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Chapter 6 - Escape from Death’s Door

There are only two kind of people who can sleep for some 40 straight hours -- those who are lucky and those who are ill. Lu Xiao Feng was not ill, nor was he that lucky. By now, Ou Yang Qing had been in a coma for a day and a night. Once he saw the color on her face, it became even more impossible for Lu Xiao Feng to fall asleep.

The 13th Mistress was very worried as well.

“Since last night, she’s only woken up once, and only said one sentence!” She whispered.

“What did she say?”

A strained smile appeared on the 13th Mistress’ face.

“She asked me if you liked her butter soaked snail shells.”

Lu Xiao Feng’s heart shrunk. Looking over at that plate of butter soaked snail shells on the table, he suddenly could not help but feel like he was truly a unsentimental bastard.

“I’m sure I’d like them,” he also force a strained smile onto his face. “I’m sure I’d eat all of them.”

“Once these cool down they won’t be crisp anymore, let me go and warm them up for you.”

“No need, she made these, I’ll eat them like this!”

The 13th Mistress sighed.

“Finally, you show some signs of having a heart.”

Lu Xiao Feng sat down and, in one motion, toss two in his mouth.

“Where’s Li Yan Bei?” He abruptly asked.

“He left.”

“Where did he go?”

“Don’t know,” her smile became even more strained. “He has more than one house.”

Lu Xiao Feng was left to stuffed another snail shell in his mouth. He suddenly noticed that the expensive make up on the 13th Mistress’ face seemed to be hiding an untold amount of tears and sadness.

The loneliness of a woman who had to spend 29 nights a month alone could not possibly be easy to bear.

Yet she did, because she had to. This was her fate, most women have the ability and perseverance to accept their fate. In this way, they are much stronger than men. He understood 13th Mistress, but he could not understand Ou Yang Qing.

“I shouldn’t ask this,” he hesitated before continuing. “But I have to ask!”

“Then ask.”

“You and Ou Yang Qing are great friends, and there shouldn’t be any secrets among friends, besides....”

“Besides we are women, there are even less secrets amongst women.” 13th Mistress finished for him.

Lu Xiao Feng forced another strained smile onto his face.

“So you probably know alot about her private matters!”

“What is it do you really want to ask?”

“I heard First Madame Gong Sun say once, that she was still a virgin,” Lu Xiao Feng finally gathered enough courage to ask, “is she really?”

“She is.” 13th Mistress did not even pause before answering.

“She’s in that business, how could she still be a virgin?”

“There are plenty of good women in that business,” 13th Mistress coldly snickered. “Not only is she a good woman, she’s a very special one!”

Lu Xiao Feng stuff his mouth full of snail shells again to excuse himself. By now, he had obviously figured out that the 13th Mistress was in that business as well. That was how they became good friends.

Women like them would very rarely make friends with those “good and proper” family women. Not because they look down on others, but because they are deathly afraid of being looked down upon.

Lu Xiao Feng finished the entire plate of snail shells, as if he could not face himself if he had left just one uneaten.

The 13th Mistress watched him finish before suddenly inquiring: “Why are you so concerned about that? Whether or not she’s a virgin? Does it have anything to do with someone else?”

Lu Xiao Feng nodded.

“Four or 5 months ago, I ran into Honest Monk one day.” He slowly explained. “He said he spent the night before with Ou Yang....”

He did not finish his sentence. Abruptly, he collapsed and passed out. How could the 13th Mistress so coldly watch him collapse like that? Was that really a hint of a sinister smile on her face?

In truth, Lu Xiao Feng did not remotely understand women, understood the kind of women like 13th Mistress even less. He only thought he knew alot about women.

No matter who, if a man thinks he really understood women, then he is doomed to a bad fate. Even if he was Lu Xiao Feng.


The strange thing is, some people just seemed to be favoured by the Heavens. Even if they get unlucky, they do not stay that way for long. Obviously, Lu Xiao Feng was one of these kind of people. Incredibly, he did not die. When he woke up, not only did he find that he had the control of all of his limbs and that his facilities were all in order, he found himself lying on a very comfortable and clean bed.

The room was very clean as well, and the smell of chrysanthemums and osmanthus permeated throughout the room. The lantern was already lit on the table. Outside the window the moonlight was pure like water. A person quietly stood outside the window, facing the Autumn moon, his attire was white as snow.

