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Chapter 5 – The Pest that Would Not Go Away


The nosey pest, Guo DaLu, had arrived long ago and had watched everything from the corner of the street. Several times earlier on, he had wanted to charge onto the scene. But what would he do once he rushed over there? If GunZi had really captured that ruthless thief, was he going to help the crook resist arrest? As he rushed down the mountain, the cold wind blowing on his face, his anger had had time to cool down. That was why he now remained where he was at the street corner.

The person who had fallen lay twisted and motionless, like a pile of mud, in the middle of the street. Suddenly, GunZi grabbed him and dragged him into an upright position. With his hands twisting the front of the man’s clothing, he spoke, emphasizing each word. “Look at me.” Although the man’s body was upright, his head was drooping onto his chest.

GunZi let go of the clothing with his right hand, and with it, slapped him across the face ten times. A stream of blood flowed from the corner of the man’s mouth, but not even a moan escaped his lips as he grit his teeth in pain.

GunZi sneered. “You have backbone.” His knee flew up into the man, whose face contorted in pain. He wanted to bend his waist, but he could not. He could only pull his lower body up so that he was a curled-up mass hanging, shaking, from GunZi’s hand.

GunZi: “I have many ways to deal with disobedient people. This is one of the simplest methods. Would you like to try another one?” The man finally lifted his head to look at him, his eyes filled with anger and hatred. The expression on GunZi’s face changed and became unexpectedly pleasant. “Are you Feng QiWu?”

The man’s teeth rattled against each other. In a hoarse whisper, he answered, “You know very clearly that I am not. Why did you still attack me?”

GunZi: “Because I am still not certain. Only if you tell me your real identity will I be able to confirm that you are not Feng QiWu.”

The man replied, “I am a nobody, only a small merchant who sells groceries in this city.”

GunZi’s face clouded over again. With his chilling smile, he said, “If you are not anyone else, then I will have to assume that you are Feng QiWu.”

The man’s voice quivered in anger. “You are afraid that you have the wrong person, and yet you also fear that your superiors will blame you. So even though you know that I am not Feng QiWu, you are still not willing to let me go. I know the tactics that people like you use.”

GunZi’s expression became gentle once again. “You are mistaken. I am looking for Feng QiWu only. This has nothing to do with other people. So long as you tell me your identity and background, I will let you go immediately.”

The man asked, “Let me go? You really will let me go?”

GunZi actually smiled. “Why would I not let you go? Even if you had committed a crime in some other place, what does that have to do with me? Why should I be like a dog that chases mice, meddling in someone else’s business?”

The man thought over it for a long time before gritting his teeth and answering, “My surname is Han. I am called YiZhenFeng [*a gust of wind].”

GunZi: “YiZhenFeng. Are you the one who, on a spring day many years ago, committed the murder in Zhangjiakou of that rich landowner named Huang and his entire family?

YiZhenFeng: “You said that, so long as I am not Feng QiWu, you will not concern yourself with any other matters.”

GunZi: “And I do not intend to. But how can I be certain that you are YiZhenFeng and not Feng QiWu?”

YiZhenFeng: “I have a tattoo on my body …” Rip! The front of his clothing was torn open. There on his chest was the tattoo of a tornado. This was indeed YiZhenFeng’s emblem.

GunZi said coolly, “It is true that YiZhenFeng would never pretend to be Feng QiWu, but Feng QiWu could very likely try to disguise himself as YiZhenFeng.” He spoke slowly. “I heard that the rich man, Huang, was killed by a single thrust of a sword.”

YiZhenFeng: “No. I do not use a sword.”

GunZi: “Then how did he die?”

YiZhenFeng: “I first used a poison to kill him and then threw him down a well.”

GunZi: “Based on that, you truly are YiZhenFeng.”

YiZhenFeng: “Of course I am.”

GunZi: “Good, very good…” Without warning, he struck with a backhand motion that sliced across YiZhenFeng’s neck. YiZhenFeng fell to the ground, nothing more than a pile of mud once again.

