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Chapter 6: Not the right result


There were many things in this world that people might think were impossible, but they had occurred. Moreover they happened to you!

But when that happened to you, you might discover it only too late.
The night had become darker.

They had not lighted the lamp, calmly hugging in the darkness. What was more happier in the world than hugging your sweetheart in the darkness?

Their happiness was only truly beginning.

It was a pity that the beginning could also mark the end.


In the heart, Shuang Shuang was happy and peaceful, everywhere seemed to be filled with happiness and peace.

The wind had blown in from the window, bringing the fragrant smell of rice in the field. The harvest season had already arrived.

She lightly caressed his face, the fingertips were full of infinite pity and tender feelings, she gently said, "You are thin."

Gao Li smilingly said, "Very quickly, I will fatten up again."

Shuang Shuang charmingly said, "I like you fat, I will feed you well tomorrow."

Gao Li said, "We will have to leave tomorrow."

Shuang Shuang said, "Leave? Leave where?"

Gao Li said, "To find Little Qiu."

Shuang Shuang’s face brightened and said, "We will go together?"

Gao Li said, "Certainly, We will look at his child."

Shuang Shuang was filled with great happiness: "He has a child?"

Gao Li said: "We can also have a child."

Shuang Shuang blushed, she anticipated future happiness, this kind of feeling made her feel dizzy as if she could fly.

After a very long time, she only then gently asked: "Did you see his wife?"

Gao Li said, "Not yet, I was anxious to leave."

Shuang Shuang said, "I believe that she must be a very good woman, because he is also a good man."

Gao Li said, "Not only is he a good man, he is also a good friend."
He sighed and continued, "Besides him, nobody else could extend himself and let me borrow the peacock feather."

Shuang Shuang said, "Actually what is a peacock feather?"

Gao Li said, "It is a hidden weapon variety, but it is not just any hidden weapon."

Shuang Shuang said, "I do not understand."

Gao Li said, "I find it very difficult to explain too, in brief, its significance and value exceeds any other hidden weapon in the world, because whoever has it, can become another person."

Shuang Shuang said, "Become another person?"

Gao Li nodded and said, "He will have the authority, have the self-confidence."
He had smiled and continued, "If I did not have it, I probably would not be Ma Feng’s rival."

Shuang Shuang said, "I do not understand."

Gao Li said, "You probably can never understand it, even I cannot, too."

Shuang Shuang hesitated, finally she could not bear saying, "I... ... Can I trace it?"

Gao Li said with a smile: "Naturally, only make sure that you do not press the two buttons, otherwise…"

His voice suddenly stopped, the smiling face suddenly stiffened, the entire body seemed to freeze, like stepping on emptiness, falling down into the glacier from ten thousand feet high.

The peacock feather had unexpectedly disappeared! Shuang Shuang could not see his complexion, but she actually suddenly felt his whole body all trembling.

In his life, he had never felt so afraid. He had never thought that this kind of matter unexpectedly could occur to him.

He quietly disentangled Shuang Shuang from him. She had not asked him what was the matter, because she could feel it, she could imagine what it was. Only she could never completely understood how serious was this matter. Nobody could really understood how serious was this matter.

Gao Li sat motionless in the darkness, he resembled a person who had been buried underground. Then he rushed outside like crazy.

Shuang Shuang felt she was with him in the darkness. She knew that he would be looking in the location where he buried Ma Feng, she hoped he could find it. She could not imagine what unfortunate disaster might alight on them. But without really knowing, she could detect a kind of unlucky omen, the tears had also flowed down.


The wind had blown, the rustling noise resembled intermittent light sobbings.

After a long time, she had finally heard his footsteps. The footsteps were slow and heavy. Her heart had sunk, quietly she dried away the tear stains, she could not bear asking: "Have you found it?"

Gao Li said, "No."

His sound was hoarse with fear. Shuang Shuang’s heart resembled being burst gently by a needle, she gently said, "Can't you find out when it fell?"

Gao Li clenched his teeth, he wished he could bite his own throat. He never hated himself so much.

Shuang Shuang had not comforted him, because she knew in the present, any comfort was all useless. She could only of a way to induce his thought, therefore she kept probing and said, "When you came back, was the peacock feather already not with you?"

Gao Li said, "I don’t know."