“Xi Men Chui Xue!”

Lu Xiao Feng almost literally wore through his soles searching for Xi Men Chui Xue, so how did he suddenly appear here and now? He leapt to his feet. Amazingly, he could still leap to his feat, it was just that his legs were still slightly weak. Obviously his strength still had not fully returned.

“You little bastard, which hole did you just crawl out of?” Lu Xiao Feng shouted, standing there barefoot. “Where have you been hiding these last couple of days?”

“A person shouldn’t talk to his savior like that!” Xi Men Chui Xue coldly countered.

“Savior?” He was still shouting. “You saved my life?”

“If not for me, you’d probably end up just like Li Yan Bei, burned to ash!”

“Li Yan Bei died?” Lu Xiao Feng shouted.

“His luck isn’t as good as yours, you seemed have just been born was exceptional luck.”

He finally turned around and looked back into Lu Xiao Feng’s eyes. His face was still that same pale and cold face, his voice was still that cold voice, but his eyes had a hint of warmth. The kind of warmth that one could only find in the eyes of a long lost friend.

Lu Xiao Feng was staring right back into his eyes.

“You luck doesn’t seem to be too bad recently either.”

“Seems like the only person with truly bad luck is Li Yan Bei.”

“Do you know how he died?”

Xi Men Chui Xue nodded.

“But I don’t know when you started trusting that type of women!”

“Which type of women?” Lu Xiao Feng laid back down, because his stomach suddenly began to feel very uncomfortable. “The type of women like Ou Yang Qing?”

“Not Ou Yang Qing.”

“Not her? 13th Mistress?”

“The butter soaked snail shells were made by Ou Yang Qing, but the poison was applied by 13th Mistress.” Xi Men Chui Xue looked down at Lu Xiao Feng, a hint of smile seemingly appearing in his eyes. “Does that new make you feel a bit better?”

Lu Xiao Feng really did feel a lot better, but he was still a bit confused.

“Since when did you know anything about the feelings between men and women?”

Xi Men Chui Xue did not answer his question, instead he just turned to once again face the moon. The moonlight washed down from the Heavens like spring water. It was now the night of September 14th.

“I must have slept for a long time!” Lu Xiao Feng deduced.

“The 13th Mistress is quite the expert when it comes to applying sleeping potions, she did not apply much in those butter soaked snail shells!”

“Because she knew if she put in too much I would notice.”

“And because she knew you would surely eat that entire plate of it.”

Lu Xiao Feng let out a defeated laugh. Obviously, the 13th Mistress was much more of an expert than he was about these things.

“But how would you know about this?” He asked. “How did you just happen to save me?”

“When you collapsed, I was watching from outside the window.”

“You saw me collapse?”

“I didn’t expect you to collapse, nor did I know there was something in those snail shells!”

“Because you were just coming to talk to me?”

“But I did not want anybody else to see me. I had planned on waiting until the 13th Mistress left to enter. But as soon as you collapsed, she pulled out a dagger.”

“Did Li Yan Bei die from the same dagger?”

Xi Men Chui Xue nodded.

“Did you interrogate her? Are you sure she told the truth?”

“Very few people dare to tell a lie to my face!” Xi Men Chui Xue coldly observed.

Everybody knew that Xi Men Chui Xue would never take back his words once he threatened to kill. His hands had only touched his sword before 13th Mistress began spilling the truth.

“I really did not think a woman like her was capable of really killing a person!” Lu Xiao Feng sighed and smiled at his bad judgement.

“Why aren’t you asking me why she would do that?”

“Because I know why she did it,” Lu Xiao Feng sighed. “I still remember something she told me.”

“What did she tell you?”

“Li Yan Bei had more women than her. She isn’t a women who can suffer through a lonely life. She can’t go on living like that, nor could she run away, so she had to kill Li Yan Bei.” With a sad smile, he continued. “She was afraid that I might try and get to the bottom to what happened to him, that’s why she did it.”

“You forgot one thing!”


“A one million nine hundred and fifty thousand tael banknote.” He snickered. “Without that banknote, she wouldn’t have gone through with it, nor would she have dared!”

But, with that banknote, there was not many places in the world a woman like her could not go, and not many things she would not dare do.

“She had planned on leaving with that banknote as soon as she killed you, she even already packed.”

