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Friday, 11 July 2008 05:51

Chapter 1 - Women and Money

Someone once said, women are a source of trouble.

Someone once said, if there were no women, it would be very cold and quiet; With women around, there would not be a moment of peace.

Of course, it was a man who said these words. But no matter what men say, women are things this world must not have a shortage of. Out of 10,000 men, there are at least 9,990 who would rather take ten years out of their lives than not have a woman.

Someone once said, money can allow you to be divine.

Someone once said, money represents ten thousand evils.

But no matter what anybody says, money is also something one cannot have a shortage of. If someone didn’t have money, he’d be like an empty sack, never able to stand up straight.

These two things can not only cause the smartest people to become stupid, but it can also cause a best friend to become an enemy.

If four male rascals suddenly gained a woman in their midst, that situation was simply like using a chopstick to reach out for four raw eggs in a bowl, things cannot help but become messy.

Wang Dong, Guo DaLu, Yan Qi, Lin TaiPing, these four people were originally living carefree lives, because they had no money and also no woman.

They would feel happy every time they woke up, because the misfortunes of “yesterday” had already passed on by, today was filled with hope once again.

But, all of a sudden, these two things have both arrived. A horrible disaster, wouldn’t you say?

End of Chapter 1