Shuang Shuang said, "You did not check?"

Gao Li said, "I... ... I did not expect that it could fall."

He certainly could not think. All tragedies were  unfortunate, they all happened in unexpected situation.

Shuang Shuang could not bear saying, "When you kill Ma Feng, did you have the peacock feather with you?"

Gao Li said, "Certainly not, otherwise it would have fallen nearby."

Shuang Shuang said, "So, you did not have the peacock feather with you, but you have actually managed to kill him!"

Gao Li clenched his fists. Only now he understood that even if he did not have the peacock feather, he could equally kill Ma Feng with his own strength. It was only a pity that only now he understood it when it was already too late.

Shuang Shuang sighed gently and said, "Where was the last place you know that it was with you?"

Gao Li hesitatingly said, "On the carriage."

He had traced it on the carriage, that kind of smooth solid feeling, but the one that generated excitement and energy to his body. At that time, he then felt completely relaxed, as if there was nothing in the world would cause him to worry.

Shuang Shuang said, "Can it have fallen on the carriage?"

Gao Li said, "Very possible."

Shuang Shuang said, "That carriage?"

Gao Li said, "It’s gone."

Shuang Shuang said, "Where did you hire the carriage?"

Gao Li said, "On the road."

Shuang Shuang said, "Did you pay attention to what type of carriage it was?"

Gao Li said, "No."

Shuang Shuang said, "Had you observed how the cart driver looked?"

Gao Li hung his head, clenched his fists like a nail had entered his flesh.

At that time he was too happy, really too excited, he had unexpectedly completely failed to note the people around him. Most unfortunately, he was deliberately not willing to let other people discover his whereabouts, so he had exchanged his carriage twice while on the road.

Shuang Shuang’s heart had sunk, she knew now that they would never be able to find that peacock feather again.

The more precious the lost thing was, often the more difficult it was to find it again. Although the peacock feather was supreme to bring up the emotion and the confidence, the result was eeriely similar.

Shuang Shuang tried to withhold her tears as she gently said, "What will you do now?"

Gao Li said, "I... ... I do not know."

Shuang Shuang said, "You must certainly go and tell him."

Gao Li said, "Certainly."

Shuang Shuang said, "In any event, this is not a mistake you deliberately do, perhaps he can forgive you.

Gao Li low-spiritedly said, "He cannot... ... If I were him, I also would not forgive him."

Shuang Shuang said, "Why?"

Gao Li gave a long sigh and said, "Perhaps you never can understand how important is the peacock feather to them, but I understand."

Shuang Shuang said, "Perhaps... ... Perhaps we may think of a way to compensate him."

Gao Li said, "Nothing can help."

His sound grew more bitter and acrid, he suddenly continued, "Perhaps there is one way."

Shuang Shuang’s face was suddenly twisted with fear. She had understood his meaning.

If a person made a violation he could not make up, made an unforgiveable mistake, usually only one other way to make a reparation. Death!

She could not bear throwing herself at him, closely hugged him, and said maliciously: "You cannot walk on this road."

Gao Li silently said, "What other road can I walk on?"

Shuang Shuang said, "We may walk... ... Walk somewhere else, never say anything to him."

Gao Li had suddenly shoved her away.

This was the first time in his life that he shoved her away from his bosom. He certainly did not shove her hard at all, but Shuang Shuang never thought he, of all people, could have pushed away that she fell. She could not bear saying, “ Why did you push me?”

Gao Li clenched his teeth, word by word he said, "I could not think, could not think that you can ask me to make this kind of matter."

Shuang Shuang said, "But you... ... "

Gao Li had interrupted her and said, "I have killed people, even killed some people I probably should not kill. There may be many things I should not do, but I would never have betrayed a friend."

His sound suddenly grew hoarse as he continued, "This is perhaps because I never have a friend, I only have one such friend."

Shuang Shuan’s tears that had been trickling had suddenly gushed out.

Gao Li slowly continued, "I know that I cannot die, for you, for us, I cannot die, therefore I only go through all this trouble, but this... ... "

Shuang Shuang said in a hissing voice: "Couldn't you do the same here?"