“Of course, a person with a one million nine hundred and fifty thousand tael banknote doesn’t need to pack too much stuff.” Lu Xiao Feng let out a defeated laugh.

“Why aren’t you asking me what happened to her?”

“Do I need to ask?”

Nobody like this had ever been able to walk away alive from a meeting with Xi Men Chui Xue’s sword.

“You are wrong,” Xi Men Chui Xue casually replied. “I didn’t kill her.”

Lu Xiao Feng’s head snapped up in surprise.

“You didn’t kill her? Why not?”

Xi Men Chui Xue did not answer, nor did he need to.

And Lu Xiao Feng already knew the answer as well: “You have changed... and changed quite a bit!”

He stared at Xi Men Chui Xue with a smile in his eyes.

“How did you change? Changing a person like you isn’t easy.”

“And you still haven’t changed.” Xi Men Chui Xue coldly responded. “Not asking any of the questions you should be asking and asking every single one of those you shouldn’t!”

Lu Xiao Feng laughed.

“I really do have some question that I want to ask you.” He had to admit.

“Then you better start asking them.”

“Where’s Ou Yang Qing?”

“She’s here, someone is taking care of her right now.”

“Miss Sun?”

“No.” That warmth reappeared in Xi Men Chui Xue’s eyes. “Madame Xi Men.”

Lu Xiao Feng could barely contain his joy.

“Congrats. Congrats. Congrats....” He congratulated Xi Men Chui Xue about seven or eight times in a row. He was truly happy for Xi Men Chui Xue, for Sun Xiu Qing. The happiness and good fortune of one’s friends will always feel the same as the happiness and good fortune of one’s self.

--Lu Xiao Feng was truly a lovable guy. Even Xi Men Chui Xue could not help but let out a little laugh and smile. He rarely ever smile, but when he did, it felt like the Spring breeze descending upon the land.

“You didn’t expect I would start a family?”

“I really didn’t.” Lu Xiao Feng was still having a hard time wiping that smile off his face. “Not in my wildest dreams.”

But he had already figured out this was the reason behind all these changes to Xi Men Chui Xue.

“How about you? When do you plan on starting your own family?” Xi Men Chui Xue asked with a smile.

Lu Xiao Feng’s smile was immediately shrouded by a shadow -- Xue Bing’s shadow, and also Ou Yang Qing’s shadow.

“Why would you go search for me there?” He immediately changed the topic.

“I knew you were Li Yan Bei’s friend, and I also knew he had a few trusted underlings!”

“They didn’t dare to tell you lies either?”

“Not a chance!”

“And they didn’t dare leak your whereabouts?”

“I found them, nobody knows I’m living here.”

And this was the question that Lu Xiao Feng most wanted to ask.

“So where is here exactly?”

“Why don’t you go out and take a look?”

Across the delicate and classy garden, there was actually a bakery. On the front door, which was a double door, was carved some very delicate designs. Above the door, written in gold coloured characters, was written: “Delicious Fragrant Vegetarians.” Lu Xiao Feng took one look and returned. He was still laughing when he got back.

“This is a very old bakery, and the people who work and frequent here are all from my hometown.” Xi Men Chui Xue said with a measure of pride on his face. “Did you ever expect me to be the owner of a bakery?”


“Have you ever seen anyone from the martial world buy flour?”


“That why even if you searched through every city in the land, you still wouldn’t find me!” Xi Men Chui Xue smiled.

“I won’t find you even if you smashed open my head!” Lu Xiao Feng conceded.

“Do you already know why I’ve done this?”

“I do.” Lu Xiao Feng smiled. “That’s why not only am I going to drink your toast, I’m going to wait to eat your red egg!”

{Note: Here Lu Xiao Feng is referring to Xi Men Chui Xue’s wedding and the birth of his child. Inviting someone over to drink “Xi Jiu”, or literally “Happiness Wine”, is a catch-all saying for inviting someone to celebrate one’s wedding. Just as “Hong Dan”, or “Red Egg”, applies to the birth of one’s child among men.}

But a shadow appeared in Xi Men Chui Xue’s smile as well.

“I went looking for you because I have a favour to ask of you.” After a long pause, he finally and slowly said. Why would he change the topic? Could it be because he was afraid to think too far into the future? Because he was scared that he might not live until that day?

“Anything, just ask. I owe you.”

