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Chapter 4: Destiny


The skill of sabre wielding, the swordstyle of the famous expert… frequently they could be described as foolishness if one were to pick up dual sabre or dual sword with both hands.

In the eyes of famous experts, dual spears simply could not be compared to the use of one spear. Because in wugong, just like in very many other matters in the world, having more, did not necessarily meant always better.

If some people had seven fingers in one hand, his deftness might not be better than a person with only five fingers. For a truly finely deft person, even if there were only one finger, that would have been enough.

But a person who used dual sabres or dual swords, held on to this belief:  "A person obviously always has two hands, then why one would use only a single weapon?"

Regardless of which kind of truth was quite correct, now no one could actually consider Gao Li as laughable. His dual spears looked like poisonous dragon flaps, soaring hawk's wings. He had attacked Ximen Yu, his spears had been launched. The start of the bloody battle had been initiated but Qiu Feng-wu had not moved.

Because Ximen Yu has not moved, he had not even turned his face towards Gao Li. His eyes were always staring at Qiu Feng-wu’s hand, the hand that grasped the sword.

Qiu Feng-wu felt himself break a cold sweat.

Ximen Yu had suddenly smiled and said, "If I were you, I would have laid down this sword"

Qiu Feng-wu said, "Oh!"

Ximen Yu said, "Because if you lay down this sword, perhaps you still have the opportunity to live and leave here."

Qiu Feng-wu said, "How big is the opportunity?"

Ximen Yu: "Not much, but at least it is still better than none."

Qiu Feng-wu said, "Gao Li did not seem to have any opportunity."

Ximen Yu said, "His marksmanship is good, he is a master of the spear wielding skill, he might be the best at it."

Qiu Feng-wu said, "You said this very fairly."

Ximen Yu said, "I have looked at his marksmanship, also at how he kill people, in the world certainly there is none compares to me who understands his wugong."

Qiu Feng-wu said, "I know you pay a lot of attention to him."

Ximen Yu said, "I also understand Mao Zhan and Ding Gan very well."

Qiu Feng-wu said, "You think they are enough to cope with Gao Li."

Ximen Yu said, "At least almost enough."

Qiu Feng-wu said, "How about me?"

Ximen Yu said, "I certainly understand you very well."

Qiu Feng-wu said, "You and Ma Feng are enough to cope with me!"

Ximen Yu smiled and said, "I don’t like too many people."

Qiu Feng-wu said, "You calculated this so you have come forward."

Ximen Yu said, "Based on experience, to be ever-victorious, if one does not have the ninety percent assurance, how can I come here."

Qiu Feng-wu suddenly gave a long sigh of relief, like someone drifting on the sea, a person who was almost drowned, had suddenly discovered the land.

"The ninety percent sure Ximen Yu has miscalculated after all."

He had not calculated Jin Kai-jia. He certainly would never dream, that the big god of thunder, a master from the years past, was also here.

"Whether a mistake is big or small, it can turn out to be a fatal mistake”

His mistake this time was awfully big.

Qiu Feng-wu slowly nodded and said, "You indeed considered very thoroughly, four people are indeed plenty enough to cope with us two."

Now although they had not seen Jin Kai-jia, but he actually knew that Jin Kai-jia would surely appear at a suitable time. He nearly could not stop himself from smiling.

The dual spears danced in the air. The flashes of the silver light, got reflected on his face, he looked like as if he had never been more relaxed.

Ximen Yu was staring at his face. Suddenly he had smiled and said, "I know that there is another person."
Qiu Feng-wu said, "You know?"

Ximen Yu discussed: "Therefore we have come just the four of us."

Qiu Feng-wu sighed and said, "Although I have not seen him, but I finally felt his presence."

Ximen Yu said, "Oh."

The swords and spears danced in the air behind him, they were less than two feet away from him. The sword and the spear clashed, often making a soul-stirring sound, the cold wind from the measured the clash could send his long hair to scatter in disorder. But his face never twitch a muscle.

Qiu Feng-wu also had no alternative but to admire him, he had never seen a person so calm. He had also smiled and said, "There is also another person? A person who will set a fire behind?"

Ximen Yu said, “Yes.”

Qiu Feng-wu said, " First you set a fire to the house to cut the escape route, and then moved to the front, to circle us.”

Ximen Yu said, "You seem to understand me very well."

Qiu Feng-wu said, "I pick things up quickly."

Ximen Yu sighed: " Indeed you should be my good helper originally."

His vision suddenly moved aside from Qiu Feng-wu’s body, transfering to Shuang Shuang’s body. Shuang Shuang stood in the entrance, standing under the glow of sunlight. Her slender emaciated hand was holding the door open, as if she was going out if necessary.

But she had not dropped down. Her body seemed to be completely stiff, her face also held an indescribable expression that although she had not dropped down, but her entire person had actually seemed to have collapsed completely. You forever could not imagine that there was this kind of posture and expression.

Qiu Feng-wu could not stand turning his head to look at her, he suddenly smiled and said, "The fire is up?"

Ximen Yu said, "No."