Gao Li again interrupted her, "The difference is because I know the value of the peacock feather to them, I also understand the difficult situation he is, how he is braving the biggest danger, only to lend me the peacock feather. I, in this world have never had such big trust entrusted on me, therefore I cannot fail him, cannot fail him till I die.”

Shuang Shuang nipped her lips and said, "Therefore you must certainly go and tell him this matter."

Gao Li said, "Certainly." His voice was filled with determination and courage. This kind of courage was the true courage.

Shuang Shuang was hanging her head. After a very long time, only then she gently said, "I originally thought you can make any matter for me."

Gao Li said, "Anything but this instance."

Shuang Shuang said, "I understand, therefore although I am very sad, I am actually very happy." With a peaceful voice she slowly continued, "Because I have not judged you wrong after all, you are really a worthy man I am proud of."

Gao Li’s clenched fists slowly relaxed, finally he bent down his knees and hugged her.

Also after a very long time, he only then sighed: "I know that I have not done nothing wrong, I will not make another mistake, but I want only to say sorry to you … I am sorry."

Shuang Shuang said with a supple voice: "You are sorry, but you are in me, and I am in you."

Gao Li did not say anything again, his earlier words were said and done. You are in me, I am in you. Regardless of any type of disaster and unfortunate happenings, two committed people should undertake them together. If you had such a wife, what else did you need to say?



A night without the stars, without the moonlight, was much darker.

They calmly hugged in darkness, waiting for the daybreak. Their lives resembled living forever in the darkness, but they felt happier than most people. Because in their lives they had discovered the true feelings, the true feelings that could never be replaced by anything else.

Therefore their lives were valuable.
This was the most important part.


The late, late fall.

The light had started to wane, the wind had blown harder, the autumn chill had become colder significantly.

But the fall scenery was beautiful. The cold miserable and yet touching beauty, the sense was like that of pure strong wine. If you could immersed in it, even if you did not have anything to drink, you could feel intoxicated.

Gao Li stood here, standing under the tree, waiting. He really did not have the courage to see Qiu Feng-wu’s family. He could just imagine how big was this disaster to the peacock village.

Qiu Feng-wu would soon appeared, someone had gone to notify him.

Two peacocks slowly strolled around in the maplewood, combing their beautiful feathers with the mouth.

The red maple leaves fell down.

Gao Li just stood there as if he could not move. In his heart, he felt a stabbing pain, he really did not know how to say the things he needed to say. He nearly did not have the courage to continue.

On the lawn there were sounds of footsteps, he unexpectedly did not dare to turn his head to face him. He felt has a hand grabbed his shoulder, a steady and friendly hand. A steady, friendy voice. "You come! I know that you will come back quickly."

Gao Li had finally turned around. He had no alternative but to turn his head. Then he saw Qiu Feng-wu’s smile, the smile that was filled with friendship.

In his heart, the stabbing pain was fiercer. This kind of eternal, invariable friendship, would suddenly burst by a sharp needle, like a punctured heart that bled.

Qiu Feng-wu smilingly said, "You look very weary."

Gao Li nodded. Not only was he weary, he almost simply collapsed.

Qiu Feng-wu said, "Actually you do not need to come here so quickly."

Gao Li said, "I... ... " He wanted to say it, but it was as if two invisible hands had clutched around his throat.

Qiu Feng-wu said, "The matter is already solved?"

Gao Li nodded again.

Qiu Feng-wu said, "You do not have to use the peacock feather?"

Gao Li shook his head.

Qiu Feng-wu said with a smile: "I already know that you do not need to use it, Ma Feng is simply not your match."

Gao Li said, "But I... ... "

Qiu Feng-wu suddenly discovered the different expression on his face, he asked immediately: "Why do you come alone? Shuang Shuang?"

Gao Li said, "She... ... She is very well."

Qiu Feng-wu breathed a sigh of relief, "Why doesn't she come to see my child?"

Gao Li said, "She... ... She... ... " He lifted up his courage before he finally said loudly: "She has not come, because she knows that I want to apologize to you."

Qiu Feng-wu knitted his brows: "You apologize to me? Why?"

Gao Li said, "I have lost your peacock feather."

He used his biggest courage to say it, then his entire body seemed to collapse.

There was no response, no sound. He did not dare to think what Qiu Feng-wu felt after hearing about it, or the expression on his face. He simply did not dare to look at Qiu Feng-wu’s face.


