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Chapter 5: Old sentiment revisited


The dim light of night chillily spread out.

The coldness had risen, a person calmly stood in the fog.

A cloudy person, a cloudy face, the eyes were actually penetrating like the hawks circling around the corpse.

As soon as Gao Li opened the door, he saw him. He had not really changed from two years ago.

Gao Li never thought that he could unexpectedly stood outside the door waiting, like a visiting friend waiting for the master of the house to open the door. But his eye looked at Gao Li immediately, actually just like the hawks looking at a corpse.

Gao Li said, "You have come."

Ma Feng said, "Right, I have come, sooner or later I must come, if anyone pierced a sword into my belly, he would never live peacefully."

Gao Li coldly said, "You can come here, but retaliating will not exactly be easy."

Ma Feng said, "It will not be easy indeed, you can never guess how much I have spent to be here, therefore I will not die now."

His pupil was contracting, the eyes were filled with hatred, suddenly he also asked: "Little Wu?"

Gao Li said, "You want me to look for him?"

Ma Feng said, "Very much so."

Gao Li’s corners of the mouth seemed to reveal an unusually happy expression, he lightly said, "It’s a pity you will never see him."

Ma Feng said, "Why?"

Gao Li said, "Can't you guess?"

Ma Feng changed his countenance and said, "Has he died?"

Gao Li sneeringly said, "If he does not die, how can he let you off."

Ma Feng’s face suddenly twisted, like a person who was pierced by a sword on the belly.

Gao Li said, "Although he has died, but I have not."

Ma Feng gave a long sigh and said, "Good, you have not died, luckily you have not died, these two years, day and night I kept asking the heaven to bless you with a long life.”

There were poisonous hate in each of his words, enough to make one feel afraid.

Gao Li detected his own palm were perspiring, therefore immediately said loudly: "You originally should ask that I die quickly, because if I do not die, you must die, now you cannot have it any other way."

Ma Feng sneered.

Gao Li sneered back and said, "In our line of work, we cannot make any mistake, yet you have actually made three mistakes."

Ma Feng lightly said, "I am listening."

Gao Li said, "First, you should not come alone, second, you originally should coerce me with Shuang Shuang, now you actually have missed an opportunity; Third, you should not knock on my door."

Ma Feng nodded and said, "That makes sense."

Gao Li said, "You originally perhaps have the opportunity to plot against me... ... "

Ma Feng has suddenly interrupted him and coldly said, "I do not need to plot against you, also does not need to use your treasured wife to coerce you, because I can still kill you as well."

Gao Li laughed.

Ma Feng said, "These two years, I train hard six times every day, you?"

Gao Li smiles suddenly stopped.

Ma Feng coldly looked at him, "You are still alive now, because I do not want you to die yet."

Gao Li had not spoken, also had not moved. He suddenly felt very uncomfortable, Ma Feng exuded superior calmness, he suppressed this discomfort.

Ma Feng’s threatening vision were aimed at him. He was looking up at the chilly, dark nighttime sky.

After a very long time, he continued, "You have seven days to live." In his sound, he had some strange and fearful self-confidence, like a judge handing out the punishment to the criminal.

Gao Li had laughed, it took a very big effort to force himself to laugh.

Ma Feng had not actually turned around, he easily said, "In seven days, it will be full moon. I like killing people around the full moon period."

Gao Li sneeringly said, "Perhaps you could not wait that long."

Ma Feng lightly said, "Perhaps, but I think you do not need to be anxious to die, you certainly have many things to attend to, your wife also certainly does not want you to die now."

Finally this speech was like a needle, pricking Gao Li suddenly. He sensed his own stomach contracting, like he had vomitted.

Ma Feng said, "I may stay here for seven days, this place is at least very clean."

Gao Li said, "What did you say?"

Ma Feng said, "I said in any event, I can wait and live well here for seven days."

Gao Li looked at him. Actually he simply had not smiled, but the face always had the sinister, venomous, filled with self-confident happy expression. This was precisely the kind of strange self-confidence that caused his entire person to become dangerously fearful.

Ma Feng slowly said, "For seven days, the entire seven days and seven nights, you can do many, many things. If you made proper arrangement, even if you die, your wife can be taken care of well."

Gao Li looked down at his own spears. On the spears there was dust, but there were glimmers of brightness. He moved forward, the cold sweats dropped along his cheek. His voice became hoarse, finally he could not bear saying, "You can wait for seven days, why can't I?"