Qiu Feng-wu said, "Why not?"

Ximen Yu said, "You are worrying for me?"

Qiu Feng-wu said, "I only fear that he will not set it on fire."

Ximen Yu said, "Why not?"

Qiu Feng-wu said, "Only one kind of person cannot."

Ximen Yu said, "A dead person."

Qiu Feng-wu smiled.

At this moment, Ximen Yu finally moved, flushed towards Shuang Shuang. Ma Feng who had continuously lay down under the tree had also suddenly moved forward, the glimmer of the sword light flashed, like a jagged thorn around Qiu Feng-wu’s neck.

But also at this moment, behind the house, there were the shadows of two people.

"Thud", Ximen Yu had not looked closer at the two people, because he knew that he had miscalculated.

Now his goal was Shuang Shuang. He could also see Gao Li’s sentiment towards Shuang Shuang. So long as he could hold Shuang Shuang under duress, even if he could not win these fights, he would still have a way to retreat.

Shuang Shuang had not moved, had not fended against him. But behind her, a person actually appeared. A godly giant.

Jin Kai-jia seemed as if he casually stood in the entrance, as if he was not completely on alert. But anybody could see that to intercept him was not an easy thing.

His face also had no expression, a pair of dead gray open eyes, coldly looked at Ximen Yu, he has not certainly attacked, but Ximen Yu actually suddenly stopped, like he suddenly found an invisible stone wall right in front of him.

This person with a single arm and no expression, was not on alert, but his position already caused Ximen Yu’s eye muscles to draw tightly. He was staring at him, word by word said, "Your excellency’s surname?"

Jin Kai-jia said, "Jin!"

Ximen Yu said, "Jin, Jin as in ‘gold’?"

He suddenly discovered that this single arm person wield the iron axe, his entire body became stiffened.

Big god of thunder Jin Kai-jia said, "You did not expect this?"

Ximen Yu sighed, painstakingly said with a smile: "I have miscalculated, I originally should not come."

Jin Kai-jia said, "But you have come."

Ximen Yu said, Now can I also walk away?"

Jin Kai-jia said, "You cannot. "

Ximen Yu said, "I may give you a hand."

Jin Kai-jia said, "A hand is insufficient."

Ximen Yu said, "What do you also want?"

Jin Kai-jia said, "I want your life."

Ximen Yu said, "No deal?"

Jin Kai-jia said, "No."

Ximen Yu gave along sigh and said, "Good."

He suddenly attacked, his goal was Shuang Shuang. To protect someone else was always more difficult than to protect oneself, perhaps Shuang Shuang was Jin Kai-jia’s only weakness, the only opening.

Jin Kai-jia was protecting Shuang Shuang. He knew that the best defense, was to attack.

His iron axe cleaved forward in attack. This axe was simple, pure, steady, the axe was not an ever changing weapon. Iron axe cleaved straight at the enemy, the simplest kind of weapon in wugong skills.

But this move actually had one hundred different follow-up moves, ever changing. This axe had returned to its original stance, very similar. Nobody could describe the strange moves of this axe, nobody could understand it.

Not even Ximen Yu. When he saw the iron axe cleaved down at him, he felt the ice-cold sharp axe chopped down, he felt as if he could hear the sound of his own breaking bone. He nearly could not believe that this was real.

Could death be so unreal? No pain, no fear. He did not earnestly think that he could die this time, but suddenly death had seized his life. Then the limitless darkness had embraced him forever.

Shuang Shuang had not moved, but the teardrops had slowly flowed down her face…

Suddenly, there was also a miserable shout. Qiu Feng-wu had true enlightenment results in Ma Feng’s fearful move, Ma Feng had made a fatal mistake. He wielded his sword too high, revealing an empty opening on his abdomen.

Qiu Feng-wu’s face had not shown his thought, when the sword tip had pierced his enemy’s belly. As soon as  Ma Feng felt the sword, he looked like a fish who got hooked. When his body fell down, the blood had falled on his own body. He also died very quickly.

Mao Zhan had became almost crazy. Because he had smelled the blood fishy smell, he seemed crazed with hunger, like a wild deer who got stuck on an oak tree approaching its death. He could not see the other person, he could only see Gao Li’s dancing spear skill.

Ding Gan step by step had moved backward, suddenly he turned around to flee, a good skill too.

Qiu Feng-wu had waited there and coldly looked at him, "You want to leave?"

Ding Gan wetted his dry lips and said, "I have said what I wanted."

Qiu Feng-wu said, "You have said that in order to live, you would do anything."

Ding Gan replied: "I have said so.

Qiu Feng-wu said, "Now you may do something for me."

Ding Gan’s eyes lit up with hope and asked immediately: "What matter?"

Qiu Feng-wu said, "Is Mao Zhan your good friend?"

Ding Gan replied: "I do not have a friend."

Qiu Feng-wu said, "It is good, you kill him, I will not kill you.”

Ding Gan had not said anything, his hand was raised. Three sabre lightning moves were launched, three sabre moves towards Mao Zhan’s left chest.