“I want you to accompany me to the Forbidden City tomorrow.” Xi Men Chui Xue’s fists tightened. “If I should lose, I want you to bring my body back here.”

Lu Xiao Feng’s smiled turned very strained.

“Even if you lose, that doesn’t necessarily mean death.”

“In defeat, there is only death!” Xi Men Chui Xue’s expression was both proud, cruel, and resolute. He could accept death, but could not accept defeat!

Lu Xiao Feng hesitated. He did not want to reveal Ye Gu Cheng’s secret to Xi Men Chui Xue, for Ye Gu Cheng was his friend as well.

But even if he did not say it, the fact would still not change. Sooner or later, Xi Men Chui Xue would find out.

“You won’t lose!” He finally blurted out.

“Why not?”

“Because Ye Gu Cheng’s wounds are pretty serious.”

Xi Men Chui Xue was shocked.

“But I heard that only yesterday he had severely wounded Tang Tian Rong at Oriental Spring Pavilion.”

“Tang Tian Rong is not Xi Men Chui Xue.”

“So his injuries are real?”


The color on Xi Men Chui Xue’s changed. If anybody else found out that their only foe had suffered heavy injuries would surely feel fortunate and happy. But Xi Men Chui Xue was not anybody else!

Not only did the color on his face change, it changed dramatically to a sickening shade.

“If it wasn’t because of me, we would have already dueled on the 15th of August, and maybe I would have already died under his sword. But now....”

“Now he must die?”

Xi Men Chui Xue nodded.

“Can’t you not kill him?”

“Even if I don’t kill him, he will still die without a doubt!” Xi Men Chui Xue somberly replied.


“Maybe you don’t under people like us,” Xi Men Chui Xue cut him off. “We can die, we can’t lose!”

Lu Xiao Feng let out a long, drawn out sigh. It was not that he did not understand them, he had known a long time ago that they were the same type of men. The type of men that you might not like, but have to respect! A type of almost divine, god-like men.

No matter what kind of art, be it sword, chess, or music, to really be able to reach the very pinnacle of the skill, one has to be that type of men. Because that is the nature of art, because it demands one’s entire life as sacrifice.

“But you have changed!” Lu Xiao Feng objected. “I had thought you were some half-crazy half-inspired god, but now you have some humanity in you.”

“Maybe I really did change. If so then it’s very likely that I won’t be able to match Ye Gu Cheng, if he was not injured.” Xi Men Chui Xue’s demeanor turned even more somber. “But now he doesn’t even have the slightest change of beating me. This isn’t fair.”

“So you plan to....”

“I plan to go to him.”

“To do what?”

“Do you really think that I only know how to kill?” Xi Men Chui Xue coldly laughed.

Lu Xiao Feng’s eyes lit up. He suddenly remembered that Xi Men Chui Xue seemed to have been hit by the Tang Family Poison Sand in the past. But he was obviously still alive and well right now.

“I’ll take you.” Lu Xiao Feng leapt to his feat. “If there was only one man who can cure Ye Gu Cheng’s wound, it’s you!”

The quiet suburbs, the cold moon. The moon was already full. The cold moonlight shone down upon the dark and sinister yard. The light was already lit inside the meditation room.

“The Master of White Cloud Castle would stay here?”

“He’s like you, he doesn’t want people to find him either!”

“So how did you find him?”

“The monk that lives here used to go by the name of Sheng Tong.”

“He led you here?”

“I’ve done some good things too, I’ve saved a couple of lives.” Lu Xiao Feng smiled. “You never know when a guy would pay you back for saving his life.”

This might not be the most enjoyable aspects of saving a life, but it was at least one enjoyable aspect of it.

“Brother Ye, it’s me.” He knocked on the door. “Lu Xiao Feng.”

No answer. Even if Ye Gu Cheng was asleep, he would never be this deep in his sleep. Could the room be empty? Lu Xiao Feng frowned. Xi Men Chui Xue was already breaking in through the door. There was a man in the room, a dead man! A man who was choked to death!

It was not Ye Gu Cheng.: “This is Sheng Tong.”

“Who killed him? Why would he kill him?”

“Looks like he owed something to more than just me.” Lu Xiao Feng shook his head. “He led someone else here, but Ye Gu Cheng had already left. That person thought he had leaked their movements on purpose, so he killed him out of frustration!”

Not only did this explanation seem logical, it was probably the only possible explanation.