Ma Feng smiled. This time he really had smiled, while smiling he said, "Very good, I will come again early morning tomorrow, early morning I like eating noodles."

He did not let Gao Li speak again, suddenly he turned around, quickly vanished in the cold fog.

Gao Li did not look at him again, and just turned around, he could not stop bending down and vomit. He did not stop vomiting, until all his bitter water had come out.

Then he felt a pair of ice-cold but small, gentle hands, held and assisted his face. The wet hands, were they from the tears, or the cold sweat?

Also after a very long time, Shuang Shuang said softly: "You did not guess wrong at all."

Gao Li shook his head. He was not wrong, seven days were not too short, that was enough to take care of many things.

He must endure patiently. He could have many chances to defeat the others, but presently he needed to endure patiently.

Shuang Shuang did not have to ask again. So long as he thought was right, she would readily accept. She gently said, "Now you need to go to sleep, early morning tomorrow we will eat some noodles."

Large bowl of salty noodles. The noodles was cold.

Gao Li stared at the noodle on the table with little expression on his face.

Then he saw Ma Feng leisurely entered.

Shuang Shuang said, "Is it Mr. Ma?"

Ma Feng said, "It’s me."

Shuang Shuang said, "The noodles is cold, must I heat it up?"

Ma Feng said, "No need."

Shuang Shuang said, "If the noodles is not salty enough, here are some more spice."
Her voice was gentle and kind, like an attentive wife, who was entertaining her husband's friend.

Ma Feng looked at her, after a very long time, he suddenly sighed and said, "Luckily you are not the one I have to kill, you really are a lot calmer than your husband."

Shuang Shuang had smiled, lightly said, "You looked at me as a woman, can I put poison in the noodles?"

Ma Feng just took up the chopsticks, laid down. His penetrating hawks' eyes stared at her for a long time, only then with a low voice: "You cannot."

Shuang Shuang nodded and said, "I certainly cannot."

Ma Feng no longer said anything, suddenly he had stood up, walked into the kitchen.

Smiles Shuang Shuang said, "What are you doing in the kitchen?"

Ma Feng coldly said, "When I kill people I like doing the killing myself, when I eat the noodles, I also like to boil it myself."


In the guest room there was some periodic heaving sound, Ma Feng unexpectedly resembled to have fallen asleep.

Gao Li did not sleep.
His face was filled with pain, his heart was very contradictory, as if he wanted to go and do something, and yet he did not know whether he should. He suddenly discovered that he did not have any confidence. Now at last that was truly fearful.

Ma Feng did such thing, perhaps because he must thoroughly destroy his confidence.

Shuang Shuang with a supple voice: "What are you thinking?"

Gao Li said, "Nothing."

Shuang Shuang said, "I suddenly have actually thought of something."

Gao Li said, "Oh?"

Shuang Shuang said, "' He wants to wait seven days, perhaps only because he is still not sure of winning you."

Gao Li said, "Perhaps." He acknowledged it because he did not want to dispute it.

Now Ma Feng was certainly stronger than him, because he knew, that the burden in his heart was heavy. That was what he contended with, a person who did not want to die.

Shuang Shuang said, "I knew he came in here to live, only to make you suffer, but I cannot let him have the day."

Gao Li had reluctantly smiled and said, "You indeed sparred words a moment ago for me."

Shuang Shuang said, "Regardless of what I do to him, he can't retaliate.” Her voice seemed to have changed, like breathing heavier, only then she continued, "Because if you do not have me, you simply cannot fear him, right?"

Gao Li was staring at her, suddenly he grasped her shoulder, with a trembling voice: "You... ... What are you thinking?" He asked this speech, only because he suddenly thought of a very fearful matter.

Shuang Shuang had smiled, smiles like a child, and reasoned: "I have no thought at all."

Gao Li said, "I know that you are thinking something in your heart." His voice gradually grew more rapid, continued, "If you think after you die, I may gain freedom to cope with him, to kill him, you are completely mistakenly, moreover you are never more wrong."

Shuang Shuang said, "I... ... "

Gao Li had interrupted her, "If you die, I certainly will no longer want to live. I pledge, as soon as you die, I will accompany you to die immediately."

Shuang Shuang nibbled at her lips, suddenly she threw herself at his bosom, she could no longer speak in pain.

She was an individual after all, a woman. Although she looked strong, but she actually knew about sadness and fear in her heart. She had planned to die for him. She hoped he could gain strength in his grief and indignation.