Mao Zhan roared loudly and suddenly turned his head. He could not see Gao Li, he could not see the silver spears that danced in the air. The silver spears was stunned. He stared at Ding Gan and moved forward step by step, the blood on the chest blood did not stop flowing down his body.

Ding Gan’s face had lost all his blood, he had moved backward step by step with a malicious voice: "You cannot blame me, even if I accompany you to die, there will be advantage in it."

Mao Zhan clenched his teeth, blood had seeped out of the corners of his mouth.

Ding Gan suddenly sneered and said, "But you also should not think that I fear you, now I can kill you only with only a slight effort." His hand was raised.

Then his complexion sudden became ugly, because he discovered that both of his arms were gripped by a person.

Mao Zhan kept moving forward step by step.

Ding Gan could no longer move, could no longer retreat.

Qiu Feng-wu’s hands were like two iron clasps, they had closely gripped his arms.

Ding Gan had a ghastly pale look, with a trembling voice he said: "Let me go, you have promised me, that you will let me leave."

Qiu Feng-wu lightly said, "I do not kill you."

Ding Gan replied: "But he... ... ...”

Qiu Feng-wu indifferently said, "If he kills you, that has nothing to do with me."

Ding Gan suddenly gave a loudly miserably shout, he struggled  like a wild animal. Then he seemed to stop his breath.

When Mao Zhan arrived in front of him, he slowly drew out a sabre, after slowly piercing the person’s chest three times, he also emitted a miserable shout.

Mao Zhan looked at him, before he suddenly turned around, and gave a deep bow to Qiu Feng-wu. He had not said anything. Then he used his own hand to cut off his own throat.

Nobody moved, no sound at all.

The blood slowly permeated the earth where the sunlight shone, the dead people’s corpses seemed to have withered.

Shuang Shuang finally dropped down.
Qiu Feng-wu looked at her, like looking at a fresh flower who had gradually withered ...



The sunlight shone on the earth.

Jin Kai-jia wielded his iron axe, layer by layer he had chopped. As if he wanted to give vent to the grief and indignation of the heart on the earth.

The earth did not have a word. It could breed life, and it also could similarly accept death.
Fresh flower opened at the same place, as probably where the corpses started to rot.

The grave was dug. Jin Kai-jia had thrown in Ximen Yu’s corpse.

A person’s joy and hope was not so easy to bury hopefully? He only knew that Shuang Shuang’s joy and hope had been buried, now he only saw that it prepared to rot underground.

When you took away a person's life, sometimes you were being kinder than if you took away his hope. He really did not dare to imagine, how a person devoid of hope, could still live, because for himself, although he did not have the joy, he actually still had hope.

Shuang Shuang?

He never bursted into tears, never. But as soon as he remembered about the original Shuang Shuang, full of happiness and self-confidence, his heart seemed to have been pierced by a needle.

Now he only hoped that the two young people could comfort her, could let her live. He was too old. Comforting a woman, actually was a young man’s job, an old person has could only excavate the grave for the dead people.

He moved along, bent his waist to retrieve Ma Feng’s corpse.

Ma Feng’s corpse unexpectedly moved! Ma Feng had not really died. The abdomen was certainly not a person's strategic point, even if the abdomen was pierced, one could still actually survive.

The thought that the abdomen was a critical part, was only an illusion. Ma Feng had used this illusion, and he had intentionally suffered a sword piercing  by Qiu Feng-wu.

Jin Kai-jia had just lifted him up when his sword had entered Jin Kai-jia’s waist, although it did not enter straight to the hilt.



The sword was still in Jin Kai-jia’s body, Ma Feng actually ran away. He grasped the best opportunity to run away. Because he knew that Gao Li and Qiu Feng-wu certainly would first think of the method rescues Jin Kai-jia first before pursuing him. Therefore he had not wanted Jin Kai-jia to surely die.

When Gao Li and Qiu Feng-wu moved forward, Jin Kai-jia was barely breathing. While panting for breath, he asked hoarsely: "Shuang Shuang?" Even now he still cared for the others.

Gao Li was reluctantly answering him patiently amidst the heart’s sorrow and said, "Her body is too weak, and she is not awake yet."

Jin Kai-jia said, "You should let her sleep, when she wakes, just tell her that I have left,” he fiercely coughed and said, "You surely do not tell her that I am dead, I surely do not want... ... "

Gao Li said, "You will not die, you cannot die."

Jin Kai-jia had reluctantly smiled and said, "Dying is not a big deal, why do you have to fuss about it, that makes me feel uncomfortable."

Qiu Feng-wu reluctantly had also smiled, he wanted to say several happy words, but  heactually could not say anything.

Jin Kai-jia said, "Now that you cannot stay here anymore, the quicker you leave the better."

Qiu Feng-wu said: “Yes."

Jin Kai-jia said, "Gao Li certainly must bring along Shuang Shuang: "

Qiu Feng-wu said, "You should feel relieved, he will not leave Shuang Shuang."

Jin Kai-jia said, "I also hope you comply with my request."

Qiu Feng-wu said, "What matter?"

Jin Kai-jia said, "Go back, I want you to go back."