Lu Xiao Feng sighed again.

“This is the second person I’ve seen choked to death!”

“Who was the first?”

“First Madame Gong Sun.”

“Did they die in the same hands?”

“Very possible.”

Although Sheng Tong was not choked to death by a red silk sash, the method with which it was carried out looked very similar.

“What does First Madame Gong Sun have to do with this matter?”

“She should,” Lu Xiao Feng let out a little exasperated laugh. “But I haven’t figured out just how yet. I haven’t found a thread!”

“What thread?”

“A thread that connects everything together.”

“What else do you know?”

“Ye Gu Cheng was injured because someone ambushed him, or else Tang Tian Yi would have never had the chance to strike.”

“Who ambushed him?”

“Someone who can charm snakes with a bamboo flute.”

“The poison that Ou Yang Qing suffered was snake poison as well.”

“Not only did this person injure Ye Gu Cheng and Ou Yang Qing, he also killed Big Shot Sun, Sheng Tong, and First Madame Gong Sun!”

“Are you sure?”

Lu Xiao Feng nodded.

“Because I have already confirmed that the one who choked First Madame Gong Sun to death was none other than that snake charmer. He had planned to distract me and place the blame on First Madame Gong Sun.”

“There doesn’t seem to be any connection at all between those 5 people.”

“And that’s why I can’t figure out why someone would want to get rid of them!”

“Have you found any suspicious persons yet?”

“Only one person has been acting suspicious.”


“Honest Monk!”

Honest Monk would ambush and kill people? Who would believe that?

“I know nobody will believe me, but he really has been the most suspicious person!”

“When did you start getting suspicious of him?”

“Since that one sentence.”

“Which sentence?”

“Ou Yang Qing is a virgin.”

“What does Ou Yang Qing’s virginity have to do with Honest Monk?”

“It does.”

Xi Men Chui Xue did not understand, nobody would.

“When I was dealing with that Princess Dan Feng matter, I went looking for Big Shot Sun. That day Big Shot Sun just happened to be at the same brothel as Ou Yang Qing. And on the way there I just happened to run into Honest Monk as well.”

Xi Men Chui Xue still could not figure out where this was going.

“So I asked him, where did come from? Where was he going?”

“What did he say?”

“He said he was coming from Ou Yang Qing’s bed!”

“But Ou Yang Qing is a virgin.”

“Based on that, you can see that Honest Monk wasn’t completely honest.”

“That doesn’t mean he killed!”

“Everybody lies for a reason, what was his reason?”

“So you think he must have done something unspeakable the night before so he had to give you some lie as an alibi?”

“Of course, he could not have expected that I would get to know Ou Yang Qing!”

“Why wouldn’t he use just anybody else? Why did he use Ou Yang Qing?”

“Because Ou Yang Qing was in the same business as him!”

Xi Men Chui Xue was stumped again.

“After I brought down the Green Shirt Pavilion, I discovered that there was another secret society in the martial world called ‘Red Shoes’. Also, they seemed to be controlling Green Shirt Pavilion behind the scenes.”

“I heard about that.”

Lu Xiao Feng was a legendary character, after all. His bringing down of Green Shirt Pavilion, subjugation of Huo Xiu, capture of the Embroidery Bandit, and entrapment of Jin Jiu Ling with First Madame Gong Sun to induce out his confession have spread throughout the entire martial world long ago.

“Only after I found out about Red Shoes did I finally realize that they were also being controlled behind the scenes as well!”

“Controlling them behind the scenes is another secret society?”

Lu Xiao Feng nodded.

“Green Shirt Pavilion was a society of men, Red Shoes consisted entirely of women, this other secret society could very well be made up entirely of monks and might be called White Socks!”

“And you think that the head of this organization is none other than Honest Monk?”

Lu Xiao Feng nodded again.

“Very rarely do I ever run into him, yet when I was dealing with Green Shirt Pavilion, he suddenly appeared. Then when I was searching for Red Shoes, he showed up again. That’s just too much of a coincidence.”

“But he didn’t stop you from bringing down Green Shirt Pavilion, nor did he prevent you from finding Red Shoes!”

“Because he knew very well that I was committed by then. Even if he had tried, he would not have stopped me.”

Even Xi Men Chui Xue had to concede that it was almost impossible for anyone to prevent Lu Xiao Feng from doing what he wanted.

