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Chapter 3: Shuang Shuang



Dusk again.

The far mountain turned from bluish green into dark grey in the setting sun, the current of springwater arriving, had become slower. The breath of wind was actually more fragrant, because the fresh flower bloomed on the hillside, the colorful fresh flower quietly embraced the houses nearby.

A small bridge.
Running water.

A small, small access in front of the running water, on the hill slope.
In the courtyard there were some planted flowers.

A grizzled, large, and tall old man, was chopping firewood in the courtyard. He only had a hand. But his hand was extremely keen, actually extremely powerful. He used the tip of his toe to steady the wood, with the one hand, the great axe gently fell, with a "chop" sound, the wood divided into two halves. His eyes were far away like the far mountain, they were strangely remote and desolate. Perhaps only a person with such innumerable years of experiences could have eyes so remote and so desolate.

Little Wu and Gao Li walked in.

Their footsteps were very light, but the old person has turned head immediately. He saw Gao Li. But there was no expression in his eyes, he only stood there calmly, until Gao Li reached him, and then he slowly laid down his axe. Then he suddenly knelt down, kneeling down to Gao Li, like a lackey seeing his master. But there was still no expression on his face, nor did he say a word.

Gao Li had not said anything, he only patted his shoulder, the two people were like playing the role of silent play. But, it was only a pity that nobody else knew the meaning of this play.

Little Wu was also like a wooden statue standing there. Luckily at this moment, there was some noises in the room. A gentle and charming sound, it was a young girl's sound.

Shuang Shuang.

She said in a gentle, light voice: "I knew for certain that you have come back, I know." The sound was filled with loving, the kind which narrated and conveyed the tender feelings of the speaker.

When Gao Li heard this voice, his eyes immediately revealed the utmost tender feelings which one would not be able to narrate.

Little Wu was in a daze. He suddenly felt that he could not say how much he wanted to have a look at this woman.

"She is certainly worth all the effort a man could make, just to please her."

The old person had turned away, started to chop the firewood again, "chop ", the firewood cleaved in two.

She had not come out. Little Wu had entered the room with Gao Li. He suddenly detected that his heartbeat was palpitating quicker than the usual.

"Actually what kind of woman was she? Actually how beautiful?"

The living room was very, very clean, the several windows were bright, spotless. There was a carved door on one side, with a bamboo curtain hanging on it.

Her voice came from this door. “You have brought a guest?” She unexpectedly could listened to the sound of their footsteps.

Gao Li’s voice also became a lot gentler, “He is not a guest, he is a good friend.”

"Then, why haven't you asked him to come in?"

Gao Li had patted Little Wu’s shoulder, smilingly he said, "She wants us to go in, so we go in."
Little Wu said, "Yes, let’s go in."

This speech was said meaninglessly, because his heart was thinking about something else. Then he was walking forward. Suddenly his thought had stopped immediately, all the expectation and the heartbeat had all seemed to stop.

He finally saw Shuang Shuang. This first impression, he believed firmly was something he himself would never forget eternally.

Shuang Shuang was leaning against the bed and clutching the light-colored bed sheet. Her hands were whiter than the bed sheet, so white that it became almost transparent. Her arms were thin and delicate, just like a child. Her eyes were very big, but they were actually dusky and without any color.

Her face was even stranger.

Nobody could describe the appearance of her face, nobody could even imagine. It certainly was not ugly, it also was not imperfect, it actually was like a mask of a beautiful woman that a shoddy artisan made, the mask of a beautiful woman that was distorted.

The beautiful woman that Gao Li would not hesitate to sacrifice himself, was not only a malnourished deformed person, moreover she was a blind person.

Inside the room, a jar was filled with the fresh flowers, there were all kinds of exquisitely made puppets and toys. These exquisite things, were certainly all expensive. The flowers were just plucked, bright and fragrant, the comparison with the mistress in the room was pitiful and also laughable.

But her face actually completely did not show any feeling of inferiority or pity, instead it was filled with happiness and self-confidence. Her expression was unexpectedly completely similar to a genuinely beautiful woman. The feeling that came from knowing that all men in the world were secretly admiring her.

Little Wu was completely astounded.

Gao Li had stretched out his arms, and enfolded her within him. He gently held her in his arms and said: "My beautiful woman, my princess, you know I always think of you… If I could not be here as quickly as possible, then I would have gone insane."

This kind of speech was simply disgusting, so extremely disgusting that one would have to feel sick to the stomach. But the glory on her face actually made Shuang Shuang brighter, she lifted the small frail hand, and was gently patting his head. It looked like she was treating him as a child.

Gao Li had indeed resembled becoming a child, resembled like there was nothing in this world that would make him happier than to adhere to her wish.

Shuang Shuang said with a smile: "You just spout some lies, if you really think of me, why did not you come back earlier?”

Guang Gao Li intentionally gave a sigh and said, "I certainly also want to come back quickly, what a pity I also want to make some money, then I can come back to buy some things for my little princess to eat, some nice things to play with."

Shuang Shuang said, "Really?"

Gao Li said, "Certainly, you want me to dig out my heart and give it to you?"

Shuang Shuang smiled and said, "I also thought that you have been captivated by other women outside."

Gao Li said, "I can look at other women outside? Which woman in the world can also be compared to my own little princess!"

Shuang Shuang smiled happily, actually she intentionally shook her head and said, "I do not believe you, outside there is certainly more attractive woman compared to me."

Gao Li decidedly said, "No, absolutely there is none."

He winked for a short period of time, suddenly he continued, "I originally heard inside the palace wall that there is also a princess, who is very beautiful, but as soon as looked afterwards, I only found out that she was not half as beautiful as you."

Shuang Shuang was calmly listening, she smiled very sweetly, suddenly she kissed him on his face.

Gao Li seemed to have become so happy that he almost fainted.  This full-grown seven feet-high person, a young abnormal blind person, two people unexpectedly was together flirting with one another, the combination seemed to be disgusting and yet interesting.

This kind of situation was not only laughable, it was simply too funny. But in Little Wu’s heart , he could not even think about laughing, instead he felt bitter, acid pain in his heart. He only felt he wanted to cry.

Gao Li loosened his skin pouch from his waist. The skin pouch had been poured out, inside were 20-30 spindles of gold, all poured on the bed.