She found that she could not do so, only because she loved him too much, really could not endure to leave him. Nobody could understand how deep was their sentiment for each other.

Gao Li continued to caress her and said, "For me, you hope I can live, for you, I certainly will go... ... I will have a method to live." He said this very lightly, because he said this while listening to it himself.

Shuang Shuang’s weeping sound suddenly stopped, she had guessed correctly what he was thinking.

Then she moved closer and whispered in his ear gently: "You go."

Gao Li had gotten hold of her hand, he didn’t say anything.

Now regardless of the how fearful pain and suffering, they could endure it all, endure it together. Because in their heart they have hope.

A beautiful hope.



Peacock feather.

There was certainly no other hidden weapon in the world that was more fearful than the peacock feather, and yet, there was certainly no other hidden weapon that was more beautiful than it. Nobody could describe its beauty, and nobody could avoid it or resist it.

Even Jin Kai-jia could not. Until his death, he could never forget the flash that this hidden weapon was launched, the mysterious magnificent captivating beauty. In that flash, he unexpectedly became completely dizzy. Then he actually lost.

The peacock village was also beautiful, as beautiful as the castles in the fairy tales. Under the blue green tiles, the sun in the fall was reflected as the light green light, the white stone steps winded in between  the golden tall wall, the entire place seemed to be made completely of gold and jewels.

The garden was full of peach trees, several peacocks were auspiciously wandering around, some ducks floated on the pond. The flowers were red, white, purple, all rainbow colors filled the house, embellished the whole place even more beautiful than dreamland.

Several young girls in colorful clothing walked very quietly across the soft meadow, vanishing beyond the flower beds. In the distant, some chrysanthemums bloomed, sending delicate fragrance for all the people.

There was somone playing the flute in pavilion, only this melodious sound was heard across the calm in all direction.

The front door was open. Gao Li stopped at the top of the steps but he looked ahead inside the house, then. There was some burnt offering, the fragrance was simple and elegant.

Outside the window the twilight had become darker.

Gao Li looked around, he saw some flowers on the table, and saw a person smiling at him. An almost complete stranger.

He seemed young, but his lips were trimmed very neatly, with the very luminous small beard, complete with a thumb-sized pearl decoration. His clothes were very casual, but the material was expensive, he wore purple satin robe, with white jade belt. Anyone could see that he was a person of great importance, of great authority.

This kind of person and Gao Li seemed to live in two different worlds, only when his sharp eyes looked penetratingly at Gao Li that he suddenly remembered this pair of eyes, he nearly could not bear calling him out immediately.

Qiu Feng-wu.

He really could not believe that this stylish, mature gentleman was a youth who had risked his life with him in the former days. But he actually had no alternative but to believe it. Because the person had met him, gripped his hands, and the bright eyes were filled with hot tears.

Gao Li gave a long sigh and said, "It’s you, I finally found you."

Qiu Feng-wu’s hands had grasped him tightly and said, "You have finally come, you have not forgotten me.”

Gao Li was struggling to stand.

Qiu Feng-wu had actually gripped both of his shoulders and said, "You are not sick, but you are too tired, it’s better to lie down."


Gao Li was indeed too tired.

These two days that he traveled, he nearly did not stop even for a moment. He must be back before the full moon arrived.

He saw the sky outside, he jumped up and shouted: "How long have I slept?"

Qiu Feng-wu said, "Briefly, just momentarily."

He looked how Gao Lie was drenched with cold sweat, he involuntarily showed the wrinkled brow and said, "You seem to have something urgent?"

Gao Li clenched his fists, however he said, "I originally did not want to come here, but I have to."

Qiu Feng-wu said, "You ought to remember that I have said, if you have any difficulty, you should find me first."

Gao Li slowly nodded, he nearly could not withhold his tears. A person, who was facing a great adversity, but  knew that he had a friend to rely on, that kind of feeling certainly could not be replaced by anything in this world.

Qiu Feng-wu was staring at him, slowly he said, "Had they found you?"

Gao Li nodded again.

Qiu Feng-wu’s face seemed to stiffen, he slowly retreated a couple of steps.

Gao Li finally sat down slowly and said, "Only one person came."

Qiu Feng-wu said, "Who?"

Gao Li said, "Ma Feng."

Qiu Feng-wu gave a sigh of relief and said, "You have killed him?"

Gao Li hung his head and said, "For all these two years, I have taken the hoe, I have gradually felt that doing farm works is a lot more joyful than killing."