The wind blew, the dry leaves floated down, falling one by one, one, two, three... ... The sunlight became gradually paler, the autumn chill actually became more felt.

Qiu Feng-wu had not said a word, not even a sound. Gao Li finally could not bear advancing towards him.

Qiu Feng-wu stood like a statue there, with no expression on his face, the complexion was actually pale like the autumn frost on the tip of a branch of a tree in the far mountain.

He was standing calmly, not moving at all. The fallen leaves had fluttered around his head, falling under his feet. He had not moved. Even when the leaves fell on his face. He had not moved, not even his eyes had blinked.

The sun set in the west, red like the blood. The maplewood was also red like the blood.

Then the twilight shrouded the earth like a net, layer by layer, it grew darker, covering his face and his body. He did not show any light, nor any from his eyes.

He had not moved, had not spoken.

Gao Li looked at him, only wished that he could rip himself open, crushing himself, sending his body like sprinkles in the wind, sprinkles like dust, sprinkles into the fire, turning into ash after burning in the fire.

If Qiu Feng-wu had scolded him, hit him, even stabbed him, he would have received them as if he was fortunate. But Qiu Feng-wu had actually resembled someone who had been completely numb.

He resembled that he could not see anything, hear anything, or feel anything. Nothing at all. What kind of fearful attack, what an extremely painful sorrow that could cause a person to turn into this appearance?

Gao Li could not bear asking himself: "If I were him, what would I do?"

He could not imagine. He just did not dare to think about it.

Wasn’t Qiu Feng-wu presently asking this question to himself, how should he cope with it? Now he was only waiting for Qiu Feng-wu’s words. If Qiu Feng-wu called him to die, he would die; If he called him to die immediately, he would not want to live anymore. But Qiu Feng-wu had not spoken.


The twilight went gradually deeper, the dim light of night was coming.

A black-clothed old servant quietly came to them, bowing his head he said, "The village leader, the late meals is ready."

Qiu Feng-wu had not replied, simply had not heard.

The black-clothed old servant looked at him, his face had also got affected with the melancholy color, finally had quietly drawn back under the dim light of night.

Suddenly the black shadow had seized the entire earth.

The wind was colder.

Gao Li made an effort to clamped down his teeth, made an effort to clenched his fists, and yet he could not bear shivering. In order to make reparations, he could endure every kind of bashful insults, each kind of pain, even endure the painful death. But this kind of fearful silence had actually caused him to go crazy. He almost could not bear destroying himself.

The wind blew again.

Qiu Feng-wu suddenly picked up his head, looked at the fallen leaf in the wind, gently he said, "Today is windy."

Gao Li clenched both his fists, after a very long time, only then he slowly nodded and said, "Yes, today is windy."

Qiu Feng-wu said, "It is windy all day long."

Gao Li said, "Yes, it is windy all day long."

Qiu Feng-wu said, "Windy is very good."

Gao Li finally could not bear saying loudly: "Actually what do you want to say? Why don't you say it?"

Qiu Feng-wu now had at last turned his head, to look at him. After looking for a very long time period, only then he gave a long sigh and said, "You are a good friend, I know I can always trust you."

Gao Li said in a sad voice: "You should not trust me."

Qiu Feng-wu resembled he had not heard him, he slowly continued, "You have promised me to look at my son."

Gao Li was silent for a very long time, he finally also gave a long sigh and said, "I have promised you."

Qiu Feng-wu said, "Now the child has not rested."
Gao Li said, "You want me now to look at him?"

Qiu Feng-wu said, "I will lead you there."


The grass had already withered and the color turned yellow! In the spring, this place must be a carpet of green grass, but at present it was already late fall, late fall for people worried with the spirits.

The distant place had some sparkling lights, bright like a sweetheart's open eyes. But Gao Li simply could not see that. At present, he only had a piece of darkness, his heart was also only filled with darkness.

Qiu Feng-wu slowly walked in the front, the footsteps were monotonous and heavy. Gao Li was behind him. He remembered also walking behind Qiu Feng-wu similarly in the past, walking for a very long time, walking very far. That was precisely right after he had just rescued Baili Zhang-qing.