He was holding Shuang Shuang’s little hand, lightly tracing these gold, his facial expression was very satisfied, as he proudly said, "These are all my gains in these months, they can buy many things for our little princess."

Shuang Shuang said, "Really, they are your gains?"

Gao Li said in a big voice: "Certainly, for you, I cannot steal or rob other people.

Shuang Shuang’s look became gentler, she lifted his hand, lightly caressing his face, and said in a supple voice: "I have a man such as you, I am really, really proud of you."

Gao Li was staring at her, the pale color of the her happy face, thin and pale, his indifferent face suddenly also revealed indescribable feeling. The crookedness of the world and the vicious attack he received away from here, was now already completely forgotten.

Little Wu had never seen such kind of expression, he had also never thought that he could see this kind of expression on his face. To her, he had seemed to have completely turned into another person. Although Shuang Shuang could not see the expression on his face, but she obviously could feel it. Therefore, she was also completely satisfied and happy.

You can say that they do not match?

Little Wu suddenly also thought that she was very beautiful. A woman so long as she could make a man feel happy, even if there were some flaws, why would that be a problem?

After a long, long time, suddenly Shuang Shuang’s face reddened. She smiled and said, “Didn’t you say a moment ago that you have brought along a friend?”

Gao Li had also smiled and said, "You see, as soon as I see you, I am immediately lost, and have forgotten everything, including my friend."

Shuang Shuang said, "You say such things in front of other people, aren’t you afraid that they would laugh?"

Gao Li said, "How can he laugh at us, this boy now certainly envies me awfully!"
He looked at Little Wu, his face was filled with the color of hope.

Little Wu sighed and said: "You always said in front of me that, your little princess is the most beautiful woman in the world, only now I know that you are a very deceiving person."

Gao Li’s complexion changed immediately, went all out to wink and said, "How have I deceived you?"

Little Wu said, "Who would have such a beautiful face in this world? She must have come from heaven."

Gao Li smiled.

Shuang Shuang also smiled.

Little Wu lightly hit Gao Li’s shoulder with his fist, saying with a smile: "To be honest, I really envy your fortune, your precious match with her."

Gao Li intentionally sighed, said, "To be honest, I really am not worthy to be joined to her, but it is only a pity that she must like me."

Shuang Shuang said with a smile: "You seemed to have more and more thick-skinned face."

Gao Li said, "I learn quickly with this boy."

Three people also laughed, Little Wu suddenly also detected that he had never been happier himself.


Shuang Shuang slept very early, after she finished eating the food, Gao Li took her to bed, and also covered the quilt for her. She was like a spoiled child, every little thing was being taken care of by him. But she was actually giving an indescribable joy to him.

Now the star had risen.
Gao Li and Little Wu had spread a straw mat in between the flowering shrubs, calmly lying down under the starry sky.

The night was cool like water. The starry sky was remote and magnificent.

Little Wu suddenly gave a long sigh and said, "What you said were true, she is indeed a marvelous woman."

Gao Li had not spoken.

Little Wu said, "Her appearance is perhaps not beautiful, but her heart is actually very beautiful, perhaps even more beautiful than the majority of the beautiful women in the world!"

Gao Li had not spoken.

Little Wu said, "I have always felt strange that you can be such a cheapskate. But now I have understood.”. He sighed and continued, "For such a woman like her, whatever you do, it will certainly worth it."

Gao Li suddenly said that, "Perhaps I do it all not for her."

Little Wu said, "You do not?"

Gao Li also sighed and said, "If I want to appear as noble and gentlemanly, I certainly can say that it is all for her. But in my heart, I know that I do everthing for myself.”

Little Wu said, "Oh!"

Gao Li said, "Because only when I am here, my heart can feel the peace, the joy. Therefore…” He slowly continued, "After a while, I must always come back here, stay for a few days. Otherwise, I sense that I would have gone crazy already.”

A person worked very much like a machinery. Every once in a while, it must be maintained, be refueled. Little Wu certainly understood about this.

He was silent for a very long time, he suddenly also asked: "How did you meet her?"

Gao Li said, "She is an orphan."

Little Wu said, "Her parents?"

Gao Li said, "They have already died, when she was 13 years-old, they have already died."
His face revealed some pain before he continued, "They only have her, a daughter, in order to prevent her from being sad, they have kept saying since she was small that she was the most beautiful child in the world, she... ... She certainly cannot see for herself."

Could not see for herself was certainly not unimportant, most importantly, she also could not see the others. Because she could not see the others, therefore only then she could not compare other people with herself.

Little Wu gave a long sigh, low-spiritedly said, "She is a blind person, this is originally her misfortune. Looking from this point, this becomes instead her fortune."

The distance between being happy and being unfortunate was perhaps very subtle.

Gao Li said, "Sometimes when I have received a very heavy wound, without any intention I arrived here, at that time her parents had not died, they cured the wound for me, day and night they looked after me, they never queried me about my origin, they also never treated me as a scoundrel."

Little Wu said, "Therefore you come here more often later?"

Gao Li said, "At that time I have treated the people here as my family, when it was lunar new year's time, regardless of where I am, I must find the way to come back here."

Little Wu said, "I understand your feeling."

His face had also revealed some very strange kind of pain. This person who seemed like a very open and bright youth, might have the pain and the secret in his heart that was not present in other people.

Gao Li said, "Afterwards... ... Afterwards her parents have died, just before the end, they hold my promise to take care of their only daughter, they certainly did not hope that I would marry her, but only hoped that I can look after her like a younger sister."

Little Wu said, "But you have married her?"

Gao Li said, "Now I have not, but later I will certainly marry her."

Little Wu said, "In order to repay a debt of gratitude?"

Gao Li said, "Yes. "

Little Wu said, "You really love her?"

Gao Li was hesitating before he slowly said, "I do not know whether or not I really like her, I only know... ... Only know that she can bring me joy, she can bring the best out of me.”

Little Wu said, "Why haven’t you married her quickly then?"

Gao Liyou was silent for a very long time, he suddenly smiled and said, "Do you want to drink our celebration drink?"

Little Wu said, "Certainly."

Gao Li had sat up, his eyes had suddenly lighted up and he said, "Are you willing to remain here for several days.

Little Wu said, "I have nowhere else to go in any case."

Gao Li made an effort to pat his shoulder and said, "Good, I certainly ask you to drink the celebration drink."