Qiu Feng-wu said, "Therefore you no longer want to kill?"

Gao Liku said with a smile: "Yes, but also my killing skill has withered away."

Qiu Feng-wu said, "You are afraid that you are not his match now?"

Gao Li said, "Indeed I do not have the assurance."

Qiu Feng-wu said, "Therefore he is still alive."
Gao Li said, "Yes."

Qiu Feng-wu said, "And where is he now?"

Gao Li said, "In my house."

Qiu Feng-wu was stunned, he really did not understand, after a very long time, only then he could asked: "Shuang Shuang?"

Gao Li said, "She’s there."

Qiu Feng-wu’s face changed color and said, "You let Shuang Shuang stay there, and you come here by yourself?"
Gao Li’s face revealed his pain and said, "Because he thought that I am no longer capable of killing, therefore I can come here."

Qiu Feng-wu gave a long sigh and said, "I would never guess."

Gao Li said, "So long as I can be back before the full moon, Shuang Shuang will not be in danger."

Qiu Feng-wu said, "Why?"

Gao Li said, "Because we agree to fight at the eve of the full moon."

Qiu Feng-wu was pondering, after a very long time, he had suddenly smiled and said, "I have understood now."

Gao Li said, "What?"

Qiu Feng-wu said, "He is just a person?"
Gao Li said, “Yes."

Qiu Feng-wu said, "He was not sure he could kill you, therefore he had intentionally let you wait several days, because he saw that you don’t have the confidence too. He wants you to suffer in as many days as possible, so by the time you fight, you are ready to collapse."

Gao Li said bitterly with a smile: "Perhaps he only wants me to die slowly, when he kills people he never does it very quickly."

Qiu Feng-wu looked at him, suddenly he discovered that this person had changed, changed quite a bit. He was originally the most callous, the strongest person in the organization, but now he unexpectedly had become completely like an old man.

Was this because he had found true feelings? In this line of work, were people not supposed to get easily excited, and therefore, the more callous person, were the one who lived longer? Because emotion could really be perceived as weakness.

Gao Li suddenly also said, "But he miscalculates one thing after all."

Qiu Feng-wu said, "Oh."

Gao Li said, "He thinks Little Wu has died, he also could not think that I still have a friend."

People in this line of work, originally should not have a friend, could not have a friend, but also must not have a friend.

Qiu Feng-wu pondered for a very long time, only then he slowly said, "You also made a mistake."

Gao Li said, "Oh? ... ... "

Qiu Feng-wu said, "You should not let Shuang Shuang stay there, you originally should ask Shuang Shuang to look for me."

Gao Li said, "Because Shuang Shuang is there, therefore I am worried, else how will he let Shuang Shuang leave?"

Qiu Feng-wu said, "Perhaps he is not willing, but he actually may use Shuang Shuang to coerce you."

Gao Li said, "He had the opportunity before, but he actually did not do this."

Qiu Feng-wu said, "That’s probably because at that time he has not seen your sentiment to Shuang Shuang.” He stared once more at Gao Li and word-by-word he said, "I ask you, if you go back, if he has the sword around Shuang Shuang’s neck, threatens Shuang Shuang’s life as an exchange for your life, how will you manage?"

Gao Li suddenly felt his whole body become ice-cold.

Qiu Feng-wu said, "You know perfectly well that if you die, Shuang Shuang cannot survive, he know that you surely cannot endure looking at Shuang Shuang dying in front of you, aren’t you?"

Gao Li could not say anything, falling down on the bed, cold sweat had poured down like rain. He suddenly detected  that in these two years, Qiu Feng-wu had not only become more mature, he was also more thorough, faintly he had the impression of a royal bearing, complete with the impressive and dignified manner. But he had also changed into more callous without a doubt.

He could become like that, but wasn’t that what precisely Gao Li had lost? But in each of them, actually who was happier? Being happy or being unlucky, was not absolute. If you wanted to obtain something in one aspect, you must give up something on the other aspect, otherwise life became too boring.

Thinking of this, Gao Li suddenly said, "If I do not let him have the opportunity to put the sword on Shuang Shuang’s neck?"

Qiu Feng-wu had smiled and said, "This speech actually makes sense.”

Gao Li said, "I know that you are now already the peacock village master."

Qiu Feng-wu said, "My father had already departed."

Gao Li said, "Therefore I want to request something."

Qiu Feng-wu said, "You say it."