At that time although he knew perfectly well that some people would retaliate against him as necessary, although he knew perfectly well that an impending fatal disaster might likely come, but his heart was actually very joyful. Because he had rescued a person, he had helped the others. Because he had a friend.

But now?

Unintentionally he had made a fatal mistake, sometimes the unintentional violation was more fearful. What was it for? Why did the heaven allow this mistake to happen, allow him to make this unintentional, fatal, unforgiveable, unrecoverable one? Why was he not careful? Why did he neglect to take care of it?

Fiercely moving forward, he had come to a magnificent, lighted place. The light was magnificent.

A white hair, gray woman, sat well on the sandalwood chair, the face was showing temperate and gentle smile.

"This is my mother."

A gentle young married woman, solemn and virtuous, she was precisely like the bloom of spring flower's time, spring flower's beauty. Perhaps because her heart was filled with happiness, therefore she was very kind to all people, in particular to her husband's good friend.

"This is my wife."

A lovable child, with red face, big eyes, but very lively and healthy. One could say that although his life had not fully started, but his life should be happy, filled with happy thoughts. Because he had a very good family, very good parents, he should enjoy the happiness since he was born.

"This is my child."

Gao Li looked at him, listened to him, his face had the polite smile.

"This is a friend of mine, Gao Li, always my only best friend."

Gao Li’s heart was as if punctured, also started to bleed. He nearly could not bear turning back on his heels and dashed away, running away from having to face these people. If only they knew that he had lost the peacock feather, would they still be so kind?

The old man Qiu was smiling and said, "Feng-wu frequently mentioned you, you certainly must remain here for several days."

Gao Li’s throat seemed to have dried up, after exhausting his whole body strength, he could only reluctantly smile, nodded.

Qiu Feng-wu’s beautiful wife was teasing her child and said, "You need to call him Uncle Gao next time so he will buy some candy for you."

The child was only one year old, certainly he could not call him Uncle Gao, he also could not understand what the others were saying, but he could smile. He saw Gao Li, he continued to smile. Everybody smiled.

The old man Qiu smiled gently and said, "The child likes Uncle Gao, Uncle Gao certainly can bring very many good fortunes for this child."

Gao Li’s heart had disrupted. Only he knew that what he brought for this family member was not the good fortune, but the disaster.

Luckily Qiu Feng-wu certainly had not wanted him to stay behind. "I will lead him to see outside again, this is the first time he comes, he has very many places that he has not seen."

Gao Li indeed had not seen very many places at all, in fact, he had simply not seen such a magnificent, dignified place. It looked to him, in the dim light of night, that this place was like a palace in the myth stories.

Qiu Feng-wu said, "Here altogether has nine courtyards, the majority was constructed in 270 years ago, after undergoing three generations, only then this looked like as big as now."

Actually this place had more than just the size, this place simply looked like close to a miracle.

Qiu Feng-wu said, "This is indeed a miracle, surviving two times of ravages caused by war and fire, this place was peaceful, but not unexpectedly kind."

The rear court’s front was illuminated by the hanging 12 color lanterns. Magnificent light, illuminating the giant drawing on the wall. The picture was dozens of pictures showing formidable people, each taking a different weapon, but their eyes were startled. Because in the other person’s hand, there was a gold cylinder that had sent out the rainbow ray. The rainbow that was more beautiful than just a magnificent ray.

Qiu Feng-wu said, "This drawing was said to be made more than 100 year ago."

Gao Li was listening.

Qiu Feng-wu said, "At that time, the underworld gang's 36 Devils star, in order to destroy this place, unexpectedly had committed blood pledges to collaborate and attack this place. These 36 person’s wugong skills were high, it was said that they could possibly be invincible to the world."

Gao Li could not bear asking: "Afterwards?"

Qiu Feng-wu discussed sombrely: "None of these 36 people went back." He continued, "Since that event, nobody in jiang-hu dared to take peacock village lightly, the peacock feather’s fame henceforth spread over the world."

The lights were gradually more sparse.

In this single courtyard, the sense of gloominess was reflected by the dim light. They passed through a portion of woods, a clump of bamboo trees, a zigzag bridge, only then they got here. Here was like another world, a specific world.

The big house was gloomy and cold.

In the room there were hundred of large oil lamps lit day and night before the Buddha statue, the shrouded side by side lights, looks like jack-o'-lanterns lining up. In front of each lamp, there was the spirit throne (ling-wei).