Little Wu jumped, he made a huge effort to pat his shoulder and said, "I can drink your celebration drink as soon as possible."

Gao Li said, "I will prepare it tomorrow with the elephant."

Little Wu said, "The elephant?"

Gao Li said, "The elephant was the person with one arm that had prepared the food for us a moment ago."

Little Wu said, "What kind of person is he also?"

Gao Li smiled mysteriously and said, "You watch him?"

Little Wu said, "I thought that he seemed to be an odd person, moreover he must have had a very extraordinary background."

Gao Li said, "You watch him use the axe?"

Little Wu said, "Yes."

Gao Li said, "What do you think of his hand?"

Little Wu said, "It seems that it is certainly not under you or me."

Gao Li said, "Your judgment is really good."

Little Wu said, "Actually who is he? How can he get here? Why does he specially respect you?"

Gao Li had smiled and said, "These matters you will later perhaps know gradually."

Little Wu said, "Why don't you tell me now?"

Gao Li said, "Because I have promised him, I  would never tell his matter to any person."

Little Wu said, "But I... ... "

This speech was not completed, his body suddenly soared like arrow towards a clump of everflowering rose on a hillside. His body skill was dexterous and exquisite, moreover it was extremely special.

In the flowering shrubs someone said in a low voice: "Good lightness kungfu, it is really worthy of the famous family."

Little Wu’s face changed color, he called out in a low voice, "Who are you?"

While saying it, he had sneaked into the flowering shrubs, where the person’s voice came out a moment ago. He had not seen anyone. The flowering shrubs was empty.


The star and moon in the sky, the light of the late night was dimmer.

Gao Li had caught up with him, he knitted his brows: "Were they the people from “July 15” that have come to pursue?"

Little Wu said, "I don’t think so."

Gao Li said, "How do you know it’s not?"

Little Wu had not replied. His face was very strange, as if somewhat surprised, but yet there was some fear. Since he calculated that it was not the organization's people who pursued, why was there some fear?

Although Gao Li could not think through, he also did not ask again. He knew that if Little Wu was not willing to say a matter, it was pointless to ask.

Little Wu was silent for a very long time, he suddenly also asked: "The elephant?"

Gao Li said, "Only fear that he is already asleep!"

Little Wu said, "Sleep where?"

Gao Li said, "You want to look for him?"

Little Wu had reluctantly smiled, said, "I... ... Can I go ask him to chat?"

Gao Li had smiled, said, "Can't you see that he is not a person who likes chatting very much?"

Little Wu vision flashed, his face became unusual and slowly said, "Perhaps he likes to chat with me."

Gao Li was staring at him.

After a very long time, he finally nodded, "There are very many strange matters already..."



The elephant was certainly not asleep. When he opened the door, he wore his shoes, his eyes were not even a bit sleepy. Not sleepy, and without expression. Whether he looked at anyone or not, he seemed to be continually looking at some wooden stuffs.

Gao Li had smiled and said, "You have not slept?"
The elephant said, "A sleeping person cannot open the door."

He spoke very slowly, very stiffly, as if he had not spoken for a long time, as if it was unfamiliar to him. Gao Li appeared very surprised, as if he had not heard him speak for a long time. The room was very bare, there was nothing material except what he needed, no other thing was available. He simply practiced an ascetic monk's life.

Little Wu only felt that this place and Shuang Shuang’s room were extremely the opposite of each other, like two completely different worlds. This big and tall person was vigorous and healthy, a strong, callous, old person with one arm, also he was completely different from Shuang Shuang. If there was no extremely special reason, such two people could not live together.

The elephant already pulled forward the stool which was put together with some nails and said, “Sit down."
In the room there was altogether only one stool, therefore Little Wu and Gao Li had not sat down.

Little Wu stood in the entrance, the eyes looked straight at this old person and suddenly said, "You have seen me before?"

The elephant shook his head.

Little Wu said, "But you recognize me!"

The elephant shook his head.

Gao Li looked at him, also looked at Little Wu and said with a smile: "He has never seen you, how can he recognize you!"

Little Wu said, "Because he recognized my lightness kungfu."

Gao Li said, "Is your lightness kungfu different from any other people?"

Little Wu said, "Yes."

Gao Li said, "Why can't I see that?"

Little Wu said, "Because you are too young."

Gao Li said, "Are you really very old?"

Little Wu had smiled, he had only smiled.

Gao Li asked again: "Even if your lightness kungfu is different from anyone else, he had never seen it."

Little Wu said, "He has seen it."

Gao Li said, "When?"

Little Wu said, "A moment ago."

Gao Li said, "A moment ago?"

Little Wu had smiled, he did not say anything, his eyes had focused on the shoes of the elephant. The shoes had some leftover wet soil.

The recent weather was continuously very sunny, only some soil part of the flowering bushes was wet, because at dusk the elephant watered all the flowers every day. But when he stepped on the wet soil at dusk, the shoes should already be dry by now.

Gao Li was certainly not a slow reacting person, he understood immediately that the person who hid a moment ago in the flowering shrubs was him.

"Is it you?"

The elephant certainly had not denied it.

Gao Li said, "You really recognize him?"

The elephant had not denied it.

Gao Li said, "Who is he? How do you recognize him?"

The elephant had not directly replied, instead he actually turned his head and coldly looked at Little Wu. He said, "Why don’t you go back?"

Little Wu’s complexion had changed and said, "Go back? Where should I return?"

The elephant said, "Go to your home."

Little Wu had not certainly asked, "How do you know where is my family?"
He instead asked, "What if I do not want to go back!"

The elephant said, "Because you must go back."

Little Wu also asked: "Why?"

The elephant said, "Because your father only has a son like you."

Little Wu’s body suddenly stiffened, as if he was suddenly nailed into the place. He was staring at this old person. After a very long time, he only said word by word, "You are not the elephant."

Gao Li easily said, "He certainly is not an elephant, he is a person."

Little Wu paid no attention to him, instead he was staring at this old person and said, "You are Handan (name of a city in Hebei) Jin Kai-jia!"

There was no expression on the old man’s face.

Gao Li instead could not help but shouted: "Jin Kai-jia? 'Big god of thunder' Jin Kai-jia?"

Little Wu said, "Right!" He had lightly smiled and continued, "You were not willing to tell me his origin a moment ago, because you also did not know who he was."