Gao Li said, "You may refuse, I will not blame you."

Qiu Feng-wu was listening, suddenly the expression on his face changed strangely, as if he could guess Gao Li’s request.

Gao Li said, "I must borrow your peacock feather."

Qiu Feng-wu did not speak again, had not said anything, but only looked at his own hand.

Gao Li did not open his mouth again, but he also was looking at Qiu Feng-wu’s hand. Both hands were also trimmed very cleanly, maintained very well. These both hands were no longer the hands, who in the former days were filled with dirt.

The person? Was he the same person who gave his life for his friend in the former days?


Outside the window, the dim light of night gradually became darker.

Qiu Feng-wu calmly sat in the darkness, not moved at all including his fingertips. Gao Li could not see the expression on his face.

The wind was blowing outside, in the courtyard sometimes something fell down. The fall season had gradually advanced. The crescent moon was hanging on the treetop.

Qiu Feng-wu still had not spoken, nor moved. Gao Li also no longer said anything, he slowly sat dwon, found the shoes under the bed. Qiu Feng-wu had not moved forward. Gao Li put on the shoes, he slowly walked away from him and quietly had opened the door.

Outside the door, the night was fresh like water. His heart was very cold, but he certainly had not felt remorse against Qiu Feng-wu. He knew that he had indeed requested too much.

He had not turned his head around to look at Qiu Feng-wu, because he was not willing to let Qiu Feng-wu become uncomfortable. He quietly went out, walked on the courtyard. He picked up a  fallen leaf, looked at it, and also gently laid it down.

Then he felt a hand holding his shoulder tightly. A strong and stable hand. A friend's hand.

He had gripped this hand, and looked behind at Qiu Feng-wu, in his eyes suddenly there seemed to be flowing tears.

He had truly requested a lot. But to a sincere friend, regardless of any type of request, it still would not be too much.

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No one said anything, no sound at all.

All noises outside the three feet thick wall had been all isolated. They had walked very far, and yet they had not walked halfway there.

Gao Li did not remember how many turns they had, how many stone steps, how many iron doors they had passed? He felt that he had suddenly walked into an ancient king's mausoleum, gloomy, damped, mysterious.

Finally a large leafed door was ahead, unexpectedly it was made of three feet thick copper plate, extremely heavy.

The door had 13 locks. Qiu Feng-wu clapped his hands, without saying anything, suddenly there appeared 12 individual. Mostly they were old persons, even the youngest was already 50 years old. Each person's manner was all serious, their footsteps were all very light and steady.

Regardless of their own appearances, these 12 people certainly did not have a single leader. Each person took out a key from his body, and opened the lock together. The key was shackled on the body.

The final key was on Qiu Feng-wu’s body. Gao Li was looking at him opening the last lock, and when he turned his head again, that 12 individuals had suddenly vanished.

Were they real persons, or the special guards from the underground world that came out to guard the place, the spirits?

The door opened.

He didn’t know how Qiu Feng-wu opened the heavy door, but he seemed to touch something the heavy metal door slid open like a miracle.

A gloomy chill in the air, caressed the face. Inside the door was a spacious stone room, the wall was covered with the moss, six large oil lamps were burning day and night before a Buddha statue.

The light was also gloomy, just like jack-o'-lanterns. Inside the stone room were all kinds of weapon, all kinds of strange foreign-looking sharp weapons, some Gao Li had never seen.

Qiu Feng-wu shoved open a big stone, inside the cliff was unexpectedly hiding an iron cabinet. The peacock feather must be inside this iron cabinet.

Until now, Gao Li had truly understood how precious was his request. If they were not best friends, his request was indeed too much.

Qiu Feng-wu had turned open the iron cabinet, he slowly took out a glittering cylinder. The cylinder seemed very smooth, looked like it was even ordinary, but it was covered in pure gold casting.

A mysterious matter often looked ordinary, but because of it, it could maintain its mysteriousness.

Qiu Feng-wu was holding it with his two hands and delivered it to Gao Li. His face had become very, very serious, so serious that it might approach sombreness.

Gao Li looked at him, looked at the peacock feather in his hand, his heart suddenly felt an extremely painful feeling. Besides themselves, nobody could understand how this kind of feeling could come.

After a very long time, Gao Li gave a long sigh and said, "You do not need to give this to me."

Qiu Feng-wu said, "I have lent you this."

Gao Li said, "I... ... I certainly will return this very quickly."