He was dead, yet his eyes still glared fiercely at GunZi. His eyeballs slowly started to bulge outwards, and they were filled with fury and hate. They seemed to be asking, “You promised you would let me go. Why did you kill me?”

No words were spoken from GunZi’s mouth, but his eyes answered for him. His eyes were filled with conceitedness, as if they were saying, “That is my way. I did not trust you, so why did you think you could trust me?”

Guo DaLu’s eyes burned with anger. But he remained standing where he was because YiZhenFeng had indeed deserved to die. It was a fact of life that government officers killed criminals.

A voice suddenly spoke, “So it turns out that you only stand and watch, as well, when he kills.” Guo DaLu did not need to turn his head to know who had spoken.

A voice suddenly spoke, “So it turns out that you only stand and watch, as well, when he kills.” Guo DaLu did not need to turn his head to know who had spoken.

He sighed. “But I will continue to watch.”

Yan Qi: “You enjoy watching him kill people?”

Guo DaLu: “I am waiting to see him kill one person wrongly.”

Yan Qi: “Why?”

Guo DaLu: “Then there will be a reason for me to kill him.”

Yan Qi: “You want to kill him?”

Guo DaLu: “YiZhenFeng may have deserved to die, but he deserves to even more so.”

Yan Qi: “You think that he has done something he should not have?”

Guo DaLu: “You cannot say that what he has done is incorrect, but the methods that he used are vile and despicable.

Yan Qi: “What if he never kills one person wrongly?” Guo DaLu paused. Yan Qi laughed. “There are some things in life that no one can control. And even though GunZi may be despicable, he is very useful. There are some people that need to be dealt with by people like GunZi.”

Guo DaLu also laughed. “But you think that no one can deal with people like him?”

Yan Qi: “Who can? You?”

Guo DaLu: “Perhaps myself, perhaps someone else. Who it is does not matter. I only know that one reaps what one sows, and retribution will not go easy on anyone. Sooner or later, someone will deal with him.” This was why Guo DaLu was who he was. He viewed life with compassion and faith. He believed that truth was steadfast and that justice always prevailed. He trusted that goodness would always triumph over evil. No matter what setbacks he encountered, these beliefs would never waver.

Golden Lion was patting GunZi on the shoulder. With a smile, he said, “Congratulations. That is another big case that you have solved. In one night, you’ve cracked seven cases. Who else besides you could have such a great achievement?”

GunZi: “You.”

Golden Lion laughed loudly. “I cannot. My heart is not hard enough. I am slowly finding that I cannot do this job anymore.” The expression on GunZi’s face changed, but he resisted the urge to reply.

Golden Lion: “Where is the next place?” GunZi lifted his head to look at a sign hanging on the opposite end of the street. It was a black sign with gold lettering: “Li Yuan Pawnshop.”

The owner of Li Yuan Pawnshop may have been tight-fisted, but he was not one to cheat others, and in fact, it was often the opposite. He had left a pretty good impression on Guo DaLu. As he watched GunZi and Golden Lion head towards the pawnshop, he could not help but want to hurry over there before them.

Wang Dong had been standing behind him the whole time but had not spoken a word. He suddenly said, “Do not move.”

Guo DaLu replied with a smile, “I’m not Wang Dong. Why shouldn’t I move?”

Wang Dong: “Any movement now will bring trouble.”

Guo DaLu: “When have you ever been afraid of trouble?”

Wang Dong: “Right now, and what’s more, I’m scared of this type of trouble.”

Guo DaLu: “But don’t forget, he is the ‘uncle’ of our second home. We frequently have to visit him.”

Wang Dong: “Losing this ‘uncle’ is not a concern; losing my ancestors is a huge concern.”

Guo DaLu paused in confusion. “Losing your ancestors?”

Wang Dong: “Should uncle really be a criminal who has a record, if I help him, I will disgrace my ancestors.”

Guo DaLu: “You don’t need to go. I’ll go!”

