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Chapter 44 – Things of the Past


Wedding night [orig dong fang; literally ‘cave chamber’ and also refers to the nuptial room].

How many unmarried youth in this world are fantasizing about their wedding night, that beautifully romantic setting? And how many people in their old age are recalling the sweetness and warmth of that day in their newlyweds’ room?

Fantasies and recollections forever are beautiful.

In reality, the wedding night in that newlywed’s room is usually not as sweet and warm as the one in the memories, and the setting is never near as beautiful as the one in the fantasies.

Some people who think they are very intelligent often describe the nuptial room to be like a grave and will even say that the noises that come from that room will sometimes sound like that of a slaughterhouse.

Obviously, the newlyweds’ room is not a grave or a slaughterhouse. Well then, what is it like in that newlyweds’ room?

The nuptial room is usually not a very warm room. Everywhere there are bright colors, and all around there is the scent of paint in addition to the smell of alcohol left behind by the guests who had come to offer their congratulations. The person who is able to stay in that room for one or two shi chen [1 shi chen = 2 hours] and not vomit must have a very uniquely made nose and stomach.

Of course, inside that newlyweds’ room, there is a man and a woman. These two people usually do not know each other all that well, and so, they usually do not have much to say to one another. Therefore, even if outside, things are so noisy they could overturn the heavens, it is usually very calm inside the newlyweds’ room. Though the guests are going all out as they eat and drink away, as if they need to get their money’s worth, the groom and bride usually are hungry on their empty stomachs. This should have been their wedding night, but the day seemed as if it had been lived for other people.

The red cloth that had been covering Yan Qi’s face had been raised now. Her head was lowered as she sat on the edge of the bed and stared down at her red embroidered shoes. Guo DaLu was sitting far away on a chair by the small round table, and he seemed to be staring off blankly also.

She did not dare look at him; he, too, did not dare look at her. If he had had some wine to drink, he may have relaxed a little, but what was ironic was he had actually not had anything to drink that day. It seems that any time a groom wants to drink some wine, there will always immediately be some “kind-hearted people” who go over to stop him, scrambling to drink it for him.

The two had been very good friends to begin with, and they should have had many things to say to each other everyday. But the instant they became husband and wife, it seemed as if they were no longer friends. The two of them had suddenly become distant with each other and very self-conscious. So, both were embarrassed to speak first.

Guo DaLu had thought that he would be able to handle this very well, but the instant he entered into the wedding chamber, he suddenly discovered that he had turned into an idiot. He really was not used to situations like this. He had originally wanted to walk over and sit beside Yan Qi, but for some reason, his two legs had grown weak and he could not even stand. And then, he did not know how much time had passed, but when all he could feel was his neck starting to stiffen –

“I need to sleep,” Yan Qi suddenly spoke. When she said she was going to sleep, she really did go to sleep. Without even taking off her shoes, she fell back onto the bed, yanked up the red silk covers embroidered with two mandarin ducks frolicking in the water, and wrapped herself in it tightly. She turned to face the wall, her body curled up so that she looked like a dried shrimp.

Guo DaLu was gnawing on his lip as he watched her. A smile gradually began to twinkle in his eyes. “Why aren’t you telling me to get out today?”

Yan Qi paid no attention to him, appearing to be asleep.

“Aren’t you unable to fall asleep when there are other people in your room?” Guo DaLu chuckled.

Yan Qi had wanted to ignore him, but yet, was unable to resist retorting, “If you would just talk a little less, I will be able to sleep.”

Batting his eyes, Guo DaLu inquired again in a drawn out voice, “With me in the room, you are still able to sleep?”

She nibbled on her lip and answered softly, “You… you are not ‘other people.’ ”

“If I am not ‘other people’, then who am I?” Guo DaLu pressed.

A “pfft” suddenly escaped from Yan Qi’s lips, and she giggled, “You are a big-headed ghost.”

“Weird; so weird,” Guo DaLu sighed unexpectedly. “Why would you marry me, this big-headed ghost? I seem to recall you once saying that, even if every other man in the world had died off, you still would not marry me.”

Flipping back over abruptly, Yan Qi grabbed a pillow and tossed it forcefully at Guo DaLu. Her face was so red it looked like a ripe apple that had just been freshly picked.

The pillow came flying back, bringing along Guo DaLu as he soared back with it.