Qiu Feng-wu said, "I believe you."

Gao Li finally took the peacock feather. His fingertips finally touched this mysterious hidden weapon. In this flash, in his heart suddenly gushed out an indescribable mysterious feeling. That feeling like a mortal suddenly able to touch some kind of Devil’s incantation, he also felt that he had obtained a mystical charm within him.

Qiu Feng-wu said, "There are two key positions above."

Gao Li said, "I can see."

Qiu Feng-wu continued, "Press one of them, the machinery has started, press down the second button, nobody in the world can rescue Ma Feng."

Gao Li gave out a long toot sound, as if he already could see Ma Feng dropping down before him.

Qiu Feng-wu was still silent for a very long time before he slowly said, "I originally should go together to accompany you. If I go with you, perhaps we do not need this peacock feather."

Gao Li said, "I... ... I... ... "

Qiu Feng-wu said, "I understand what you mean, you are not willing to let my hand be tainted with the rank smell of blood again, you also do not want to trouble me again."

Gao Li sighed and said, "This is because your status now is very different."

Qiu Feng-wu slowly nodded, suddenly said with a smile: "I have something I forgot to tell you, I have a son."

Gao Li had pumped his hand and said, "Next time I come, I must certainly have a look at him."

Qiu Feng-wu said, "You certainly must have a look at him."

Gao Li said, "I agree."

Qiu Feng-wu said, "I also want you to agree on one thing."

Gao Li said, "You say it."

Qiu Feng-wu’s manner became very serious, he slowly said, "The peacock feather is certainly not a killer’s hidden weapon."

Gao Li said in consternation, "It is not?"

Qiu Feng-wu said, "It’s not! A hidden weapon is also a kind of weapon, where the weapon’s true significance is not to kill someone else, but to prevent oneself from being killed!"

Gao Li nodded. Actually he could not truly understand Qiu Feng-wu’s meaning, he suddenly discovered that his own thought and Qiu Feng-wu’s had some gap. But he was not willing to acknowledge it.

Qiu Feng-wu said, "In other words, the main goal of the peacock feather is not to kill someone else with it, but to save one’s life, therefore... ... " He gripped tightly Gao Li’s hand and slowly continued, "Therefore I want you to promise me, think ten thousand times before using it."

Gao Li gave out a long sound, but now he had finally completely understood Qiu Feng-wu’s meaning. At least he thought he already completely understood.

He got hold of Qiu Feng-wu’s hand, word by word he said, "I promise you to think ten thousand times first before using it!"

Gao Li lifted up his chest higher and walked. His footsteps already became far lighter, because in his heart he no longer had the anxiety and fear.

Now he already had the peacock feather in his hand. Now, Ma Feng’s life was beyond a doubt, already within the pinch of his fingers. He had no cause to worry, the person who should worry now, was Ma Feng.


In each room, the most comfortable chair usually belonged to the master of the place. This room’s master was Gao Li.

However at this moment, the one who sat on the most comfortable chair, was actually Ma Feng. He used the most comfortable sitting posture, and looked at at standing Shuang Shuang opposite of him.

He coldly said, "Five days, your husband had left for five days."

Shuang Shuang nodded.
Her standing posture was certainly uncomfortable. Any standing posture could never be more comfortable than sitting.

Ma Feng was staring at her, also asked: "You do not know where he has gone to?"

Shuang Shuang said, " I do not know."

Ma Feng said, "Will he come back?"

Shuang Shuang said, "I do not know."

Ma Feng in severe voice: "You don’t know anything?"

Shuang Shuang said, " I do not know anything."

Ma Feng said, "You have not asked him?"

Shuang Shuang said, "No."

Ma Feng said, "But you are his wife."

Shuang Shuang observed, “Because I am his wife, therefore I have not asked him."

Ma Feng said, "Why?"

Shuang Shuang said, "What man hates the most is a woman who talks too much, If I ask too many things, perhaps he already does not want me."

Ma Feng clenched his fists, his face appeared disturbed and angry. He had asked the same questions for so many times. He was waiting for this woman to become weary, so in her collapse, he would tell the truth. He did not have use violence, only because he feared that this woman would not be able to bear it. He also understood that if this woman died, he invited hundred evil spirits to himself, and yet he still would not get any advantage.

Now he suddenly detected that the one who felt weary was certainly not this woman, but he himself. He could not find out where was the source of this abnormal disabled woman’s strength, that she could sustain herself.

