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Wuxia Stories

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Tuesday, 08 July 2008 21:55

Flying Eagles in the Ninth Month
(Jiu Yue Ying Fei: 九月鹰飞)

Author: Gu Long
Translator: Fastclock


Flying Eagles in the Ninth Month is a wuxia novel written by Gu Long. It is part of the "Flying dagger" series, a series that starts from "Little Li Tanhua" Li XunHoan, and continues with the stories of Ye Kai and Fu HongXue. These closely related novels in the series are:

  1. 多情剑客无情剑 Duo Qing Jian Ke Wu Qing Jian (Sentimental Swordsman, Ruthless Sword) - 1970
  2. 边城浪子 Bian Cheng Lang Zi (Bordertown Wanderer)
  3. 九月鹰飞 Jiu Yue Ying Fei (Flying Eagle in September)
  4. 天涯明月刀 Tian Ya Ming Yue Dao (Midnight, Bright Moon, Saber)

There are a couple more novels that have more vague references to the series, but these 4 are the most relevant one.

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Friday, 04 July 2008 04:32

Chapter 35: A fight for victory or defeat


Ye Kai had turned his head, avoiding her eyes once more.
Regardless whether it was sincere or not, it had all become unimportant.

Ye Kai was also unable to restrain a long sigh, as he said, "When I got here, I did not really want to reveal this matter."

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Friday, 04 July 2008 04:30

Chapter 34: Dual status

Ye Kai was astounded, Shangguan XiaoXian was surprised.
How could Han Zhen die?

Ye Kai could not understand it, Shangguan XiaoXian felt there must be an accident.
But since Han Zhen had died in here, where was Ding LingLin?

Shangguan XiaoXian gently put the bed down again and slowly turned around. She walked to the front of the window and shoved open the window.
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Friday, 04 July 2008 04:29

Chapter 33: Ocean-deep sentiment

The chicken was cooked with the ginseng, but was also steamed thoroughly. There were several kinds of food and wine:  a small dish of fried first-class pork, a small dish of honey-roasted thigh, a small dish of hot plate fresh shrimp, a small dish of the newly-cut winter bamboo shoot, a small dish of stir-fry chicken mixed with fish, and a small dish of deep-fried shark’s fin(?). The Shaoxing wine was also heated just right.

When the northerner drank, they were very fastidious about it. They warmed up the wine first, not only for the yellow wine, but also for the white wine, and also the Shaoxing wine.

Ye Kai’s gulped down three more cups into his stomach, the late night fierce combat and the bloody wounds seemed to be very, very far away.
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Friday, 04 July 2008 04:28

Chapter 32: Flying fox returns to heaven

An ancient city, an ancient street.
This street was lined with some blue-stoned shops and was slightly inclined.

There was a donkey cart in front, the carriage was piled up with chicken coops, packed with chickens. Obviously the owner wanted to enter the city to sell the chickens.

Driving the cart was an old man, feeding the chicken was an old lady, two people’s hair was all grey. The old lady squatted on the donkey cart while feeding the chicken, she did not seem able to straighten her waist. The old man sat in front driving the cart, he did not seem able to raise the whip.

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