Gao Li sighed, painstakingly said with a smile: "I indeed did not know that he is the big god of thunder."

Little Wu said, "Besides Senior Jin, who else in this world can utilize that axe so ingeniously?"

Jin Kai-jia suddenly coldly said to him, "It is only a pity that you are still too young, therefore you have never seen the look of ' the wind god of thunder axe’ 20 years ago."

Little Wu said, "But I have heard."

Jin Kai-jia said, "You certainly have heard, everyone has heard."

Although there was no expression on his face, there was some aggression on his talk.

Little Wu lightly said, "But I had never actually expected that the earthshaking, insufferably proud the big god of thunder, could unexpectedly hide here chopping firewood for others!"

This speech was full of thorn and needles.

Jin Kai-jia’s face suddenly changed strangely, as if it was suddenly nailed fast by the deep nail. After a very long time, he only said word for word slowly, "That certainly is owed many thanks to your family.”

This speech was also full of thorn and needles.

Little Wu said, "You have some fear but you do not expect to see me here unexpectedly."

 Jin Kai-jia said, "Indeed I have not!"

Little Wu sneeringly said, "Ten years ago, the big god of thunder was also known as the world’s first class wugong hero, today you saw me, why haven't you killed me?"

Jin Kai-jia said, "I will not kill you."

Little Wu said, "Why?"

Jin Kai-jia said, "Because you are my savior's friend!"

Little Wu said, "Who is your savior?"

Gao Li suddenly said, "It’s me."


Little Wu was very surprised and said, "You? You have rescued the big god of thunder?"

Gao Li bitterly said with a smile: "I certainly did not know that I had rescued the world first-class martial arts world master!"

Jin Kai-jia coldly said, "At that time I was already not the martial arts world master, how otherwise I could be bullied by several houseboys."

In his indifferent eyes suddenly there was color of anger. After a very long time, only then he continued, "Since Taishan meet, I was internally wounded by your father’s hands, I was no longer the martial arts world master."

Little Wu said, "He has broken your 'repeated-layers-of-flying-blood’ ('重楼飞血': Chong Lou Fei Xue)?"

Jin Kai-jia said, "No, nobody could break the 'repeated-layers-of-flying-blood’."

Little Wu said, "Although he broke one of your arm, but you still have one arm left."

Jin Kai-jia sneeringly said, " After all you are too young, unexpectedly you do not know that the big god of thunder used the axe on his left hand."

Little Wu was astounded. After a very long time, he suddenly also asked: "You work on the firewood here daily, that is to practice using the axe with the right hand?"

Jin Kai-jia said, "You are not stupid!"

Little Wu said, "How long have you practiced?"

Jin Kai-jia said, "Five years."

Little Wu said, "Now your right hand whether can be similarly adept with the left hand?"

Jin Kai-jia closed his mouth, refused to reply. Nobody could own his wugong’s actual situation, not to his own personal enemy.

Gao Li sighed, said, "No wonder you chopped the firewood in winter, chopped firewood in summer too, now I finally have understood!" He turned to Little Wu, had smiled and said, "Now I also finally know who you are."

Little Wu said, "Oh!"

Gao Li said, "You are not surnamed Wu, you are surnamed Qiu, you are called Qiu Feng-wu."

Little Wu had also smiled and said, "I did not expect you to know my name."

Gao Li said, "In the years past, 'Peacock village'’s old master Qiu had duel at the top of Taishan with first martial arts master the god of thunder, everyone has heard of this duel."

Qiu Feng-wu could not restrain his sigh and said, "That fight may have startled the world but also shaken the spirits and gods."

Gao Li smiled and said, "Therefore the peacock village name, I certainly have also heard."

Qiu Feng-wu was staring at him, said, "Qiu Feng-wu is good, Little Wu is also good, in any case I am your friend."

Gao Li said, "Certainly."

Qiu Feng-wu said, "Moreover forever I will be."
He suddenly turned around and asked Jin Kai-jia, said, "but we certainly are not friends, not now, nor later."

Jin Kai-jia said, "Certainly not."

Qiu Feng-wu said, "Therefore if you want to revenge from the peacock village, you may attack me if you feel it’s necessary."

Jin Kai-jia coldly said, "Why do I have to look for revenge from the peacock village?"

Qiu Feng-wu: "You do not want to retaliate?"

Jin Kai-jia said, "I don’t think so."

Qiu Feng-wu said, "Why?"

Jin Kai-jia said, "That fight was originally a fair duel, life or death I cannot complain, moreover I only broke an arm!"

He had suddenly sighed deeply and slowly continued, "Old man Qiu originally may want me to do something, as long as I actually have an arm, I certainly won’t retaliate, instead I’ll repays a debt of gratitude, not revenge."

Qiu Feng-wu looked at him, as if he was very surprised, but also as if he admired him very much, finally giving a long sigh he said, "No wonder my father often said that the big god of thunder is a great man, having won in the victory, being defeated in the defeat, regardless of the outcome, there ware not a lot in jiang-hu that can compare."

Jin Kai-jia very coldly said, "Indeed there are not a lot who can compare."

Qiu Feng-wu said, " Although my father had won against senior, but big god of thunder actually is the world’s best!"

Jin Kai-jia said, "No."

Qiu Feng-wu said, “Yes. Because my father certainly had not won by wugong, but with the hidden weapon."

Jin Kai-jia sank his face and said sternly: "Is hidden weapon not part of wugong? Why do you look down upon hidden weapons?"

Qiu Feng-wu said, "I... ... "

Jin Kai-jia said, "The sword is a weapon, hidden weapon is also a weapon, I used the wind thunder axe, he used the peacock feather, he could avoid my wind thunder axe, I could not avoid his peacock feather, that meant he won. he won fair and square, you cannot deny it."

Qiu Feng-wu hung his head, his face was hidden, he said, "Right, my mistake.”

Jin Kai-jia said, "You know that you are wrong, so you can quickly go back."

Qiu Feng-wu said, " Now I cannot go back!"

Jin Kai-jia said, "Why not?"

Qiu Feng-wu smiled said with a smile: "Because I must wait to have a drink, Gao Li’s celebration drink."


Liquor on the table.

Each person after excited ‘ding’, seemed to enjoy drinking the liquor from the cups.