Suddenly Shuang Shuang asked in reply: "What are you worrying? Worried that he looks for a helper?"

Ma Feng sneered and said, "He will not find a helper, he is just like me, our kind of person, will never have a friend."

Shuang Shuang lightly said, "Then what do you have to worry about?"

Ma Feng had not replied.

He prescribed his own story-telling script. Gao Li was already like a threatened wild animal at his end’s wit, just waiting for someone else to butcher. He did not know why he had to worry.

After a very long time, he coldly said, "Nonetheless, he must come back in any case."

Shuang Shuang said, "You are comforting yourself?"

Ma Feng said, "Oh." Ma Feng also said that, "If he does not come back, you cannot be stubborn anymore."

Sighed Shuang Shuang, said, "I know."

Ma Feng said, "He certainly cannot drop out on you."

Shuang Shuang said, "That is but actually uncertain."

Ma Feng said, "Uncertain?"

Sighed Shuang Shuang, painstakingly said with a smile: "You also should be able to see, I am certainly not a woman who attracts men."

Ma Feng’s face changed color and said, "But he is always good to you."

Shuang Shuang said, "He is indeed good to me, therefore if he drops out on me, I cannot blame him." Her face expression seemed very miserable, very sorrowful. Slowly she continued, "He will  calculate things to face you, certainly not to save me."

Ma Feng said, "To face me?"

Shuang Shuang word by word said, "In order to kill you!"

Ma Feng’s hands suddenly stiffened. After a very long time, he sneeringly said, "You are worried that I will use you to coerce him, therefore you intentionally say these things."

Shuang Shuang said, "You will use me to coerce him?"

She had suddenly smiled, smiled very miserably, she continued, "What kind of person he is, you should be clearer than me, you are like him, can you imagine devoting yourself to such a woman like me?"

Ma Feng’s complexion had changed, he coldly said with a smile: "He is not like me."

Shuang Shuang said, "You think that he is really good to me?"

Ma Feng said, "I can see that."

Sighs Shuang Shuang: "Perhaps that is only because he intentionally wants you to observe it."

Ma Feng said, "Why?"

Shuang Shuang said, "He intentionally wants you to think that he is good to me, he intentionally wants you to think thtat he cannot drop out on me. Only when you think you can ignore him, then he can seize the opportunity to sneak off."

Her face revealed the color of hatred, she clenched her teeth and said, "If he is really good to me, I can feel relieved."

Ma Feng was stunned, he felt his heart slowly sinking.

Suddenly Shuang Shuang also said, "But he can come back, because although you might not kill him, he also must kill you."

Ma Feng hand suddenly gripped his sword.

By now, he also heard a person's footsteps. The sound of the footsteps was light and steady. Anybody could hear that the walking person’s mood and spirit were happy.

Even if they could not hear it, they could see it now. Because Gao Li had strode in, his eyes were twinkling, he appeared full of indescribeable energy. His spirit was indeed good.

These two days he came back, he continuously slept well and very comfortable, in his heart there was also no fear.

Ma Feng suddenly felt that this chair was very uncomfortable, the sitting posture was also very uncomfortable.

Gao Li simply had not looked at him, as if he did not exist in that room.

Shuang Shuang could certainly tell whose footsteps were those, her face lighted up with smile immediately, saying in a supple voice: "You come back?"

Gao Li said, "I have come back."

Shuang Shuang said, "What do you want to eat for dinner?"

Gao Li said, "Anything, I am starving."

Shuang Shuang had smiled, said, "We seemed to have little meat, how about I cook some for you?"

Gao Li said, "That’s good, just fry it with some garlic powder."

Looking at his appearance, it was as if he just went out for a stroll, although he was tired from the walk, but as soon as he arrived at his home, he had become very happy and relaxed.

Ma Feng was staring at him, as if he had not seen this person. Gao Li had indeed resembled a different person. He was originally like a wild animal already cornered into a hopeless situation, but presently, he actually looked like a hunter ready to pounce on the wild animal. Moreover, he seemed like an experienced hunter, filled with determination and self-confidence.

What strength caused him to change? Ma Feng could not think through. His heart suddenly grew some seeds of unspeakable fear. An unexplainable, baffling matter would always frighten some people.

Shuang Shuang had advanced past him, leaving the kitchen. He had not stopped her. He originally planned to use her to coerce Gao Li, but presently he did not know why, but he suddenly thought that this idea was very weak, very laughable.