Blushing furiously, Yan Qi stammered, “What… what… what do you want to do?”

“I want to bite you.”

It was not known when, but the pink curtains had been let down.

If someone must say that the sounds that come from a newlyweds’ room are like those in a slaughterhouse, then this particular slaughterhouse must have been used to kill mosquitoes. Their voices were also like the humming of mosquitoes.

Guo DaLu seemed to be saying softly, “Weird. Really weird.”

Yan Qi: “What’s weird this time?”

Guo DaLu: “Why isn’t your body smelly at all?”

All that could be heard, then, was a “smack!”, as if someone was slapping a mosquito. And then, each successive slap got lighter and lighter, lighter and lighter……



The sky would be light soon.

Inside that curtain, things had just quieted down. Another long while passed and then Guo DaLu’s voice could be heard as it said quietly, “Do you know what I’m thinking about right now?”

Yan Qi: “Mm.” Her voice was like the twittering of a sparrow. No one would be able to hear very clearly what she was saying.

Guo DaLu: “I have been thinking about a lot of very strange matters, but what I am actually thinking the most about is a nice pork shank, roasted until it’s red and tender.”

A “pfft” slipped from Yan Qi and she giggled, “Can’t you say that you are thinking about me?”

Guo DaLu: “Nope. Cannot.”

Yan Qi: “You cannot?”

“Because I’m scared I’ll swallow you in one gulp.” He heaved a sigh. “You, this wife of mine, were not easy to get at all. If I was to gulp you down, then I’d have nothing left.”

Yan Qi: “Well, if this one is gone, isn’t it the perfect opportunity to go find another?”

Guo DaLu: “Find who?”

Yan Qi: “For example… Sour Plum Soup.”

Guo DaLu answered slowly, “Won’t work. She is too sour, and plus, the one she fancies is you.” He suddenly chuckled. “I finally know now, that day, when you would not have her, why she was not the slightest bit angry… That day, you must have told her that you are just like her, you are a girl.”

Yan Qi: “If I was a man, I would take her.”

Guo DaLu: “Why is it that all along, you were not willing to tell me that you are a girl?”

Yan Qi: “Who told you to be a blind man? Other people could tell; it’s just you who couldn’t.”

Guo DaLu: “The secret you wanted to tell me was this one?”

Yan Qi: “Mm.”

Guo DaLu: “Why did you have to wait until I was near death before you were willing to tell me?”

“Because… because I was scared you would not want me…” Before she had finished her sentence, it sounded as if something had suddenly covered her lips. After a long time, gasping lightly, she scolded, “Let’s chat properly. You are not allowed to move about anymore.”

Guo DaLu: “Alright. I won’t move. But why would you be afraid that I would not want you? Don’t you know that, even if I could have everyone else in the world in exchange for you, I still would not trade?”

Yan Qi: “Honest?”

Guo DaLu: “Of course it’s true.”

Yan Qi: “What if you could trade for Shui RouQing?”

With a sigh, Guo DaLu answered, “Shui RouQing truly is a very good woman, and on top of that, she is very pitiable. Unfortunately, my heart was already fully occupied by you alone a long time ago and has no room for any other person.”

A squeak could be heard from Yan Qi. Inside that embroidered curtain, it suddenly grew silent for another long while. It seemed like something was obstructing both their mouths now. After quite some time again, Guo DaLu exhaled another sigh and said, “I know you did that to test whether I am loyal to you.”

Chewing on her lip, Yan Qi confirmed, “If you had been willing to stay there in that place, then you could have given up on any hope of seeing me again in this lifetime.”

Guo DaLu: “But, after I arrived here, why did you not let me see you?”

Yan Qi: “Because there were other people who wanted to test you, to see whether you are smart enough and brave enough, to see whether your heart is kind enough and whether you are worthy enough to be my Papa’s son-in-law.”

Guo DaLu: “So they wanted to see whether I was smart enough to find the secret of this house and whether I had enough courage to go to the Dragon King Temple.”

Yan Qi: “At Dragon King Temple, if you had even dared to have the bad idea of touching my little cousin [orig. biao mei; younger (female) cousin] or if you had not been willing to take her home first, even if you found this place, you still would not have seen me.”

Exhaling, Guo DaLu said, “Luckily, I am a smart, brave, good person…”

Yan Qi giggled and interrupted, “Otherwise, how could you marry me, such a good wife?”

