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English-translated Wuxia Novels


Half Baked

So, these are some more who are still hungry ...

This page is for half-baked wuxia novels that I've worked on partially. Anyone is welcomed to continue working on them. Remember this is not a perfect translation (only 40-60% readability) but does include the whole novel.

1. Smiling Proud Wanderer

This translation is completed (the translation is done by lanny/bliss/pokit). Go to spcnet (wuxia translation forum) for the complete translation.

2. Gu Long's Happy Heroes

Strangely, this novel has been translated into French (besides the other bunch of Asian languages), but not English. The story is light-hearted, and displays prominently the ideal friendship idea that Gu Long has. Initial part of the translation is done by Tiger Wong. -> Look to the main page for translation up to chapter 39. There are 44 chapters.

   o Gu Long's Happy Heroes Part 1

   o Gu Long's Happy Heroes Part 2


3. Gu Long's 7 Weapons

These stories tell little heroic stories behind the various weapons listed below. The common enemy is the "Green Dragon Clan", a mighty, powerful clan or gang who has 365 sub-clans and is described as very strict, vicious, and greedy. I read here that the seventh book "Fist" is not really part of the series. There is nothing about Green Dragon Clan in "Fist", so this little footnote makes sense, and is probably true.

   A. Longevity Sword (Look at the Main Page)

       Bai YuJing found himself being blamed by the others and the Green Dragon Clan for the disappearance of the ultimate hidden weapon, the peacock feather, and had to use his wits to fend the others. He was helped by Yuan ZiXia, an enigmatic woman who had her own agenda.

   B. Peacock Feather (updated Jan 4 2007) -> Look at the Main Page - ongoing translation.

      The 2nd weapon book (Peacock Feather) tells the story of Gao Li, an assassin that was part of "July 15" group that belonged to Green Dragon Clan. They were supposed to kill Baili Zhang-qing, a well-known escort bureau leader, but Gao Li felt very heavy because Baili Zhang-qing had given him some favor in the past. It turned out that the assassination was botched by another member: Xiao Wu. Gao Li went after Xiao Wu to help him evade the pursue of Green Dragon Clan. He took him to his house, where they met Shuang Shuang, Gao Li's blind wife. Xiao Wu had a hidden secret - and while Gao Li was trying to help Xiao Wu, Xiao Wu actually could also, in his turn, help Gao Li overcome his own problem. The vehicle that acted as the solver of both their problems was the 'peacock feather' - the most fearsome hidden weapon in the world.

   C. Jasper Sabre (updated Jan 11, 2007)
       The 3rd weapon book is about 19-year old Duan Yu taking his father's sword (the Jasper Sabre) to visit Second Master Zhu, Chiangnan's famous hero and his beloved daughter, 17-year old Zhu Zhu. Along the way, he met girls, monks that had been kicked out of Shaolin, immense winning on the gambling table, false accusation and a few friends, all while managing to lose the sword. It's light-hearted and fall in the same vein as "Da Ren Wu".

   D. Sentimental Ring

   E. Separation Hook (updated February 13, 2007)     
       The 5th weapon book is about a local chief police Yang Zheng, who is trying to connect several killings and a major crime together. First, a hero, Wan JunWu died while attending a horse-sale event, then a girl named SiSi disappeared, then 1.8 million taels disappeared while under his custody, and on top of it, someone was trying to kill his long-time sweetheart, Lu SuWen. The enemy is really, really masterful, and probably one of the strongest swordsman in Gu Long's universe. Can Yang Zheng handle him?

   F. Tyrant Spear

   G. Fist (updated Jan 5, 2007)
       This book continues the story about Xiao Ma, a friend of Ding Xi (from 'Tyrant Spear), who was in desperate state after being left alone by Xiao Lin. He was picked up in a strange manner, by a beautiful woman, who wanted to cross the "Wolf Hill" to find cure for her brother. Xiao Ma picked up some friends along the way to help him against the many "wolves" in that hill.

4. Gu Long's Great Personage (Da Ren Wu)

    A light-hearted story about a cloistered girl, Tian SiSi, who decided to get a great personage for her husband. The problem was, she had been bethrothed to a fat guy, Yang Fan, and so she had to run away. Like a naive girl, she immediately lost all her money, then got sold into a prostitution house ... and other things, before she really found her real great personage. Early chapters are translated by Tiger Wong and KangXi/paul

5. Gu Long's Horizon, Bright Moonlight, Sabre (Tian Ya Ming Yue Dao) - July 23, 2008  

   A dark and sombre analysis of human's desire for wealth and power. This is succeeding "Bordertown Wanderer" and "Flying Eagle in the Ninth Month". Initially translated by metwin1.

6. Gu Long's Righteous Blood Cleansing Silver Spear (Bi Xue Xi Yin Qiang) - Jan 16, 2007

    Beedreamer translated this story up to Ch. 14. Due to her excellent translation, I've been hesitant to do the half-baked stuff on this novel. But since, it's been more than a year since her last work, I'm posting this half-baked novel. It's relatively short, and has minimal fighting scenes. But like Gu Long's other novels, it's full of deception and twists up until the end.

7. Gu Long's 5th Book of Lu XiaoFeng's series The Ghostly Mountain Manor - Feb 12, 2007

    Never translated at all before into English. LXF acts again in this story about a mysterious settlement that is trying hard to recruit him. He is supposed to be the "missing key" of the organization's next big move... or is it really to be the "scapegoat" of the move? Focuses on the struggle for power at Wu Dang.

8. Gu Long's Huo Pin Xiao Shiyi Lang (sequel of Xiao Shiyi Lang) - Feb 19, 2007

    initially translated by RR, rayon and Temujin from Wuxia Mania forum (Ch 26, and some of Ch. 27). The rest of them is still half-baked. Continuing the story of the mighty Xiao Shiyi Lang against the Count Carefree's organization, 'The day ancestor' (Tian Gu) and the entangled love of Shen BiJun, Feng SiNiang and Bing Bing. The quality of the story is pretty good up to the last two chapters, where things suddenly jumped into the fast-forward mode. But still a good read, overall.

9. Gu Long's 4th Book of Lu XiaoFeng's series Silver Hook Casino - Aug 10, 2007

    Never translated at all before into English. LXF acts again in this story about a mysterious lady that he meets at Silver Hook Casino. As usual, nothing is really what it seems, and LXF needs to gather his wits quickly if he were to escape from this predicament with good honor.