Wang Dong sighed. “If I could have allowed myself to let you go alone, don’t you think I would still be sleeping on my bed right now?” Guo DaLu stared at Wang Dong’s expressionless face, into his cold eyes. His heart was suddenly filled with the warmth of friendship. No one would be able stop him if he had set his mind on doing something – no one, except his friends.

By now, Golden Lion and GunZi had already arrived in front of the pawnshop. The door was closed. But before they could knock, it suddenly opened. Owner BoPi’s head emerged from behind the door. “I knew that you three sirs would return. Please, come in.”

Golden Lion and GunZi exchanged a glance, then followed him in. The black-clothed man remained behind to guard the door.

Guo DaLu grit has teeth and mumbled under his breath, “I wonder what methods GunZi is going to use on him. I really should go in to take a look at the situation.” But he did not need to go anywhere. Golden Lion and GunZi were already walking back out the door.

They heard Owner BoPi’s voice from inside the doorway. “Good sirs, you are leaving already? Forgive me for not seeing you out the door.”

With a smile, Golden Lion held his fist in one hand and said, “Please, do not feel the need to see us out.”

Guo DaLu watched in amazement as he muttered, “What is going on? Why have these two people suddenly become so courteous?”

Wang Dong: “A stick does not beat people at random. Otherwise, it would not be long before the stick breaks.”

Guo DaLu: “But who is Owner BoPi? What ability does he have to make them act so courteously?”

Wang Dong mused, “Perhaps they are being so courteous because he really is a nobody.” Guo DaLu mulled over the thought for a while, not certain if he truly understood the meaning of this idea.

But he did not have any more time to ponder because Golden Lion and GunZi’s next destination turned out to be Mai LaoGuang’s barbecue meats shop.

But he did not have any more time to ponder because Golden Lion and GunZi’s next destination turned out to be Mai LaoGuang’s barbecue meats shop.

Guo DaLu furrowed his brow. “It is hard to believe that they would suspect someone like Mai LaoGuang. They are rather overly suspicious.”

Yan Qi: “You shouldn’t have to worry this time. Mai LaoGuang will definitely not have faults for them to uncover.”

Guo DaLu: “Of course I’m not worried, but not for the reason you are suggesting.”

Yan Qi: “Then for what reason?”

Guo DaLu: “They are human beings as well, and all human beings need to eat. Without Mai LaoGuang, what will they eat tomorrow?

Wang Dong: “They can eat fart.” Guo DaLu started laughing, but the instant his smile reached his face, it disappeared again. A cry of fear suddenly echoed out from the barbecue meats restaurant. It had come from Mai LaoGuang.

They could hear GunZi’s voice asking, “Where did this ingot of gold come from? Speak!” When Guo DaLu heard him say, “gold,” he dashed out, swift as an arrow, from where he had been standing. This time, even Wang Dong did not try to stop him. They saw GunZi dangling Mai LaoGuang, similar to how Mai LaoGuang would dangle a soy-sauce chicken. And like a soy-sauce chicken, which would have oil on it, the beads of sweat on Mai LaoGuang’s face were like droplets of oil, shiny in the lamplight. Mai LaoGuang was trembling so uncontrollably that he could not say a single word. GunZi snarled at him, “Are you going to speak or not? Where did the gold come from?”

But it was not necessary for Mai LaoGuang to answer this time. Guo DaLu had already charged inside, and in a loud voice, said, “The gold was from me to buy thirty jin of meat, forty jin of wine, seven geese, and eight chickens. It was a fair business transaction for all parties.” GunZi gradually lowered Mai LaoGuang back to the ground, then turned and fixed his gaze on Guo DaLu. As Guo DaLu stood there, dishevelled and untidy, he certainly did not look like one who could use gold to pay his tabs.

GunZi: “The gold is yours?”

Guo DaLu: “Yes.”

GunZi: “Where did it come from?”

Guo DaLu: “If it is a crime to have gold in your possession, then there aren’t many people in this world who haven’t committed a crime. I’m quite certain even you, sirs, are no exception.”