“Only now have I realized that we really are a match made in heaven,” Guo DaLu sighed.

Yan Qi: “You only realized now?”

Guo DaLu grinned, “Because I only just realized that the skin on our faces are both thick.”

Only now did this room really feel like a newlyweds’ room, and, in fact, was sweeter and more beautiful than the newlyweds’ room of your imagination.

They deserved to enjoy it. Because their love could withstand testing. It really had not been easy for them to reach this day.

A diamond must go through polishing before it can give off its brilliance.

Love and friendship are also the same.


Love and friendship that are unable to withstand testing are like a flower made of paper, which neither has the brilliant color and fragrance of a flower nor will ever bear fruit.

The trees had borne fruit. Although spring had left and was far away by now, the season of harvest was quickly approaching.

Yan Qi sat beneath a tree. Taking the large straw hat off her head and using it as a fan, she mumbled, “Such hot weather. I bet Wang Laoda must be even less inclined to move.”

Guo DaLu was gazing off at some distant place. “I wonder what he and Xiao Lin were doing during this time.”

Yan Qi: “Don’t worry. They definitely are not lonely. Especially Xiao Lin.”

Guo DaLu: “Why?”

Yan Qi giggled sweetly. “Have you forgotten about that flower vendor-girl?”

Guo DaLu starting laughing as well, and then immediately, he heard that clear sound of singing:

"Little young miss daybreak arises,
Carrying a flower basket to the market.
Passing through the main street, walking through the alleyway,
‘Flowers for sale, flowers for sale,’ her voice a-crying…”

Of course, that singing was not coming from that young girl. The one singing was Yan Qi. She waved the straw hat lightly and sang in drawn out tones, causing the people who were walking along the road to turn their heads and stare wide-eyed at her.

Grinning, Guo DaLu reminded her, “Don’t forget what clothes you are wearing right now.”

She was still dressed up as a man, but the sound of her singing was clear like that of an oriole leaving the valley. Laughing in response, she told him, “Doesn’t matter. In any case, even if I don’t sing, people can still tell that I am a woman. For a woman to actually be able to disguise herself so that she looks like a man is not an easy thing to do.”

Guo DaLu: “What about you before?”

Yan Qi: “It was different before.”

Guo DaLu: “What was different?”

Yan Qi laughed, “Before, I was relatively dirty… awfully dirty. Everyone thinks that woman should always be cleaner than men.”

Guo Dalu: “And in reality?”

With a glare at him, Yan Qi answered, “In reality, woman have always been cleaner than men.”


This road was the road back to Wealthy Manor.

They had not forgotten about their friends. They wanted to share their own joys with their friends.

“If Wang Laoda and Xiao Lin know that we… we are already husband and wife, they will definitely be very happy.”

“I wonder if Xiao Lin will be jealous.”

After finishing this sentence, he started to run. Yan Qi chased after him.

They were not travelling in a carriage or riding horses. Along the way, they had laughed and ran and chased like two children. Doesn’t happiness always cause people to become youthful? When they grew tired from running, they would sit in the shade of a tree, buy a lao bing [tortilla-like flat cake made of flour], and eat it as lunch. Even a tasteless, hard flat cake, when savoured on their lips, was sweet.

Surprisingly, Guo DaLu had not had any wine to drink for several days except for that day before they had left, when NanGong Chou had held a farewell dinner in honor of his daughter and son-in-law. Not only did NanGong Chou make an exception and drink half a cup himself, he had also wanted all of them to drink away heartily. And so, they had all become drunk.

Smiling lightly, Yan Qi explained, “Even though my Papa cannot drink himself, he really enjoys watching other people drink.”

“His capacity for wine must not have been bad in the past, then,” Guo DaLu grinned.

Yan Qi: “Not just ‘not bad.’ Ten Guo DaLus combined may not have been able to beat him in drinking.”

Guo DaLu: “Ha!”

Yan Qi: “What is ‘ha’ supposed to mean?”

Guo DaLu: “ ‘Ha’ means that, not only am I unwilling to give in to that idea, I also don’t believe you.”

“But sadly, he is old now and his old injury has relapsed so that he has been lying on the bed and unable to move for many years already. Otherwise, it would have been a wonder if he did not fill you up with wine until you were crawling drunkenly around on the floor.” As her father’s ailment was brought up, she could not stop the expression of sorrow from showing in her eyes.