Lu Xiao Feng let out a cold chuckle and continued: “Monks all wear white socks. He said that the socks he’s wearing are actually meat socks, I pointed out that his meat socks are still white, he claimed that his skin isn’t white.”

“His skin isn’t white!”

“If there were some mud on your white socks, are they still white socks?” Lu Xiao Feng sneered.

“Yes,” Xi Men Chui Xue had to concede the point. “So you suspect that he wanted to kill First Madame Gong Sun and Ou Yang Qing to shut them up?”

“Because not only do I know them, I’ve become their friends. So he was afraid that they might let leak his secret.”

“That night, Big Shot Sun was at that brothel as well.”

“Besides, Big Shot Sun really knew way too much.”

If a man really knew too much, his hope for a long life will probably go unfulfilled.

Xi Men Chui Xue pondered for a while before concluding: “No matter what, all of this is merely your own deduction. You have no evidence.”

“My deductions are very rarely wrong!”

“So that’s how you’ve found a single strand, a thread, to connect together Big Shot Sun, Ou Yang Qing, and First Madame Gong Sun.”


“What about Ye Gu Cheng? Why would Honest Monk go after Ye Gu Cheng?”

“Because he wanted to use this opportunity to expand his power to the Capital.”

Xi Men Chui Xue was stumped again.

“He knew Li Yan Bei and Du Tong Xuan had placed heavy bets down on you two because both men wanted to use this opportunity to expand their territory as well.”

“Li Yan Bei betted on me?”

“So that’s why he tried to buy out Li Yan Bei first.”

“Using that banknote?”

Lu Xiao Feng nodded.

“It was a monk who bought him out, Gu Qing Feng.”

“Because he thinks Ye Gu Cheng will surely lose, so all there’s left for Du Tong Xuan to do is lose?”

“This way he’ll be able to wipe out the two big powers inside the capital city in one fell swoop, and with a minimun amount of effort as well.”

“Such a complicated plan, only you two could dream up something like this.” Xi Men Chui Xue sighed.

“I didn’t come up with it, he did!”

“But you are the one who deduced it,” Xi Men Chui Xue coldly countered. “Doesn’t that make you better than him?”

“You don’t think my deductions are right?”

“I didn’t say that.”

“But you must think that, I can tell.” A rather exasperated smile appeared on Lu Xiao Feng’s face. Suddenly, he sighed and added. “Besides, that’s what I think as well!”

“You don’t think these deductions aren’t exactly logical either?”

“That’s why I said I still haven’t found that thread!”

“Didn’t you already find one?”

“Not good enough.”

Of course, they were not having this chat standing in that room.

Nobody likes to stay in a dark and damp room with a corpse any long than they have to. The cold breeze of the suburbs, on the other hand, seemed to clear one’s mind, making it even sharper. They were slowly strolling along a small path, underneath the September moon. The Autumn wind gently rustled the yellow grass on the side of the path, the world seemed quiet and lonely. They had already walked quite a distance.

“This thread still can’t explain everything,” Lu Xiao Feng suddenly spoke up again. “There’s still one more unexplained death.”


“Zhang Ying Feng.”

Xi Men Chui Xue knew of him. “Three Valiants and Four Beauties” were all from one sect. That means that Yan Ren Ying’s elder martial brother was none other than Sun Xiu Qing’s elder martial brother. Now that Sun Xiu Qing was Madame Xi Men, Xi Men Chui Xue would have to deal with this Zhang Ying Feng matter.

“He died?”

“He died yesterday.” Then Lu Xiao Feng felt compelled to re-iterate his original point. “A very strange death.”

“Who killed him?”

“Should be you.”

“Should be me?” Xi Men Chui Xue frowned. “I should have killed him?”

Lu Xiao Feng nodded.

“Because the purpose of his arrival here in the city is none other than revenge!”

“So that’s my reason for killing him?” Xi Men Chui Xue coldly replied.

“The fatal wound was on his throat, there was just one single drop of blood.”

Of course, Xi Men Chui Xue understood what this meant.

Only an incredibly sharp, extraordinarily frightening, and amazingly fast strike could make such a wound. And it was just one single, solitary blow! Other than Xi Men Chui Xue, who else would have such a quick strike?

Lu Xiao Feng sighed.

“Too bad I know now that you weren’t his killer!”