Gao Li first saw: "The big move overlord, Shanxi’s Yan Sun-fu’s throne." "Jun-qiao shan-feng the taoist’s throne."

Gao Li had heard of these two people's names, in the recent past they were once stars in jiang-hu.

Qiu Feng-wu looked at this row of spirit thrones, the face became more serious, he slowly said, "These persons have all died under the peacock feather."

For 300 years, people who died under the peacock feather was also 300, therefore the peacock feather was certainly not used in many occasions. If a person died under the peacock feather, if he was not a clan leader, he would be a master.

Qiu Feng-wu said, "The ancestors feared that the descendants killed too many evil people, so they constructed this spirit thrones, so their spirits would not continue their enmities with the next generation.” He sighed and continued, "It’s only a pity most of their descendants would seek revenge and come here."

Gao Li had not spoken. His heart suddenly felt very strange, also very fearful. He resembled seeing his name in here.


The road was no longer winding around.

Gao Li had come to this place, place where he took the peacock feather. Why did Qiu Feng-wu also lead him here now? He had not asked.

Regardless of  where Qiu Feng-wu lead him, he would not ask. Regardless of the anticipated fearful destiny, he had prepared to accept everything.

A clapping sound.

Without any words, those 12 spirit-like persons. 12 keys, had opened 12 locks. Thereupon they had entered this mysterious place, the gloomy, dark stone chamber, like they were entering a grave.

There were two ancient and heavy stone chair in the stone chamber, with dust and moss accumulating on top of them.

Qiu Feng-wu said, "Sit down."

Gao Li had sat down.

Qiu Feng-wu had actually turned around, took out a small sealed liquor from inside the hole in the cliff. Tapping on it the seal was broken, revealing a fragrant, clear, luxurious liquor.

Qiu Feng-wu said, "This is a hundred-years old liquor that had been preserved here."

Gao Li said, "Good liquor."

The wine cups were also stone-carved, similarly ancient and heavy.

Qiu Feng-wu sat down, filled two cups and said, "The good liquor should be drunk."

Gao Li tossed down the content of his cup.

Qiu Feng-wu was staring at him and said, "We have not been drinking together for a very long time."

Gao Li nodded, said, "Indeed, very long."

Qiu Feng-wu gently sighed and said, "These years, there are many things that have changed."

Gao Li was listening.

Qiu Feng-wu said, "But actually our friendship has not changed."

Gao Li filled a cup again, and raised it to drink it.

Qiu Feng-wu said, "I do not have a brother, but you are my brother."

Gao Li clutched the wine cups. If the wine cups were not made of stone, it would have already crushed.

Qiu Feng-wu said, "Therefore I have something I have no alternative but to say to you."

Gao Li said, "I am listening."

Qiu Feng-wu said, "You have lost the peacock feather, your heart must certainly feel very uncomfortable, but perhaps even more uncomfortable than me."

Gao Li hung his head,, poured out the wine and drank it. The fragrance of the good wine suddenly turned bitter.

Qiu Feng-wu said, "I understand your feeling, if I were you, perhaps I would not dare to come here again."

Gao Li’s face showed painful color, he slowly said, "I have no alternative but to come, because you trust me."

Qiu Feng-wu said, "Certainly not everyone has this courage, I have you as a friend, I am really very proud."

Gao Li said, "But I... ... "

Qiu Feng-wu had interrupted him, "You also trust me, just like I trust you."

Gao Li nodded.

Qiu Feng-wu’s face expression suddenly became very unusual, word by word he said, "Therefore you keep believing that the peacock feather is real."

Gao Li’s entire body suddenly tightened, he blurted out: "That peacock feather is not real?"

Qiu Feng-wu said, "It’s not."

"Crack", the wine glass fell to the ground. Gao Li suddenly became frozen, just like a fish that was frozen to death.

Nobody can describe his feeling at this moment, nobody could also describe his expression at this moment. He looked at Qiu Feng-wu, like seeing the rising sun suddenly fell down, the earth suddenly split open. Then he fell back on the stone chair, completely collapsed.

It was not despairing collapse, nor was it delirious collapse, his tears had fallen freely down. This was not tears of sadness.