Sighing softly, Guo DaLu said, “He really is a very remarkable person. I never expected him to allow us to leave.”

Yan Qi: “Why?”

Guo DaLu: “Because… because he really is so lonely. If it had been anyone else in his place, that person would have insisted that we stay and keep him company.”

Yan Qi: “But he is different. He has never wanted people to be miserable because of him. No matter how unbearable something may be, he would still rather endure it alone.” Her eyes were glowing again with a brilliance, and it was evident that it was because she was proud to have such a father.

Exhaling a lengthy breath, Guo DaLu remarked, “To be honest, I had never thought that he would be such a person.”

Yan Qi: “What kind of person did you used to think he would be like?”

“You know,” Guo DaLu answered slowly, “how terrifying the tales and rumours of jianghu make him out to be.”

Yan Qi: “And now?”

Guo DaLu heaved another sigh. “Only now do I realize that what’s truly terrifying are those rumours of jianghu, and yet, he could actually put up with them for so many years. Just based on this point alone, there is no one else who can compare to him.”

Yan Qi pointed out dejectedly, “Perhaps it is because he has no choice but to bear it.”

Guo DaLu: “Luckily he still has friends. I see the faithfulness and friendship that Divine Hunchback and the others have for him, and I cannot help feeling happy and touched for him.”

Yan Qi was silent for quite some time before asking out of the blue, “Do you know how they used to treat him?’

Guo DaLu shook his head.

“They, too, had once had the sole intent of killing him,” she explained, “but after several fights of life and death, they discovered as well that he was not the type of person described in those tales. They were also moved by his moral character and, as a result, became his friends.” She smiled, a smile that was very forlorn, yet also somewhat proud, and carried on, “Golden Arhat was even willing to betray Shaolin for him and become a traitor that could never again see the light of day.”

Guo DaLu: “It is these types of awesome relationships and feelings that distinguish humans from animals.”

Yan Qi: “And the awesomeness of these feelings can only be demonstrated in life and death and adversity.

What they said is correct. Only in times of life and death or adversity can a person’s greatness be revealed.

The price that had been paid by NanGong Chou to win Divine Huncback and the other people’s friendships must have been one of incredible pain and likely was something that was unimaginable to others. How else could people have seen the greatness of moral character, unless, in a moment of life or death, he had sacrificed himself to save others? And why else would they be willing to sacrifice everything for him now?

Of course, there must be a story behind all of this, one that could shake someone to the core or cause tears of sorrow to be shed. There is no need to tell this story anymore, though. That is because the story we should be telling right now is one that makes people happy. The world has enough sad stories already.

It has too many.


Not dusk, but already close to dusk.

The sun may have descended into the west already, but the gravel road was still very warm and hot to touch.

Under the shade of a tree up ahead, there was a ragged and haggard-looking woman [orig. fu ren; means ‘married woman’] holding the hand of one child and carrying another child on her back. Her head was lowered and one hand was stretched out to beg from passersby.

Guo DaLu immediately walked over, fished out a small piece of silver, and placed it in her hand. He never passed over a single beggar. Even if all he had left was this piece of silver, without even needing to stop and consider, he would still give it away. Yan Qi was looking at him, her tender gaze expressing silent praise. It was clear that she was proud she had such a husband.

The woman mumbled words of thanks from her lips. Just as she was about to tuck the silver piece away in the front of her garments, she lifted her head and accidentally caught a glimpse of Guo DaLu. In an instant, a frightening change that is impossible to describe occurred on that thin, wan face. Her pair of lifeless, bloodshot eyes immediately bulged out like those of a dead fish, as if a knife had suddenly stabbed into her heart.

Guo DaLu had actually still been smiling lightly, but the smile gradually froze over, and on his face, there was an appalled expression. “It’s you?!” he exclaimed.

The woman covered her face with her hands immediately and cried, “You go away! I don’t know you.”

The look on Guo DaLu’s face had changed from shock to pity. Heaving a long sigh, he asked, “How did you become like this?”

The woman retorted, “That is my business. It has nothing to do with you.” With much difficulty, she was able to get ahold of herself, but her whole body was still shaking like a candle’s flame in the wind.

Guo DaLu shifted his gaze down to the two children, whose development seemed to be stunted and whose faces were covered in nasal mucus. “They are the children you had with him?” he asked sadly. “Where is he?”

