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Wuxia Stories

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Monday, 11 August 2008 05:10

Chapter 6: Not the right result


There were many things in this world that people might think were impossible, but they had occurred. Moreover they happened to you!

But when that happened to you, you might discover it only too late.
The night had become darker.

They had not lighted the lamp, calmly hugging in the darkness. What was more happier in the world than hugging your sweetheart in the darkness?

Their happiness was only truly beginning.

It was a pity that the beginning could also mark the end.
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Wednesday, 30 July 2008 05:31

Chapter 5: Old sentiment revisited


The dim light of night chillily spread out.

The coldness had risen, a person calmly stood in the fog.

A cloudy person, a cloudy face, the eyes were actually penetrating like the hawks circling around the corpse.

As soon as Gao Li opened the door, he saw him. He had not really changed from two years ago.

Gao Li never thought that he could unexpectedly stood outside the door waiting, like a visiting friend waiting for the master of the house to open the door. But his eye looked at Gao Li immediately, actually just like the hawks looking at a corpse.

Gao Li said, "You have come."

Ma Feng said, "Right, I have come, sooner or later I must come, if anyone pierced a sword into my belly, he would never live peacefully."

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Monday, 21 July 2008 21:26

Chapter 4: Destiny


The skill of sabre wielding, the swordstyle of the famous expert… frequently they could be described as foolishness if one were to pick up dual sabre or dual sword with both hands.

In the eyes of famous experts, dual spears simply could not be compared to the use of one spear. Because in wugong, just like in very many other matters in the world, having more, did not necessarily meant always better.

If some people had seven fingers in one hand, his deftness might not be better than a person with only five fingers. For a truly finely deft person, even if there were only one finger, that would have been enough.

But a person who used dual sabres or dual swords, held on to this belief:  "A person obviously always has two hands, then why one would use only a single weapon?"

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Sunday, 13 July 2008 06:08

Chapter 3: Shuang Shuang



Dusk again.

The far mountain turned from bluish green into dark grey in the setting sun, the current of springwater arriving, had become slower. The breath of wind was actually more fragrant, because the fresh flower bloomed on the hillside, the colorful fresh flower quietly embraced the houses nearby.

A small bridge.
Running water.

A small, small access in front of the running water, on the hill slope.
In the courtyard there were some planted flowers.

A grizzled, large, and tall old man, was chopping firewood in the courtyard. He only had a hand. But his hand was extremely keen, actually extremely powerful. He used the tip of his toe to steady the wood, with the one hand, the great axe gently fell, with a "chop" sound, the wood divided into two halves. His eyes were far away like the far mountain, they were strangely remote and desolate. Perhaps only a person with such innumerable years of experiences could have eyes so remote and so desolate.

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Monday, 07 July 2008 20:05

Chapter 2: Tears of the Prodigal Son


Night, moonlit night.

The moonlight was dim, Gao Li vaguely could see Little Wu’s shadow ahead.
He was always very confident about about his lightness skill, but he just found out that this youth’s lightness kungfu was unexpectedly not under him.

Under the moonlight, the multiple layers of the ridges look like a row of wild animal's rib bones.
As soon as the top part of the crescent moon rose above the ridge, it was as if you could pluck it off with your hands.

Each one of us would fantasize that we could pick a star or pluck off the moon from the sky, but our desired moon within our heart were actually different one from another.

Why was the moon so high and unattainable?
For most of us, all we wanted was a tranquil life, a warm family.
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