“Do you already know who is?”

“There are two main suspects, a eunuch and a pockface.”

“To die at the hands of two people like that is quite an accomplishment.” Xi Men Chui Xue was not without a sense of humour.

“Too bad Zhang Ying Feng could not have died in their hands.” Lu Xiao Feng was laughing at this whole predicament again. “First of all, I still can’t find a motive as to why they would want to kill Zhang Ying Feng. Second of all, they could not possibly be able to match up against Zhang Ying Feng.”

“So the two people that should be the killers could not possibly be the killers!”

“So my head hurts.”

“Who is the killer?”

“That’s what I want to know as well. I can’t help but suspect Zhang Ying Feng’s death is somehow connected with this as well!”


“Because you can count eunuch as monks as well. And they also wear white socks.”

Xi Men Chui Xue silently pondered the situation.

“Yan Ren Ying is the one who recovered Zhang Ying Feng’s body?” He suddenly asked.


“Where is he now?”

“You want to see him?”

“I want to see that fatal wound on Zhang Ying Feng’s throat, maybe I’d be able to figure out whose sword it came from!”

“I have already inspected the wound, inspected it very closely.”

“I know your martial arts skill isn’t bad, your eyes and expertise isn’t shabby either.” Xi Men Chui Xue coldly refuted. “But when it comes to the sword, your knowledge isn’t much better than that of an old maid!”

All that was left for Lu Xiao Feng to do was to let out a little laugh at himself. He had no ground to argue. Nobody could argue anything to do with swords with Xi Men Chui Xue.

“If you insist on going, I’ll take you there.” He continued, the tired smile still on his face. “But you better be careful.”


“Because Yan Ren Ying has already found a helpers, among them were not only 2 lamas from Tibet, but also two mysterious swordsmen who trained for many years from some mysterious sword sect a top Mt.Water of Goddess.”

“Do they wield swords?”

No matter how mysterious a sword sect might be, in the end, they would still be wielding swords.

“As long as they wield sword, they should be careful when they run into me!” Xi Men Chui Xue coldly commented.

“So the ones who should be careful is them, not you.” Lu Xiao Feng smiled.

“Of course.”

“What about those two lamas?”

“The lamas are yours.”

Buddhist and Taoist monks were already giving Lu Xiao Feng a headache, now the lamas were his as well.

“Some seek fame, some power, others seek fortune, you know what I seek?” He mumbled.


“Absolutely. No matter where I go and where I look, all I find is trouble!”

“So where are you going to go look next?”

“All Fortune Inn.”

All Fortune Inn was located on the main street on the eastern part of the city. Supposedly, it was the oldest and biggest hotel in the capital. By the time they arrived, it was already deep into the night, but Yan Ren Ying and company were not there.

“Master Yan wanted to bury his martial brother,” the hotel clerk explained. “He left not so long ago with two lama masters!”

“Where were they headed?”

“Altar of Heavenly Cacoons.”

Altar of Heavenly Cacoons was located outside of the Gate of Lasting Peace.

“Why are they taking him there?”

“Because the altar has already fell out of use, so the lamas use it as a crematorium.”


“Traditionally, the farmers and shepards of the outter regions have always been cremated by lamas when they die. Although some of them have moved into the heartland, they’ve kept that tradition, going so far as importing special grass from the outter regions.”

“Is there something special about these grass?”

“Yes, not only are they especially soft, they stay green even after they have dried.”

“What do they do with this grass?”

“They pad the boxes with them!”

“What boxes?”

“Sort of like coffins, except it’s just until the cremation.”


“Because lamas charge a fee, if the fee isn’t paid in full, then you have to wait. I’ve seen it once, the entire hall would be filled with these half-meter wide, one meter high boxes.”

“The boxes are only half a meter wide, one meter high?”

Lu Xiao Feng nodded, looking like he was about to puke.

“So they dead can’t lie down or stand up but have to be squating in the box.”

Even Xi Men Chui Xue frowned.

“Not only will the main hall be filled with these boxes, yellow cloth sacks will be hanging from the ceiling.”

“What’s in the sacks?”

“Ashes of the dead. They only ship the ashes back to their homeland once a year. So before they are shipped out, they hang them on the ceiling of the main hall.”

“We can’t allow them to put Zhang Ying Feng into one of those sacks.”

“So we better hurry.”