Qiu Feng-wu raised his glass and sighed: "A hero is a hero after all, he seems he will not get old forever, I really did not expect the big god of thunder also has the heroic spirit until today, a truly  indomitable spirit."

Gao Li said sadly: "But these years, his burden everyday was indeed too painful, I almost never see him smile."

Qiu Feng-wu said with a smile: "But when he thought you must invite him to drink the celebration drink, he has actually smiled."

Gao Li said, "Therefore this celebration drink I must not miss."

Qiu Feng-wu said, "I also must drink some."

Gao Li said with a smile: "In the world there are few people who could toast his celebration drink with the big god of thunder and the peacock village’s young host?"

Qiu Feng-wu raised his glass and tossed it down, suddenly he slowly put down the wine glass, and said, "I am not the peacock village’s young host."

Gao Li said in consternation that, "You are not?"

Qiu Feng-wu said, "I am not, because I am not worthy." He completely tilted a cup, sighed deeply and said, "I am only worthy as the executioner of an assasin’s organization."

Gao Li sighed, said, "I am also really curious how you can enter ' July 15 '?"

Qiu Feng-wu kept staring at the wine glass, he slowly said, "Because I looked down upon the peacock feather, looked down upon the reputation of that hidden weapon. I am not willing to live my whole life under the peacock feather’s shadow, like a child who hides under his mother’s skirt, he will never become prosperous."

Gao Li said, "Therefore you want to depend on yourself, your own effort, and build your own reputation."

Qiu Feng-wu nodded, painstakingly said with a smile: "Because I discovered in jiang-hu, the respect for the peacock village, is certainly not for us the persons, but for the hidden weapon, if we do not have the peacock feather, our Qiu person is not worth a cent."

Gao Li said, "Nobody thinks like that."

Qiu Feng-wu said, "But I actually have no alternative but to think like that. I joined ' July 15 ', originally so I can thoroughly disintegrate this organization, I continuously waited for the opportunity." He also sighed and said, "But only then I afterwards discovered, that even if can disintegrate ' July 15 ', it still will not be useful!"

Gao Li said, "Why?"

Qiu Feng-wu said, "Because ' July 15 ' organization itself, is also only a puppet, secretly there is obviously some mysterious formidable body that supports it, directs it."

Gao Li slowly nodded, the complexion also changed a lot and said, "Can't you guess who directs it?"

Qiu Feng-wu vision flashed and said, "You have guessed?"

Gao Li said, "At least I have 70% assurance."

Qiu Feng-wu said, "Who is it?"

Gao Li was hesitating, finally slowly he said the three words: "Green Dragon Clan."

Qiu Feng-wu made an effort to pat the table immediately and said, "Good, I also guess for certain that it is the Green Dragon Clan."

Gao Li said, "A year has 365 day."

Qiu Feng-wu said, "The Green Dragon Clan is said to have 365 secret sub-headquarters."

Gao Li said, "From the first day of the first lunar month to the lunar New Year's Eve, is by chance 365 days."

Qiu Feng-wu said, "July 15 is only one of the sub-headquarter."

Two people suddenly did not speak, the complexion was actually heavier. "July 15" organization was strict, the method was sinister, the strength was fearful, their work was very clear. But "July 15" was actually only one of the Green Dragon Clan’s 365 sub-headquarters. The Green Dragon Clan’s organization was very formidable and fearful, that also could only be left for imagination.

Qiu Feng-wu finally sighed deeply and said, "It is said that the Green Dragon Clan’s leader once boasted to a person, so long as the sun’s light touches the place, the Green Dragon Clan holds the position of strength."

Gao Li said, "He added that so long as the sea is not dry, the stone does not rot, then the Green Dragon Clan cannot be destroyed."

Qiu Feng-wu clenched both of his fists and said, "It is only a pity that nobody knows who our Green Dragon Clan’s leader?"

Gao Li said, "Nobody knows?"



Shuang Shuang got up very early. Gao Li helped her out of bed, now they were picking flowers on the hillside behind. They certainly must have a lot of things to say. Yesterday evening, they certainly did not have many opportunity to converse.

Qiu Feng-wu stood in the courtyard, enjoying the fresh wind and the sunlight in the early morning in this remote mountain.

He originally wanted to help Jin Kai-jia to make the breakfast, but he had been shooed away.

"Go away, when I work, I do not like anyone else looking at the side." It seemed that this previous master did not like people looking at him handling the spatula, and cooked some scrambled eggs, that was certainly not a happy matter. That could really make some people feel very uncomfortable.

But Jin Kai-jia actually did not have the slightest feeling. "I do these matters, only because I like doing it, works can improve my hand to be more adept." "wugong in the world, as long as you have strong will, regardless of what you do, these may all help support your wugong."

Now Qiu Feng-wu was repeatedly chewing on these words, like someone chewing a Chinese olive. He only realize there were many essences and little things needed to be able to become the martial arts world first masters.

The breakfast was already served on the table, Gao Li came back with Shuang Shuang. Jin Kai-jia started the firewood. Qiu Feng-wu calmly looked from the side, only thought his firewood movement’s skill was exquisite.

What was the essence of being a martial arts hero? Some four words were whole devotion, hard working. Actually these four words were also similarly suitable for anything in the world. Regardless of you were doing, one needs to have whole devotion, hard working.

"You may know who uses the axe first master in the ancient times?"


"Lu Ban."

"He was only a clever artistic performer."

"But he used his axe every day, regarding the axe performance and the special tricks, nobody could compare to him, his axe had become a part of his body, the way he used his axe was as fluent and nimble as the way he manipulated his fingers. Expert, skillful. That is also precisely the essence of being a martial arts hero.”

Qiu Feng-wu gave a long sigh, he felt that when Jin Kai-jia said these words, that was comparable to enjoying the secrets of wugong moves. These were not words that were coming from the temple masters who just sat all day long with their thinkings.

The sun shone, the far mountain was green everywhere.

A spontaneous old lady, her left hand was leaning on a walking stick, her right was carrying a covered bundle, was walking on the steps by herself, her waist was bent like a sun-dried shrimp.

Qiu Feng-wu said, "Is there anyone else nearby ?"

Jin Kai-jia said, "Recently there are several, near and far."

Qiu Feng-wu no longer asked, the old lady actually walked to the courtyard outside, while panting for breath, she said, "Sirs, do you want to buy some eggs?"

