably deep, when can you let me open my mind so I can improve?”

Hu TieHua said with a smile: “You think he likes to keep his skills hidden? I am telling you, he is just too lazy, if he can lie down, he will not sit, if he can walk, he will not run.”

Chu LiuXiang said with a smile: “If I can shut up, I will not speak at all.”

Gou ZiChang’s eyse flashed and said suddenly: “Commander Chu may know why these two horses return? Where are the two riders?”

Chu LiuXiang said: “Brother Gou can see too that they must have been killed!”

Hu TieHua changed countenance and said: “What can you see? How do you know that they have been killed?”

Gou ZiChang had pointed to the white horse's saddle and said: “You can see that the bloodstain here is not dried yet, the people must have some mishaps.”

The dark red bloodstains on the saddle was still wet.

Hu TieHua sighed and said: “You are not a slow-learner, you have become a worldly-wise person.”

Gou ZiChang gave a forced smile and said: “I just stood here and saw that by chance when in Commander Chu brought that up.”

Chu LiuXiang lowered his voice: “Wu Weiyang is a capable leader, these two person’s equestrian skills are already fine, their wugong cannot be weak, the time the two riders took to go there and back again was not very long, and yet they have been killed…”

Hu TieHua interrupted: “Take a look at their corpse, maybe we can find ......”

He had not completed his words, when he had ridden the horse far ahead.

Gou ZiChang said: “Even if we can find their corpses, what is the use?”

Chu LiuXiang said: “If we can find their corpse, we can find out where their fatal wounds are? What causes the injury? And we may guess who killed them.”

Gou ZiChang was silent briefly, after a long time he said: “Looks like, I still need to learn many, many things….”



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