His life had never been so much like a person, who was condemned to death for a capital punishment, but suddenly obtained the desired pardon.

Qiu Feng-wu was staring at him, instead his face was actually filled with pain, After a very long time, only then he slowly said, "I tell you this matter, because I only hope that you do not suffer pain for this."

Gao Li did not stop nodding, his heart was indeed filled with gratitude. But he could not bear asking, "Not the real peacock feather?"

Qiu Feng-wu said, "Not real."

Gao Li again blurted out with amazement: "Not real?"

Qiu Feng-wu said, "No, simply no."
He gave a long sigh, painstakingly said with a smile: "The real peacock feather was first lost by father in the summit of Taishan."

Gao Li said, "That... ... Isn’t that many, many years ago?"

Qiu Feng-wu nodded and said, "Indeed that was many years ago, that was precisely after the decisive battle between father and senior Jin in Taishan."

Gao Li said, "But in jiang-hu no one has ever actually said about this matter."

Qiu Feng-wu said, "Certainly not."

Gao Li said, "Why?"

Qiu Feng-wu said, "Because nobody knew about this matter, even I did not know."

Gao Li said, "But you... ... "

Qiu Feng-wu said, "Father told me this just before the end, only then he told this secret to me."

Gao Li said, "Only told you?"

Qiu Feng-wu said, "Only told me."

Gao Li said, "I? ... ... "

Qiu Feng-wu was staring at him, he slowly said, "You are the third person who knows about this matter."

Then his color of pain grew deeper, he continued, “When first father said about this secret, he told me at once to swear a heavy oath, he wanted me to continuously keep this secret until at the point of death, then I need to tell my son."

Gao Li’s complexion had gradually changed and said, "But you have now actually told me."

Qiu Feng-wu gave a deep sigh and said, "Because you are my good friend, I only hope that you do not carry this burden for your whole life."

What a great friendship! What was more precious in this world than this kind of friendship?

Gao Li had dangled his head. He felt he would rather choose that Qiu Feng-wu had not told him this secret, he suddenly detected that presently the burden was heavier.

Qiu Feng-wu said, "When you killed Ma Feng, you certainly did not use the peacock feather."

Gao Li said, "At that time, peacock feather was already not with me."

Qiu Feng-wu said, "I already knew that you do not really need the peacock feather, you can always kill him."

Gao Li said, "You already knew?"

Qiu Feng-wu nodded, said, "I understand your wugong very well, I also understand you very well."

Gao Li acknowledged. He had no alternative but to acknowledge.

Qiu Feng-wu said, "By your wugong, there are already very few people in jiang-hu who are your match, but you actually lack confidence, therefore... ... "

Gao Li said, "Therefore you have lent that false peacock feather to me."

Qiu Feng-wu said, "Right."

Gao Li said, "Therefore you emphasized to me over and over that I should only use that hidden weapon only as a last resort."

Qiu Feng-wu said, "I already knew that you did not need to use it." His expression was stronger, he continued, "The peacock feather is certainly not a kind of weapon, but a kind of strength."

Gao Li said, "I am listening."

Qiu Feng-wu said, "Although you do not need to use it, but it actually may bring you the confidence."

Gao Li certainly also had no alternative but to acknowledge.

Qiu Feng-wu said, "So long as you have the confidence, Ma Feng is not your rival." He suddenly changed the topic and also said, "So long as the peacock feather exists, there is nobody in jiang-hu who dared to attack this mountain village, this is also the same truth."

Gao Li said, "This truth I understand."

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Qiu Feng-wu said, "The peacock village’s 300 years of reputation, 80 miles-based industry, 500 human lives, are all the results of the construction in a small peacock steel." His expression became more serious as he slowly continued, "If peacock feather had not existed, the peacock village would proceed to be destroyed."

300 years worth of reputation, 80 miles-based industry, 500 human lives would all be destroyed. His happy content family would also certainly be destroyed.

Gao Li suddenly understood why Qiu Feng-wu had led him a moment ago to look at his family members. Also to look at the spirits throne of those who had died under the peacock feather.

These people's descendants and grandsons, if they knew that the peacock feather had no longer existed, they certainly would not let off Qiu’s family and people. In jiang-hu, the hatred and the will of the people would never dissolve forever!