GunZi’s face showed no expression, but his pupils had begun contracting. Suddenly, his hands shot forward. He was not only taller than the average person, his arms were also longer. His thin, shrivelled fingers were like iron spikes on a stick.

But Guo DaLu deliberately wanted to come in contact with those spikes. He neither dodged, nor evaded. “Whoosh!” Both his fists struck out and directly collided with those iron spikes. The attack took GunZi by surprise, and even Golden Lion could not hide his astonishment. Even a blind man would be able to sense that GunZi’s claw attack obviously contained techniques from the Eagle Talon Skill. If this opponent did not have incredible internal energy, why would he choose to collide directly with the attack?

In reality, Guo DaLu’s internal energy was not as astounding as they imagined. It was because he was naturally a dalu [*recall Prologue 1, dalu means to be straightforward, carefree, and a little dense] type of person. Not only was he dalu when he did things or spent money, his martial arts was also dalu. With his attack, would his fist shatter the eagle talons or would the talons pierce his fist? He had not even considered this question, nor had he cared about the answer. As long as he felt like doing so, he would use whatever stance pleased him.

But others were not dalu as he was. In addition, the fundamentals of martial arts tended to place particular emphasis on technique and the changing and shifting of stances. If it was not a last resort, what person would choose to defend by directly colliding with an opponent’s attack?

As Guo DaLu’s fist attack launched forward, GunZi’s moves had already changed. Dropping his elbow, he turned his hand so that his fingers protruded upwards like a grappling hook, and he struck at Guo DaLu’s wrists. But it was as if Guo DaLu had not seen anything at all. He did not even change his attack in the slightest. “To be unchanging is to change. Be unchanging to counter ten thousand changes.” This too was one of the highest principles of martial arts.

GunZi somersaulted in midair to avoid the attack and nearly collided with the wall.

It could basically be said that Guo DaLu had not even completed one move, and he had already forced this top-tier fighter of the Six Fan Sect to retreat.

He was quite pleased with himself and did not pursue the fight. It was not that he did not understand the concept of “pursue and strike while you are winning,” but since his opponent had already expressed fear and defeat by retreating, why would he continue to chase him? Ruthlessness was never a characteristic of Guo DaLu.

Golden Lion cleared his throat a couple of times and stepped forward. “Young friend, all matters can be discussed. There is no need to have such a big temper tantrum.”

Guo DaLu: “It’s him that has the temper problem. He wanted to come over and beat on me. How is it that I’m the one with the temper tantrum?”

Golden Lion: “Misunderstanding. It’s just all a misunderstanding.”

Guo DaLu: “Nevertheless, he’s been asking me so many questions, I would like to ask him one as well.”

Golden Lion: “Please ask.”

Guo DaLu: “Has someone committed a criminal offense if he uses gold to pay for food and wine?”

Golden Lion smiled. “Of course not. I also frequently pay for my tabs using gold.”

Guo DaLu: “Since it’s not a crime, then please release Mai LaoGuang, and please release me as well.

Golden Lion: “Of course, of course.” He cast a sidelong glance at Wang Dong, Yan Qi, and Lin TaiPing, who were standing outside the door. “We had already accepted your hospitality this afternoon. Tonight, how about letting me assume the role of host and treat all of you to a few drinks?” Guo DaLu hesitated. It was apparent that he was being swayed. It was not because he wanted a free meal but rather, he felt bad saying no to people’s offers.

Wang Dong: “Right now, I don’t want to think about anything. All I want to do is climb back into my bed.”

Golden Lion laughed. “That’s fine too! We had wanted to pay you a visit at your home anyways. What do you think if we take advantage of this opportunity to go to your home and drink the night away?”

The way he put the question, even Wang Dong did not know how to refuse. When members of the Six Fan Sect wanted to go to your home for a “visit,” who had the ability to say no? Furthermore, if they were at Wealthy Manor, they would not be able to kill any more people.

So, they went to Wealthy Manor.

End of Chapter 5