Qiu Feng-wu nipped his tooth and said, "Why do you want me to go back?"

Jin Kai-jia with respite said, "If you go back, they will not be able to find you again, because who would have thought that you are be the peacock village’s young master."

Qiu Feng-wu said, "But... ... "

Jin Kai-jia said, "If they cannot find you, they also cannot find Gao Li, therefore in order to rescue Gao Li, you should go back: "

Qiu Feng-wu was silent momentarily, suddenly he said, "I may bring them back together with me."

Jin Kai-jia said, "You may not."

Qiu Feng-wu said, "Why?

Jin Kai-jia said, "There are many people living in Peacock village, many tongues as well. If they see you bring two people back, sooner or later the news will spread out."

Qiu Feng-wu said, "I do not believe that they will really dare to do that in the peacock village."

Jin Kai-jia said, "I know that you do not fear the trouble, but I also know Gao Li’s temperament."

He had coughed for a good period of time, only then continued, "He never wants to trouble his friend, if you are really his friend, you should let him bring Shuang Shuang by himself, to go peacefully to their latter half of life."

Qiu Feng-wu said, "But he... ... "

Jin Kai-jia said, "If he really goes to the peacock village, you certainly will regret it."

Qiu Feng-wu said, "Why?"

Jin Kai-jia said, "You do not need to ask me why, you certainly will believe me... ... "
He was struggling, his pants for breath seemed to increase very quickly.

After a long time, he said word by word, "If you are not willing to promise me that, I cannot die in peace."

Qiu Feng-wu cupped his hands together and said, "Good, I promise you, but only if you live, so that we can cope with the Green Dragon Clan.”

He clenched his teeth and continued, "Only when the Green Dragon Clan is dissolved one day, we can have our lives back.”

Jin Kai-jia said, "You can have it one day, but you actually cannot have me."

He had reluctantly smiled, continued, "You should better remember that if you want overthrow the Green Dragon Clan, it is not something that a single person can achieve, not even the peacock feather’s master can."

Qiu Feng-wu said, "You... ... "

Jin Kai-jia said, "I am no better than you, if you want to overthrow the Green Dragon Clan, you just have to remember five words."

Qiu Feng-wu said, "Which five words?"

Jin Kai-jia said, "Work together heart and soul."

"Work together heart and soul!"

With these final five words, this martial arts world giant had finally given his lesson. He came and go freely, roaming through the world, when he arrived at the point of death, what remained was these five words.

By now because he only then truly understood, that there was nothing in the world that could compare with "work together heart and soul".

Now he had said what he must say. He knew that his death was not useless. If you wanted to be useful, that would be difficult, as dying with a purpose was something that did not come easy.



The setting sun illuminated the room through from the window lighting all the corners.

Two mice came out from the corner hole, swaggering, because they thought in the room there was nobody, but in the room there were some people, three people.

Gao Li and Qiu Feng-wu very straightly stood in front of the bed, looking at Shuang Shuang who was still in deep sleep.

The mouse had fled from their feet, like they had also. They had not moved, nor had they sat down. It was as if they were punishing themselves.

Didn’t they create all these misfortunes?

When they saw the soil covered Jin Kai-jia’s body, they certainly had not burst into tears, because they had remembered Jin Kai-jia’s words. "Death is certainly not a big deal."

Indeed it was not. Because although some people were dead, but their spirits would actually lived forever. Living in the hearts of the people! Therefore dying was not painful, only the person who must lived who suffered pain.

Now they looked at Shuang Shuang, the tears instead could not bear must come down.

Shuang Shuang had awoke. As soon as whe awoke, she immediately summoned Gao Li’s name.

Gao Li instantly held her hand, and said with a supple voice: "I am here, I will be here always."

Shuang Shuang said, "I know, I know that you will never leave me behind."

Gao Li said, "I... ... I also want you to understand something."

Shuang Shuang said, "I have already understood."

Her face suddenly revealed the fresh flower smile and continued, "I know that you must tell me, that I am the world’s most beautiful woman, cause these people said things to crush my spirit."

Gao Li said, "They were simply not real people and what they said was completely illogical."

Said Shuang Shuang, "I understand."

She lifted up her hand, and lightly caressed Gao Li’s face. Her face was filled with gentleness and pity, as she gently continued, "I also know that you are afraid that I should worry, but actually I already know what kind of person I am, I don’t need them to tell me."

Gao Li’s heart suddenly drew tight, reluctantly said with a smile: "But their words were not real."

Shuang Shuang said with a supple voice: "You think I am still a child? You think what others said to me was just false …."

Gao Li only felt that his heart sinking, nearly sinking to the deepest bottom.

Shuang Shuang said, "But you should not be afraid that I would become sad, because you cannot be sad for me. For many years, I have realized that I am just a young blind person who looked like a clown.”

Her sound was very tranquil, but her face did not have the slightest sadness or self-pity.

She gently said, "At the start, I was certainly very uncomfortable, and very sad, but afterwards I also have taken it easy, each person has her own destiny, therefore each person should also accept her destiny, and lives well."