The woman was trembling, and at last, she could restrain herself no longer and began crying loudly. Covering her face, she wept bitterly, “He lied to me. He swindled me of my savings and ran off with another woman, but he left me with these two kids [orig. nie zhong, which is a much stronger (negative) word that means ‘seed or result of sin/evil/misdeeds]. Why must my fate be so bitter? Why?”

Nobody could answer that for her, only herself. Did she not bring these tragic, painful experiences onto herself?

Guo DaLu sighed, not certain what he should say. Yan Qi slowly walked over to him and without a word, took his hand in hers, letting him know that, no matter what it was they encountered, she would still stand with him on his side and always trust him just the same.

Out of the things a woman can give a man, what could make a man more grateful to her than this sort of trust and understanding?

Guo DaLu guessed, “You know who she?”

Yan Qi nodded. When it comes to the man she loves, a woman seems to naturally possess a remarkably keen sixth sense. She had already sensed long ago that there was a very unusual relationship between her own husband and this woman, and after listening to their words, she had no doubts at all. Clearly, this was the woman who had once deceived and abandoned Guo DaLu.

Exhaling another lengthy sigh, Guo DaLu said, “I really had never imagined that I would see her here and even more so, had never thought that she would become like this.”

“Since she is your friend, you should do your best to help her,” Yan Qi told him tenderly.

The woman suddenly ceased the sound of her crying. Lifting up her head, she glared at Yan Qi and demanded, “Who are you?”

Yan Qi’s eyes were gentle and serene as she replied, “I am his wife.”

A strange sort of transformation overcame this woman’s face again. Turning her head to stare at Guo DaLu, she asked in astonishment, “You’re married?”

“Yes,” Guo DaLu answered.

The woman looked at him, then at Yan Qi. A malicious type of jealousy suddenly appeared in her eyes, and without warning, she grabbed onto Guo DaLu’s collar while she yelled, “You originally should have married me. How could you go and marry someone else?”

Guo DaLu stood there immobile and his face was white as paper. He honestly did not know what to do in such a situation.

Yan Qi squeezed his hand even tighter. With her eyes fixed intently on the woman, she reminded, “It is you who left him. It was not him who did not want you. You should remember the things that happened between you in the past.”

The woman’s eyes grew even more spiteful. Laughing wickedly, she retorted, “What should I remember? All I remember is that he once told me he would forever only love me, and besides me, he would never marry any other woman.” She put on another sorrowful look, as if tears were going to flow again, and made the corner of her lips quiver. Raising her voice, she wailed, “But he deceived me, deceived this cruel-fated woman. All of you, please come and judge who is right and who is wrong…” Passersby on the road had started to encircle them, and they glared at Guo DaLu with contempt and loathing. Guo DaLu’s ashen face had now turned to bright red and beads of sweat had formed on it.

Yan Qi’s expression was still unperturbed, though, and in an indifferent tone, she countered, “He did not deceive you. He has never deceived you. But sadly, you are not that same person you once were. You, yourself, should understand this.”

The woman shouted and jumped about. “I don’t understand anything. I don’t want to live anymore… Even if I die, I am going to die together with this heartless man.” She put her head down and charged forward into Guo DaLu. Then she lay on the ground and refused to get up.

Anyone who came across such an unreasonable woman, one who shifted the blame to others and made such a scene, would have no way of dealing with her either. Guo DaLu simply did not know what to do. All he wished was that he could find a crack in the ground and burrow himself into it.

Yan Qi hesitated, then suddenly pulled out a gold necklace. Holding it up in front of the woman and handing it over to her, she asked, “Do you recognize this?”

The woman’s eyes grew wide, and she was taken aback for a while before she declared loudly, “Of course I recognize it. This was mine originally.”

“That is why I am returning it to you now,” Yan Qi stated. “My only wish is that you will know that, in order to keep this necklace, he was willing to endure hunger and accusations and even scorn from his friends. Why would he do that? I’m sure you are able to figure out the answer to that.”

The woman stared at that gold necklace, the look of hatred slowly transforming into one of shame. She was, after all, a human being.

Humans. More or less, they will always have some human nature in them.

Yan Qi continued, “Once you trade in this gold necklace, you should have enough to start a small business and raise your children well. I am certain you will meet a good man in the future. As long as you do not lie to others, people will not lie to you either.”