Qiu Feng-wu heaved a deep sigh and said, "It looks like our aristocratic family reputation in this martial arts world is a very heavy burden, as soon as you receive it, you are forever bound to it."

He slowly continued, "I originally did not want to receive this relentless burden, I originally thought the reputation that the ancestors created, does not have any relation to their descendants."

Gao Li said, "Now?"

Qiu Feng-wu had suddenly smiled, smiled very movingly: "Now I only know that when I was born with the surname Qiu, I must shoulder this relentless burden, but I also cannot shift this responsibility onto someone else, I also cannot evade it."

Gao Li’s face was full of ponderance, he slowly said, "Although this burden is heavy, it is actually also a kind of honor."

Actually that was not only a kind of honor, but also an endless sacred duty and responsibility. Peacock village’s ability to survive until this day had always been a struggle that required this kind of responsibility and honor. This was a goal why they could survive. They completely did not have a choice nor any

Qiu Feng-wu looked steadily once more at Gao Li, he slowly said, "Therefore I cannot let the peacock village’s reputation be destroyed in my hand."

Gao Li’s look suddenly changed, as if he had made a peaceful resolution inside him.

Qiu Feng-wu’s lips had actually turned white as he continued, "Therefore I cannot let any person know this secret."

Gao Li slowly nodded, said, "I understand."

Qiu Feng-wu said, "You really understand?"

Gao Li said, "Really."

Qiu Feng-wu suddenly no longer spoke nor did he dare to look at Gao Li again. His eyes were unexpectedly suddenly filled with sadness and pain, the kind of sadness and pain that had no end.

Why did a person would want to do something that other people would not do willingly or endure to do? This was also a representation of the wound to the world and its weary fatigue.

Without the wind, the cold had actually became more chilly.

The clouds outside had become completely static, congealed, the humans' hearts resembled also coldly disappearing.

"I cannot let this go outside."


The liquor was bitter, but it would be good. Since the wine was in the small cup, no matter how painful it was, one could drink it while feeling good. The bitter tasting wine was good, the cold place was good, you all must drink to go to the heaven!

Qiu Feng-wu slowly stood up, he had turned back to go. He did not have to say anything again, but as he went out the door, he actually said something: "I also have something I forgot to tell you."

Gao Li was listening.

Qiu Feng-wu said, "The north six provinces escort bureau's alliance has been established, the overall leader is precisely Baili Zhang-qing."

Gao Li’s gloomy eyes suddenly brightened. A magnificent flash of brightness.

Qiu Feng-wu walked on.

After a long time, Gao Li slowly said, "Thank you, thank you for telling me this matter."

He was really thankful. Because he suddenly felt that his life had been significant, he was completely satisfied. He had loved, he had also been loved by a person. He had contributed to a very significant matter, a very valuable matter. He had no qualms in this life.

Qiu Feng-wu’s wine in front of him was untouched. Gao Li had drunk this cup of wine, too.

The bitter tasting wine was also good, the poisoned wine was also good, he must drink them all. This was his important thing to do in life. Even if you were not doing so well, you still need to do this. If anyone could die in peace, that would be the best. It would be even better than living well in peace.


Late at night.

There was no moon or stars in the sky. The blowing wind was cold.

Qiu Feng-wu slowly went out and walked across the courtyard. The banyan fig's leaves fell down one by one.

He calmly stood for a very long time, unexpectedly he did not seem to realize that his wife had walked closer to him.

She gently linked her arms with him, her heart all felt happy and peaceful. Therefore she forever hoped that the others could also experience similar happiness.

After a very long time, she gently asked: "Your friend?"

"He left already."

"Left? Why?"

Qiu Feng-wu had not replied to that, actually he bent down, and picked up a piece of fallen leaf.

He stared at this piece of fallen leaf, the eyes were filled with pain and sadness which could not never be erased.

The leaves were never willingly fell when the autumn wind blew by. A person's life, some times was just like this piece of fallen leaf... Wasn’t it just the same... ...

This story had given us a lesson. The true victory certainly could not be depended on the weapon that one used, but it must be based on your confidence. Regardless of how fearful the weapon was, it would still not be comparable to a person's confidence.

Therefore I said that the second kind of weapon, was certainly not the peacock feather, but the confidence!


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