She was lightly caressing Gao Li’s face, and said gently, "Although I may looked like a clown for some people, but I certainly will not blame god and man, because I am so much more fortunate than a person of misfortune, not only I have kind parents, moreover I also have you."

Qiu Feng-wu was listening at the side, he had some problem clearing his eyelashes.

When he looked at Shuang Shuang, he no longer felt pity or sympathy, instead he was filled with admiration and respect. He really did not expect that in such a delicate abnormal body, unexpectedly there could be such a strong, great heart.

Gao Li mournfully said, "Since you already knew, why didn’t you say anything?"

Shuang Shuang said, "I am anxious for you."

Gao Li said, "For me?"

Shuang Shuang said, "I know that you are good to me, I hope that when you here with me, you can be joyful. But if I said what I knew about me, you might sad and uncomfortable for me.” She gently sighed and said, "You are so good to me, how can I let you feel uncomfortable?"

Gao Li looked at her, his tear had came down.

He suddenly discovered that between them, he was the one without the spirit, just a selfish person. He looked after her, protected her, perhaps only to make himself feel joyful, in order to rebuild himself, in order to bring peace to his own mind.

He always hoped to see her smiling face, to wash clean the rank smell of blood from his hands. He continuously avoided people: avoiding others, avoiding himself, avoiding the blame and the conscience. Only with her, he could obtain a moment to rest.

Shuang Shuang said with a supple voice: "Therefore I hope that you are not sad for me, because I never feel sad for myself, so long as we can be joyful together, then we should not care about my appearance at all."

This script was something he should say, instead she said the words. He suddenly detected that for all these years, it was she who were looking after him, protecting him. If he did not have her, perhaps he had already gone crazy, already collapsed.

Continued Shuang Shuang: "Now you understand me?"

Gao Li did not say anything anymore. He had knelt down, sincerely he had knelt down.

Qiu Feng-wu looked at them, the tears had came down copiously. He had suddenly also discovered something.

The god in the sky was always fair. Although Shuang Shuang did not have a beautiful body, actually had given her a beautiful heart.


A new grave.

In fact, it simply did not look like a grave. The soil was packed tightly, moreover they had moved some strip of grasses from nearby to lay on top of it. Now nobody could see that in this piece of land, lay buried this generation’s wonderful hero’s corpse.

This was Gao Li and Qiu Feng-wu’s intention. They did not want anyone else to disturb this hero’s sould underground again.

It also did not have a tombstone. The tombstone was in their hearts:  "He is not a god, he is a person."

A great person, a great friend. Perhaps his earthshaking wugong could be dismissed from the mind by them, but what he did for them actually was something they would keep in their hearts for the rest of their lives.


When dusk came, they also brought some liquor here.

The whole liquor in the world.

They were drinking this liquor in turn, and whatever left over, got completely sprinkled on Gao Li and Shuang Shuang who were kneeling on the earth.

"This is in our celebration drink. I know that you are eager to drink our celebration drink."

"I certainly will lead her and leave, look after her well, wherever we may go, I will never leave her."

In this period of life, he hoped that she would stay to be his focus, and that they could live well together. Anything else could be surrendered to the protection of the dead, by their honor and sincerity and respect.

Then Shuang Shuang drew back quietly to one side, and let these two people, on the same juncture in life and death, together they had the same enemies and friends up ahead.


The twilight was darker, the crows of the forest wailed in the wind, as if they were sad to live in this world.

Qiu Feng-wu looked at Gao Li. Gao Li looked at Qiu Feng-wu, what else to say to tell what they feel?

After a long time, Qiu Feng-wu had finally reluctantly smiled and said, "Do you know that you are a person who is very lucky!"

Gao Li reluctantly had also smiled and said, "I know."

Qiu Feng-wu said, "Now you will go your way and I mine."

Gao Li said, "You have to go back?"

Qiu Feng-wu said, "I have agreed to his request, I certainly must go back."

Gao Li said, "I understand."

Qiu Feng-wu said, "You?"

Gao Li said, "I have also agreed to his request, we certainly can live well."

Qiu Feng-wu said, "Where will you go?"

Gao Li said, "The world is so big, we can always have somewhere to go."

Qiu Feng-wu slowly nodded and said, "But regardless of where you are, later you can find me."

Gao Li said, "Certainly."

Qiu Feng-wu said, "Bring her along."

Gao Li said, "Certainly."

Qiu Feng-wu suddenly put out his hand, closely gripped Gao Li’s hand and said, "I also want you to agree to one thing."

Gao Li said, "Just say it."

Qiu Feng-wu said, "If you have any difficulty later, you must find me."


The dim light of night was coming.

Qiu Feng-wu’s shadow stood lonely, and had vanished in the dim light of the night. Gao Li gently supported Shuang Shuang, his heart felt happy, and yet also grieved.

Shuang Shuang said with a supple voice: "You are a person who is very lucky."

Gao Li nodded.

Shuang Shuang said, "Very few people can have such a friend like him."

Gao Li commented back: " Very few people can marry such a wife as you."