Qiu Feng-wu: "Are the eggs fresh?"

The old lady said with a smile: "Certainly fresh, if you do not believe me you can feel it, it is still hot."

She entered, squatted and untied the black cloth wrapper on the ground. The eggs inside the cloth wrapper were really great and round. The old lady picked them up and said, "The fresh egg can be eaten raw nutritiously, just flush with the boiling water."

Her words were not finished, suddenly with a "whish" sound, a vertical arrow had penetrated the great-grandmother’s back. The old lady's face suddenly was twisted, she gained some ground, as if she wanted to throw forward the eggs in her hand, but she couldn’t.

After that, a man in black flew in,  in 3-5 jumps, rising and falling, he had flown into the courtyard, without any words, he had taken up the old lady's eggs, and shot them by far, falling into the stream. They heard "bang" sound, and the mountain stream showed four splashes.

The man in black now at last emitted a high whistle and said, "Vicious danger."

Qiu Feng-wu complexion had changed, it seemed that he could not say anything.

The man in black had turned away to him reluctantly. He smiled and said, "What person did your excellency see this old lady as?"
Qiu Feng-wu shook his head.

The man in black lowered his voice and said, "She is a 'July 15' assassin."

Qiu Feng-wu changed color: "July 15? Your excellency, you... ... "

The man in black: "I... ... " His word was just said, his body suddenly became distorted, the face distorted, blood also flowed out from the corners of his mouth. The blood that came out, turned black.

Jin Kai-jia’s complexion had also changed, he dropped his axe to catch up with them.

The man in black had dropped down, his two hands were holding his belly, while struggling he said, "Quick... ... Quick, the antidote is inside a wooden bottle on my body... ... "

Jin Kai-jia wanted to go forward to retrieve it, Qiu Feng-wu had actually held him back.

The man in black's facial expression became more painful, with a choked-up voice: "Please... Quick, quick... ... it will be too late."

Qiu Feng-wu coldly looked at him, he coldly said, "If the antidote is on your body, why don’t you retrieve it yourself? "

Jin Kai-jia got angry: "Can't you see that he cannot move, how can we see somebody in danger and do nothing."

Qiu Feng-wu sneeringly said, "He has to continue being stubborn."

A man in black's face was still distorted, but suddenly quick like arrow, he raised his hand and threw out seven stars. That old lady unexpectedly also jumped up from the ground, and as soon as she waved her hand, she had thrown two eggs.

Qiu Feng-wu became aware quickly and he had not fended, instead he had welcomed the moves. Two eggs suddenly arrived in his hand, sliding into his sleeves.

The old lady immediately flew away. Suddenly she discovered that Qiu Feng-wu had already arrived in front of her.

Her fists were launched quickly, but Qiu Feng-wu’s palms had actually passed through from her coming fists, before she realized it, Qiu Feng-wu’s palms had landed on her chest. With a gentle sound. The old lady was suddenly stuck to this palm, and both of her arms became dangled, the person could not move. Then she heard a bone breaking sound.

Jin Kai-jia pinched that man in black with his single arm, pinched tightly. When he relaxed, the man in black suddenly became like a pile of putties, the broken rib was pierced in a slanted way through his robe. The blood slowly dispersed on the place.

Jin Kai-jia was staring at him, as if he was deeply thinking, that life without blood would never be the same.

The old lady did not stop shivering. Maybe it was because of Qiu Feng-wu’s unusual palm strength, or because of that bone disruption sound, she suddenly was afraid, just like a child who was awakened from the nightmare.

Qiu Feng-wu’s hand seized forward spontaneously, when he drew back, he had pulled down her facial mask, and revealed another face. Thin and small, waxy yellow, shrinking, but actually extremely young man’s face.

Qiu Feng-wu coldly looked at him and said, "You are new?"

This person nodded.

Qiu Feng-wu said, "You know who I am?"

This person had wetted his lips and said, "I... ... I have heard."

Qiu Feng-wu said, "Then you should know, I at least have 30 methods to make you regret that you have ever been born."

This person reluctantly nodded, his face was already pale.

Qiu Feng-wu said, "Therefore you should better say things."

This person: "I will say it... ... I will speak."

Qiu Feng-wu said, "How many people have come?"

This person: "Six."

Qiu Feng-wu said, "What kind of persons?"

This person: "I don’t know it, really don’t."

Qiu Feng-wu said, "Where are they?"

This person: "On that side of the mountain, waiting for us... ... "

His speech was not completed, suddenly he heard a bone disrupting sound. His bone disrupting sound.

Qiu Feng-wu had turned around, and did not look again. When he killed people, he no longer looked at them.

Jin Kai-jia actually was also staring at the blood, he suddenly said, "I have not killed anyone in six years."

Qiu Feng-wu said, "Six years is indeed not a short period."

 Jin Kai-jia said, "When I was 13 years old, I started to kill people, until today, I only realized now that killing is something that makes you sick."

Qiu Feng-wu sighed and said, "Wait until you have killed a lot more."

Jin Kai-jia suddenly moved forward, staring at him and said, "How did you know they are going to kill you?"

Qiu Feng-wu painstakingly said with a smile: "Only because I have done the same thing before."

Jin Kai-jia also wanted to ask some more, but he had heard Shuang Shuang’s voice: "What has happened?” ... Leaning on Gao Li’s shoulder, Shuang Shuang stood under the sunlight.

Gao Li’s complexion was pale and intense, but Shuang Shuang’s face as he was supporting her, was also as bright as the sunlight.

Qiu Feng-wu never thought that she could looked so beautiful. World. How come happiness and greater self-confidence could cause a woman to look beautiful?

Qiu Feng-wu did not know how to respond to her, actually he heard Shuang Shuang also asking: "I resembled a moment ago heard that you say about killing people.”

Qiu Feng-wu had finally reluctantly smiled and said, "We were telling stories a moment ago."

Charmingly asked Shuang Shuang: "What story? I like listening to stories the most!"

Qiu Feng-wu said, "But this story is actually not pleasant to hear."

Shuang Shuang said, "Why?"

Qiu Feng-wu said, "Because in this story, some people are killing other people!"

Shuang Shuang’s face seemed to cast a shadow, mournfully she said, "Why do some people always have to kill others."

Qiu Feng-wu slowly said, "Perhaps only because if they do not kill people, the others must kill them."

