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Chapter 35 – The Mysterious NanGong Chou


There is nothing in this world that is truly “absolute.” The same situation looked at from different angles will often lead to different conclusions.

If a traveller who has lost his way on the desolate mountainside comes knocking on your door in the middle of the night asking for a place to stay, you need only to have the slightest bit of compassion in your heart and then you will “absolutely” take him in. If the one who comes is a man dressed in black whose face is hidden behind a cloth, whether or not you take him in is no longer certain now. Even if you do, you surely would be wary of him and, to some extent, would guard against him. But if the person dressed in black is the same person who had helped you out the previous night, isn’t the situation again completely different?

Different situations will naturally result in changes to the actions taken. Only principles do not change. There are some people who, no matter what they do or how they do it, have their own absolute principles.

What, then, were Guo DaLu and the others’ principles?

They would very easily forget the hatreds from others, yet they would not forget the kindness shown by others. So long as you had been good to them before, then regardless of what the circumstance may be, they would surely find a way to repay you. And as long as it was something that they had promised to do, then no matter what the situation, they would find a way to do it. Even if they needed to split open their heads, they would still do it. They would never find excuses to avoid their responsibility and absolutely would not be thick-skinned enough to deny their debt. And no matter what sort of things arose, they would never try to run away from them.


Midnight. Someone was knocking on the door again. The knocking sound was very rapid.

The first one to hear the knocking sound may have been Yan Qi or perhaps it was Wang Dong, but the first person who scrambled over to open the door was always Guo DaLu. The one who had arrived was again the mysterious black-clothed man from the previous night. Once again, he stood there like a ghostly spirit and asked, “I lost my way on this isolated mountain and missed my opportunities for lodging. May I stay here for the night?”

“Yes, of course,” Guo DaLu answered with a smile. “You need not even mention one night; even if you stayed here for an entire year, there still would not be a problem.”

“Really, there would be no problem?” the black-clothed man questioned.

Guo DaLu said, “Not the slightest bit of a problem. Whether or not you really did miss your lodging, we would still welcome you at any time.”

Black-clothed man: “Although you may think that, I am afraid other people…”

Guo DaLu interjected, “The others feel the same. Since you have come here, then you are our guest.”

Black-clothed man: “What sort of guest?”

Guo DaLu: “We only have one sort of guest here.”

Black-clothed man: “But there can be several types of hosts.”

Guo DaLu: “Oh?”

Black-clothed man: “There is one type of host that will evict their guests at any time they please.”

“There is no such host in this place,” Guo DaLu replied with a grin. “Once you enter this door, unless you yourself choose to leave, no one here will tell you to go.”

The black-clothed man unexpectedly exhaled a long sigh. “It would seem that I did not knock on the wrong door.” With that, he slowly walked inside, crossed the courtyard, and stepped up to the corridor. The way in which he walked had not changed and his appearance was still the same. But there was at least one thing that had changed – he had grown more talkative. In that short period of time, the number of words spoken from him was two or three times more than all that he had said in the previous night combined.

Though it was deep into the night, light was still shining in two or three rooms. It seemed that Lin TaiPing was still up reading. What about Yan Qi? No one ever knew what he did in his room because he always liked to make sure his doors and windows were shut tightly.

The black-clothed man glanced over at the light glowing in the windows, then inquired, “Your friends’ rooms are over there?”

Nodding his head, Guo DaLu answered with a smile, “My room is the very last one. It’s closest to where meals are eaten.”

Besides still being brightly lit, the very last room’s door was also thrown wide open. The black-clothed man sauntered over to it and stood in front the door. After quite a while had passed, he finally remarked, “Although you may not have stated it out loud, there is something that I am certain you know already.”

Guo DaLu: “What is that?”

Black-clothed man: “No person is actually able to sleep while standing.”

Guo DaLu guffawed, “Even sitting and sleeping at the same time is very difficult.”

Through the open door, a large bed could be seen inside the room. The black-clothed man was looking at the bed. With a sudden sigh, he said, “But there is also another thing that I am sure you would not know either.”

Guo DaLu: “Oh?”

In a slow tone, the black-clothed man said, “You would definitely not know how long it has actually been since I have had a nice night of peaceful and secure sleep in such a large bed.”

Guo DaLu let out a chuckle. “I really don’t know, but I do know something else.”

Black-clothed man: “Oh?”

Guo DaLu: “I know that tonight, you will have a nice night of peaceful, secure slumber on this bed.”

The black-clothed man turned his head back suddenly. “Really?”

Guo DaLu: “Of course.”

Black-clothed man: “You will let me sleep until daybreak?”

Smiling, Guo DaLu promised, “Even if you sleep all the way until noon, it would still be no big deal. I guarantee that no one will disturb you.”

The black-clothed man stared at him, his eyes glinting. Suddenly, he cupped his fist in his hand and gave a deep bow. Without another word, he strode into the room and closed the door. And then, the lamp in the room was snuffed out.

The light had gone out for a long time before Guo DaLu slowly turned around and took a seat on the stone steps before the hallway in front of the door. It was not that Wealthy Manor did not have any other empty rooms or unoccupied bed, but yet he deliberately chose to sit there, as if he was prepared to stand vigil that night for the black-clothed man.

End of Chapter 35