He was indeed very happy. He had a good friend, also a good wife. Anyone would think that was enough. But he did not know why, his heart was unexpectedly filled with sadness and fear, sadness and fear for the future. Because he had not really grasped, whether they could live well afterwards.

Shuang Shuang moved forward, suddenly also said, "You are not afraid?"
Gao Li reluctantly said with a smile: "I am afraid? For what?"

Shuang Shuang said, "Afraid that we cannot live well, afraid that these people might find us again, afraid that we cannot live on the road."

Gao Li was silent. He always understood very well that, that life could be cruel and be a heavy burden.

Shuang Shuang said, "Actually you should not be afraid, a person as long as he has the determination, he will always have the way out."

Gao Li said, "But... ... "

Shuang Shuang had interrupted him, "I am not afraid of hardship, as long as I can be with you in the same place, a little pain will not affect us."

Gao Li said, "But I must look after you well, I want you to have a good life."

Shuang Shuang said, "What kind of day, can be called a good day?"

Gao Li had not replied. He did not know how he should reply.

Shuang Shuang said, "If one can eat well, wear something, have a shelter, and most importantly, have a joyful heart, as long as the heart is joyful, I do not care about anything else."

On her gentle face, there was courage and determination which one could not begin to describe.

Gao Li slowly lift up his chest and pulled up her hand. His heart was also suddenly filled with determination and courage. He knew that there was nothing in the world presently that could make him feel sad with dread.

Because he was no longer lonely. No longer lonely could only be felt by those who was once lonely, only then he realize how marvelous it was not to be lonely.



They certainly had not been to the remote mountains, also had not been to the bordertowns. They looked for a peaceful village to stay, people in the town were good, simple, and honorable. An industrious tenant farmer, with a feeble wife, would not cause others to gossip here.

On sunrise they work, on sunset they rest.

Their days were tranquil and happy. It was only a pity that this certainly was not our story’s conclusion.

Gao Li returned. He was full of soil and wearily came back. With her delicate gentle hand, Shuang Shuang had fried some food for him, had warmed up a pot of liquor.

In this room she had become familiar with everything, she could gradually use her hands to replace the eyes. Now she had become much healthier. Happy joyful life, regardless of any kind of illness, was without a doubt a good medicine.

Gao Li looked at the food and wine on the table, he had smiled like a child: "Tonight unexpectedly we have the liquor."

Shuang Shuang was smiling very sweetly said, "These days you are really too tired, I should really prepare nice things for you to enjoy well."

Gao Li sat down, first he drank some liquor, then he said with a smile: "I only wish today to hand over the rent, and that there would some left to get several buckets of grain, and buy some amusing trinkets for you."

Shuang Shuang behaved like a spoiled child, sat on his knee, winking her eye and said, "I only want the same thing."

Gao Li said, "What do you want?"

Shuang Shuang said, "You."

She used her delicate young hand, and pinched his nose. He opened the mouth, as if he was gasping for breath. She kept laughing, dropping down the glass of liquor, he took up the chopsticks, has pinched a piece of spareribs, must force it into her mouth.

Suddenly, his chopsticks had fallen down. His hands were already ice-cold. The chopsticks did not pinch the spareribs, but a bug. A seven inch long centipede.

Shuang Shuang said, "What is the matter?"

Gao Li’s complexion had also changed, reluctantly said with a smile: "Nothing, there is a bug in the food, I am sure it must have fallen down from the roof, evidently tonight I cannot eat this sweet and sour spareribs."

Shuang Shuang was silent for a very long time, she finally also smiled and said, "Luckily in the kitchen we also have eggs, we will fry some eggs."

As soon as she stood up, Gao Li also stood up immediately and said, "I will go with you."

Shuang Shuang said, "I will go, you just sit here and drink."

Gao Li said, "I must go with you, I like looking at you frying the egg."

Shuang Shuang said with a smile: "What is so attractive about frying the egg?"

Gao Li said with a smile: "I like looking at you."

Although they both were smiling, but their hearts were actually eclipsed by a shadow.

The kitchen was very clean. You absolutely could not think that a woman like Shuang Shuang could tidy up the kitchen so cleanly. Love was a very marvelous source of strength, it might nearly obtain anything, it might nearly create miracles.

Shuang Shuang entered the kitchen, Gao Li also entered, Shuang Shuang took the eggs, Gao Li also took the eggs with her. He was simply following her everywhere. Shuang Shuang opened the stove, Gao Li had ignited the fire, Shuang Shuang took up the pot, Gao Li had raised the pot cover.

Suddenly, the pot cover had fallen from his hand. His hand grew colder, the heart was also colder. The pot certainly was not empty, there were two paper-cut people. The two people did not have heads, the neck was dyed red by the blood.

The furnace fire was very fiery, the paper-cut people was roasted by the heat, and suddenly started to twist and distort, they look surreptitiously fearsome.

Shuang Shuang’s complexion was pale, she almost fainted, as if she had the marvelous sixth sense, and felt Gao Li’s fear. She had not fainted, because she knew that they needed to be strong at this time.