Slowly Shuang Shuang nodded, the look was even more miserable, suddenly she knitted her brows: "Why is there some bloody fishy smell here?"

Jin Kai-jia said, "I have killed a chicken a moment ago."

People who lived in the mountain all raised chickens for themselves. Even the most stupid seller would not want to make a long and wearisome journey, selling eggs to this faraway place.

Also, if someone was hit with a poison, it was impossible for the blood that flow from the corners of the mouth to immediately turn to black.

Moreover, it was impossible that when a poisoned person hit the ground, yet he could still say each word very clearly.

This was certainly not because "July 15"’s murder plan was not thorough. This was only because the planner, had never been to this remote wooded mountain area, only because the person who came, was just a newbie in killing.

But they had more experienced experts. Moreover, they had not been defeated completely. Because there were four more people coming. What was truly fearful was these four people.



People must eat food, Qiu Feng-wu had indeed eat a lot. After this meal, he didn’t know when he could eat again. He also hoped that Gao Li would eat. But Gao Li had looked at Shuang Shuang instead, his eyes were filled with the color of anxiety. He obviously had many things to ask Qiu Feng-wu, but he actually could not do that in front of Shuang Shuang.

On the dining table only Shuang Shuang was happy. The one who knew a little would have less worry or anxiety, therefore some times ignorant could bring happiness.

Suddenly Shuang Shuang said, "Today why don't you drink?"

Qiu Feng-wu reluctantly said with a smile: "Only the genuine drunkard always drink."

Shuang Shuang said, "You are not a genuine drunkard?"

Qiu Feng-wu said, "Luckily not."

Shuang Shuang hung her head, suddenly gently said, "What if it’s celebration drink?"
Qiu Feng-wu’s heart seemed to be suddenly pierced by a needle.

The celebration drink, weren’t they preparing to drink Gao Li’s celebration drink?

He moved closer, and discovered that Gao Li’s hand were shivering. His face was already pale like paper. No one had the celebration drink. They did not have anything.

Only blood! Perhaps it’s others' blood, perhaps their own blood, the endless flowing blood.

When your hands were immersed in the rank smell of blood, this life would forever sway back and forth in the rank smell of blood.

Qiu Feng-wu was having the soup, he only felt that this soup was also acid and rank, like the blood.

Shuang Shuang’s face had exuded red, happy and shy blushing. She was hanging her head, gently said, "A moment ago... ... He said a moment ago with me, he said you all have also known."

Qiu Feng-wu said at a loss that, "We have all known."

Reddened Shuang Shuang, charmingly said, "I thought you certainly can congratulate us!"

Qiu Feng-wu said, "Congratulation."

He only felt that his mouth was full of the bitter water, tried to swallow but he couldn’t, to spit yet he couldn’t. He knew that this was a painful moment.

Shuang Shuang said, "Since we have reasons to celebrate, why don't you drink the liquor?"

Gao Li suddenly stood up and said, "Who said we would not drink, I will take the liquor."

Shuang Shuang charmingly said, "Today I also want to drink, I have never been so happy."

Gao Li said, "I have also never been so happy."

Although he had stood up, but the body actually resembled very stiff. In the courtyard, the corpses had not been buried, under the sunlight they were gradually withering. The ones who pursued them to kill were already on the way, they could appear at any time.

Her tranquil happy life, he would saw with his own eyes that it would be destroyed, all would possibly be destroyed including their lives. But her life had never been so happy, Gao Li could only feel the ice-cold cheek, the tears along the cheek, had trickled down slowly…

Qiu Feng-wu really could not endure to look at Gao Li’s facial expression again, also could not endure to look at Shuang Shuang. After he looked at that fear, he might also cry himself.

 Jin Kai-jia had been digging into his meal, after swallowing, he suddenly laid down his chopsticks to stand up and said, "I will go."

Qiu Feng-wu said, "Go where?"
Actually he did not need to ask. He certainly knew that Jin Kai-jia must vigorously block these people.

Jin Kai-jia said, "I will go out for a walk."

Qiu Feng-wu said, "We go together."

Shuang Shuang said, "You must go now, but you have not drink the liquor."

Qiu Feng-wu reluctantly said with a smile: "The liquor may wait for us to come back again, we will look for fresh bamboo shoots to burn the chicken."

Gao Li has suddenly smiled, lightly said, "You do not need to go, the bamboo shoots are already inside the courtyard." His sound was very tranquil, a lot more peaceful. Much more peaceful.

Qiu Feng-wu had turned his head, his heart immediately had also sunk.

Four people slowly walked into the courtyard.



The sunlight was bright, all flowers bloomed together. What a good weather.

The first person slowly entered, looked at four directions and muttered: "A good place, this is a good place."

This person's face was very long, like a horse's face, the face was covered with grains of pea-sized warts, the eyes were covered by big blood vessels. Some people were inborn with bad omens, he was that kind of person!

In the courtyard, there was a tree stump. He slowly sat down, "qiang", he drew out a heavy crafty sabre (鬼头刀 : gui-tou-dao). He started to use the sabre to maintain his nails. 36 catty heavy crafty sabre, in his hand, it was like a willow tree’s leaf.

Gao Li knew him.

His name was Mao Zhan!
In "July 15" organization, he was the one who killed the most.

Each time he killed someone, he became almost crazy, as soon as he saw the blood, he became completely crazy. If he was assigned to Yunnan boundary to kill someone, he would have been involved in the assassination attempt on Baili Zhang-qing.

The second individual slowly entered, also looked at four directions and said, "A good place, a person who can die in this place is really lucky."

This person's face was pale green, nobody could see his flesh, the nose was hooked like a hawk, the eyes were like a ‘corpse-eater’ vulture.

He hold a mourning door sword (丧门剑), the sword flash also looked like his face, sending out a pale green light.

He looked like he did not have the mettle to fight fiercely, but gloominess could actually be more fearful.

In the courtyard there was a mold tree(?). As soon as he entered, he had lain down under the tree shade, because he always detested the sunlight.

Gao Li did not recognize him, but he actually recognized his sword.
"Soul sword" Ma Feng.
When "July 15" recruited him, they had to spend a lot of money, but he was certainly worth it.

He never not killed people easily, and he seldom kill. But the person he must kill, had all entered the coffin. When he killed people, he never allowed anyone to look beside him, because sometimes everyone thought that his method was too brutal.