The woman’s body had started to tremble again. Turning her head, she looked over at her children. The children’s faces were covered in fright, and their mouths were opened wide as if they wanted to cry but were so scared that they did not dare cry out loud.

“Do not forget that you are a mother,” Yan Qi told her in a kind voice. “You should think about your child. He is going to be grown up one day, and you should make him proud to have a mother like you.”

The woman was shaking. All of a sudden, she threw herself facedown on the ground and began sobbing. “Heaven… Heaven, why did you allow me to see him? Why?” she wept.

No one could provide an answer for this either; only she could.

The type of seed that you sow is what you are going to reap. If what you plant are sand and stones, then you should never hope that they will blossom and become beautiful flowers.


The setting sun had already transformed from dazzling to serene.

It was apparent that Guo DaLu’s mood was just as low and heavy as the look on his face. Yan Qi did not speak, did not disturb him. She knew that everyone has times when they need to be quiet and alone with themselves. This is also something that a woman who is a wife needs to understand.

It was not known how much time passed before Guo DaLu finally asked quietly, “When did you go to redeem the gold necklace back? Why didn’t you tell me?”

With a chuckle, Yan Qi replied, “Because I never did redeem it.”

Guo DaLu: “You didn’t?”

Yan Qi: “The gold necklace I gave her just now is not your necklace.”

Surprised, Guo DaLu blurted, “It’s not?”

Smiling, Yan Qi explained, “It was the wedding gift that Sister MeiLan gave to me in private.”

Guo DaLu: “Then why did you take it out? Why did you do that?”

Yan Qi laughed, “Because I am a woman as well. I should understand women much better than you.”

Guo DaLu: “You’re saying that when she saw that gold necklace, she remembered that how I treated her before was not bad, and that is why she let me off the hook?”

Her lips curled up slightly in a giggle. “All gold necklaces look about the same. Even you could not tell the difference, much less her.” Her laughter was very cheerful. The necklace was merely a symbol that represented those experiences of the past. Now, though, neither of them was even able to differentiate that necklace from others. Clearly, the love and hate of their past had all faded from their memories. Regardless of how understanding a woman may be, she still would not want her husband to keep the things from former days in his heart.

Guo DaLu countered, “But when she saw me, that should have been enough to make her think of everything from before…”

“She was treating you that way,” Yan Qi interrupted, “not because of things from the past but because of jealousy.”

“Jealousy?” Guo DaLu repeated.

“And it is not because she is jealous of you; she’s jealous of me. She looked at her own life, then looked at ours in comparison, and she regretted even more what she did.” Yan Qi heaved a sigh before carrying on, “When a person views herself with a hateful regret, it is not uncommon that she will start holding an abnormal hatred for other people, and she will wish that everyone else in the world will have to endure pain just like her.”

Sighing as well, Guo DaLu added, “That’s why she wanted to break us up.”

Yan Qi: “She hates you only because she knows that she can never again have you.”

Guo DaLu: “But why is it that, when she saw the gold necklace, things suddenly changed again?”

”Because the gold necklace is different from you.” Smiling charmingly, she explained, “Not only is a gold necklace more attractive to look at than you, she also knew for certain that she could possess it.”

“Is it because the gold necklace was already in her hands?” Guo DaLu asked.

Yan Qi laughed, “Correct answer!”

Indeed, in this world, only women can understand women.

Women have always believed only in the things that they are already holding in their hand. Even if she knew that there were still another one hundred gold necklaces that she could take away with her, she still would not have been willing to trade the one in her hand for those ones.

And there are not many women who are willing to give her own necklace to her husband’s previous love. Only the most intelligent women would be willing. She only needed to use one gold necklace, and in exchange, she gained her husband’s trust and gratitude as well as her own lifetime of happiness.

Guo DaLu gazed intently at his own wife. Overcome with emotion, he took ahold of her hand and said tenderly, “Thank you.”

Yan Qi batted her eyes and giggled, “Thank me?....... Thank you for that gold necklace of mine?”

Guo DaLu shook his head. “You should know what I am thanking you for.”

Indeed, Yan Qi did know. What he was grateful for was, of course, not that necklace but her understanding and considerateness. These things were much more valuable than all the gold necklaces added together.

A wife who knows how to be understanding and considerate will forever be a man’s greatest blessing and wealth.

But it will also forever only be the luckiest of men who can have this.

End of Chapter 44


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