She suddenly said: "Now we are back to the old matter?"

Gao Li nodded, he felt the pain.. Because he knew that their tranquil happy life, had now disappeared! Must acknowledge this matter, was indeed really painful.

But Shuang Shuang was instead very calm, she had gotten hold of his hand and said, "We know that sooner or later they will find us, right?"

Gao Li said, “Yes."

Shuang Shuang said, "Therefore you cannot worry for me, because I already had made some preparation." Her sound was gentler, she continued, "I have spent more than two years of happy living, if I die now, there would be no regret, moreover, we may not necessarily die."

Gao Li lifted up his chest and said in a big voice: "You think I am afraid of them?"

Shuang Shuang said, "You certainly are not afraid, you are a man with indomitable spirit, how can you fear these stealthy villains."

Her face was bright, originally full of her pride for him. Gao Li suddenly also had the courage. If you loved well, you would know that this kind of courage would marvelously arise.

Shuang Shuang said, "Now you honestly tell me, actually what was in the pot?"

Gao Li slow said that, "Only... ... Only two paper-cut people."

Shuang Shuang said, "Paper-cut persons?"

Gao Li sneeringly said, "They want to frighten us, actually they do not realize that we will never be afraid."

The dead bug and the paper-cut persons certainly could not kill anyone, everybody could see that this was only a threat, a kind of warning. They obviously did not want him to die too quickly.

Shuang Shuang nibbled at her lips, after a very long silence, she suddenly said, "You wash the pot, I will boil the egg for you to eat, let’s boil six eggs, you eat four, I will eat two."

Gao Li said, "You... ... You can eat?"

Shuang Shuang said, "Why can't I eat? When one cannot eat, that is like saying that one is afraid. Therefore we have to eat, and moreover, we have to eat a lot."

Gao Li said with a smile: "Right, I eat four, you eat two."

Only eating the eggs, was the safest thing. Therefore they started to eat the eggs.

Shuang Shuang said, "These eggs are really delicious."

Gao Li said, "Exactly, more delicious than the spareribs."

Shuang Shuang said, "If they dare to come openly and aboveboard, I will ask them to eat two eggs."

"It’s a pity they do not dare, that kind of person only dares to make shameful things stealthily."

Suddenly, outside the window there was a sound of a sneer.

Gao Li suddenly stood up and said, "Who is it?"

No one had responded, certainly no one had.

Gao Li wanted to pursue, actually he slowly sat down, lightly said, "Really shameful."

Shuang Shuang said, "Do you know what is the best method to cope with this kind of person?"

Gao Li said, "What method do you say?"

Shuang Shuang said, "Just pay no attention to them."
Gao Li said with a smile: "Right, just be unalarmed by strange sights, it avoids the feeling of defeat, this is indeed a good method."

He laughed loudly, but he was really laughing?


Outside the window darkness existed, limitless darkness. In darkness did not know how many fearful matters was hiding, how many fearful people?

In the room there were actually only two people. A small room, a young couple, that limitless darkness and fearful things outside, had completely surrounded them.

He was really not afraid?

The silver spear was taken out from under the bed. The spear had accumulated some dust, but actually had not rusted. Some things could never rust, some recollections were also the same.

Gao Li had remembered Qiu Feng-wu. How was he doing now? Were they also looking for him? He hoped they had not.

He hoped this matter would be finished here, would disappear with him. He could not lay down, only Shuang Shuang could. If he were asleep, would Shuang Shuang be able to? He did not want to think about it at all. It seemed that Shuang Shuang had not thought about it, it looked like she could sleep. She really looked like a much stronger, braver person, but when she was asleep, she looked just like a child. How could he be cruel enough to leave her? How could he die?

Outside the window the wind was howling, the night was darker. He gripped his spears tightly, he exhausted all strength not to cry. But he cried.

Shuang Shuang turned around, she suddenly asked: "Why don't you sleep?" Originally she had not been sleeping.

Gao Li said, "I... ... I am not sleepy."

Shuang Shuang said, "Don’t forget that you will have to get up early tomorrow and work on the field."

Gao Li had reluctantly smiled and said, "Will I stay home and be lazy tomorrow?"

Shuang Shuang said, "Certainly, but how about the day after tomorrow? ... ... Four days from now?" She sighed, continued, "If they do not appear, you will continuously stay with me here? ... ... Can you stay with me in this hut for a lifetime?"

Gao Li said, "Why can't I?"

Shuang Shuang said, "Even if you can, how can we survive?"

Gao Li said, "We can keep it up until they appear, we’ll wait until they confront me, try them to get the better of me."

Shuang Shuang said, "But when will they confront you?"

Gao Li’s affirmation reply, "They have come already, why will they wait?"

Shuang Shuang said, "They do this, perhaps to make you feel surrounded, they wait until you feel exhausted and only then they appear."

Gao Li said bitterly with a smile: "But they do not need to wait, they simply do not have to do that."

Shuang Shuang said, "Why?"

Gao Li however said, "Now is the time to tell the cold truth?"

Shuang Shuang said, “Yes."