"If you kill a person, quickly make him disappear, then no one dared to retaliate against you!"

The third person was somewhat big, and already extremely fat, but his footsteps were very light, lighter than a cat. Gao Li certainly also recognized him. This person was unexpectedly Ding Gan.

He slowly entered, looked at four directions, easily said, "A good place, a really good place, someone can wait for death in this place, he is really lucky."

He also sat down, his hand held a sabre embellished with the beard.

He followed Mao Zhan’s sidekick, every action and every movement was unintentionally imitating Mao Zhan. If he mentioned his friend, that would be Mao Zhan.

The fourth looked like a very refined, very friendly person. He had fair and clear face, neat adornment of the beard. He folded his arms and leisurely walked in.

Not only his face was smiling, the eyes were also smiling. He did not speak, nor did he carry any weapon. He looked like a scholar who made a special visit to his friend.

But when Gao Li and Qiu Feng-wu saw this person, they actually felt a shudder in the air, a chill from the bottom of their heart. This person was actually much more fearful than Mao Zhan, Ma Feng, and Ding Gan.

Because they recognized him. He was "July 15"’s leader, "nether world talented person" Ximen Yu!

Gao Li had been in this organization for already more than three years, but he had actually never seen himself Ximen Yu personally attack anyone.

It was said that when he killed people, it was excruciatingly slow. It was said at one time, he killed a person in two days. When this person died after two days, no one else could recognize who he was before.

But these are certainly just stories, not many people believed it. That’s because he was really too refined, who also couldn't recognize him once was individual. But these certainly only are the fables, believed the person are not certainly many. Because he really too refined, too handsome and scholarly, moreover he was gentle and courteous. Such a refined person like him could kill people?

Now he was also smiling, standing in the courtyard and waited, he did not worry, also he did not become impatient even if he had to wait for three days.

But Gao Li and Qiu Feng-wu actually knew that it was time for them to show themselves. They looked at each other.

Qiu Feng-wu quietly pulled out his sword from the wall. Gao Li slowly took up his spears from the corner of a wall.

Suddenly Shuang Shuang said, "There are some people outside who just came, are they friends who you’ve invited to celebrate?"

Gao Li nipped his tooth and said, "They are not friends!"

Shuang Shuang said, "If not friends, what kind of persons?"
Gao Li said, "Robbers."

She lost her color, as if she would faint. Gao Li in a grieved voiced said: "I will asked the elephan to bring you back to your room so you can rest. “I will expel the robbers very quickly.”

Shuang Shuang said, "Really very quick?"

Gao Li said, "Really!"

He was reluctantly enduring patiently, he would not let the tears flow off. He only hoped that this was the last time he deceived her. Perhaps this was really the last time.



Mao Zhan kept studying his fingernails, Ding Gan was plucking at his beard, Ma Feng lay down under the tree shade, not even lifting his face.

In their eyes, Little Wu and Gao Li were only two dead people.

But Ximen Yu had actually welcomed them, the smiling face was gentle and kind, smilingly he said, "These two days you are tired?"

Qiu Feng-wu also had unexpectedly smiled and said, "Fortunately."

Ximen Yu said, "Yesterday you slept well?"

Qiu Feng-wu said, "We returned and slept, we ate very full, too."

Ximen Yu had smiled and said, "A person who can eat and sleep well is his good fortune, previous I give your money, you have spent it?"

Qiu Feng-wu said, "Some of it."

Ximen Yu said with a smile: "Certainly, I have already heard that Baili Zhang-qing are a very generous person."

Qiu Feng-wu said, "Good, he has given us each person 50,000 taels, I could not think that rescuing  a person could worth more than murdering someone."

Ximen Yu nodded and said, "This but actually reminds me, I fear that I must change my profession later."

Qiu Feng-wu said, "How about now!"

Ximen Yu smiles was saying, "Now I also want to kill several people for free."

Qiu Feng-wu sighed and said, "I also want to kill this individual for free, but it is a pity that his skin was too thick, I also want to avoid spending my physical strength."

Ximen Yu said, "You mean Ding Gan?"

Qiu Feng-wu said, "I only feel strange that such thick-skinned person, could have such long beard."

Ximen Yu said, "He is indeed brazen, shameless, moreover he has also killed two partners, you know how I cope with him?"

Qiu Feng-wu said, "I cannot guess!"

Ximen Yu said, "I prepare to kindly give him 500 taels, because he finally agrees to go back and tell your whereabouts to me." He had smiled and easily said, "You see, my award and punishment is always very fair?"

Qiu Feng-wu said, "It’s indeed very fair."

Ximen Yu suddenly also sighed and said, "I know that you now accompany me to chat, but it’s really waiting for the opportunity to kill me, I throughout felt that you are the one who most understood how to kill a person. Therefore I really pity you!"

Qiu Feng-wu said, "What do you also know?"

Ximen Yu said, "I also know that you certainly will wait for me here."

Qiu Feng-wu said, "Why?"

Ximen Yu said, "Because it is not convenient to take a woman to escape, this woman may not like it."

He had suddenly smiled to Gao Li and said, "Is it right?"

Gao Li coldly said, "Rubbish."

Ximen Yu smiled and said, "For a long time I have heard that your wife is an angelic beautiful woman, why don’t you let her come out for us to see?"

Gao Li said, "She only sees certain people, not your kind... ... "

His body suddenly became stiff, the sound was immediately hoarse. Because he had heard the sound of Shuang Shuang’s footsteps. The struggling Shuang Shuang had walked, sometimes stopping for respite.

Each person's eyes all suddenly opened wide, the picture was like seeing suddenly a person who had three legs.

Mao Zhan suddenly laughed and said, "You can see for yourself, this is Gao Li’s woman!"

Ding Gan said loudly with a smile: "This is a woman? This is simply a monster, in every sense of the term, a monster."

Mao Zhan added: "If I have to marry this kind of a monster, I would rather be a monk, I would rather be knocked dead!"

Gao Li’s face was twisted with distortion because of the pain. He did not dare to turn his head around to look at Shuang Shuang.

He suddenly felt like a wild animal which was wounded and surrounded.

He’d rather die, rather die 1,000 times, even 10,000, rather than let Shuang Shuang under this kind of attack.


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