From the kitchen the fragrance of meat sauteed with garlic fluttered in the air.

Gao Li had suddenly smiled and said, "She is really a woman who can cook very well."

Ma Feng nodded.
He was not versed in the mundane worldly affairs, therefore he could only nod.

Gao Li said, "She is also very forgiving towards her husband."

Ma Feng said, "She is not stupid."
This point could not be denied.

Gao Li smilingly said, "A man can marry such wife, he is really lucky."

Ma Feng said, "Actually what do you want to say?"

Gao Li slowly replied: "I mean, if you had coerced me a moment ago with her, even if you wanted me to cut my head, I would have given you."

Ma Feng’s corners of the mouth suddenly twitched, like someone had pinched that part, and distorted his mouth.

Gao Li lightly said that, "It’s a pity, now you no longer have the opportunity.” He sank his face, and slowly continued, “Because now, with the slightest move, I will kill you. Killing someone may not necessarily wait until the full moon."

His voice was firm and stable, like a confident judge deciding that the accused was condemned to death.

Ma Feng smiled. He was indeed smiling, but he felt his smile was forced.

Gao Li said, "You may smile now, because I may let you live until the full moon, but when you die in the fight, that’s not laughable."

Ma Feng sneeringly said, "Therefore you are not smiling?"

Gao Li said, "I cannot smile, only because killing people is not laughable."

Ma Feng said, "What will you use to kill people? With your broken hoe?"

Gao Li said, "Even if I use that broken hoe, I will still be able to kill you!"

Ma Feng’s face stopped smiling. He was breathing very hard.

In the kitchen, Shuang Shuang’s voice was heard, "The food is cold now, how about some fried rice with egg?"


"Several bowls?"

"Two bowls, one bowl for each of us."

"The visitor?"

"You do not need to prepare for him, he certainly cannot eat."

Ma Feng indeed could not eat. He felt his stomach contracting, it was almost like he had to vomit.

Gao Li had smiled cruelly to him, "You want to vomit a little now?"

Ma Feng said, "Why do I want to vomit?

Gao Li said, "When a person is afraid, he usually cannot stop vomitting, I have also had this kind of experience."

Ma Feng sneeringly said, "Do you think I fear you?"

Gao Li said, "You certainly fear me, because you certainly can see, that I can kill you whenever I need to." He suddenly continued, "You are now alive, only because I do not want to kill you now."

This speech graated on Ma Feng’s ears, because this was originally what he said.

Gao Li coldly said, "Now I do not want to kill you, because I never like to kill people while hungry."

Ma Feng was staring at him, suddenly with a quick jump, the sword pierced forward. This sword move was quick and ruthless. This was precise, accurate and fatal sword stroke, but actually this was not the usual sword stroke that he usually used. This violated the principle he had when he killed people. He killed people always very slowly. This sword stroke was not slow, the sword flashed like a flash, piercing towards Gao Li’s throat.

Gao Li sat behind the table, his hands were under the table. He sat unmoving. But his spear suddenly broke through the table. The sword point was still three inches away from his throat. He had not moved. His spear had gone through Ma Feng’s abdomen.

Ma Feng was moving. His entire body was slowly contracting, withering away. He looked at Gao Li, his eyes were filled with surprise, fear and doubt. While panting for breath, he said, "You... ... You have really killed me."

Gao Li said, "I have said it, I must kill you."

Ma Feng said, "You originally absolutely could not kill me.”

Gao Li said, "But now I have killed you."

Ma Feng said, "I... ... I do not believe it."

Gao Li said, "You must believe it."

Ma Feng seemed as if he wanted to say some more, but his throat’s muscle had stiffened.

Gao Li said, "I originally did not have the assurance, but presently, I can kill you again if necessary."

Ma Feng’s throat did not stop croaking, as if asking,"Why?"

Gao Li slowly said, "Because I have a friend, a good friend."

Ma Feng’s pupil had suddenly dispersed, he finally gave a long sigh. Then he was like a shrunken ball, suddenly collapsed and withered. He did not have a friend, he did not have anything.


Gao Li opened wide his arms, welcoming Shuang Shuang to his bosom. They mutually hugged each other, all disasters and the unfortunates were all already in the past.

After such test, their emotions towards each other had no doubt become deeper, more sincere. The had completely become dependent on each other, trusted each other mutually.

There was nothing in the world that could separate them again.

But, it was a pity that this was our story’s conclusion. In fact, this story had only started now....


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