Gao Lijie said, "Then I only hope you will do one thing for me."

Shuang Shuang said, "What thing?"

Gao Liqing was caressing her face, with a supple voice: "I want you to comply, regardless of what happens to me, you will take care of yourself.”

Shuang Shuang stammered: "You... ... You... ... What do you mean?"

Gao Li mournfully said that, "You know what I mean."

Shuang Shuang said, "You are afraid of them?"

Gao Li said, "I have no alternative but to fear them."

Shuang Shuang said, "Why?"

Gao Li’s face twisted because of the pain and said, "You are always afraid, since they are the ones who are looking, they certainly have the upper hand."

Shuang Shuang was silent. As if she suddenly became very calm. After a very long time, only then slowly said, "If they have the upper hand, why wouldn’t they start immediately?"

Gao Li said, "Because they intentionally let me suffer."

Shuang Shuang said, " But after they seize you, couldn’t they still make you suffer?"

Gao Li was stunned. Then his eyes gradually brightened, suddenly he jumped and said, "I know it."

Shuang Shuang said, "What do you know?"

Gao Li said, "The Green Dragon Clan’s persons have not come."

Shuang Shuang said, "Then who comes?"

Gao Li said, "The person who comes is only one person, therefore he only forces me to feel exhausted, to fell like going crazy, and then he slowly tidy me up."

Shuang Shuang said, "You know who this person is?"

Gao Li said, "Ma Feng! Certainly Ma Feng."

Ma Feng only killed a few people. But when he killed people, he never slipped. He killed people very slowly, much slower, because he thinks, "If you kill a person that way, even after he become a ghost, he would never dare to retaliate."

Gao Li’s face was flushed with excitement and said, "I know that sooner or later he will come, I know."

Shuang Shuang said, "Why?"

Gao Li said, "He wants to retaliate."

Shuang Shuang said, "Retaliate?"

Gao Li said, "Some people may make a lot of mistakes to you, and we will not make a big deal out of it, but he is not like that, he wants to take his retailiation personally."

He clenched his teeth and said, "He has actually forgotten that I am also looking for him!"

Who could forget that he killed Jin Kai-jia.

Shuang Shuang said, "How do you know that he has not brought the Green Dragon Clan’s people with him?"

Gao Li said, "He cannot."

Shuang Shuang said, "Why?"

Gao Li said, "Because the kind of retaliation that he enjoys is killing, and he never wants to share this mission with anyone else."

Shuang Shuang gripped his hand tightly and said, "He... ... He is certainly a very fearful person."

Gao Li sneered while saying, "He is indeed, but I certainly do not fear him."

His voice suddenly stopped, unexpectedly someone was knocking on a door. The knock was very light, very slow on a door. Each knocks was like the pounding on their hearts.

Gao Li nearly stopped breathing. He suddenly discovered that he had less assurance than what he imagined. These two years, he toiled with the hoe and not with his spears.

The knocking on the door was also continuing, gently, slowly... ...

Shuang Shuang’s hands were very cold. He suddenly discovered that her courage was less than what he imagined, too.

Finally Shuang Shuang could not bear saying, "Outside there seems to be someone knocking on the door."

Gao Li said, "I have heard it."

Shuang Shuang said, "You are not going to the door?"

Gao Li sneeringly said, "If he wants to come in, even if I don’t go to the door, he can still come in."

Actually he also knew that this was only an excuse. He was indeed dreading this moment. Because he could not die, therefore he was afraid of death. Fearing death was certainly not an ignominious matter, it was not! If you were a real man, who had a woman like Shuang Shuang who needed you to look after for her, you would also fear death.

Shuang Shuang’s heart felt like being pricked. She certainly understood him, nobody could understand him better than her. In her empty gloomy eyes, suddenly tears dropped down like crystal clear teardrops.

Gao Li said, "You... ... You are crying?"

Shuang Shuang nodded and said, "You know I am always proudly of you but…"

Gao Li said, "I know…"

Shuang Shuang said, "But presently, I actually do not have this feeling."

Gao Li hung his head. He certainly also understood Shuang Shuang’s feeling. A woman never wanted a coward for her man, nor did she want her man to evade difficulty and danger.

Mournfully Shuang Shuang said, "I know that you want to be here for me, but I actually do not hope that you’d be here, because I know that you must be suffering a lot, because originally you are not a coward."

Gao Li said, "But you... ... "

Shuang Shuang said, "You cannot worry for me, regardless of how I am, you need to do what you should, perhaps otherwise I will suffer more than you.”

Gao Li looked at her, only a real woman could say such speech. He suddenly felt that he was very proud of her. He bent down his body, lightly kissed the teardrops on her cheek, then turned around to go out.

She bent down on the pillow, and then she heard the sounds of his footsteps.

Every day in the early morning, she always counted his footsteps, from the bed he would walked 13 steps, to reach the outside door.

One step, two steps... ... four steps, five steps... ...

This time he went out, would he come back? She did not know, also she did not dare to think about it. Even if she was assured that he would never return, he still would not detain him, because this matter needed to be resolved. He could not evade this.


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